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The invisible warfare gave me the deathly slug-pneumonia again and I can barely see, walk or feed myself, lack of appetite exacerbated by lack of stores I can get snail-pace toddled to. Now they’re giving me nausea of I might have to leave even earlier than I’d thought. Last night they did all kinds of weird computer=plus “magic” dreams around this goat business and veiled threats that I’ll lose the blog because of those “Shahan-666’s” horror attacks onto me alone out here, in Houston, which is like a sprawling petroleum-paradigm gas station. Now I’m too sick to see what they’re threatening about Comments in the goat-area, can only try to look up Urbino right now, as being where that “Me-kill-angelos” might have come from, Francesco or Francisco d’Urbino, but whatever the specifics then insanely-conceited Him-kill-angelos then mass-reproduced itself and has been using me for that all my life.

I don’t notice anything there more than anywhere else, just the usual. I have to sign off and leave these people alone from this sickening sputum difficulty I’ve got. I think I’ll try camouflaging the controversial file with this one by copying this one from the bottom, because they’re just invisibly beating me up left and right, like Stan Lee from the Bronx or Manhattan’s famous 4 or however that goes, all over this LURE.

Urbino (Italian: [urˈbiːno] (About this soundlisten)) is a walled city in the Marche region of Italy, south-west of Pesaro, a World Heritage Site notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482. The town, nestled on a high sloping hillside, retains much of its picturesque medieval aspect. It hosts the University of Urbino, founded in 1506, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Urbino. Its best-known architectural piece is the Palazzo Ducale, rebuilt by Luciano Laurana.


The city is located in a predominantly hilly area, at the foothills of the Northern Apennines and the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines. The city is in the southern area of Montefeltro, an area classified as medium-high seismic risk. In the database of earthquakes developed by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, nearly 65 seismic events have affected the town of Urbino between 26 March 1511 and 26 March 1998. They include 24 April 1741, when the shocks were stronger than VIII on the Mercalli intensity scale, with an epicenter in Fabriano (where it reached 6.08 on the moment magnitude scale).[3]


Antique plan of Urbino (1689) by Tommaso Luci.

Origins and Middle Ages[edit]

The modest Roman town of Urbinum Mataurense (“the little city on the river Mataurus”) became an important strategic stronghold in the Gothic Wars of the 6th century, captured in 538 from the Ostrogoths by the Byzantine general Belisarius, and frequently mentioned by the historian Procopius.

Though Pepin the Short (King of the Franks) presented Urbino to the Papacy in 754–56, independent traditions were expressed in its commune, until, around 1200, it came into the possession of the House of Montefeltro. Although these noblemen had no direct authority over the commune, they could pressure it to elect them to the position of podestà, a title that Bonconte di Montefeltro managed to obtain in 1213, with the result that Urbino’s population rebelled and formed an alliance with the independent commune of Rimini (1228), finally regaining control of the town in 1234. Eventually, though, the Montefeltro noblemen took control once more, and held it until 1508. In the struggles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, when factions supported either the Papacy or the Holy Roman Empire respectively, the 13th and 14th century Montefeltro lords of Urbino were leaders of the Ghibellines of the Marche and in the Romagnaregion.

Period of Federico da Montefeltro[edit]

The most famous member of the Montefeltro family, Federico da Montefeltro, ruled as Duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482. A very successful condottiere, a skillful diplomat and an enthusiastic patron of art and literature, he took over in 1444 as the son of Guidantonio, after a conspiracy and the murder of the legitimate Oddantonio, hated for his “unbridled lust” and for the excessive taxation exercised during his seventeen months in office.

Federico set his hand to the political imperative and began a reorganization of the state, which also included a restructuring of the city according to a modern conception – comfortable, efficient and beautiful. Thanks to his efforts, for the nearly four decades of his rule the government aimed at this purpose, and thanks to the Duke’s extraordinary qualities combined with a considerable fortune, he fully realized this dream.

At his court, Piero della Francesca wrote on the science of perspective, Francesco di Giorgio Martini wrote his Trattato di architettura (Treatise on Architecture) and Raphael‘s father, Giovanni Santi, wrote his poetical account of the chief artists of his time. Federico’s brilliant court, according to the descriptions in Baldassare Castiglione‘s Il Cortegiano (The Book of the Courtier, published in 1528), set standards of what would characterize a modern European “gentleman” for centuries to come.

Cesare Borgia and the years of the Duchy Della Rovere[edit]

Cesare Borgia dispossessed Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, and Elisabetta Gonzaga in 1502, with the complicity of his father, Pope Alexander VI. After the attempt of Pope Leo X to appoint a young Medici as duke, thwarted by the early death of Lorenzo II de Medici in 1519, Urbino was part of the Papal States, under the dynasty of the dukes Della Rovere (1508–1631). They moved the court to the city of Pesaro in 1523 and Urbino began a slow decline that would continue until the last decades of the seventeenth century.[4]

Annexation by the Papal States[edit]

In 1626, Pope Urban VIII definitively incorporated the Duchy into the papal dominions, the gift of the last Della Rovere duke, in retirement after the assassination of his heir, to be governed by the archbishop. The state was ruled thereafter by a papal legate, generally belonging to high ecclesiastical hierarchy. Following the annexation of the duchy by the Papal States, the rich artistic heritage (including furniture) of the Ducal Palace went to form, for the most part, the dowry of the last direct descendant of the Della Rovere, Vittoria della Rovere, who married Ferdinand II de Medici. These works went on to form the core of the future Uffizi Gallery. Among the works that went to Florence is the diptych of the Dukes of Urbino by Piero della Francesca. Other works of the Ducal Palace were brought to Rome, such as the Barberini Ex Tables of Fra Carnevale and the famous library, absorbed entirely by the Vatican Library in 1657.

The Albani and the French occupation[edit]

The eighteenth century opened with the election to the papacy (1701) of Cardinal Giovan Francesco Albani Urbino, under the name of Clement XI. This was a windfall for the city and was its last great era, especially in terms of arts and culture, thanks to funding by Pope Albani and his family. Major renovation of several buildings, churches and monasteries took place; such as Palazzo Albani, part of the façade of the Town Hall, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Chapel Albani (inside the convent of St. Francis), St. Joseph’s Oratory, and the internal structure of the churches of San FrancescoSan Domenico and St. Augustine. In addition, due to the patronage of the Pope and of his family, the Duomo di Urbino received many improvements (like the new altar) as did other religious institutions in the city. This new age of splendor for the city ended with the death of Clement XI in 1721, placing the city in a long decline that has continued to the present day. After the Pope’s death, the Albani family remained the main patron of the most significant works until the first half of the nineteenth century.

In 1789, the collapse of the Cathedral dome following a massive earthquake led to the total renovation of the church.

Between 1797 and 1800 the city was occupied by French troops, like much of northern and central Italy. During the French occupation Urbino and its territory suffered from the acquisitions of important works of art by the French, which were moved to Paris or Milan, in the nascent galleries of the Louvre and Brera. This event was a further cause of the impoverished local artistic heritage, already tried by the loss of the works following the devolution of the duchy in the seventeenth century.[5]

Redevelopment of the nineteenth century[edit]

The century opened with the consecration in 1809 of the new Duomo di Urbino, as designed by the architect Giuseppe Valadier, who restored the city’s Montefeltro-era buildings, such as the old Seminary, adjacent to the church of St. Sergius, now partly occupied by the Hotel Raffaello.

Following the construction of the New Palace of Alban (1831), designed by architect Peter Ghinelli, which gave rise to the present Piazza della Repubblica that went on to form the first part of the future Corso Garibaldi, the city experienced a number of urban improvements designed to change the face of the city. From the construction of the Sanzio theater (1845–53) came the final realization of Corso Garibaldi, with a covered walkway on the downhill side to that ensure theater-goers were sheltered from rain and snow on their walk to the Piazza della Repubblica, with construction that lasted until the early part of the twentieth century. In addition, another important change was the destruction, in 1868, of a part of the walls to create a customs barrier, called Porta Nuova or barrier Margherita (in honor of Princess Margaret of Savoy), which was necessitated by a new road that ran along a stretch of the walls and was connected to Corso Garibaldi. This resulted in a new urban layout with the large spit of land below the Doge’s Palace incorporated into the city, called the Pincio.

These urban transformations brought about a change in access to the city. Instead of passing through narrow, winding streets, through the gates of the walls, now one could enter through the Porta Nuova in an easier and convenient way to arrive in the present Piazza della Repubblica and the Palazzo Ducale (the city center).

This urban renewal reflected many of the ideas of Fulvio Corboli but its design was largely done by the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli.[6]

Unification of Italy[edit]

On 8 September 1860 the Piedmontese troops entered Urbino from Port Saint Lucia, forcing the surrender of the last resistance of the papal army under the portico of the childhood house of Raphael. But it wasn’t until 29 September, with the capture of Ancona, that the total conquest of the Marche region was completed by the Piedmont army.

