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Nov. 16, It’s too much torture for me. Nov: The system is doing the Continue reading

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Forget the “Louie-golem,” check the microphone…

from AG Bell’s notebook on the first successful transmission, him yelling for Watson.

Looking for the copyright on the golem picture isn’t going so well again yet.

[1892 invitation for Marconi to visit Bell in Nova Scotia.]



… because he’d [Alexander Graham Bell] spilled acid on himself. My point is that his drawing hallucino-looks like a face involved in this telegraphy, which had grown to become these computers. The “bums” didn’t let my Mel Weinberg’s obituary photo-set through yet today. Then it might go off accidentally and be here at any time for all I can ever be sure of. —


I’ll have to fill-in all the description from yesterday, wherever it’s wound up now. I have to put this here like this for overnight.

Oct. 23. Why the NYT picked this 1980 photo for Mel Weinberg’s 2018 obituary got me to looking more closely at it and I notice that the camera-person on the far-right does look like Samuel Samuel’s brother Marcus Samuel, the 2 in big petroleum business together at the turn of the last century, c. 1900, and now I’m noticing copies of them and in business together here in Houston, so I think this photograph was emblematic of that generational sneaking-around, of that conspiracy’s going on, is why it was chosen for Abscam’s “American Hustle” Mel Weinberg last year. The photo just reached here right now and I have to sign off early today again, to try to get back to this and the fair use credit for the AP photo that I want for this. I’m having difficulty with the golem-image’s attribution for a permission. There might be a connection with Mr. Weinberg.

Forget Louie, the guy with the microphone is the same “type” as Paul Wegener who’d played “The Golem” in the circa 1914 trilogy. I can’t find a perfect (PD) illustration of him yet. https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/testimonial/paul-wegener-and-family-der-golem/

cropped close-up for the guy on the far right.

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

Photo by Christine Schmiederer on Pexels.com

I’ll have to try to look for an example from the left side.

“Ancient” Egypt

Also it’s coming to my attention that the “Abscam” seems to have been a prelude to all this “magic” and the serotonin-distributing industry-set. Abscam was said to be abbreviation for Arab scam I think is how it goes, and then this inundation of “magic” and synchronicity and pictures everywhere and secrecy about everything down to today have followed so much that it’s the same perpetrators as I have on me, that I’d had them “Abscam” all over me when I got out of the Army and back to the states circa 1978 and the same “group from the Bronx” that’s been parasiting on me since 1960 has just continued in the same pattern, making it the “Abs-camera” for having the fraud-parent okaying the invasion of privacy or advocating for it or whatever when I’d come back to the states and moved out to San Francisco, and then to everything we’ve only got today, to where this “Receptor” book just published this year is a dumbed-down person’s explanation for where the “soma” of the “1984” novel comes from, tricking dumbed-down people that it doesn’t come from human brain of other people’s. Then also there’s some big murky-confusing deal for me to try to figure out to be able to explicate about how in 1991 I’d been hearing the political names Giuliani and Giuliano over and over and it did seem a little ominous and then in 1992-93 I got dumped with this “Armageddon Show” that I was jealous of a girl obstensively named Julie, that looks alot like a female-counterpart of this “microphone-guy” I’m trying to find out the name of, along with all these other horror-details, and the system is still doing this “Julie-” script onto me, and now I see I’m ghost-prisoner here for the winter and that the Secretary of Defense turns out to be one of those 1991 names I’d been hearing over and over again as though there was some significance beyond the ordinary to the names. I’ve got all kinds of things piled onto me, and then it got worse again with while I’m down the parasites are attacking, 2 of them this morning, just pawns the system has sitting around not doing much anyway to be thrown at (little, tiny) me whenever. I’m trying to make a file of the cellphone-sends so that when it gets so bad that I have to jot self-defense notes they’d get onto here somewhere… I’ll trim this soon, the point isn’t to take away from these particular good pictures.

