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Feb. 2020; Pls. see the bottom here for updates; beware the LURE Continue reading

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23 May, 2020 14:24

My "search-engine" turned back off last night; I’m too p***noid to use the word internet most of the time. "Coincidentally" I was trying to figure if I should put a copy of the "Kindred Spirits" painting here in this spot. — Now I don’t know when/if I’ll be able to see this blog again, maybe at a "BK" like I’ll be trying to send this from soon, today being 5/23/20. — The painting came up because it had just plopped up on this cellphone screen somehow and had diverted me in reading on WC Bryant for a day or so and I got back to the Bell material but not to the Brant yet and I thought a Thomas Cole post here would make a good place for the Johns Hopkins material and I started reading on the purchase of it from the NYPL and the seo went off and it occurred to me that the painting mentioned in the Limitless story is on the Connecticut River. I have to turn off the cellphone.. — Back. It"s seeming like both Bell and Cole and many others thereby or therefore were impostors/impostors. Then that maybe they just attach to someone like Th. A. Watson or John Carroll and further parasite from off of them… and now some big sneaked scene has me thinking that it "means" that I’d been used for a or the main Armageddon means in 2000 when I’d first gone to WDC and gotten into a peculiar "crush" on a female instructor, this "show" just doing this huge scene with a type like her as though hybridized with a fraud-parent type and then signs that off of that situation of the unawares crush the 2 or more types "packed up" the country. I have to try to send this and then don’t think I’ll be able to send or receive except maybe by telephone….

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21 May, 2020 14:31

File:View of st clair river from port lambton.jpg

Grand BendCitations are in the Comments below here:

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File:Bell Memorial.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bell_Memorial.jpgThe Bells lived in Brantford, Ontario, named after Joseph Brant and his sister. That’s Bell at the 1917 unveiling. That’s where I figure the system had smuggled in many fertilized "eggs" through the St. Lawrence River from over in Siberia, then perpetrated the 1776 and lots of lesser-known wars. It’s near Niagara Falls and Buffalo. The monument/memorial is so odd I’ll try to see if the artist, Walter Allward, had made any descriptions of it. None of my material’s been getting through.

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Honesty is the best policy

File: Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied with Joachim Quäck on the hunt in the Brazilian jungle.jpg

Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied with Joachim Quäck on the hunt in the Brazilian jungle; by Johann Heinrich Richter c. 1828 (Stuttgart,) from the Brazilian Library of Robert Bosch GmbH, Catalog Volume II: Estate of Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied Part 1: Illustrations for the journey from 1815 to 1817 in Brazil. Edited by Renate Löschner. German publishing house Stuttgart.

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4 May, 2020 20:04

"Rabbi Loew and the Golem of Prague"
Golem of Prague

Rabbi Loew and the Golem of Prague

I can’t yet trace who’d made the painting. I’d found it in Robin Bates’ "Better Living Through Beowulf" literature blog, Feb. 1, 2015, "The Golem, A.I., and God." He’d cited an article by R. Blech and I couldn’t find an attribution, then I barely tried the website his article was posted on, forward dot com, but I didn’t hear back from them, I think it’s fair use to use the image in trying to describe what the "staircase #1 types" are like but I haven’t thought that those might be the golem’s type, but it has me trying to figure if they might possibly be a hybrid off of the film’s type. "Let me" try to go find that actor’s name again. — Paul Wegener, 1874-1948.
This hadn’t get through yet:
Here’s the other half…

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4 May, 2020 16:51

Here’s the other half…

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4 May, 2020 16:46

Here’s the other half…

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4 May, 2020 16:25

There’s somehow some extra money on my social security-only heretofore bank card, enough that I could/can likely manage to get to that small town in Arizona but I was only going to start making a better preparation for that this evening or so with trying to work on these scraps of notepapers that are too heavy for me, anything is. I don’t know how I go about tracing where this thousand or so extra dollars came from, will have to make calls on Monday, but the thing is I’m not prepared to run right away, tethered to the oxygen, but its early in the year so maybe I can work out something, sitting here screaming mentally at least that its a brain-harvesting LURE quicksand-like entrapment, how long. till I manage to get out of that. Last week I’d used a different type of an atm and hit a wrong button and I think it cost me five dollars for a summary of my account/s and I’d looked as best I can and it seemed like what I figure, but I haven’t been able to but barely glance at the receipts roughly since February, so my eyes just flew over it again today like that and I noticed it seemed too high and finally looked now and somehow it is about an extra thousand compared to the 8- or maybe 900, about 860, that I thought it would be, about ensuring I’ll be able to get myself out of here now, but I still have to thin this paper mass, and I have to find some contact over there because otherwise its like unauthorized travel and I wind up in emergency rooms. I’d just left this letter before the atm:
1 May, 2020; Dear Pharmacy Outpt. Dir.,
I think longterm mercury poisoning is another aspect of what makes the system unfathomable, intractable.
I don’t use the VAMC address except with the pharmacy because I’d felt
there’s connection to LURE-abuse, and when I’d been bitten by a dog and hospitalized x2 last September I’d been cajoled into giving the address of this weekly room I have to rent for the oxygen equipment I’m tethered to but I’m always looking to get out of this LURE-trap, but the system keeps everyone away for continued sneak-use of myself as a LURE-gimmick, by which its global-system has taken over everything. Especially it doesn’t let me make any money from my blog, UniverseRescueKathyFoshay WordPressCom dot WordPress dot com.
p.2; As alchemists the brain-eaters with disabilities had used mercury in trying to make gold (and many other uses) and developed effects of longtime mercury poisoning, basically that they’re trapped in involuntary retardedness.
The whole anthropophagy (cannibalism) -system is for the ulterior motive of getting the decapitations’ brain chemicals, till they’ve just been mass-birthing people for brain harvesting.
I got put into this when the MKUltra project couldn’t find or make good "lsd" and morphed into the underworld "French Connection" scam. I’m a ghost-prisoner with little research materials-access but it’s seeming the system also attached its pornography obsession onto this 1962, and maybe also its whole secret "growing people" from disembodied ovae, strategy, following me out of the Bronx with all that in 1973 when I’d joined the Army. There’s also always the "petroleum scam."
My point is always that there were goings-on in Prehistory that caused the unnatural disappearance of the natural animals meant for our food and transportation. I’ve been trying to get to the Southwest for researches on that, only came to Houston for the 2018-19 winter, but then the system’s still just been sitting on to sabotage me.