Between 4 and 5 November, the plebiscite was held for the annexation of the Marche to the Kingdom of Sardinia, which ended with 133,783 votes in favor, 260 votes against and 1,212 invalid ballots. In the province of Urbino (excluding the territory of Pesaro) the count was 21,111 for and 365 against with 29 invalid ballots. Subsequently, on 10 November, the Marche was included in the Statuto Albertino, and then, on 17 December, it was made official with the issuance of a royal decree.[7]

The new government began the confiscation of various ecclesiastical goods, including good part of the convent of San Francisco (where a part of a botanical garden, designed by Vincenzo Ghinelli, was located), the monastery of Santa Chiara, that of San Girolamo, and many others.

First half of the twentieth century[edit]

The century began as had the previous one. This period of quiet lasted for almost the entire first half of the twentieth century, with no particular significant events. In this period, the Scuola del Libro (Istituto per la Decorazione e l’Illustrazione del Libro) was founded and expressed considerable talent both nationally and internationally. In addition to the artistic development from the Scuola del Libro, Urbino also began to grow as a university town, with the elevation to university faculty of nineteenth-century School of Pharmacy and the birth of the department of Education (approximately 1934). Due to these changes in the University, an increase in the student population led to housing shortages that highlighted the state of total unpreparedness of the city, so much that for the first time many students were housed in the homes of private citizens. The problem was partly solved with the establishment of the male boarding school “Raphael” at the beginning of the century, and the female boarding school “Laura Battiferri” in approximately 1926. This period was dominated by great events of national and international history, which inevitably were expressed in Urbino. The period of the fascist dictatorship left its mark on the city, especially from an architectural point of view, with a fascist elementary school “Giovanni Pascoli” (1932) built on the ancient Garden of Saint Lucia (part of the duke’s private gardens), the restoration of the palace-Mauruzi Gherardi, then the seat of the court, as well as the Student House, to compensate for the shortage of accommodation as a result of the large increase in university population and housing for the maimed and disabled civilians.

In 1938, the city was designated as the headquarters for the fledgling Soprintendenza alle Gallerie e alle Opere d’Arte delle Marche, roughly translated as the Organization of Galleries and Works of Art of the Marche.

With the outbreak of World War II the city suffered no bombing, thanks to the large red cross painted on the roof of the Ducal Palace and an agreement between the Germans and the Allies. Only towards the end of the war did the retreating German troops try to destroy all the ramparts of the walls, but luckily the mines were tampered with by the workers the Germans had hired from Urbino. During the retreat, the German army isolated the city with the destruction of rail and road links. In addition, the Germans planned to blow up a tunnel, then under construction, between Urbino and the parish of Schieti that was being used by the Nazis to store weapons. Because of its location at the foot of the historic center, the population feared that an explosion would lead to the destruction of the village above, but this did not happen. During the Second World War, the then Superintendent of the Galleries and Works of Art in Urbino in the Marche Pasquale Rotondi secretly placed around 10,000 priceless works (including those of GiorgionePiero della FrancescaPaolo UccelloTitianMantegnaRaphael and many more, from all the major museums in Italy) that were being stolen by the Nazis into the Rock of Sassocorvaro. His actions gained worldwide recognition and to this day the Rock of Sassocorvaro is known as the “Ark of Art”.[8]

Urbino was liberated from the Nazi occupation on 28 August 1944, thanks to the British V Corps, Polish troops, and the heroic actions of partisan groups in the area. Some of the members of these partisan groups were captured by the Nazis and executed on the current Punto Panoramica, where memorials are now placed celebrating their sacrifice.

Urbino and De Carlo[edit]

The second half of the twentieth century was characterized in Urbino by the cooperation with the major public institutions (the University and the City) by the architect Giancarlo De Carlo. This relationship began in 1956 when Carlo Bo, former rector of the University, commissioned from De Carlo the internal renovation project of Montefeltro- Bonaventure building, headquarters of the University. Immediately after that, the Genoese architect was commissioned by the City to prepare the General Plan (1958–64) aimed at the recovery of the historical center, which had been in poor condition and was in danger of losing several neighborhoods including the Palazzo Ducale to the land subsidence below. This problem was solved thanks to state funding derived from two special laws enacted for the city (in 1968 and in 1982 ).

Subsequently, De Carlo realized several projects for the university including the college’s dormitories, near the Capuchin church outside the city center, an interesting example of how architecture can merge with the surrounding landscape. He also completed projects like the construction of the department of Magisterium (1968–76), the restructuring of the department of Law ( 1966–68 ) and the Battiferri building (1986–99) for the department of Economics. They are three significant examples of the inclusion of a contemporary architecture in an ancient surrounding, and are still studied today.

The seventies were marked by a collaboration with the Municipality for a project called Operation Mercatale (1969–72), which included the construction of a multi-story underground car park under Torricini’s famous Ducal Palace and the restoration of the helical ramp under the theater by Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1971–75), in collaboration with the City. They also developed the project of renovation of the Sanzio theater (1977–82) and the renovation project, much discussed, of the ancient Ducal Stables. In addition, thanks to the close relationship with De Carlo, the city has hosted twice (1976–81, and 1992–93) the laboratories of the ILAUD, founded and directed by the Genoese architect.

One of the last of De Carlo actions was the preparation, between 1989 and 1994, of the New General Plan.


The clay earth of Urbino, which still supports industrial brickworks, supplied a cluster of earthenware manufactories (botteghe) making the tin-glazed pottery known as maiolica. Simple local wares were being made in the 15th century at Urbino, but after 1520 the Della Rovere dukes, Francesco Maria I della Rovere and his successor Guidobaldo II, encouraged the industry, which exported wares throughout Italy, first in a manner called istoriato using engravings after Mannerist painters, then in a style of light arabesques and grottesche after the manner of Raphael’s stanze at the Vatican. Other centers of 16th century wares in the Duchy of Urbino were at Gubbio and Castel Durante. The great name in Urbino majolica was that of Nicolo Pillipario’s son Guido Fontana.

Main sights[edit]

Palaces and public buildings[edit]

  • The main attraction of Urbino is the Palazzo Ducale, begun in the second half of the 15th century by Federico II da Montefeltro. It houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, one of the most important collections of Renaissance paintings in the world.
  • Other buildings include Palazzo Albani (17th century), Palazzo Odasi and Palazzo Passionei.
  • The Albornoz Fortress (known locally as La Fortezza), built by the eponymous Papal legate in the 14th century.[9] In 1507-1511, when the Della Rovere added a new series of walls to the city, the rock was enclosed in them. It is now a public park.
  • Raphael’s house and monument (1897).


  • Duomo: the Cathedral of Urbino was founded in 1021 atop a 6th-century religious edifice. Federico II commissioned the design from the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, who also designed the Ducal Palace. Finished in 1604, the Duomo had a simple plan with a nave and two aisles, and was destroyed by an earthquake in 1789. The church was rebuilt in Neoclassic style by the architect Giuseppe Valadier, with work completed in 1801. The new church has a soaring dome, and houses a St Sebastian (1557), an Assumption (1701) by Maratta, and a famous Last Supper (1603–1608) by Federico Barocci.
  • Sant’Agostino: the church was built in 13th-century Romanesque style, but largely modified in following centuries. The façade has a late-14th century almond portal in Gothic-Romanesque style, while the interior is greatly decorated. It houses a carved choir from the 16th century, created for the marriage of Costanzo Sforza and Camilla of Aragona. The bell tower is from the 15th century.
  • San Francesco: This 14th-century church was originally a Gothic-Romanesque edifice, but an 18th-century restoration has left only the portico and the bell tower. The interior has a nave and two aisles, and houses the Pardon of St Francis, a 15th-century work by Barocci.
  • Oratory of San Giovanni Battista: the oratory has 15th-century frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni
  • Oratory of San Giuseppe (early 16th century), composed of two chapels: one of which contains a 16th-century stucco presepio or Nativity scene by Federico Brandani with highly naturalistic, life-size figures.
  • San Bernardino: church outside the city center, housing the tombs of the Dukes of Urbino.

Other points of interest[edit]

Notable people[edit]

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Francesco Maria I della Rovere, Duke of Urbino

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Francesco Maria I
Retrato de Francesco Maria della Rovere, por Tiziano.jpg

Duke of Urbino
Reign 11 April 1508 – 1516
Predecessor Guidobaldo I
Successor Lorenzo II de’ Medici
Reign December 1521 – 20 October 1538
Predecessor Lorenzo II de’ Medici
Successor Guidobaldo II
Born 22 March 1490
SenigalliaDuchy of Urbino
Died 20 October 1538 (aged 48)
Urbino, Duchy of Urbino
Spouse Eleonora Gonzaga
Issue Giulia, Lady of Montecchio
Elisabetta, Marchioness of Massa
Guidobaldo II, Duke of Urbino
Cardinal Giulio
Ippolita, Duchess of Montalto
House Rovere
Father Giovanni della Rovere
Mother Giovanna da Montefeltro

Francesco Maria I della Rovere (22 March 1490 – 20 October 1538) was an Italian condottiero, who was Duke of Urbinofrom 1508 to 1516 and, after retaking the throne from Lorenzo II de’ Medici, from 1521 to 1538.


