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The system uses me as a de-spiriter. Again, don’t get up any hope based on any seeming-progress of mine.

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The sadistic parasites are also keeping covered up that they’d sacked and ruined the Garden of Eden/cradle of man

File:Sanzio, Raffaello - Putti (Madonna Sistina) - 1512-1513.jpg
File:Spreading homo sapiens la.svg
NordNordWest • Public domain, see Comments below. The putti/cherubim are by Raphael and below by Mantegna, titled variously, Minerva/Pallas Chasing the Vices, the Louvre’s translation calls it Triumph of Virtue and I can’t guess why. They’re obviously running from that fire on the upper left. Arrogance, Ignorance and Avarice are on the lower-right, and Avarice has breasts.
I haven’t been able to do any research except odds and ends on the data-allotment here on the search-engine, maybe it was just extrapolating off of the Wiki article on Leakey, or all of these various details but I can’t use the search-engine for checking on St. Augustine’s years in "Hippo" in relation to that tale between Sequenenre and Apepi about the noise of the hippopotamuses for instance as there is likely a connection there. I was trying to figure where all the winged cherubs in Renaissance art came from, is how I’d gotten to realize people had been evolving that way. Those were likely new "grown" people but alot of "sacking" and shipping them around might have gone on and it seems they were used for drug-value. Maybe "fountain of youth" it seemed they came from from the Congo. I can’t guess what went on after the CleoPatra (Patroclus’ female type,) sabotage and collapse of Egypt, into the Dark Ages and what they did in the Congo. I’d guess a lot of it was shipping out things from the interior maybe through Mombosa, and I recalled that before the Tippo Tip in Africa there’d been a Tipu in southern India. The Joseph Nasi that I’m always saying was involved in this horror onto me passed after the Lepanto battle that I’m keeping in mind with the Actium brought up in the "Limitless" story and that was about 1579 and he’d come from Portugal and that new "Altai" story by Wu Ming ends mentioning Nasi’s coffee business over around the Red Sea I think, that I’d guess he was familiar like that that was a back door into the continent. Then when Darwin’s "Origin of Species" drew attention to evolution in 1859 Portugal got Germany to call the 1884 conference where 14 countries looked into colonizing Africa, winding up with Leopold II seeming to be the "cradle-destroyer" then. Also Napoleon and David Livingstone were busy there too.
I dont know how common that banner-writing is like in the "Ghent Altarpiece," but that tree that can’t run has some writing on her and I think maybe I found a self-portrait of Mantegna the other day and there might be a familial-connection to Hubert van Eyck. I have this thought that the van Eycks might have been Portuguese-kidnaped to the Netherlands to start painting portraits… I’d be trying to coordinate the dates on Mantegna’s work, this one here toward the end if his life around 1500 for Isabella d’Este in Mantua with the Gonzagas, that "Pallas/Minerva" representing her, and similarly that "Parnassus" one with the cursing demon he’d made around that time for her. She might have been "from" (St.) martyr Catherine of Alexandria.
File:Minerve chassant les Vices du jardin des Vertus, Mantegna (Louvre INV 371) 02.jpg

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Pale Blue Dot comments



The famous Pale Blue Dot image of Earth taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 as it was leaving our solar system for deep space, showing how teeny fragile this started biology is in the larger, the real metaphysical context. Below is an image of this off-base tilt we’re on, and then an updated version of the Pale Blue Dot photo by NASA, JPL and CalTech. Please see Comments.

Earth’s axial tilt (obliquity) is currently about 23.4°.

Dna-webmaster • CC BY SA 3.0


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Center of Autism

File:Raphael School of Athens.jpgRaphael’s "School of Athens," Vatican stanza (fresco I think it is.) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c3/Raphael_School_of_Athens.jpg


File:Portrait de l'artiste avec un ami, by Raffaello Sanzio, from C2RMF retouched.jpgRaphael and unidentified friend a year or two before Raphael (1483 Urbino-1520 Rome) passed at age 37 allegedly from exhaustion; buried in the Rome Pantheon. Fifteen-nineteen, 1519, was Magellen’s world-is-round voyage, a big surprise I think to the global-takeover types, akin to the moon-landing’s findings, same pattern, so I figure some connection to Raphael’s passing. The fencing-outfitted friend is still unidentified unbelievably enough, for all the minute details about Raphael that are available.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-Portrait_with_a_Friend, and a self-potrait en groupe, carrying Julius II:

Detail, Raphael, lower left of the Explusion of Heliodorus from the Temple; Vatican fresco, PD


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portrait_of_Bindo_Altoviti, and I think it looks like the self-portait of Raphael in the "School of Athens," in the white on the center-left of the piece.