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23 April, 2020 14:29

Sure enough it hadn’t gotten through completely, here’s the rest of the previous send, then I’m trying to figure how to try to reach the Victim Service again, anything, as this all continues to worsen like I’m a microcosm, etc. I’ll sign off with the 4 ellipse-dots so a reader could know if the whole send reached:
April 2020 again; Request to be realistic about the system’s intentions by reading my blog and assisting me to do Prehistory research (from Arizona, exorcizing the system starting from Fort Huachuca:) I wasn’t able to meet anyone in Houston and realize the system’s manipulated me into being as a ghost-prisoner again, as previously in a rented room in San Francisco and then most of this millennium in the homeless shelter near the Capitol in Washington till I’d turned 62 and left on retirement social security. Then I was able to get near but couldn’t afford to visit the Kennedy Space Center and then this similar situation here and trying to describe since 2014 that space was like an unrecognized crime scene when the astronauts got there because of all the psychoto-psychopathy on earth for who knows how long, me figuring we’d had a tribe that persisted in trying to walk to where the sun seems to rise up off if the earth in the mornings till they’d actually crossed Beringia but that they’d arrived weather-battered, collapsed into dinosaur nests and become addicted to the hallucinogen-laced mash the adults fed to the young and the visitors began breaking the unhatched eggs to mitigate* competition for the mash, resulting in the unnatural extinction of the animals meant for humans’ food and transportation now, (*wee small reference to this current situation.) When the eggs were gone and they got back on the west side of Beringia they’d found allies and more or less invaded Troy and everywhere, sneaking around and claiming everywhere and everyone, then learning to mass-reproduce themselves by stealing ovaries. I found a good "profile" of their "magicians" in the 1967 story "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Garcia Marquez. Page 1: … "A heavy gypsy with an untamed beard and sparrow hands, who introduced himself as Melquiades, put on a bold public demonstration of what he himself called the eighth wonder of the learned alchemists of Macedonia," about magnets. The mention of Macedonia makes me figure a connection between this figurehead system-stereotype and the Alexander the Great character, but I’d gone to reread this because I try to figure what "sparrow hands" would be like, that I don’t think sparrows or other birds have any hands, because I recollect reading Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant Thomas A. Watson’s description that Bell had run into difficulty that his fingers couldn’t do the small work on the early telephone any longer is how he’d come to go to the shop Watson was working in, was how they’d teamed up, so that doesn’t sound like hands of a sparrow, but I’d have to check the original Spanish, the English translation released in 1969 and me figuring that that was for connection with the space venture, maybe Glenn similar in type to the protagonist in some inscrutable to outsiders ways.