He was born in Senigallia, the son of the Papal captain and lord of that city, Giovanni della Rovere, and of Giovanna da Montefeltro, daughter of Federico III da Montefeltro. He was also the nephew of Giuliano della Rovere, Pope Julius II.

His uncle Guidobaldo I of Urbino, who was heirless, called him at his court, and named him as heir of that dukedom in 1504 through the intercession of Julius II. In 1502 the della Rovere had lost the seigniory of Senigallia, occupied by Cesare Borgia, then the most powerful figure in the Marche: Francesco Maria and his mother were saved from the slaughter perpetrated by Borgia’s troops by the then-land soldier Andrea Doria. When in 1508 Guidobaldo died, Francesco Maria became duke of Urbino; thanks to the support of his uncle the pope he could also recover Senigallia after Borgia’s death.

In 1508 he married Eleonora Gonzaga (1493–1570), daughter of Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua and Isabella d’Este.

In 1509 he was appointed as capitano generale (commander-in-chief) of the Papal States, and subsequently fought in the Italian Wars against Ferrara and Venice. In 1511, after he had failed to conquer Bologna, he had the cardinal Francesco Alidosikilled by his troops, a cruel action for which he was compared to Borgia himself. In 1513 he was created also lord of Pesaro.

However, the death of Julius II deprived him of his main political patron, and under the new pope, Leo X, Pesaro was given to the latter’s nephew, Lorenzo II de’ Medici. In 1516 he was excommunicated and ousted from Urbino, which he tried unsuccessfully to recover the following year. He could return in his duchy only after Leo’s death in 1521.

Portrait by Raphael as a teenager, 1504.

Della Rovere fought as captain general of the Republic of Venice in Lombardy during the Italian Wars of 1521 (1523–1525), but with the new Medici Pope, Clement VII, the della Rovere were increasingly marginalized. As supreme commander of the Holy League, his inaction against the Imperial invasion troops is generally listed as one of the causes of the Sack of Rome (1527).

He was a protagonist of the capture of Pavia in the late 1520s, and later fought for the Republic of Venice. Later he arranged the marriage of son Guidobaldo to Giulia da Varano (belonging to another former seigniory family of the region) to counter the Papal power in the Marche.

He died in Pesaro, poisoned. Some scholars suggest that The Murder of Gonzago, an unknown play referenced in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, which is itself later reworked by Hamlet into The Mousetrap (the play within the play), may have been a popular theatrical reenactment of Della Rovere’s death and may have been portrayed in England’s early theaters during the Elizabethan Era.[1]



  1. ^ McGee, Arthur (1 September 2007). “The Elizabethan Hamlet”. Retrieved 1 September 2007.
  2. ^ Later legitimised and named Marchese di San Lorenzo. Ippolito’s daughter Lucrezia married Marcantonio Lante and their son assumed the new extended surname as Ippolito Lante Montefeltro della Rovere


  • Rendina, Claudio (1994). I capitani di ventura. Rome: Newton Compton.

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Italian nobility
Preceded by
Giovanni della Rovere
Duke of Sora
Succeeded by
William de Croÿ
Preceded by
Guidobaldo I
Duke of Urbino
1508–1516 (1517)
Succeeded by
Lorenzo II de’ Medici
Preceded by
Lorenzo II de’ Medici
Duke of Urbino
Succeeded by
Guidobaldo II
Preceded by
William de Croÿ
Duke of Sora
Succeeded by
Giulio della Rovere

Francesco Maria II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino

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Francesco Maria II
Francesco II della Rovere.jpg

Francesco Maria II della Rovere, by Federico Barocci (1572)
Duke of Urbino
Lord of Pesaro
Reign 28 September 1574 – 3 November 1621
Predecessor Guidobaldo II
Successor Federico Ubaldo
Reign 28 June 1623 – 23 April 1631
Predecessor Federico Ubaldo
Successor None
(Urbino was ceded to the Papal States)
Born 20 February 1549
PesaroDuchy of Urbino
Died 23 April 1631 (aged 82)
Casteldurante, Duchy of Urbino
Lucrezia d’Este (m. 1570–1598)

; her death

Livia della Rovere (m. 1599–1631)

; his death

Issue Federico Ubaldo, Duke of Urbino
Full name
Francesco Maria II Montefeltro Della Rovere D’Aragona
House Della Rovere
Father Guidobaldo II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino
Mother Vittoria Farnese
Religion Roman Catholicism
Occupation Soldier

Francesco Maria II della Rovere (10 February 1549 – 23 April 1631) was the last Duke of Urbino.


Born at Pesaro, Francesco Maria was the son of Guidobaldo II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, Count of Montefeltro and Vittoria Farnese, Princess of Parma. He was raised between 1565 and 1568 at the Royal court of Philip II of Spain. While there he met a Spanish girl and informed his father of his intention to marry her .[1] But his father would not allow it and demanded he return to Urbino. In 1570 Francesco Maria married Lucrezia d’Este, a daughter of Ercole II d’Este. His father died only a few years later, in 1574, and Francesco Maria succeeded his father as Duke of Urbino.

By 1580 the family estate was in crisis and Francesco Maria was forced to sell his family’s titles – the Duchy of Sora and Arce – for 100,000 scudi to Giacomo Boncompagni.

Francesco Maria’s marriage, though, remained childless and Francesco Maria needed a male heir. Without one, his family’s remaining titles would lapse on his death and his entire estate would be acquired, by default, by the Papal States.

So in 1599, after the death of first wife Lucrezia, he married his cousin Livia della Rovere, 36 years his junior.[2] On 16 May 1605 their long-expected and only child Federico Ubaldo was born.

Federico Ubaldo married Claudia de’ Medici in 1621 and was made Duke by his father. However, Federico died in 1623 from an epileptic attack, leaving only a daughter, Vittoria Della Rovere, wife of Ferdinando II de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany; their child was Cosimo III de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany; none of Cosimo III’s children had heirs.[1]

The aging Francesco Maria took up the title of Duke again, but as there was no more hope for a male heir, he gave his Duchy to Pope Urban VIII in 1625. The Pope’s nephew Taddeo Barberini took control of the duchy which was annexed to the Papal States after Francesco’s death at Urbania in 1631. The last member of the della Rovere family, Vittoria, inherited the Duke’s art collection and had it transferred to Florence to the Uffizi Gallery.[1]


  1. Lucrezia d’Este on 19 January 1570, daughter of Ercole II d’Este, Duke of Ferrara and Renée of France.
  2. Livia della Rovere on 29 April 1599, daughter of Ippolito della Rovere and Isabella Vitelli dei Signori dell’Amatrice.


  1. Federico Ubaldo della Rovere (16 May 1605 – 28 June 1623) son of Livia della Rovere, was Duke of Urbino and the father of Vittoria della Rovere.

References and notes[edit]

  1. Jump up to:abc History of the popes; their church and state (Volume III) by Leopold von Ranke (Wellesley College Library, 2009)
  2. ^ Note:Daughter of the illegitimate son of his Cardinal uncle, Giulio Feltrio della Rovere.
Preceded by
Guidobaldo II della Rovere
Duke of Urbino
Succeeded by
Duke of Sora
Succeeded by
Giacomo Boncompagni



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11 April, 2019 11:35

p.227, says he was beaten by a first-class mind. Reference to link: 3/21/19, mentioned title.

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Meeting of St. Nilus and Emperor Otto, Domenichino

The little boy that’s bending down right above ^, that I’m guessing he’s the “Leonardo” type, plus there’s separately the factor of that “Chancellor Rolin and the Virgin” Flemish painting, maybe by van Eyck or one of the others, and then with this one it’s actually a mural in a “grotto” somewhere a little south of Rome, I think it’s said to be by Domenichino. Somehow they’ve got it in a painting here that I guess I’d found after all my papers had been lost in 2014, through the search-engine and then I’d taken a photo of it. I’ll look it up again soon for more details but the main one seems to be that that little boy appears to be a slave, this crew assumedly arriving on a beach somewhere and headed for Rome or otherwise doing their world-takeover, that (allegedly) being the Emperor Otto III that the little boy is getting the hem of, and he’s being greeted by Saint Nilus, which I’d figure to be connected to the system’s work around the Nile River. The guy with his arm up on the horse looks like the “Lenny Bruce-type” to me, so then I’ll include the (famous-to-me,) detail from the Mantegna’s “Pallas chasing the Vices,” long in the Louvre now:

The Virgin and Chancellor Rolin (Rogier van der Weyden maybe.,) detail.

The guys and the peacock in the background down below are important details.










So far this is the only copy I can find. It goes with the Mantegn’s “Parthenon” painting just below here right now.







Detail, bottom-right corner of the “Pallas Chasing the Vices,” by Mantegna, Louvre.