This is meant to reference the 2009 book, “Breakshot,” by Kenji Gallo and Randazzo V because it seems it’s very inter-connected to all this Armageddon “Program” off of me. — Oct. 28, I just realized that the guy with the microphone is a big stereotype involved in all this and that I’ve been waiting on a permission to use a photo of one of them from this Breakshot book and now I could just refer to this reporter character here in order to try to discuss the correlation between that book and my Armageddon situation. I haven’t had a chance to try to trace this photo yet and have to leave the library for today but will get back to this manana.

Oct. 29; Today’s real bad and then I’d stumbled into double-checking on the resemblance between the type like the guy with the microphone, that I still haven’t been able to check the circumstances around that AP photo yet to maybe find out who he is, and these photos I’d been seeing from the film “Der Golem” as I’m searching on the subject of the actor Paul Wegener and then I realized that Wegener is the same as the guy with the microphone who then is the same as that Golem in the film and in looking more closely into this it gets more and more. So is the subject of the “Wuthering Heights” Bronte family that I’d hoped to be able to search-engine on today, and now the library-time is already about up and it’s cold and lousy and getting dark out there anymore once that time-change is done again this weekend, the torture enjoying this cutting down my time torture, weather-torture, etc. Dear, that reminds me, the guy who writes that old National Lampoon The Appletons cartoon is also one of these guys, I’ve been thinking about trying to write to him about all this and haven’t done so yet. I read that the system is publishing an anthology of his The Appletons and that Timberland Trails, due out next spring. One could check for the little file on them in the Stereotypes post down #20 from here on the blogroll. I’ve been trying to compare his cheekbones with Sophia Loren’s but the torture’s been making getting the PD photos from when she was a 15-year old bathing beauty difficult to get to here. “Let me” see if I can find the link…. https://UniverseRescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/testimonial/Sophia-Loren-1934-Rome/

I’m almost positive those are all clear PDs but this torture will take every sniggle of a doubt I might ever have about anything as though I’m therefore incorrect about whatever the subject is and therefore do things like making getting her photo to the Stereotypes section different or I really don’t know what to this whole blog unless I go verify that, unlike Wegener’s Golem photos all of these are clear both in this country and their country of origin in case anyone in another country ever wants to look at this blog, so I’ll go do that now but then that’s all there’s time for today, and they wouldn’t let the few Sends I’d tried to send to here get through, I never know why, what any objections might be to anything, etc. — I removed the ones that seem shaky on copy rights.

Oct. 30, I’ll put this at the end of the next/the exorcism post, this being a click-on to that.

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Help get me to Arizona for exorcism, & witness protection


This isn’t me but I’ve been trying all year to get the photograph-set of me that was used for a rehearsal then for the tricked-photograph taken 2 or 3 days later, back in 1960/maybe 1959 and I have to give up waiting and just found this example as a substitute, the little girl learning to smile for a camera, session I’d been through. Then the few days later I was taken to this place and scuttled to some room to wait while the Foshays went and did something with the baby-Foshay, me finding out later that it had been an appointment to apply for an apartment through the (NY)

Housing Authority. This is back when all this cursing me got started so I’m going to try to explain it but am about out of time for today plus it’s unlikely that my positioning of these pictures is really going to work like this, it’s just an experiment. The part about now, as a 64-year old world’s most tortured (albeit invisibly) person ever’s requiring to have an exorcism of these same bum-types as from way back then though is totally serious, and all I can figure might get me any sort of “witness protection” is that there in Arizona, that big fort, etc.

I want the original “rehearsal” photograph-set to

page found in a 1975 Compton’s Encyclopedia — 0119-001

try to show that I hadn’t been any crosseyed until after all this invisible and unprovable “magic” had started getting all over and including me in their quest for brains to procure for their getting high and “limitlessly intelligent” and owning the world off of. The way that this tricked-photo turned out you can’t see that my eyes are normal and straight, so I could really use the set taken just the few days before this business was pulled onto poor little me.