If you know what the pilgrim St. Christopher looked like crossing a river with the little tyke holding the glass ball and sceptre, that’s my idea on how a Melquiades -type "magician" generally had a partner that hoped their business would grow to one day reaching the figure of "666" fertilized embryos from a single ovary, and I’ve got all kinds of that type protecting their global-system parasitism off of me. Then in December I began realizing that what I’ve been writing letters saying was my entrapment by the "magic" behind the 1961-62 Brooklyn and Bronx real-life "French Connection" smuggling scam I’m seeing now had come from the infamous MKUltra mind control and lsd project but real or "good" of the latter comes from serotonin and that’s illegal to try to get so the project I figure had shifted to those NY undergrounds and my life made lousy toward unawares assistance as the Melquiades and 666s trended toward global brain-harvesting for their supply and demand fulfillments. Now that I read that the MKUltra project or the lsd part of it had lessened by 1963 I notice Allen Dulles had resigned in Nov. 1961, around when the ship would have been preparing to leave France headed for the new port in Montreal since the St. Lawrence River had been made into becoming the St. Lawrence Seaway and that’s causing me to think that he might have had a role in the underground procurement and trafficking that that smuggling had been for but then I notice that he and former Vice President Nixon must have spent a lot of time together, then I’ve been positing that "Watergate" was a code for a place the had lived in in the Bronx, and a small bit about checkers like Nixon’s daughter’s dog’s name, that there’s a lot of missing goings-on here but it’s real obvious that space is like magnificent desolation and I’m trying to point out that run amok and addicted psychopathy has been steadily destroying everything mostly based on that the dinosaurs were extincted by wanton destruction of their eggs and the system people are going to let everything die off unless some responsible adult could get a contact call through to me somehow. There are so many interconnected details, sorry. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, (202) ph#
4/23/20, Thursday, now I’m thinking that that early 1960s Bay of Pigs Invasion might have been connected to that Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, that it was being turned into a bigger slaughterhouse with maybe the populace screaming, maybe attention being diverted to think about the system’s playland in Cuba while it was going on, the system believing, "limitlessly" high, it would soon be rich from robbing the sky, space, ruling earth from Mars and concepts like that, and now it’s "riding" me as though its whole cannibalism system, culture and way of life, depends on making garbage onto and off of my little every moment.
The "OHYOS" story constantly intimated that the protagonists had evolved and descended from pigs, and it closes with what I call "cannibal ants" as there really are (teeny but still…) little biting ants all over the place here. I’m still trying to get to about the Habsburgs’ origins. I’ll likely regret this later but I think I’d feel better if this was sent and safely received at the blog, it makes me nervous on top of everything else to wait till last minute on a send-attempt. Nobody talks to me and I don’t use the little radio for other weird reasons so even less than before I don’t have any idea how the rest of the world might really be doing, just the general impression that the "serotoninists," the addicts, seem flying high, which reminds that there’s an unprovability similarity between the cannibalism and that "lsd" comes from brain chemicals, like in the "Receptor" story where they’re off to Brazil instead of looking into the underground here. I’d learned about it from books researching Autism, as being the system-makers’ unrecognized problem and in "Autism, the Facts," Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen mentions that 30% of those diagnosed have some serotonin imbalance and that led to mushrooms and then a molecular diagram of Albert Hofmann’s LSD-25 in comparison with serotonin’s, that being close isn’t the same as being interchangeable though is what I think had happened with Allen Dulles and that WWII generation, that the Melquiades-system set them to close the gap between serotonin and almost-the-same lsd-25 ergot-mixture. I’m thinking they’d worked on that through the 1950s and decided to try to sneak-get brain through the Brooklyn and Bronx undergrounds, throwing me into their quest. Now the system’s only been doing distractions and coverups since 1969’s moon landing showed that space wasn’t anything like the anonymous system-people had thought they were headed for, and they have me all trapped here in Houston to make me feel hysterical as they’re sneak "playing" any kind of I don’t can guess what behind my back as though their cannibalism system is the most important thing to keep secure while it hasn’t anything to do with the Universe Rescue I’m trying to think about, the Melquiades-system only let’s me think of themselves, Repetition Romper Room all day long every day, 27 years if this "Armageddon Show/Program/real-life (Armageddon) -making." I don’t have any idea how anybody is really doing around this farcical Corona-Covid b.s. but its always obvious I think that the system isn’t sustainable and it should be obvious too now that it won’t admit that it isn’t sustainable after all, and now this weird social distancing must only be for keeping all the lies going. I can’t guess how much effect mercury poisoning might have had on the Melquiades type, if it added any stubbornness not to admit to having been wrong, because from this invisible/unprovable onto me it feels like they always plan on keeping the past and reality a secret, like Mustafa Mind in the Huxley "Brave New World," 1932. When I went out on Tues., the 21, for the first time they used the secret weapon of the hallucinogen-laced strings onto my brain that they’d ritualized for after the car-hit in 2015, out of nowhere the, figurehead, "MIOC, Man in Oriental Portrait" Melquiades -type Aemageddon-director figurehead I have the NGA portrait of all around here of, just started sadistically yanking on the long-prepared trick ability strings like to show me who is boss of me and that I haven’t any options (or hope.) That’s a microcosm of MKUltra’s mind control. Then I’d somehow gotten into some sort of a back-rent situation and got the money for that but this morning I couldn’t find the 2 twenties I’d gotten for me. and the receipts on the back-rents say 4/18-24 and 4/25-5/1, and then the little "garbage-‘magic,’" and ideas of reference to that I’m being paid off for being part of a "team" for the Armageddon, things normal people can’t even put into words, etc.
So I was too upset to try to get to the VA pharmacy about this water-pill refill now, the last pill being tomorrow and this a long wrestling to try to force me to say that this horror place is my address, for the LURE the system’s always doing behind my back, the MIOC/Melquiadeses figure they have me prisoner tethered to this oxygen and for the first time they’re throwing money around, by that whole extra 4/25-5/1 receipt. Then I’d added $20 for or toward accumulated late fees and "the rent-boy" had handed that back on the basis of the Corona disruption. I would tell him about the 2 twenties I can’t find and that I have to look at a calendar and check my notes on the rent days but the "Melquiades ‘magician/s’" really invisibly run this place and make anything normal about impossible, — where I’d known all this from the 27 years of this "show," that that’s just going to follow me here and dig in to build what they want under wherever I go. It’s already 2pm and I’m too nervous that the later it gets the bigger the incomplete arrival of this. It’s even seeming like getting me into the Army (1973-76) and now VA was for the underworld, Armageddon, etc…

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Earth Day notes I’ll try to send tomorrow, the 23rd.

[Since tomorrow is Earth Day I’m thinking to keep adding to where I’d had to leave off last night on finally getting another mention of the horror-situation off to the big Space Center here, and then I finally got out for getting this back-rent situation I somehow got into via personal and Corona/Covid situations but the oxygen ran out right away and I was trapped in that slow-moving suspended animation situation and realized that the system had all these pseudo-world performers all over me and it led to alot of thoughts and interconnections and I was able to figure more about the system and how it’d gotten this way and the Melquiades character, but mostly it was a microcosm description for how the MKUltra’s mind control aspirations had gone, that they only wreck lives. That circa 1930 Diego Rivera Detroit mural set had allusions to lobotomy and to that European Black Hand Society with the blonde at the subway car door, that these are generational persistent sneaks. On the Subject line for this second note to the Space Center that it had actually been a big failure and show that the system doesn’t have reality-connection I’d put — Request to be realistic about the system’s intentions by reading my blog and assisting me to do Prehistory research (from Arizona, exorcizing the system starting from Fort Huachuca) — I can’t get this finished tonight and the nightime sends haven’t been arriving at the blog complete but I’m near sure to be late tomorrow and would like something there for Earth Day, the pale blue dot gem of the totality, etc….
Dear Space Center Houston, Mr. Harris, I’d managed to get this short descriptive-attempt letter mailed to you last year but not to make any follow-up till now I’m giving Contact another try:

2 June 2019; Dear Houston Space Center, Mr. Harris, CEO,
Try as I might I haven’t been able to get to the Space Center in time to learn enough specific background to be able to write to anyone there before this 50th anniversary coming up to try to interject that the space-venture’s prime-moving had come from the secret underworld and that that comes from insane people who are wilfully taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, total earth extinction, in reality (of which there is only one.)
It’s all very subtle, sneaky, and they make the fool out of me as I’m forced to try to explain about all the system’s (top-secret) invisible warfare. Some of the insane people’s ancestors had extincted the dinosaurs by egg-smashing and over the millennia they’ve hooked up this global-system and keep everything covered up about mostly through sadism, especially where they’d been dead wrong about the whole nature of space and that the space-venture had been a massive failure for their secret underground selves and they won’t let it go, persist in their patterns. I’ve tried everything I can but the system uses my letters to make themselves more in power. It is dangerous but I have to ask you try to find me a contact. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