The guy with his arm on the horse and this one in the similarly-fuzzy because of my camera’ being like bottom-line, look like the same type if not the same person specifically, this one having breasts, and the headband he’s wearing has “Arrogancia” printed on it, the guy they’re carrying’s has “Ignorancia” on it and the guy holding “Ignorancia’s” chest has the Italian word for Ingratitude printed on it, Ingraziado or some such. The look like the three characters in Raphael’s Leo X portrait, which I’ll spare us of right now.

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Parnassus, by Mantegna (1431-1506)

It’s the offspring, not the couple he’s threatening.

The dancer is pointing to the hole in the arch, holding that dancing ribbon in her other hand; it looks like she’s signing to someone off the canvas.

I guess this semioticizes the throwing incendiaries, “Greek fire,” at the kid, that is most of warfare now, missiling them, kapow.

top-left corner detail.

I can’t lighten this image unless I crop and lighten and send it from the cellphone off of a whole copy, but it should be lightened a bit, the smoke or clouds above the “demon” character. Maybe it’s supposed to semioticize that in the cave there are the “Autists” or the Krakow staircase-growth Autists, voyeuring on the nudity, not any too differently from today. I think all of the people in this painting and the “Pallas Chasing the Vices” sort of a partner to this one in the Louvre, were grown by the “Joseph ‘Lepanto’ Nasi” (1521-1579) semi-mythical-seeming person and ovary-begetter that it seems like all of this play-directing global-system way of taking over the planet all or mostly all comes from.

I’m having some difficulty keeping track of toward describing all this, that Michelangelo and da Vinci seem to have led to Bell and Watson and these computers. First thing I’d have to try to check is da Vinci’s vitals and where he was and see if it matches the meeting of Bell and Watson. Regardless, this Nasi-type “demon” character appears to be cursing and threatening the youngster. The youngster seems to be “cherub-like,” the type that often have those angel wings and do have them I think in the “Pallas” other Mantegna I refer to alot, use as an illustration for this whole mess of me at the bottom of the “Armageddon” and world-takeover and belief that in killing those “cherubs” the Nasi/Autism was killing the normal space populace, that those were humans learning to break gravity under their own human power and instead of “Nasi” invaders started war against the normal space-populators and it’s mostly off of this oil/petroleum use as a weapon and then “energy” to replace the normal way out into space. Etc. This is just a wrong- or opposite-headed direction. Then my “spiel” or thesis is that I guess it doesn’t originate with the “Nasi” or “Jomon” type but that they were misled by invaders (from the New World, the dinosaur-extincters,) with the Autism, that the Autists had instigated into the animosity that doesn’t have any substance in reality, had told this island-bound people made-up cover-up stories about the situation on the mainland in the Old World.

Besides the Michelangelo-da Vinci possible partnership then down to Bell and Watson, that recent book by the Wu Ming group in Bologna, “Altai” is alot of maybe mostly about this (alleged) Nasi character and it’s description of his famous aunt starts the book off with her latter years when she has white hair, which surprised me, I hadn’t pictured her that way, had thought she was dark but now I’m thinking that that fits into the Bell-Watson Michelangelo-da Vinci template for this partnership that I’d guess is still ongoing because I see these bright white-haired guys like Watson all the time all these years and always have bad experiences right afterward. For instance one day one had come bicycling toward me as I went to start a day and after he’d passed by everything had taken on a negative affect, everyone was “shooting a curse” at me or was a bum in some way or another, etc., everything had gotten dark. One of the most annoying things that I’m even aware of was they’d done some scene of getting to a photo-site I was headed for just steps ahead of me and afterward I saw I hadn’t gotten a single good photo showing what I’m trying to show in the route from Siber-Mongolia to here by water: I guess this is the best example I’d gotten and it isn’t much good. I saw one on the search-engine but then I couldn’t find it again. It’s the street map of the world and its seas at 8th and Pennsylvania, NW, Washington’s Navy Memorial, the Granite Sea, I forget the designer’s name right now. The Watson-type and its “Stepford Wife” -type or whatever else their female partner type is had done some odd ice-skating -like swerve gliding right in front of me and the whole perspective had gotten skewed and all my photo-attempts came out lousy for this important point of mine, that the Autists had snuck over here by going from around this Lake Baikal area, that sickle-shaped Lake Baikal there, and up to the Arctic Seas and then over to the St. Lawrence River here and down into the Great Lakes and they’d “planted” most of all those “native American tribes” to attack the refugees from their wars onto Europe and none of us know all where else they’d been tearing up to take over, etc. Also, when I’d found this room here there was one of the Watson/Sidney Gottlieb types had done some one of their semiotic/ritual-types of a scene on my walkpath, to do with dogs and-or getting run over by a car. They always seem so smiley or friendly that I can never take seriously all the harm these Armageddon-people really mean. Also there’s that Watson had gone into ship-building and those had made alot of money in that war in Spain in the 1930s and then of course his company had grown even bigger for WWII, and da Vinci is said to have done weapons work I’ll try to look into, and, for the partner, those dark Michelangelos (m’ kill angels,) had then become like the Erich Mendelsohn architect and I’d just found a good write-up on his work for incendiaries in WWII but I couldn’t get a photocopy yesterday, a book by Mike Davis has just 2 pages I was trying to get a copy of but I’m too old and weak for schlepping books around libraries anymore and I had to leave it. Mendelsohn (and all the Bauhaus, but Mendelsohn is the specific big trouble,) had come over here and done a government project in Dugway, Utah for Standard Oil’s making war-incendiaries. The Davis book is Dead Cities, about 2015 maybe the date on it is, the 3rd and 4th pages of the 3rd chapter and I couldn’t get the copy to try to describe how bad that guy was to the whole 20th century’s way we got to what I’m saying is eventual earth-good riddance, parasite-infested earth, etc. Recidivists. I did send off to Chicago for a permission to use that photograph of him and Mies and the 2 others. It’s really fair use considering his work for the government and the reason he’s coming up is I notice that “ribbon” that that pointing dancer is holding behind her back and it reminds me of what he’s doing with something similar in the photograph.

The Watson-type did some disgusting huge medical “trick” to me in 2009. I was always catching this thing I call the “slug-pneumonia” but the other ladies in the shelter hardly ever seemed to get it and I couldn’t figure how to keep it off of me and went to the shelter-complex’s health clinic and instead of the regular doctor there was this friendly-and-normal-seeming white-haired Watson-looking type, his name allegedly Dr. “Presenz!” like Presents! it’d seemed like he’d said. When I went back the next time it was like a kid in age-comparison who claimed he was the same doctor as the previous visit, same name. (I have a photo of this type but I’m not sure where it is for inserting it right now will get to it later.) Besides the other horrors that had transpired the following month I started waking with a terrible taste in my mouth, October 2009. I recall now that I’d put the only finding I’ve gotten, because that horrible effect is still there every day all these years, and the one result I’ve been able to get back on sputum samples to any of these hospitals is enclosed or put into the previous post I’d tried to do or had started on Watson, the name of something they’d managed to find one time that might be what this horror is but it started when I had gone and this Dr. Presenz, (the spelling on the prescription tube or bottle, what they call those regular pill-bottles, which I should know because I’ve worked in pharmacies twice but not filling prescriptions, but putting blank labels on them once, pill-bottles maybe they’re called, those dark-amber regularly-used pill-bottles,) had been the doctor. All kinds of problems come to recall. I think I’d brought a letter for the regular doctor-character that had a page on the drug-addiction to those bufo-toads in Australia that had a photo of a doctor of Presenz’s type but darker maybe and what I figure the Autists largely look like, which is in the bottom-right of the other Mantegna, maybe I could insert that later also. This terrible taste in my mouth starts each day off horribly, it’s disgusting and I have to spit it out as much as I can during the night, is similar to the curse-affect of that bicycle-riding one that time, where perspective is distorted to all negativity, and then while these vacuum-cartoon hologram-effects are eating me alive as I gain consciousness too, etc. Watson’s autobiography, Exploring Life, about 1924 or 1926 it was published, is full of research-clues on his “reincarnation” possibilities, toward explaining how we got into this global-system. The global-system seems to think computers and maybe all electronics and electricity, are like Diego Rivera had thought of machines, that they’re as important to life as anything else, as say air, as necessary for living. I don’t know why Watson’s type is so adamant for the system’s world-takeover; researching da Vinci’s early life might shed light on the question. Watson says he himself had been ill-educated. — I can’t find that quote but you could read about him by looking around at this site, I think it says he’d founded the society, on their home screen: https://sites.google.com/site/thebraintreehistoricalsociety/thomas-watson-exhibit-opening

That guy that ran the telegraphy shop, making telegraph apparatus that Watson went to work in and then Bell came in to get some work done on his idea, the employer’s name was Charles Williams, Jr., 1830-1908, the first one to get a telephone installed, his pictures seem to have a similar nose like mine, where underneath maybe someone had taken a knife or sword and cut straight up that middle part that separates the two nostrils, that I have some tiny indentation there and notice that most people don’t seem to have, which I’d thought everyone does until all this face-comparing I’ve been having to do. Maybe he was a big big patsy they’d done this underground-scam off of.