I’m going to have to just put a little filler that I’ll try to remove later, just trying to get the spacing correct on doing the illustrations this way and as suspected I’ve run into some glitch.

I have something big and scary that I’ve just been

The caption reads, “Learning to share is not easy. The expression of the child in the top picture shows how much she would like to keep all the blocks for herself. The children in the bottom picture have learned to share.

coming to realize the past few days but find that it seems like really dumb to write down about something that’s this big and scary when I’m always all by myself like this like this. Withholding information isn’t something I like to do though. Then also it gets a little complicated with that I suspect it goes back to this Renaissance-era “Oath of the Horatii,” that I’m thinking that those guys were like a group that became the famous Renaissance artists, Michelangelo, Raphael, daVinci, and then maybe Perugino or some such, that they’d sworn back then (like) to take over the world from the “barbarian, others,” the normal earthlings who’d been living all around the earth as those “Jomon and friends,” brain-eaters, have gone around and invaded everywhere, “liberating” the planet from the normal residents for unto their own selves, and I figure that it looks like a big group of them had come over to here like via the Mayflower or what and become this Alexander Graham Bell and his father-in-law Gardiner Greene Hubbard, me thinking that they’d descended from Michelangelo (Me-kill-angelos) and Raphael, with then Bell’s partner Thomas A. Watson as a

the photo credit is YMHA Nursery School

daVinci-descendant type, those 3 and who else I can’t guess’s continuing this Oath of the Horatii — which I haven’t had any chance to try to learn more about, offhand recalling that David was likely the artist of that famous painting, likely in the Louvre.



Bell and his father-in-law founded the Bell Telephone Company and the National Geographic magazine and were just busy all over the place back a hundred years or so ago, but lately I’ve been having this especially bad difficulty about trying to get a copy of the photos that were taken just before this one was snuck of me, the photographer asking if he could take my picture but I’d assumed he’d meant like the other photos he’d been taking of the kids in this big community center room I’d been shuttled into, unawares of where I was and just told to wait there and play a game, etc., and I’d given permission for an anonymous one of a group photo like that and instead the guy was kneeling in front of me with the camera and wouldn’t click the shutter and move along and it was creepy and I couldn’t look up because I knew I’d smile before I asked what was taking him so long to take the picture and the smile would make a lie of the whole thing, a complete false impression of the situation, and I feel that there’d be clues in the photos taken just before that would help explain how the underground people-manufacturing system had started setting me up because the Foshays were going to be moving into public housing, which the people-manufacturers make for their manufacturers’ purposes, for private purposes. Trying to figure out why the only sibling/fraud-sibling I’d had won’t send the pictures led to the thought that maybe she’d

Gardiner Hubbard , 1822 Boston -1897 NYC, pictured in Russia 1875

“come from” the Hubbard line, as I’d seen a girl that looked like her once but had had short hair a little like this seems to be in this photo of Hubbard, but from there I’d gotten to thinking that maybe this whole stereotype of people that I figure come from Marcus Samuel might have come from Hubbard and his wife, Gertrude Mercer McCurdy Hubbard:

Click-on but it’s disorganized.

That the combination of their genes’ being mass-reproduced toward this “Bell/Michelangelo” world-takeover (off of little me mind you!) might have “created” the line of people that are more and less

Click-on to be made soon, tomorrow, early Oct. 2019.

like this, descended then from Samuel, to all all over the place and including the “alternative religion” that had been founded in SF by Mr. LaVey — maybe Albert Grossman would be a good neutral example of what I’m suggesting. Able to find little information on the Hubbards yet but all these difficulties keep coming back to his involvement with the Bell business, down to today’s computer-everything situation, at a quick glance it seems she might have had some child-bearing difficulty for the 10 years before Mabel then was born, during which time perhaps she’d had an “appendectomy” or some such whereby an ovary was removed, and the mass-reproduction of this type of the combination of themselves had been begun. I’m saying that based on that it seems like most of the “British Invasion” from the Beatles’ music to all those other music groups of the late 1960s seems to me to have largely been the “made from” work from Mr. “National Geographic” Hubbard, that most of those guitarists and singers seem to me to have been mass-reproduction “Strawberry Fields” from Mr. Hubbard, which is alot of methodology, alot of premeditation in setting these things up. I have to quit for today. I’m horrified to have to write down all this stuff and be alone with it, etc. Then I’ll be trying to get to when the Foshays moved to down the street and I met the little “billions and trillions” girl Gladys and the “French Connection” using me for this brain-eating “limitless” business pursuit of the artsies’.