File:Raffaello Sanzio - Ritratto di Bindo Altoviti.jpgThis is a little scary now as it’s looking like one of the Armageddon cast, with also maybe one of the "stairway beings" from the Matejko Jadwiga, not to confuse this any but this person , which might be of a whole "spawn" grown from an ovary or victim-family, then looks like this "Salvator Mundi" currently being said to be by da Vinci c. 1500,

Savior of the World
Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, c.1500, oil on walnut, 45.4 × 65.6 cm.jpg

that this saviour is of their type, but, as generally seems to happen to me when a Send from this cellphone arrives incomplete, before I can get the rest of it arrived so it’s off of my mind I get all side-tracked, from the husband of Isabella d’Este
( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_II_Gonzaga,_Marquess_of_Mantua
https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Portrait_of_Francesco_II_Gonzaga.png ) into like half the "high" Renaissance. Unfortunate traditional ghost-prisoner me still wants the rest of yesterday’s cellphone-send to make it (here) to the blog and that’s usually turned to some catastrophe and I persist anyway, etc., Armageddon-devil pattern. I hope this makes it to there intact. It should finish with 5 Great Sphinx PD illustrations.
.. Salvator Mundi" said to also be by da Vinci around the same time as Isabella’s so I have to look up what Raphael was doing, as that crystal ball represents things like the "Christ-child" of St. Christopher and the Limitlessness! belief from the high on brain-eating and 469 years later they got proof they were out of touch with real reality, sic but have remained steadfast to this getting-away-.with-it paradigm of parasiting on the northern Egyptian type of girl like Catherine and then to Isabella as some generational-captive. All these paintings are public domain for their age. Francesco II also looks like the Tokyo museum’s Jomon exhibit example and the person named Comus in a painting "Reign of Comus" I’d found attributed to Mantegna but I can’t find it again over this little cellphone right now, want to get this sent before the data-bits run out.

Me being framed for a cursed future back in 1959/60, stuck there waiting for the sneaky photographer to take the picture and move along. There I’m showing a girl how checkers is played and here I’m going to try to start laying out what pictures I can find of the Great Sphinx to show it has what looks like a familiar modern stereotyped face, same as in the "Seated Scribe" that’s got a copy in here under the "Ancient" Egypt post-title: https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/ancient-egypt/

File:Seated Scribe Full.jpg

Seated Scribe, Saqqara, 4th Dynasty, found near Kai’s tomb in 1850 by Auguste Mariette; photo from Louvre contributed to Wikimedia Commons by Gbaotic, 4 April 2009. Below, by Guillaume Blanchard, July 2004, Fujifilm S6900.
File:Egypte louvre 284.jpg






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World-takeover conspiracy pieces around Alexandria’s St. Catherine

File:Pinturicchio - St Catherine's Disputation - WGA17820.jpgFile:Johann Lucas Kracker - The Dispute between St Catherine of Alexandria and the Philosophers - WGA12267.jpg


Two images of St. Catherine (18 years old,) of Alexandria, Egypt’s "disputing." The top one is over a doorway in the Hall of Saints in the Borgia Apartments of the Vatican, by Pinturiccio, 1492-94.

The 2nd is by Johann Lukas Kracker, 1775, in or near Vienna, see Comments for details. Then this example I use alot from the polyptych "Ghent Altarpiece" and identify with because of the twisted word banners is of the sibyl/prophetess from Erythraea, Egypt, way to the south, being harangued by the prophet Zacharias/Zechariah. I went to add this lady’s portrait and it’s Renaissance-entangling now.