Mantegna’s “Parnassus” detail of the “demon” and the baby.

4/4, the kid’s got like some sort of a long flute or pea-blower in his hand, this isn’t a good copy of it…






I’ll have to finally try to get a look at files on this Mantegna artist. Last time I’d looked I’d thought there’s a resemblance to the guy in the cloak behind the Lucrezia/St. Catherine figure in the “Dispute of St. Catherine.”

The point though is that they were mass-reproducing people from ovaries by this time here, that that group looks to me like a directed group of “spawn” grown in place of being naturally-there people, and here the “Nasi/Jomon/Me-kill-angelo” type of the thing that directs this Armageddon over and off of me for virtually my whole life, seems to be setting up on purpose for war against the type represented by the baby being taught-trained for war against the dark type of the Nasi-Jome-Me-kill-angelo type, my point being that everything is artificial and comes from ill minds, that his dark hair is a sign and symptom that something is wrong underneath the hair, it is deeply bruised down inside of there, and that could have been inherited from what I’ve been positing as being the Autists, though there’s the possibility that this type was the Autist invaders from the New World after having extincted the dinosaurs and all the large animals evolving over here in the Americas. I just think they’re a deluded middle people caught between the Old and New World “culture clash” and they sided with the psychoto-psychopaths to the extent that they’d become the psychoto-psychopaths, or whatever the specific details, get off of me, be realistic, re-assess in view of the space venture-findings and other things learned in all these centuries of finding out that the world happens to be round and not flat, etc. That place they’re dancing at is like a place near that Chauvet cave that I’d just found. Frida Kahlo insisted that Diego Rivera was frog-like and “frog” is a slang for a French person and I’m starting to think that the cave wall-paintings are from spies doing this takeover in the past centuries, not millennia. I cannot find a picture of Brigitte Bardot’s grandfather Charles Bardot but I’d seen one once and he seems like the Rivera type of looks in retrospect, and then there was a Washington DC lawyer I can’t get any more information on yet that looks like Rivera to me also.

Probate lawyer Edward Schwartz on the Brumidi-Germon estate c. 1919, detail from an Evening Star photo…  (courtesy Boothie Barn dot com.)

Oddly, I can’t find a picture of Rivera except that one fair use because of my/the emergency, but the people who do “art” are all like pariahs that you have to pay to look at it so I’m afraid what would happen over a personal picture, though there are many of him and Kahlo, to compare this against, this lawyer in a business about the famous Capitol-building muralist Constantino Brumidi, some of his work found around 1919. He’d passed where the main library got built then in the 1960s and I’d spent about 10 years trying to get assistance out from this “Armageddon” show or program or real how it’s being trick snuck-through, still. They’re parasites without real-life basis for anything so they still keep hanging onto me as a gimmick for how they’re still doing the same thing as in that book of the Revelation and whatever other war-mongering claims they go by, sneak by by. So it’s on my mind lately that Brigitte’s father might have sired this guy and Rivera and reading Rivera’s Autobiography helps give clues to the “real” history of how we’ve gotten to what life is like today and then to my business about that they’ve never known or cared, that petroleum obsession comes from using it as lit firebombs, incendiaries like the Mendelsohn in Utah in 1943 business and all this other inter-connected business. Here I’m trying to get across that they’ve brain-wash trained all these wrongfully “made” or “grown” or manufactured people into various bizarre thinkings, like teaching the kid how to play war for that Mantegna painting.

Pont-d’Arc, France; click-on.

The search-engine says, somehow, that it’s an eight-minute walk from here to the Chauvet cave.

This is 2km SE of the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc and that’s an hour’s walk to the cave, with all the fancy wall-paintings and I think it’s said to be around twice the age Lascaux is said to be, and I’m coming to think they were hide-outs for people like the ancestors of Diego Rivera, as this sneak world-takeover by self-mass-reproducing ovary-thieves and brain-eaters has been going on. I’m just suspicious of the timing of the big article in National Geographic on Chauvet in 2001 and all these other little things that go on to and off of me.

Michelangelo by Holanda c. 1540; click-on.

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson, Mar. 21 1917, Bell receiving an award in NYC; from their in-house newsletter, Bell Telephone’s, and I figure the photo of this part of their page is fair use. Think I found through the
Google books. I’ll try to put a link to a file on Bell.

I haven’t researched the artist Francisco de Holanda, 1517-1585 Lisbon, but his painting of “Me-kill-angelo” looks just like this photo I’d found last week of Bell and Watson in NY, me trying to figure if Watson had sired Sidney Gottlieb, born 1918 in the Bronx somewhere, and ran across and recall this now. Small world. That Pont-d’Arc might have been the inspiration for the “Parnassus” by Mantegna, maybe reinspired by finding another erosion like that in Italy, but the whole area there is important in that it goes to that “ergot” that LSD is said to be made from outbreak just down the Ardeche River from there and then it goes to Avignon where they’d had those popes for awhile and the place seems to have been headed by the historical person Rene d’Anjou, (d. 1480,) that’s alot of trouble for me. There are those “staircase-beings” in that Krakow painting by Matejko:

This is the only detail-copy I can find yet but I’m just referring to the 3 on the left side, the “Evilene” in front and then one I don’t know to guess about yet and the one at the top that isn’t in this color version well is the type I figure the fraud-parent had come from. I’m starting to suspect it’s an underworld/Jomon hoax to put these little-sized creations into charge of the underworld and it’s locking up of people for the cannibalism/serotonin industries. — I haven’t gotten to this file yet, the Matejko file. I’ll see if I can put a link before closing time here now.

(ignore the particular old caption,) but there are also the “Myrmidon” warriors from the invasion of Troy as being small-sized people that Rene or others might have come from, as we have so many now today, the old large-sized people, — what does the Bible have them as… Nephelim, — gone, what I call “killed and replaced.” Rene d’Anjou was like the #1 of the small-sized people, the whole Renaissance I think being named after his disembodied-ovary offspring-descendants, Rene’s sons, that it might be different from thinking that it was all from King Casimir the Great the III’s work under his castle in Krakow.

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free space

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(Detail) Red-figure skyphos by the Brygos painter, c. 490 B.C., detail of Priam figure. Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Detail from the regular Greek pottery’s “Ransom of Hector” from Homer’s account, but also I just read about this Toledo Museum of Art’s Toledo Amphora I think it’s called: artsbeat . blogs . nytimes . com/2009/10/16/the-ransom-of-hector/ = is focused on the central character of Priam as (fuzzily) depicted in this depiction, but also in the Toledo amphora, at the bottom and between both of their legs it looks offhand like Hector’s being eaten by an animal. I don’t know where they got that from but will try to check on it.

Graham, J. Walter. “The Ransom of Hector on a New Melian Relief.” American Journal of Archaeology, vol. 62, no. 3, 1958, pp. 313–319. JSTOR, www . jstor . org/stable/501960. = I don’t know about this business here, didn’t read it at all, and the face of Priam reminds me of yesterday’s research-survey on the Burgundian Chancellor Rolin who so far seems like possibly the worst of them all possibly.

Oxford University Press page: oup-arc . com/access/content/morford-11e-student-resources/image-priam-and-achilles






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Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, c. 1930s; WPA photo.







Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, NY, 1930s, by Arthur Rothstein, WPA

Bathgate Avenue Market, 1930s Bronx, NY

I put this here because I found it second and its caption reads that the photographer was Arthur Rothstein of the WPA, 1936. Now I’ll leave the both of them because the top one you can notice that the message is sort of that it’s “Cut  rat,” which appears like “Cut-throat” sort of subliminally, as that that’s what was going on for the butcher shops.

The Foshays had lived on that Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx until they’d moved further north in the Bronx in 1939. The Market had come from people who’d moved up from the Lower East Side when the Third Avenue elevated train was built in the 1920s more or less. The protagonist of the “Limitless” novel lives in an area that had back then been called the lower east side but then became called the East Village and then now they say it’s dubbed “Alphabet City,” and there’s that one page, I think it’s 106 that refers to the Puerto Rican pronunciation of the area (slightly to the east maybe) as being Loisaida, slurred for lower east side. There’s some connection of the Bathgate Avenue Market in the Bronx’s coming from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, coming up with a group that had moved from there, and since the Foshays had lived there also I’m thinking that this “dynasty” and thence this curse onto me had come up from the lower east side’s group that had formed the Market, but haven’t been able to get any further with trying to trace the group yet, just this photo by this Rothstein (1915-85, according to this I just found: https ://livingnewdeal . org/tag/arthur-rothstein/ – Getty Images has a couple of photos of Rothstein but I don’t know how to work with Getty yet. Rothstein was from the Bronx somewhere. The pictures are just here because I’m trying to put the pieces together, how this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION system had latched onto me like this.