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(victim services unit)

April 3, 2020, Friday pm; I’ve been trying to re-reach you all this new year, realizing that my victimization comes from that infamous old MKULTRA mind control and LSD project, and now this Corona-Covid-19 business is for the continued coverup of all these victimizations of me by the general whole global-system. I’d like to visit your office to better be able to try to go over everything with anyone. I had to start trying to put some of this onto the blog from this little breaking cellphone and then found out that they’ve got all the libraries closed as part of this cover up by keeping me lied-about ghost-,prisoner, etc. I hope this note will get through and then I’ll call and try to get an appointment to visit your office for trying to get assistance because this global-system is (a farce) really taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’m trying to get my elderly now self and Universe Rescue blog to the Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista, Arizona for getting through to them about all this, if you could assist, please. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

Good morning Ms. Foshay,

I am unsure how to refer you for the concerns you mention below (old MKULTRA mind control and LSD project). Perhaps you should have this discussion with your primary health care provider.

As I am certain you are aware, a stay at home recommendation has been in effect for a few weeks now. It is still in place. You are free to call me, but an office visit is not advised. We are observing health safety practices, and trust you are as well.

Best regards,

Criminal Investigations Command | Victim Services Unit

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Incident #1153582-19

(These were sent by me on April 7 and (the next one) April 10, (Tuesday and Friday.) I’ll try to find the first one. The ones from last year are likely on the Navigation bar.
Thanks for replying. The system has me in a near-death situation so I can’t improve how I can say this and I hope you don’t take offense of course but I’d tried to look for search-ebgine images of you and the dew I found offhand look like they’re of what I generally call being of the "666" stereotype! but maybe that could be put to good use if you wanted to look into a story-character’s being used as a figurehead for the type, the grown grandson of the Frank Olson alleged victim-type in the 2019 "Receptor" storybook by Alan Glynn that’s based on that part of the "MKultra" as I’m spelling it, govt. program. I have difficulties galore with this but they could possibly be straightened out with your assistance in reviewing my figuring around the grown grandchild character, where for instance I’d skipped all the chapters he’s in and I can’t read the real-life son’s blog or one of the type’s blogs called Universe Today, as the type had been like the supervisor of the rituals around me getting tapped in a car-hit in 2015, which seems to have crested these Corona and Covid-19 situations as coverup for that the underworld-system came from crazies and isn’t actually sustainable, etc. The "Receptor" character is what I’d like for you to look at and maybe there’d be a nice way out of this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION the "Melquiades" petroleum-obsessed system-magicians demand, etc. Also the Catholic Charities was started by the "Shahan/666" type, that they’ve just been a big part of all this Armageddon Program, etc. Then there’s an aspect where while he’s not really Olson’s son I’m from Olson’s type so all this got sneak-dumped onto me. I just had a tele-talk with the health care provider and she’s going to call back on Monday. I hope you’d look at the letter to the pharmacy that I just sent to the blog; any questions or comments could be useful. Also, they’ve got me like surrounded by stray and unstray dogs out here at this E. Magnolia and Fennell Streets unspeakable trap I’m in per the brain-harvesting quest of the MKultra, which had been just a trick by the c. WWII Swiss, wrapped up with the misbegotten space-venture, etc….

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16 April, 2020 13:22

16 April, now this hadn’t stayed attached to the bottom of the continuation-attempt. That first word is link. I’d found it but couldn’t figure how to send it yet, think it’s in a draft file. I’m sure the elementary school would object to its logo as being of St. Christopher and his "666" boy. The search-engine probably has some with a biybwith a glass ball — which now reminds me I think there’s an Autism book titled Girl with a Glass Ball but when I’d requested it once it"s a Scandinavian book about a toddler boy and his situation or Autism. It hadn’t seemed to be too interesting. I think it might have been mentioned by Ms. (Judy) Barron in their "There’s a Boy in Here" somewhere. Link for the St. Christopher and 666-boy school logo image (Park Place)Ray Sweeney is the name of the possible 666-figurehead as characterized in the recent "Receptor" story.
I’d written to the Houston Area Women’s Center when I first started having to get out of this weekly room but they only deal with domestic violence but might make an exception at your request. There might be a link between that difficulty-set and the 666-type that you might have luck trying to find answers from where others wouldn’t.
Like the story-character Melquiades is the profiles figurehead for his global-system’s "magicians," Ray Sweeney might could be so for the modern 666s, then I’m just learning about the character David Axelrod in the 1979 story (441 pages) "Endless Love" by author Scott Spencer, and it sounds like he could be a figurehead for what I’m positing are the long-lost dinosaur-extincting people with the Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy (and addictions) that is behind this route to extinction, had partnered with the Melquiades type.
For instance, perhaps the 666s are a hybrid from those with the invaded Old World people’s genes.
There are alit if interconnections here to petroleum and rocket science.
Friday, 10 April, I’d had a terrible sleep time and finally am realizing the system has been doing this "Bell Jar" vacuum way of cutting off NY breathing air invisibly so that I’ve been being tortured by that incessantly without any awareness if that trick’s use, and I’d started making these few notes around 3am: (horrible insomnia trick-torture-set all night now, Bell jar tricks, and when I called the Mel. perpetrator a rotten stupid phony it started wrestling piss out to soil my clothes– They’re setting my O2 to emergency-low is how they’ve been running this scam all year but I haven’t measured it till tonight to try to trace what they’re doing. With it so low I don’t feel comfortable and am up all night to suck more O2, etc.) In the course of 2 minutes for instance they’ve been cutting my oxygen-ratio inside if me from 90% to 50%, a near-emergency level, so that when I try to leave this room, as with now to go get its rent for the coming week, the torture’s been doing this O2-level truck and I feel too weak to be able to walk, and then the dogs come over from across the street and I give up and am stranded here like this. — I hope the full content of these little notes reaches you. Also, I’m using the partner-book to "Receptor," "Limitless," as example that when the smart pills/extra serotonin runs out the limitkessly-intelligent boys are only back to their ordinary selves, they have to be high to feel superior, supply is the main thing in their minds and that’s where I’d gotten conscripted into this back in 1962, that Bronx-French Connection offshoot of the MKultra, because there wasn’t any legal means for getting brain chemicals, etc.