Oct. 2, 2019, 1- I forgot about Albert Edward/Edward VII, Victoria and Albert’s son, and I’d just learned about him the day before yesterday, so he and Marcus Samuel are somehow very similar that I’ll have to go all back over that Victorian business but from what I’m putting together the “Jomon” must have ransacked that island while they’d had, similar to myself then, Victoria installed there, replaced all the population with themselves and their (brain-eating) allies.

2- Right here I just ran into contemporary lookalikes of the Samuel brothers, Marcus and Samuel Samuel, that they’ve been running this big shelter that I’ve been trying to get a bed in and I think I’m just too old to be of interest besides all any whatever other circumstances around this LURE off of me might be involved. I said I’d try again tomorrow.

Besides the Victorian business I don’t want to have get in the way of trying to get through to the most relevant parts of this “petroleum-satanism” that seems to be assisting the standard “Jomon” brain-eaters’ (invisible and unprovable) tortures of myself I’m then also going through that I can’t simply put this copy of the portrait of Edsel Ford here, the one by Diego Rivera in 1932, as I think it’s a good look as to what Ford was like and somehow the subject of those Edsel cars had come up in 1959-60, the fraud-parent telling me how nobody liked the Edsel cars, that they were “lemons” that nobody would buy and in trying to figure out all this torture-syndrome it comes up that I haven’t any idea why the fraud-parent would have gone on about the subject to me who’s never known anything about cars, that it seems that perhaps it was connected to reasoning for going to the housing authority. Maybe it’s like funding for raising these “pre-fertilized seeds” had gone out from underneath of raising me and they had to seek other assistance, going to the housing authority, and it seems like I’ve been being tortured ever since. At some point I’d noticed that there’s some similarity between Edsel’s face and mine, and then also that Frank Olson of that MK-Ultra business had looked alot like Edsel. I think that both of them were likely being used for work on how to get the system into space, used for work on the space project, is why I’d like to use a photo of the Rivera portrait, but this copyright business is insane and I can’t take any chances on infringing or offending any of these people.