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free space

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WARNING-Please read the Navigation bar WARNING/S also

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019, 3:41 PM Universe Rescue Kathy Foshay WPC.WP.c <comment-reply> wrote:

kathyfoshay posted: “WARNING- Please read the WARNING/S file above here, and see the bottom of this post for updates; 9/26/18, the brain-eaters took over by using me as this LURE- gimmick all these decades now. 7/3, WORDPRESS, I didn’t put any “cookies” on

here and don’t ”

Respond to this post by replying above this line

New post on Universe Rescue Kathy Foshay WPC.WP.c

WARNING-Please read the LURE WARNING/S Above Here 1st

by kathyfoshay

WARNING- Please read the WARNING/S file above here, and see the bottom of this post for updates; 9/26/18, the brain-eaters took over by using me as this LURE- gimmick all these decades now. 7/3, WORDPRESS, I didn’t put any “cookies” on Read more of this post


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Universe Rescue attempt — I’m trying to put the blog backwards but thereby into chronological order, so it’ll be even a little more disorganized seeming than usual for this short bit till I figure out how to do this for new readers to this TPE (TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION) situation.

Most of these “spam” Comments I’ve been getting have been on this Old Siam post that had just happened to wind up in the first-post area when I’d condensed these materials at some point and had never gotten back here to straighten these files out any so I moved that file to the fifth post spot and don’t really have any big content for here in mind yet, am just learning about these Comments and spam business and have all my usual difficulties with not having any normal Communications with any contemporaries ever and that it’s so unsafe to be around me that I can’t encourage anyone to read and comment on any of this material anyway. Even this Old Siam business, I’m really serious that alot of the global-system strategy seems to have involved old set ups the system had done there but covered over as their plans don’t really work out the way the system figures they will because the system-makers aren’t healthy-minded, they come from developmentally disabled peoples and those’s trying to have this planet to themselves.

(– Strange; when I changed this post position to this material by moving the Vajiravudh material to the fifth post or the Man In Oriental Costume post which I think was #6, all similar to that, then all the comments changed from being on the Vajiravudh post to being on the title that I’d put in that slot, nothing to do with content. No one was commenting on the Vajiravudh business but it was about the messiest file I’d had so I’d just straightened it out a little finally and then just moved it now, 1/25/19, into this 2015 area of the UniverseRescue real life attempt “blog” they call these internet-attempts.)

Feb. 17, 2019: I’m going to try to see if it’s better to try to run the blog backwards, that all the repetition for the first post and all this “emergency-style” writing is getting on my nerves but I can’t work on cleaning this up till tomorrow and first I have to wait for the oxygen-delivery or exchange and once it’d taken the whole day so I’ll see how much if any time I get tomorrow. Have to sign off now. Oh s***, somehow the Comments at the bottom of the sidebar are different than I’d left them yesterday. The parasites are running a big LURE today because of this coming to the downtown library and new thing to the blog, etc…. Feb. 19, it’s worse than the usual holocaust-LURE, it seems a “gridlock,” some military-type corralling people they seem to have done yesterday.

Now they’re pulling some one of their standard ritual-tricks to sabotage my being able to get any assistance, they stage these performances all day long any day all around me. It’s similar to the phony business about the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder-scandal, claiming that nobody had helped the girl and that that’s because everyone is apathetic, and the whole thing was a staged “spoof” likely engineered by Lenny Bruce, one of his cousins, 2 of them. In this case some guy’d sat down a little conspicuously which automatically horrifies me it’s one of the fraud-parent-things the system seems to have manufactured maybe by the tens of thousands, and after I’d relaxed and was able to get back to trying to straighten out this disaster here they sprang this scene of his “conspicuously” being called aside and it sounded like he was being told/asked to please go to some other library, there are plenty of them around, like, we don’t want you/your kind here, — like Kathy Foshay is supposed to stand up and walk over to where this scene is a few yards away and ask this stranger-strange-clerk what it is that she’s telling him or when he sat back down to get his things and leave in 5 seconds I was then supposed to quit what I’m doing and ask him what she’d said to him — uhhuh, like it’s any of my business, when I can tell that it’s just staged “Armageddon Program” acted performance that I can’t do anything about whatever it is, I never know any of these people who’re around me, there isn’t any way to tell who is and who isn’t a real sadist, what kind of person is a nice-type victim and which isn’t, everything is kept to be convoluted by the brain-eaters’ “Limitless”-type thinking process ways, while under the influence they’ve always believed they’re just smarter and better than other people and it was only finally disproven with the moon rocks’ analysis and they’ve kept all that like swept under the rug.

3/14/19, Thursday, if there’s any interest in getting to see my progress to this point, one could use this link to skip down to the most recent post, probably. Still all alone with the whole planeticide being forced-through:


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“Man In Oriental Costume”

(1/25/19 note, Whatever I’d said back before the Nov. 2015 car-hit has been way changed to that this “Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” stereotype-prototype seems to be at the root of forcing the Autist boys onto everyone on the planet, making the Hollywood stars and politicians or agents and campaign managers of those at least out of them and we’re just covered with these clap hands clap hands fancy smart boy males everywhere, because these guys who look like in this portrait took it up to champion the underdog-seeming developmentally disabled brain-eating psychoto-psychopath and ejaculating partners of themselves then onto everywhere on earth, and now I’m like living with this “MIOC” in a few hybrid stereotypes of itself like the Allen Ginsberg-type especially, suck-living invisibly all over myself, way less “understanding and lenient” than I’d been back when I’d started this file. They “magically” have a baby screaming somewhere across the library now, for instance of the 24/7 suck-living off of me that’s been hidden at the bottom of this Armageddon of theirs against the rest of the populace of the earth that there’d used to be.)

3/13/19, Wednesday, they’re bottomless sadists, but then they’ll hallucino-do a comedy routine of running around without pants on, have a Ginsberg-type do that.

3/15/19, Now I recall that when I’d started this blog and real Universe rescue-attempt I’d really believed that these guys were sincere and were all victimized. I had to delete the little pdf-pictures that had accompanied this file because of Permissions business but it showed that I’d really believed them to be sincerely normal-thinking back in 2015. — Now I’m reading the 11/8/15 note and there’s yet another copy of the illustration I’d taken to using nearly like an “idol” or token-representation of this Man In Oriental Costume type, that I’m now figuring they’re all “essentially insane.” I can’t delete this copy of the cartoon as easily as I just got rid of the other 2 because it’s interconnected with what the time-period was like, so I hope that behind my back not any big deals are sneak-being made about my business always totally alone out here. I’ll have to work on putting this and the other from the same book together, and for now to have to leave it in place, etc. If a copyright holder wants to object I wish they’d make some Comment instead of running to the underground with complaints against me that I’ll never learn existed. Plus, I’ve never even gotten any normal Comment to this blog. Two times Comments have appeared where I’d never seen them as being Approvable or Unapprovable, they were just on here all of the sudden by themselves:

A pdf’d note from Kathy Foshay, me, (11/8/15) — 11/8/15 note .pdf

“Man in Oriental Costume” from the NGA, gallery 48, by Govaert Flinck from the Rembrandt school….

Man In Oriental Costume, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, gallery 48, donated by Andrew Mellon circa 1934 when he’d built the building. (I’ll have to double-check that about building the building. He’d bought this from The Hermitage (Leningrad.)

I’m trying to get this into the “Jesus et al.” file but I’m new at this and time is limited, —  no puns ever meant here, and it’s very difficult for me not to be taken out of context. Please try to find some of the WARNINGS I have to try to get through along with all of this about how we’re being herded to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION by this “top-secret” underground system. Right now I’m getting ready to start the seasonal bell-ringing employment for The Salvation Army on Monday, 11/9/15, so I won’t have as much time for trying to set up this blog-/website but I haven’t had employment-income in ten years so that will be a big help with helping to try to get this website going, me always trying to locate some responsible adult assistance for this TPE problem off of all the “unstraightened out” past we’ve got, now with this new computer-time all of the sudden.

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flyer 2014

March-April 2014 flyer, I’ll type the words soon. But it seems pretty dangerous to bring up because the hospitalizations spate started immediately and is still going on.


flyers 20121.pdf – That first one is a practice draft paper. The second one was 3 days before this 3/17/14 version on the left. The 3/14 flyer said, The solar system broke when lost people accidentally extincted the dinosaurs by egg-smashing and mammoths by cliff-driving then turned to cannibalism and wars, space a crime scene as spirits had tried to help here. Washington was undermined starting in 1794 as the “Autists” established at 10th and E Streets, NW,* as St. Patrick’s Church, the Civil War mainly a distraction from their new oil business in Pennsylvania, made from decomposed holocaust-victims and extra people they grew from purloined ovaries for that purpose. They just dye the ova-eggs and invented the U.N.-cultures to go with the colors. Around 1988 Reagan-saboteur Michael K. Deaver (d. 2007,) started preparing this 425 2nd Street, NW, homeless shelter building for this “Armageddon-making Show” as holocaust-LURE that’s been being done off of me since about 1964, me getting to the D Street side-door “John L. Young” shelter for women in 2005 and no one responding to my hundreds of letters that we’re going to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION unless someone helps me to explain about the Autism and getting the solar system re-started, till some responsible people are located to be working on this. I’m surrounded visibly and invisibly by profiteers and Neanderthals and others dependent on the wrongful-narcotics from brain serum, these letters and old hidden-camera pornography of me and insult-jokes made into the marathon and nonstop “show” to trick victims to inquiring I guess, as no one is ever interested or reaches me. I don’t have any telephone, computer-use or friends. I’m trying to reach (so and so) that it’s maybe a violation of the nonprofit status () not to help me as there won’t be any freedom unless I get freed of this bizarre nonstop invisible torture all over me by anyone’s, any female’s, helping me to write letters until responsible people are working on fixing the Autism-situation and getting the solar system re-started.