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Foshay, dog-terrorism, MKultra, Incident #1153582-19, etc.

(April 16, trying to do a continuation here as a cellphone-send, 12:23:)
April 9, 6pm, E. Magnolia and Fennell Streets hoax-terrorism with dogs again, kept me from being able to get the weekly rent for this oxygen-tank holding place I have to provide for the tanks because I really have to have the supplemental oxygen because I’d had a lousy "bookworm" childhood in a smoke-infested Bronx apartment and then 30 years of heavy smoking, my lungs never developed properly, but really it’s basically all this phony underworld’s invisible and unprovable tortures’ all holding me back from normal daily activities so that I’ll die or become a vegetable for its coverup on how it actually did this world–takeover.The new BARC case number A20-873418 was started on April 5th, last September’s being B19-067186. When the dogs come toward me the underground does internal torture "tricks" to make me feel paralyzed with fear, and it’s doing like that all the time anymore to keep me isolated from being able to find a contact.
I can’t guess if you put together that my misfortune in the MKultra had come from its early 1962 Bronx-French Connection trafficking scam that I’d only found a photo of in 2014, in the Robin Moore write-up that led to the film, which I don’t think is much connected to the whole real-life situation. I have a copy of that photo with the 5 agents and alleged Tony Fuca standing over the 3 small-sized suitcases used for the storage of the contraband all over the blog as much as I can try to bring attention to the victimization of 6-year old me’s being used to make some dumb spell on the suitcases, which are likely still in police custody, but it wasn’t till December that I realized that that French Connection business had been an illegal or clandestine outgrowth of (Dr. Gottlieb’s) MKultra program, and the (standard onto me for decades) invisible torture has kept me ill most of the days this year and seems to be worsening, really sadistic to keep this covered up while making believe I’m only some cheap pornographic trick or whatever the under-bums have been doing off of me then all these decades, since 1962 and then 1993 with this Armageddon show.
My "character" is supposed to be from like Rev. Ch. 12, and then at the bottom of Ch. 13 it says that about the name of the beast is like 666, and I figure thst that represents that in the people-manufacturing enterprise the number 666 was hoped to be reached, too many new people for individual names anymore, and #666 was a goal and favorite product for the "magician" type. Etc. All these years I e been trying to describe that we nowadays hadn’t invented the sadisms, just should work our way out of them so there could be a future, normal eternity regained, a no-fault attempt at that.
Other subjects would include, the 2015 neurology,.
witness protection/HAWC
Nixon approval on this to me possibly/checkers
Sodium Pentathol parties the AGinsberg type seems to have worked up for keeping reality ignored, but I have to quit right now.
In 1963 the Foshays had moved from the Longfellow Avenue French Connection neighbood up north slightly into what was maybe a "Melquiades" trap, that there’s a small photo on the blog about.

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16 April, 2020 12:11

16 April, this part hadn’t gotten to here either yet; this is going to be a rough, lousy day: Capetian house of Anjou) — This is how the nowadays-crazies declare world-ownership but only do so amongst themselves, they sit and just wait for their "magician" crazies to prepare the world for themselves.The Sadie Hawkins Day thing is that it was a leap year in 1992 when I became homeless and made it to the Brooklyn Women’s Shelter with this "spirit" that had gotten disattached from the SFClown (the whole world saving little story might have to be fitted in here,) and because Sadie — now I check the search-engine and Sadie Hawkins Day was the cartoonist Al Capp’s invention, off of that some places on the planet link Leap Day to that it’s the day for women to be assertive and ask men to date or marry them and thinking that that was routine I’d asked the spirit if he’d marry me and he’d said he wouldn’t so I’d said that he didn’t belong "on" me like that/this, and this like the exorcism of the AGinsberg difficulty-set that I’m alone with and he just simply stayed on and around my skull into 1998 and maybe behind my back and then today a little because the bus stop ride girl was maybe with that part of the script to this invisible and unprovable "Armageddon Show," thst I say is sbeak-bringing TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION by the parasitism, plus then that it’s really all about brain-harvesting on the global scale.
The point of that was that whatever show or script or anything that this vague voice and image were from it could take with it, I wanted it gone from then on. On March 3 a new character was brought in and in April they had me automatic-write their dictation of "The Spirits’ Liberation Manifesto," and later "The Making of ‘The Spirits Liberation Manifesto’", but working for a good cause didn’t have anything to do with the bum’s using me as a bus, but its friend, " David," is a smiling nice psychoto-psychopath type, is friendly but comes with a "haze" that puts around an atmosphere, aura, that everything is perfectly normal like this way we live.
Right now they’ve probably actually got people who figure these AGinsberg-types have been longtime being helpful to nobody little me. The other Navigation bar mention is wordy also and I’ll have to try to take a break, am trying to pack when I don’t really know if I’m coming or going tomorrow or when.
When I went out last time and realized the little oxygen tank wouldn’t last long enough anymore, it seems that there were like 3 of this secret show’s regulars on my path, one looking maybe like a thin version of this guy who’d seduced and seemed to start all my troubles in SF in 1978, then a triuble-make type in a worn pea coat jacket and then a guy that got off of the same bus and walked to across the street over here that looked like a thinned version if that Tamil Tiger I’d put the image up on the Dog-bite file on the Navigation bar of, V

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16 April, 2020 11:49

15 April, This part hadn’t arrived from that last send and I guess it would run over because the file was full, typical difficulties:

Another difficulty, where I’d better jot this here than chance its getting forgotten about, that the "new person" is likely a "spy-plant" from the hospital to see if I really am or aren’t homeless depending on whether I’m living at this address nearly a year and a half now, one if those of his type waiting outside here when the hospital’s vouchered taxi pulled up and I got out here when discharged on the 25th of March last month, and when I went into the front
door thst guy took off walking and then was in smaller versions I guess, as everything is odd here only its all system-sneaky. The "timewarp" program was also about global-system types, belief-sets, beliefs about God some of the types might add to that Jambalaya. Universale or what it was called it by, me figuring that that …-laya is pronunciation for calling me a liar about the homelessness — and maybe about this Universe Rescue attempt too!!!
ck 2015 "dream."
On the subject of that with the "Brian Keith-type" timewarp mentioned in that last send just before this one, the system had done a similar "dream" just before the 2015 car-hit that it took me a long long time to realize hadn’t been an actual experience and the main "doctor" character doing it had looked like Allen Dulles, resigned in 1961 just before the Brooklyn and Bronx-French Connection started. In the 2015 dream he’d had a group of surgery doctors surrounding me on an operating table till I screamed out that they were trying to kill me. I thought I’d jotted a note toward trying to, at the AGinsberg/MIOCostume’s request, validate the experience and finally saw it was only a mundane note that I’d jotted. Back to this attempt to describe that that "ejaculation collecting" is negative similar to how the brain-eating is, that it’s totally the AGinberg or Melquiades’ interest and us never addressed here as being recommended in any way except where the concept (never puns here) had likely seemed like a godsend when Bicci de Medici or whoever had first discovered it, that you could grow fetuses and then into people from ovae.
It comes up and I should mention that the only times I "hear" from the Gottlieb/Cameron type is when I’m insulting these "daugs" that seem to look like young versions of me but I think turn out to be programmed young versions of the fraud-sister I’d gotten, only one sibling.
Now I guess it’s another "trick," and per the telephone Bell family business, where a neighbor had said to give her a call whenever I wanted a ride to the bus stop, her also not wanting any cash (me disliking the word money,) but it’s a voicemail and I likely won’t get any call back, asking when a good time for her to do that tomorrow might be. — Here, in the cellphone, at 3:45, 3:50pm, is the hospital lady who was supposed to call me yesterday. It’s like all these people get cue-directed when to do their rehearsed parts by this "AGinsberg-type," like the Apocalypse Now-favorite director of what I call "the SFClown," San Francisco Clown, based on my belief that nobody’d do this (back in the 1990s) to their hometown, not about this business if making the wirld"’s biggest fool of me. This cellphone call, then it got cut off as I’d asked her to email to the outpt. social worker about me, another standard sabotage of my attempts to get assistance on Bell’s system. That’s at least 3 tricks in a row. If I hadn’t gone to mention about that first call the cue to call me wouldn’t have been sent. Then "the Ginz" sucks out my thoughts as there are alot if inter connection s here but I don’t know where to begin, the stupid cross-eyed girl the script warns me to caution the "audiences" and I generally try to do so but I think it’s the "show" that had crossed my eye (right one) so it could make up something to complain about in the first place, terrorizing me with glasses and eyedrops and a black eyepatch, shortly after the Bronx-French Connection scam in early 1962.
Then I guess these "AGinsberg-types" had (directly) followed me out of the Bronx and into the Army and over to W. Germany and out to San Francisco, (then to NY and around the South out to SF again, then NY then SF then Washington, to a little northern tour to Denver and then out to Houston here, nothing of which I’d finished NY notes on yet. I think the book, David Talbot, 2012, Season of he Witch, was a good write-up on SF in 1978 (when I got there) but I can’t find the same excerpt right now.

add photo of John Good of the Abscam 666 file
Right now I don’t know if I’m coming or going tomorrow — there go 2 of the "planted characters," doing little faretheewell unprovable-world scenes. One has a name and license plate idea-of-reference to the SFClown’s, as though she’s been a contact for the "world-saving" concept back to a year or so ago when she’d first started but I generally mind my own business and try not to get anyone else mixed up into this horror. These Allen Ginsb-types ought to abdicate their parasitism onto little stranger me when the hospital’s hopefully found me some group home to go to. I can’t guess how long they’ve been doing all this as though speaking for or in place of myself. In Washington it’d seemed like one of his fraud-brothers had been the one doing that, a black version of the brother in Yorktown, NY, me only realizing that in 2014 and then this low-oxygen business was started. After 2 hospitalizations around that I got sent to a veterans housing place run by another of the Yorktown type, probably not the same one I’m nearly positive, and then to Kensington to one run by a black version or copy or lookalike or what, clandestine-daughter, and then the car-hit in Nov. 2015 wound me up back in Washington in April 2016.
2 mentions I’d been trying put up on the Navigation board: Sadie Hawkins Day,
and that about thst "free" Saroyan play. I did think if some addition to the latter but now can’t recall it — Robert Vaughn the actor the thought was about I think, but I’ll have to switch to the search-engine. — Long time there, mostly over this duke of Valois , check Charles, then Charles 1of Hungary and wife Elizabeth of Poland.= (Capetian house of Anjou)

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15 April, 2020 23:06

15 April, Wednesday, noon, I’m doing the procrastinating now, hoping I could put off the food shopping till tomorrow somehow. Trying to see if it isn’t too late for some PT work on myself, but being indoors instead of outdoors seems to be the big debilitator anyway.