Isabella d’Este (1464-1539) by Leonardo da Vinci c.1499.

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Interpreter Champollion

File:Jean-Francois Champollion 1828 29.jpgChampollion by Giuseppi Angelelli, 1827 Franco_Tuscan Expedition I think; PD. for age, from Wikipedia article. I’ve been incommunicado for so long, nearly not any study on Egypt. He looks like Belzoni and Theodor Herzl is likely close to Belzoni. I’m including the reminder on the Bell Memorial because that file will move to the 2nd blog page when this arrives.

https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bell_Memorial.jpgand the whole little cellphone-send is https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/2020/05/14/filebell-memorial-jpg-wikimedia-commons/

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Melquiades’ Rosetta Stone

File:Rosetta Stone.JPG

The Rosetta Stone, British Museum, London, photographed 21 November, 2007 by Hans Hillewaert • CC BY-SA 4.0. Try tapping or clicking for the close-up; check my Comments. I’d like to add the fly-boy from the Behistun Inscription but that gets too complicated and controversial.

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Evolution of global-system


File:Rogier van der Weyden - Presentation Miniature, Chroniques de Hainaut KBR 9242.jpg

My internet, Lifeline account internet, was unexplainedly turned off again, now that I’d finally noticed that I’ve been getting it and have been careful with the data-bits supply. Both of these paintings are from Wikimedia and PD for their age but I can’t check on or paste-in the details right now, — the first is a screen-print called a ukiyoe but don’t trust my spelling, by "Yoshu" Chikenobu (first name actually Kenpohapu I think and Yoshu what everyone called him, with an umlaut over the u there,) titled, "Promulgation of the Meiji Constitution, 1889." I’m not sure if it’s the constitution or the painting that the 1889 is about but I’ll be trying to get the background into the Comments section here, this all really difficult to believe that the "god of the masks" keeps forcing through this merely uncorrected business of the world-takeover, like pile-driving my head right now still sneaky forcing it through with the same horror-patterns, so they can keep staying high on others’ brains. That song, "I Started a Joke" was possibilities the system’s way of sneak-doing a backhanded apology as they thought they were on the verge of space-findings, but it was likely an apology for what their Plan was that was yet to be pulled, where they thought that they were only just starting with the rocket fuel and would need many times that producing to support their coming Jetsons way of living. (It’s controversial in that I suspect they might have had plans to abandon the big religion into the petroleum industry but the Jetson-type hopes fell to nothing.)
The Rogier van der Weyden is a miniature done about that event in about 1440 where (Jean I think) Vauquelin/Wauquelin is presenting/giving his "Chronicles of Hainault" Belgium to Philip the Good, the Burgundian. The little boy is his son Charles the Bold and to the right is his half-brother Anthony the Grand Batard of Burgundy. Others are important also but I don’t recall the details well, only that Charles and Anthony are what I call the Autists, and that scene was a big part of this global-system’s being made for and by themselves. I’ll be trying to put the material into the Comments.
Aug. 30, Sunday; last month it happened that on the 31st the internet was back on and my 2Gs still left were replaced by what I guess is the Lifeline monthly allotment of 5Gs and maybe that will happen again that way this Monday. I’m freaked that maybe the Armageddon-monsters are sharing my data-allotment with one of the ubiquitous-seeming fraud-parent monsters as these monsters have taken and distributed everything of my life to the various strange male pervert parasites, etc. As soon as I can I’ll be sending this file. I’d tried to send it from a Burger King but had accidentally typed a teeny apostrophe into the address so it hadn’t gotten here and then I was waiting for this story-book from the library and didn’t want the torture all doubling up in this war against me and only got the book, "Endless Love," Scott Spencer, 1979, yesterday so it’s too close and I hope it won’t be too much rushing at me to get done suddenly on Tuesday, as I’d called, now that I’m over 65, Adult Protective Services about how I can get to anywhere besides this rooming house, with my nightmare new ambulance bills difficulty-set, etc., and she said she’ll have emailed me suggestions and I have 30 days to get somewhere with them or my case will be closed so that as soon as the service is restored (heaven help) that’ll be taking up what cellphone work time I can get through this nonstop sabotage.
I was also able to get a Curbside Delivery copy of the Salinger’s "The Catcher in the Rye," 1959 [1945, 1946 and 1951 copyright page says, not 1959,] Holden Caulfield to 1979 David Axelrod. I’m reading these books because their protagonists, Caulfield and Axelrod, have the Autism that I’m saying is bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.
I have to try to get a copy of that Arthur C. Clarke "2001: Space Odyssey," to see how they’d written that about the obelisk at the end of the film, plus that revolt of the HAL computer. There’s a photo of Clarke with Ginsberg looking at him scarily in a Chelsea Hotel hallway.
The Egyptian theme is coming up as in chapter 2 Holden’s history teacher reads Holden’s essay out loud I’d read in some Notes and got lucky the librarian let me get that book and there isn’t much there but I’ve got a feeling that the history teacher is the stereotype of my frauds grandfather that I’d barely met and that maybe that stereotype is the "Catcher" type, that they’d caught the Autists boys at doing the cliff-pushing. I was hoping to find some reference to alcohol and the teacher as in rye whiskey but there isn’t any I’d noticed. It seems like stretching possibilities but the "lsd-25" does come from ergot/mold in rye grass plants. You would have the Catcher "in the" rye alcohol or maybe "in the" lsd, and 2-3 years later was the Brooklyn-Bronx "French Connection." Then, I think Salinger was clearly descended from Theodor Herzl if you consider his early trip to Vienna and Poland described in Salinger’s story A Girl that I Knew I think is the title, and I think Herzl, gee, I guess he must’ve been descended from Joseph Nasi, 1521-79, because my figuring has him at least a major mastermind behind both the world wars, after faking his death in 1904 at the age if 44. Then its like the protagonist David Axelrod is a "Boys from Brazil"-type descendant from Salinger, descended from Herzl, descended from Nasi.