Three days later I had this version: I’m the most invisibly-tortured person ever, the secret-underground using me to complete their Revelation-Armageddon threats and I know we’re headed for TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION. Nothing the system says is really true. It’s holocaust-dangerous by anybody that gets a letter-writing helper to me can have 50% of future-profit off of the hundreds of letters and flyers I’ve distributed around here these past 9 years trying to explain that the system comes from people with Autism psychopathy so bad that it caused the solar system to cease evolving back when they’d turned to cannibalism after accidentally extincting the dinosaurs by egg-smashing. In 1794 they established on 10th Street,* NW, as St. Patrick’s Church and it looks like the Civil War was mostly for distraction while they set up their new oil industry out of Pennsylvania, growing people from stolen ovaries to be decomposed and processed into kerosene, gasoline, rocket fuel and now plastics. They have Neanderthals with wrongful-narcotics (brain) dependence all over me who probably keep anyone away from contacting me in the belief that they own me and this “show” off of me that attracts unawares victims. I wrote to (so and so) because he used to know Reagan-saboteur Michael K. Deaver who’d hooked this building and “Armageddon-making Show” off of me together, but his () group hasn’t responded. I think it would be safest for all if they did try to reach me. It’s probably an abuse of their non-profit status to just ignore my request. I’m hard to reach, with no telephone or email or friends, just walk from this D Street, NW, side-door to a CVS and the 9th and G MLK library every day.

[ *I’ll try to put these square brackets for updated mentions, here being that that 10th and E Streets, NW is now directly across the street from the main FBI building, then the Dept. of Justice further down the street, that back in 1794 those were underground-digging people who’d moved in there, how they’d figured this North American takeover to be perpetrated, setting the underground up from there, doing their people-growing down that way, raising know-nothings to fill the buildings they took over and re-did. Then this 9th and G is inter-connected to that and they brought what I believe is a hoax-Mies van der Rohe to design that library that I’d spent most of this millennium in.] [3/30/19, Now I’m realizing that Mies had probably had the Autism I’m saying had partnered with the other group or groups for the world-takeover, that getting an “understudy” identity-replacer was likely even his own idea, that it was a “joke” to pull that on us here….]

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[These first few files will have to go under the Navigation in some Pre-blog topic, but for now I’m typing them here because it’s lonely back there.]

Then this spate of the phonied-up hospitalizations started. The files are a wreck so I’ll be trying to make these legible soon. This was written while at George Washington University Hospital for 9 days in 2014 when this “low oxygen” torture-scam began. Current notes or comments are in the square brackets [-]:

4/25/14, Friday, Dear George Washington University Hospital,

I have everything on my mind, so that it’s impossible to try describing just a little bit, where the paperwork I hand out also seems to be worrying the homeless shelter but without samples here with me now I can’t try just describing some of everything, it sounds baseless.

The global-system has really been doing those threats and promises at the back of the “Bible” off of me and in order to try to get this all off of me I’ve had to try to find the source of all the problems and it seems like I’ve got about most of it, and ideas for getting everything fixed, [I try to never use that drug-slang abuse word anymore, current comments in the square brackets if any,] but my work has been used for getting the Armageddon sneak-perpetrated in that I go around looking for assistance with this and interested people are “Armageddoned” it seems, and no fixing of anything has gotten done.

— I just got some good news, the lady at the shelter says not to worry about my paperwork, copies of all the letters I’ve distributed on this since 2005, they’re all I’ve got, hundreds of them… and I can only offer 50% of future-profit from them for trying to interest a potential helper. I thought maybe I’d found one and was bringing a job to him this morning until there was this surprise involuntary trip to here, seemingly 1/2 over the letter-writing, as there were 2 or 3 new pieces of it around. This morning’s is that I thought a possibly-interested person might forward a 1-page letter to the president for me. I get no responses and thought he might be able to get that through, a chaplain that’s from the Central Union Mission that’s recently moved from R Street and 14th down to the other side of the Georgetown University Law Center from the homeless shelter that I’ve been stranded in for 9 years, since 2005. They’d had some big sign out front that reminded me of (Dr.) Temple Grandin’s blueprints for slaughterhouses, so I’d brought them some of my material on Dr. Grandin and the desk lady said the chaplain might be finding this all to be interesting and I’d worked hard to get this 1-page done extra, by Friday for him to give it a look-see. [Page 3 is missing. This is rough and unedited yet.] Continue reading

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free space

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Photo by Nick Bee on Pexels.com

I’m trying to clear this file from some teeny code piece line they have that I don’t know where they come from but it affects the line-spacing, to smoosh the lines together to a black bar and I’m trying to make sure this post area is clear before I start trying to put the “clean” do-over into in and instead I found this “free photos” area and it asks what you want to search for of its 40000 photos from pexel and I typed Houston and got this, and a photo of Whitney Houston and what looks like a traffic accident in NYC, — on Houston Street.


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The Prehistoric Origins of Our System’s Problems

This is the basis of everything I’m trying to explain but I can’t get to it yet, trying to explain that in the early walking days of man the sun must have appeared to come up off of the ground in the distance and some early people got “OCD,” obsessive compulsive, to catch that warm light-bringer and they wouldn’t quit walking east even when it led them up into Siberia and then across Beringia into Alaska, and in all that trekking there were injuries, probably when newborns were laid down in the snow during emergencies, getting what I call “freezer burns” to certain spots and when the people finally got to some normal climate they were exhausted and fell into a pattern of using the nests of dinosaurs to sleep in and those dinosaurs would, like birds, bring food to the nests for the young and the food must have been like mashed hallucinogen-laced flowered plants and toads. The humans never got out of the nests, became parasitic on and jealous of the young of the dinosaurs, smashing the eggs so they’d get more of the hallucinogen-laced food, eventually leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. They’d also made “games” of running the megafauna off of the Pacific and other cliffs, like that big cliff-drop that no one ever really talks about east of the Grand Canyon, the Mogollon Rim.
When they found their way back to the Old World they cliff-ran the people and went into the so-called “Trojan War” beginning of all these wars we’ve always had, and it’s just these unrecognized Paleo-American people who’d accidentally forced their way over Beringia and nature couldn’t keep them back, nature not having tangible hands. I have to quit now, and I just got this employment-assignment that starts in 2 days, good luck about this to poor little me, and I’ll try to keep filling in all of this space and time material on how we got into this real-life TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION disaster that not only are we in but they’ve been running this world-takeover scam off of using me as a gimmick all my life that I have to also try to explain, 60 years old now and hope this employment goes okay because I’ve been about penniless for ten years and most of my life so far. More later I hope. (Kathy Foshay) (This was in about Oct. 2015, right when I got started here.)

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Old Siam pieces

Old Siam, Rama VI Vajiravudh, et al: Vajiravudh (check also John Philip Sousa to Siam?) Rose Blumkin pics.

1/17/19, I don’t know how anyone’s been seeing this obscure file I haven’t yet worked on till I just cleaned it up a little now, but I’ve got 12 comments on this already for just this year so far. Maybe WordPress had automatically deleted the 2018 comments I never saw because I have all these other difficulties in trying to figure out everything, etc. This file is incomplete because I can’t quit to explain it well right now: I’d noticed something peculiar about old Siam and it led to thinking that my difficulty with the fraud-parent might have to do with his coming from a combination of Vajiravudh Rama VI’s sneaking into the U.S. and this Mrs. Blumkin old friend of Warren Buffett’s who’d passed in 1998, born in 1893, in Minsk. In trying to learn about Vajiravudh I learned alot about his (alleged) male parent Chulalongkorn, posthumously titled Rama V and he’s very important to all this global set up, was very active. Then I started learning more and it’s possible that old Siam was a big part of setting up for the Armageddon against us over here, “si” “am,” maybe being that “si/see/c/curse” and “am” perhaps standing for Americas. The main historian, of that Chaiyo! book, had seemed real peculiar to me, I can’t recall why offhand right now, that some of the information was mixed up or incorrect or such, like it’s a joke, and then further back, before Rama IV, Mongkut the king from “The King and I,” “Anna and the King,” before that major character who might be akin to JD Rockefeller here, the Rama III seemed real dangerous from the start of the research I’d gotten and then I never got a chance to get any further than just one good picture and getting his name straight in my mind, all my chance for researching any of back then and there was gone and there was alot to it, books that are real hard to find I was getting closer to. There is a recent biography on the present Rama of Thailand but it doesn’t have an index so it was all too difficult for me but I think the system had done alot of its set up for this there, how we got into this present-day situation, which I say is like we’re living in crime-world practically, now I’m noticing, in addition to all the previously mentioned parasitism-problems, etc.