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15 April, 2020 12:36

14 April, 2020, Tues., 1pm; I got the "magic" and the breathing difficulty all mixed up, apparently, and I don’t know what I’m going to be able to do about any of all of this, and it looks like I won’t be able to get to Arizona. Somehow I’d just noticed over the weekend that I was "getting" the difficulty breathing right after I took the oxygen off instead of say half an hour or more and I used the little electric meter and its readings just go immediately down instead if taking awhile to do so like I’d thought, so now I can’t get to a store unless I take an oxygen tank and that trip takes longer than there’s oxygen for, etc. It’s scary, like your chest is closing up. I called an ambulance when I noticed this last month and now I’m realizing that they’d likely summarily-style kicked me out because I’d refused cardiac examinations and those are the next step in this process toward either "disappearing" or getting me to a group or old-age home, but I want to go to Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca, AZ, which is what will also then cause most of the difficulties, and instead if explaining their process they’ll just kick me out again, but this time I ought to be well-organized enough to be able to have given up this room, which also seems ready for me to be gone already, but that is the standard Armageddon show gimmick, that I don’t realize they have "audiences" watching and commenting and per the unknown to me script those are saying that I should MOVE! get away from bothering people with your silly trashy obsession for "saving" the planet, leave the planet alone, etc., etc. It seems to generally be like that but is kept a secret from me as part of all this invisible and unprovable "Armageddon" torture-set. So these things, variables, are all mixed in together, and I’m trying to sort them out and then try to write to the few places in Arizona about them. There’s also a small variable that if I could stretch the little tank oxygen left till next week I’d get a new delivery and time to think and work in thus blog from this room, but my bigger problem seems how um going to be able to collect these cellphone-sends to bring the blog back to where I’d left off.Besides the MKUltra, that One Hundred Years of Solitude us a really controversial subject, plus that comes up at the end of the "Limitless" story, by Alan Glynn, as with now his "Receptor" story is becoming useful here. I’m "afraid" to use the words "novel" and "fiction" and probably literature and maybe classics anymore. The "Tales of Genji" Wikipedia says was probably the first novel, where I’m figuring the anonymous Jomon culture had likely come from there and led to the Melquiades type and all this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION direction I’m trying to warn against and there’s said to be some correlation between decapitation and the word "noh" there, and then "fix" like in fiction is the regular slang for a hypodermic high so I’d quit trying to use it anymore back in 2009. — Also maybe it’s what system-people do to you if you say "no" to them about anything.
One of the odd things in this is that when I’d learned that this loud plug-in electric oxygen machine is called a "concentrator" I’d figured it is LURE-connected and have fine without using it all this time but when they sent me back from the hospital on March 25, a Wednesday night, there wasn’t any oxygen in the tanks and I’d hadn’t any choice but to turn on the concentrator (to concentrate or con-send-traitor,) and now I’d like to stretch use of it till next Monday but I know that won’t work. The Illuminati section seems to look forward to me and my Obsession’s finally leaving. Another oddity is that the boy that takes the rent here somehow switched the due-date from Thursday to Saturday — maybe I’ve got an inkling now on how that maybe happened. It’s a little difficult always because this is all conjecture, I can’t second guess how other people think. Likely after I got here he’d been approached to "sell me out," be a traitor, seems the standard and AGinsberg-type practice and in so doing he’s never been friendly or called me by my first name as being too wrongful for the parasites, but when the winter season’s greeting came around I’d put a little cash in a card for him and when I got late from the dogbite he’d mentioned my rent day was Friday and then the same pattern and this year he’s been s. This past week i was so sick i couldn’t get the rent to the office until Saturday morning, so now I have to get this figured by tomorrow but that would conjecturally bring up that his accomplices at the hospital would figure this place is paid for and I’d left it abandoned, and I don’t mean the other patients, but that the "tricks" on me had grown to be intolerable in consideration of my real-life circumstance, which apparently-almost Illuminate don’t believe, that I’ve been trying to figure all year how to explain this homelessness but having this place situation to their supervisor as opposed to their calling me a liar and getting it system-calculated that it’s therefore okay to play such "tricks" on me by don’t know what they’re doing bored clerks, that one being in November maybe. (Then they get excused and grow to being AGinsberg’s type’s extinction-bringing type LURE off of me.) Between the tricks here and then there it seems the 2 places are coordinated, and then the O2 company is in NASA parkway.
It doesn’t look like there’s any way I’d be able to clean up the blogroll pages from all these cellphone-sends.
Another oddity I haven’t been able to get back to us that for that "timewarp BI-pap machine) it was basically a Sidney Gottlieb -type sounding like the actor Brian Keith and filling me
in by audio somehow on background of what is known about God real-God, with the AGinsberg-type and voice hanging around morosely and being panned occasionally, throwing in comments only rarely. The aides seem to have been keeping my table tray cleared and that only ended when I saw I couldn’t find my, under the bed, eyeglasses. Whereas here it was back to the ASinsberg’s slipping into this all the time position in my head, which reminds me that after I hadn’t been hurt at all in the Kensington car-hit and was woken a week later, there was occasional talk around neurology, maybe a small neurosurgery. When u got released to the Kensington Nursing and Rehab Facility there’d been an appt. to see a neurologist in Bethesda but I hadn’t understood the transportation arrangement and didn’t make it to there, really scared because I knew anyone involved must’ve been a liar about the incident, etc.
I guess the fraud-parent (I’d had) had always done the same thing with Angel Food or Devil’s food cake, which one to make for me for my birthday, thoughts while trying to clean up the mess I’ll be leaving behind here. — Now I hear the Sidney Gottlieb type. It and the AGinsberg type did a regular shower-routine too, at the Washington shelter, and now I recall it’d first shown up as a health clinic Dr. Present. When I went back for a folliw-up they had a guy about 30 years younger swearing he’d been the first doctor Presenz! also. I think they’d come from enslaved to Me-kill-angelos’ group Leonardo da Vinci and down to Bell’s partner Thomas Augustus Watson, and that’s maybe where Gottlieb and Stan Lee and a lot of them had come from, enslaved like my type except much higher up and when I got here had, with an old white dog, pointed out the roadside gravesite and then been switched maybe for the Donald Ewan Cameron LSD-expert type that I see occasionally around here in a maroon pickup truck. [I finally asked and this neighbor doesnt know anything about the astronaut-manager John W. Young.]
1:30p, I have to figure how to try to sénd this in conjunction with á couple of emails but can’t do anymore tonight, realizing that without the knee-bending of I guess stairs-walking, you lose párt of thé ability to walk also, so I’ve rearranged this little room so I could practice the physical therapy by sleeping on the floor and thereby having to use the knees to lift myself in the morning, which has been difficult since 2015, where if I bend down to pick up something I might not be able to stand up again without help so I just leave it there but all that accumulated lack of that movement’s resulting in difficulty with bending my knees for ordinary walking too now, I just noticed on difficulty with taking out the traßh. A strange r would think that I’d neglected to make ordinary later-life provisions for myself but anything I’ve done is blocked by these "magic" secret bums, etc.
April 15, Wednesday, noon, probably not a good day to do anything but I have to at least jot a note before going to a hospital that there isn’t any connection between me and this "creating" people by disembodied ejaculation that I know of anything about. It seems however to be an enormous subject to alot of the behind my back controversy, so big that I should make a write-up that’s the last thing I send before "turning myself in." I’m going to try sending this now, hoping it arrives complete….