The "Endless Love" seems mostly about getting rid of the girl’s father, a handsome normal guy, the invisible and unprovable Herzl-Nasi way of taking over the earth, the "Aiwass" guardian angels over their mass-reproduce priduct-prigeny, they (as brain-eating viziers) watch over and through David, as this example, and steer him toward setting that housefire that breaks that family up to separate living arrangements. A bizarre thing is that the family had received a little lsd from a relative and they were all "high" when the fire was set. That might have been these Aiwass/Melquiades/Herzl "magicians’" excuse for cursing them, that the substance had been sent through the mail. For what it’s worth, as an aside, he’d set the fire more or less for attention because 17 days earlier he’d been barred from the house for 30 days but you find out later thst it was his girlfriend’s request that her dad tell him to stay away for 30 days but that is real weird because she hasn’t given any indication of a difficulty with their 24/7 togetherness and then he’s just locked out by the dad. The killer though comes around page 250 when years later the dad spots him at the intersection of 57th Street and Park Avenue in NYC and starts running after him and gets killed by traffic. You can see more easily how that was engineered by these "magicians," that the boy is moved like a puppet, like they do to and all around me. Then there’s a factor that the father was also some different sort of a doctor, getting that out of the way so we, they, the "book of life"/game of life brain-damaged brain-eaters, can have this horror science "fiction " medical industry of secret world. He and the "mother" had somehow just divorced a year earlier, after whatever happened when they got out of the hospital after the fire. I guess she, like David, is Jewish. I only skimmed the 400 pages on Friday and went back over parts yesterday, now it’s Sunday morning, I should be able to send this to the blog tomorrow or Tues. Sept. 1. Thinking how Jade, the girl David loves, somehow claims guilt for her male-parent’s death I get this secret-world I’ll feeling that I’ll have to try to check that the actress isn’t "from" the ovae of the artist Kahlo, her and Rivera’s genes camouflaged by matter of the likes of Helen Wills Moody and Wernher von Braun, "smoothing" the system calls it, their exterior appearances.
I didn’t mention the part where I’d gotten Catcher in the Rye to read if the history teacher Mr. Spencer could be the stereotype of my frauds grandfather (Lou,) and when I looked at the back of Endless Love that author’s photo looks like him, plus then that cover art to Catcher, right under the R and Y of RYE, you might hallucino-style see an old man’s face like looking down at that little swaddled swirl, an arrow pointing down southeast coming from it. Maybe the story is some ritual for getting the stereotype into the search for a "serotonin" I only have learned as the label for the "good lsd" unlike the ergot mold-produced -25 one by Sandoz. i’m afraid to use the work "fiction" because these "magicians" interpret that to being about "fix" syringe of their addictions product, only see or hear in connection with getting that for themselves and their world-takeovworkforce/s.
The monsters know I have to go to get food today for waiting for the O2 delivery probably till 6pm tomorrow when they TS then too late in the day to do and I’d be so vulnerable that they might do a surprise attack, know what my logistics only all leave me for being able to do and that means going today, and it was quiet without a hovering Herzl but then I noticed a lounging Ginsberg in my brain-area, that it does its Jurassic Park like a rote job anymore. To move, function, with all this s*** holding me down is all torture. It feels like a stake through my innards like that Catcher cover art or the carousel’s horses at the end of the story. I have to check see if that Cleopatra’s Needle is mentioned in the story. Maybe the cover art looks like a crab over Mont St. Michel and-or some Asian place. The cover on this 2010 reprint of Endless Love looks like a big August stereotype that I’d gone with in early 1986, at the Challenger rocket explosion time, no teacher in space, loss.
(Keep in mind that there’s a painter named Hubert Vos as well as Hubert van Eyck in this mystery-mix the system has me under, like under quicksand.) Sometime eventually a maybe today I’m going to buy something lime-flavored, and maybe even some limes and the food has nothing to do with the lying-values that these Autists’ "magicians" put on limes or anything else they think like. I want to buy a lime pie or sherbet just because it looks like it might be good for me to eat that health-wise. I grew up intimidated out of eating lettuce and grapes because it seemed they were always boycotted, now they’ve got their hallucino-, their brain-damaged, -mentality onto all letters and syllables and words and "brand" names, and this end of the earth is so important that I’ve been afraid to chance buying lime-anything since I caught onto this about limes in 2003. I mentioned thst I’d buy something lime in the blog last year and I did and it was delicious but I quit going to that store because they appear to work with this whole LURE and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else yet but not eating lime because of what these "magic" sneaks will then pull, I want out of all that, I’m not real-life involved in any of their world-takeover, etc., get off