Rama VI, Vajiravudh, d. 1925, Siam.

In looking for things via the search-engine I’d noticed this round-headed Vajiravudh old Siamese royalty somehow and gotten the idea that my/the fraud-parent might have come from that source and I started looking into this subject a bit. Notice that bright-white sun coming in through what I guess is a window on the lower-right, that that bright-white blob seems connected to Vajiravudh and then it’s also similar to that similar in the “French Connection” photo:

From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc.

In turning the blog around it occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned this part of my situation above in here yet, so I’ll have to go back over and see about filling this in here or in some other spot, but then later I’d also gotten a little chance to look up about old Siam and it seems like it was a big system-operation going on there, alot of those old royalty used as prototypes and then descended to people all around us today, and some horrific thing with a strange (fraud-) -aunt I’d had that’d seemed like Chulalongkorn’s wife’s “natural” offspring, and such as that, and then an unfinished peculiar co-line of thought around Omaha: (Excuse the mishmash: Continue reading

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Heinrich Schule younger.

Heinrich Schule older.


Big early psychiatrist, born 1860 maybe. “Alienists” they were called back then. I’m trying to start a file on this “Man In Oriental Costume”/Jomon stereotype.


These also seem to have made a whole “Stepford Wives” stereotype and that’s probably or likely where they’d gotten the “star” of this Armageddon Program off of me all this time from. They plant it anywhere I might be trying to go to or get assistance from, like most recently on Saturday but also if I try to go to the library at the not-too-far-away University of Houston, that there are a couple of books I’m trying to find that they have copies of them there, quite a few probably, but the first time I’d taken a bus through that area they had one of this stereotype looking real dramatic like on its way to a death-arena. I’d thought it had to do with that recent election, last November, that one of that type’s husbands hadn’t won was what that unspeaking semiotic was about but now I realize that they’d also had one when I went to look at the Sabin papers in Massachusetts, as well as the one that that probably was this past Saturday, me just trying to go about my own business and not really looking that closely for stereotypes or anything, but then she’d done an “all over me” type of a trick that made me realize that she either was a plant for my visit or that maybe she just works that place, posing as a client. (2/25/19,  Monday.)

check Michael Young, 1956 on meritocracy — ck Ludwig von Mises Institute, Austria; Levin b. Bronx august 27, 1929, a couple of years at Drake University in Des Moines and back to ny, fa a wealthy toy importer, nbc, abc, magazines, first novel at age 24, 1953, a kiss before dying; drafted and stationed to write in Queens led to the no time for sergeants, griffith starred in the tv, play, and film versions. “Critic’s Choice” play with hope and ball in early sixties, drat! the cat! song He Touched Me by Streisand, 1967 2nd novel, Rosemary’s Baby; This Perfect Day= 1970, = check, that that’s what this post is about, (and then 1972, Stepford Wives was the fourth novel by him.) Then the 4 more novels. Then this austrian place is in Auburn, Alabama. — Wiki on This Perfect Day, 1970 published by Levin: The world is managed by a central computer called UniComp which has been programmed to keep every single human on the surface of the earth in check. People are continually drugged by means of monthly treatments (delivered via transdermal spray or jet injector) so that they will remain satisfied and cooperative “Family members”. They are told where to live, when to eat, whom to marry, when to reproduce, and for which job they will be trained. Everyone is assigned a counselor who acts somewhat like a mentor, confessor, and parole agent; violations against ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ by themselves and others are expected to be reported at a weekly confession.– The central computer is under Switzerland and the situation doesn’t sound too different. They play up that he liked the Ayn Rand novels, I think it was them. Right now I can’t recall where I’d picked up this Meritocracy business from, maybe on this This Perfect Day novel. But I’ve got Stepford Wife girls that I’m recognizing around alot as seem partners to these “Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg” -types, like friends, each of them given one or more as a player-piece.

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42 misc. illustration pages pdf

misc. pages .pdf, There’s some sort of a huge identity prolem with Jack Horner that I’d noticed shortly before the 2015 accident, getting onto computer-use time and getting around to looking him up, now it was some whole different professor and Rockly’s (Rocky’s that probably was, don’t have time to check right now,) museum staff/curator, an old guy who’d married a young student.

The Missing Dinosaurs…

The Missing Dinosaurs that Real-God had Put Here for Us


img 20170619 1356292

3-16-16.pdf, I saw this illustration in an April or May (2014 probably,) copy of The Atlantic magazine and added the Beringia map below to try to explain most of the system’s obsession with speed and energy power: energy picture.

I collaged this from a The Atlantic (magazine) article that had kept attracting my attention but now I can’t find exactly which issue it was the cover story with. Maybe I just figured out the difficulty but right now the illustrator is uncredited, about May 2014 it had seemed was the issue but I’ve got a note that says March 2012 on the back of it so I’m not sure. To me it expresses this frenetic world and I’m trying to explain that the OCD freneticism to be fast-moving all around comes from that it’s a 14,000-mile trip in prehistoric days between the “Old World” and the “New World” where some group had wandered to in quest of catching the sun before it lifts up off of the ground in the morning, that they’d thought. Difficulty grasping that the earth and sun are each round and way far apart and never touch, that the descendants of that then long-lost and dinosaur-extincting by egg-smashing still have, expressed by all the cars and planes and rockets in their still-misconceptions about the earth-sun distance phenomenon. (2/18/19 and I’ll try to clean this and these other files up while I’m trying to reorganize this right now on limited time.)

#12, Michael Novicek, paleontology attempt 3-16-16.pdf= this is missing right now, I’ll try to re-find it.

David Pizzanelli, Posted on May 26, 2016saxby_ holography.pdf

saxby holography5, saxby holography4, — saxby3. — saxby2,  saxby holography1

saxby holography the pages are all mixed up but in there.

Medal given to Pres. Obama

It just, I think, happens to look like Graham Saxby.

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#9, 11/19/15

I’ve found a new way of trying to describe all this simply and am trying to reach any astronomer or group of them and I guess the emails are getting confiscated as there isn’t any response of any kind as with my mailed letters. I’m describing that the Earth is orbiting around the sun no differently than the obviously-dead “Asteroid Belt” does, and that’s just a planet that had gotten broken back when there was all this crisis of the start of this “system” we’re in, where normal people can’t even say the words and I’m trying to communicate that we’re going to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION because of it and I can’t even easily use the vocabulary to discuss it because I’m just writing in a blind, don’t want to get innocent bystanders entrapped and yet have to find only any responsibly-behaving adult to assist me with all this. The main person I’m trying to contact is this Carnegie Institution’s R. Paul Butler who’d with Geoffrey Marcy discovered planets orbiting other stars, like Pegasi 51 and Centurius -type names the other stars with planets have got, I’m trying to pose this as also being a “discovery” that Astronomy could somehow take credit and prestige for making, when really the system-core knows the ancestors had accidentally caused all that trouble, killed off natural growth possibility into all this sadism-horror, and they staunch anyone that gets close to also noticing that the solar system’s died-off because of all the …. anyway, that’s what I’m trying to do and everything is difficult, it doesn’t look like my communication-attemps go anywhere and what I’ll have to go through logistically to get printouts and bring them to anyone is what it looks like I’ll have to do while in the meantime I’ve got all these groups and individuals from the system looking to cause horrors for me and winter coming on, which I know there’s a good chance I won’t be able to get through because I don’t know a single person who has any idea what I’m talking about. It’s alot like the Giordano Bruno and Galileo problem-sets. I’ll have to look up which popes were causing them problems and explain that via this Autism-psychopathy description of what’s gone wrong, and then this astronomer named Benedict Sestini has popped up as working at the Georgetown University observatory, where I think that’s a picture of him in that Church of St. Aloysius on North Capitol Street here, that he’s a descendant of Charles Borromeo and they had this Autism-psychopathy that’s led to all the sadism real bad, so I’ll have to look up all about Sestini and such when all that’s really required is for anyone to say that they understand what I’m talking about and are interested in looking into this. I’m giving out this site’s URL as much as I can for the background information a person should have.

That seasonal job didn’t work out and I’m still trying to get a letter to the guy to ask specifically about why I couldn’t get a chance, as that little income would have been such the difference, and there were these “goons” I’m calling the offspring of the fraud-familial problem now, all around me trying to get to the job site the first day. Today there were alot of a partner-type’s around, alot of the Bishop Shahan, d. 1932, around. I never know what these ritual-doers are up to that might suddenly make life even worse, — which is how this sadism-description started forming, that it’s so much sadism that we’re inured to that thousands of years ago it had forced nature to cease working on creating life in this solar system, everything’s been at a standstill and we’re still orbiting but so is the pile of rubble called “the Asteroid Belt.”

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