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13 April, 2020 23:14

13 April 2020, 3pm, I’m full of "difficulties" todày, I can’t be away from this oxygen concentrator/electric plug-in tank, without my O2 level’s plummeting from 90 to 60 and 50. I think this is just because I just took to measuring it and in February and March had just called it the torture, like with harness ropes around my (ribs) diaphragm area holding me back so I couldn’t walk. It’s been going down like that in five minutes after I quit sucking on the oxygen and I didn’t recall this "Bell Jar" affect till the other day and today I got too weak to walk and finally timed the drop. I think the "magicians’ vacuum-suck out the air in the specimen jar I’m held in. Maybe similar to Sylvia Plath’s life. There’s a cover of her book about 2 blog pages down or so, slightly purple. Then I m out of food again part of the syndrome and have to figure something out. I’d thought it was " sleeping sickness" that I woke and became so tired that I went back to sleep and was trying to sleep it out of me and that hadn’t worked, and then this water weight started, which you do get from bed but the once before hadn’t had anything to do with too much sleep. I thought I’d found a way around this by taking a small oxygen tank with me but they’re really too heavy for me to be able to carry. Today I’d had 2 calls to wait for here, neither came, and then I’d accidentally let the battery run out and it isn’t really recharging while I’m doing this.11pm, one call came, from the PCP, urging me to go to the er and I said that I have to eat first but when i got out there it was like guilt-riding me for the phonied corona-covid19 inconveniences, then some acting, then I made it back here w a small tank despite the plummet business, so that I’m trying to figure all these factors and wait for the Jolene call tomorrow and logisticize the rent and food, plus’d turned this on now to try to figure abt re-reaching my few contacts attempts in Arizona, where I feel now it’s too late to try to organize for that tonight, real rough day.

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10 April, 2020 12:32

Half of that last send had gotten cut off, here that is:It got too complicated and I had to turn off the water before putting in this teeny last of the shampoo and then this "new person" knocked on the closed door for the second time today. Since he’s the 3rf new person and they’ve all made me nuts with the door-knocking its obvipus that they’re sent with directions to do that to me, first the elderly lady before the dogbite then the john w. young type and now this person in the elderly lady’s former room, her gone for months now. Whatever they are these invisible parasite underworld "people’ are packed all over me to watch for vulnerability moments to overstress my heart-health like if I’d just added the soap to my hair when the guy had knocked like that just now. Similar of course with their excreta-pulling stress at the same time that they’d started so that I gave up. They’ve been all over me 24/7/365 but now it’s turned more vicious like to coverup and discard all my work and reality too then, these anonymouses that are likely " creations’ unnatural in the first place, etc.
The typical "trick" is this new "Social Distancing" that the parasites have thought up! All history and prehistory nature’s been trying to get them off of other people and anything that moves and now that they’ve snuck through their Armageddon they want the normals to get further back off of them. Twenty-seven years it’s been the main thing I’ve requested of the anonymous vision and voices Armageddon show world, that we’re in this millennial "show" position and make the best of it by showing that they know the difference between being parasites and being normal and not extinctions demanding, to just Stay off of other people, Leave other people alone, etc., and they still don’t do anything but be in-sucking parasites, now adding this "Social Distancing" for like sadistic sarcasm. Eye-crossing ludicrousness.
Now it’s too hot for me to be able to walk to the bus stop, 90 degrees with almost not any shade on the walk route, they’ve been hacking at the trees all year in setting up this trap. There isn’t anything I càn do but wait till later. The only difficulty is that I get back after dark and then what might happen with all these different dogs en place. (sic.) I’ve developed a dislike for this like only route left to me, too, that by the time I get to the ATM then I’m too tired for the walk up the driveway to the supermarket, that my options have been chipped away to, so I’ve just been getting back on the same bus and going around to this Walgreen’s for emergency-type food and then back up the street to here, getting me in this area maybe 9pm, which seems too late for the underworld’s druthers.
I’d gotten little out of that ("Limitless"-mentioned) I’ll Sposi copy I’d found in an audio-reading if it. The reader had some peculiarity for to keep mispronouncing the word "corner" as though it’s "comer" merely because the type is set a little too close between the r and the n and that went on the whole book. I started thinking that maybe that’s a sign that the story wss more about disappearing and replacing the kidnapped girl, Lucia, after taking her ovaries, = "co" "mur" situation she was in in real life. I suppose I haven’t any option but to try to get the week’s rent and some food now, good luck to me to get safely back, etc.
Friday now and I’m still trying to make the same errand. I figured this near-death trick the "magician" has been doing, the old Bell Jar truck wherebim like holgram-hekd in a specimen jar and the air is mostly vacuum-pumped out so that I don’t know what’s going in but feel real sick: every day they’ve been doing this to me and then I can’t walk to the bus stop because I feel unnaturally weak is from this type of the underground "magic" trick. Try again now but they’re all grinding me down…

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