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Taking candy from a baby

File:CG 360d Nakatsuyama kofun BW.gif

Jap. 5th C. kofun ["coffin"]

名古屋太郎 • CC BY-SA 4.0; check Comments.

"Magic" Explained

Me being framed toward all this, 0119-001.pdf

Please see Comments.

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Bronx-“French Connection” masks serotonin-trafficking

Details below with pdf.

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MK-Ultra to TPExtctn.

The 1960 "Kindergartens" page, 0119-001.pdf, then the 1962 the-usual-french_-_connection-bronx-photo.pdf ; please check the Comments.

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Dr. Leary, SUNY Buffalo, 1969


Photograph by Dr. Dennis Bogdan, 1969; CC BY-SA 3.0.

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My internet is gone now…

File:A Bearded Man Wearing a Turban LACMA 47.31.156.jpg

There’s a name in fine print.

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Jomon people prehistory exhibit

File:Jomon People and Jomon Dog.jpgNational Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Momotarou2012, creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ ) Please see Comments section for text.

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5 July, 2020 10:56

Ghent Altarpiece’s “St. Christopher” Pilgrim leader.I think that that boy in the orange cowl behind the big red-cloaked “St. Christopher” figure has this Autism that I’m talking about and is misleading the “St. Christopher” and therefore the whole world into TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.

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Used to being “ghost-prisoner”


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Puffed Dragon (ph. MAS)

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30 June, 2020 19:55

Ingres coronation charles vii.jpg

See Comments for PD

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10 June, 2020 10:21


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8 June, 2020 15:23

See Comments below for licensing.
File:Andrew Card discretely telling US President George W. Bush about the September 11 attacks.jpg

File:Male mountain goat animal oreamnos americanus.jpg

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