Back last year I’d jotted some few notes on some of the tricks from that Longfellow Avenue, Bronx, time-period of just before the “French Connection” business, that it looks like one of the ladies around Mrs. Foshay was some demon-descendant of these “Jomon” like the one in the Parnassus painting by Mantegna, and she seemed to be all involved with their going to the housing authority. It seems she told Mrs. Foshay that she could get a larger apartment by telling them that the baby wasn’t safe in the same room with me, then we’d get separate bedrooms and it would be a larger apartment, which really would have been nice but what they did was to like lock me in a bedroom and let the baby scream for about 2 hours that I was alone with and then claim that I’d tried to smother the baby when I’d finally figured a way to get the baby’s attention just by lightly dropping a (sitting there mise en place) baby pillow into the bassinet and it distracted the baby to quit crying for awhile and that’s when Mrs. Foshay woke from her nap and “discovered” this lie and family-story that she’d caught me trying to smother the baby. It’d been nothing like that, just the opposite, where I was the victim and being blamed when I’d done the only thing I could figure for trying to reach the screaming kid, it was terrible, a thunderstorm going on and on and me yelling for Mrs. Foshay and I could see her sleeping in the living room on the couch through the keyhole in the door but she’d made me swear not to touch the door handle and so I’d just stood there yelling for her about the baby’s screaming, etc. Then there was some big deal where I’d been told to go outside in the mornings and get that lady to help me cross from our side of the Longfellow Avenue over to her side of the street and really she only helped me cross one time and after that she ignored as I’d yelled and yelled for her attention. I think the point of that was that there was hardly any traffic and they figured I’d just shrug and walk across the little side street intersection but I’m an obedient type and had been told not to do that but to wait for the friend to get up and walk to the corner to watch me cross. Then there was a lie that I’d said that the lady’s new pair of black and white big-checkered pants made her look fat, and I think that between the 2 incidents I’d gotten this curse for being crosseyed put onto me and years of eyeglasses and eye drops and eye patches began. Before that though one morning Mrs. Foshay had asked me if I recalled the day they’d gone for the housing authority appointment and that’s when I learned what that place had been, and she said that they’d only been put on a waiting list. I think that then they’d found an apartment there where on the girlfriend’s side of the street and I’m figuring that that was 1960 because in that next apartment one day there’d been visitor after visitor arriving at the door and I’d been told it wasn’t because it was my birthday and so I’d figured that they were there for a housewarming party was what was going on. Then when everybody suddenly was singing that Happy Birthday song and the name Kathy I’d ducked my head under the table from the surprise of it and I turned around and noticed Mr. Foshay was looking over at a boy cousin and shrugging as though I was a moron for ducking my head under the table. Here’s what I’d had so far on the “Gladys Rodriguez” where are you post:

Photo, mohamed Abdelgaffar, Pexels.comIn 1961 6-year old neighbor Gladys Rodriguez had introduced me to the whole “Passion” subject by showing me a picture in her mother’s Bible of a gory painting much like this one by Titian (1488-1576; Click:)

She told me that Jesus needed assistance to get out of all that pain and I’d said I’d help and she said or asked even if it took a million, billion, trillion or a zillion years to do so. Maybe to slow down this astronomical process I’d asked if a zillion was more or less than a gazillion, her saying she’d never heard of the latter. In this retrospect it’s seeming like an early Scientology-type billion-years-of-slavery vow.

Photo, mohamed Abdelgaffar, Pexels.com

1500 Longfellow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460. And then a little boy was shot in front of the building, Gladys’ mother thinking that that was somehow connected to drugs even though the boy was only 8, and then the French Connection business had gone on while I was in first grade, living across the hall from Gladys….

Now I’m working up to try to describe that I think the “whole thing” is mostly from a scam for getting cooked meat to the beloved Autist boy invaders from their dinosaur-extincting days wrongfully in the New World, that in their treks to the Old World they’d gotten “crispy” cooked meat from the Old World peoples and they’d come to love that but meat ran out over the millennia because the dinosaurs for it had been extincted, so then they’d gotten these “new friend” Jomon people to intercede in getting cooked meat for themselves, down to where we’ve got all restaurants everywhere now, so that the developmentally disabled (and dinosaur-extincting) Autist boys can get their “crispy” cooked meat anywhere any time now, only it’s at the eventual loss of all biology, that the circa 1432 Ghent Altarpiece Jomon/St. Christopher

Detail, Pilgrims panel, Ghent Altarpiece

took care of everything for the Autist-boy type but had done so at the expense of everything, to get the underdog-seeming boy fed. Somehow this St. Christopher type had latched onto me around 1959-1961 for getting their Armageddon through for themselves, so that I’m recalling the incident of Gladys’ befriending and showing me the crucifixion picture and I’m thinking there’s likely to have been some sort of the hallucino-connection between that and all these bizarre difficulties I go through every day, this life where I’ve got this “Him-kill-angelo” living on my head all day long every day — and I don’t have much longer to live anymore, it isn’t like this blob is going to go anywhere off of me at this point anymore. Usually it’s seemed like this main illustration I’ve been using to describe what seems to be directing this Armageddon business off of me:

Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk, NGA, by either Flinck and-or Rembrandt, bought from the Hermitage by Andrew Mellon and donated to here circa 1934.

I’ll try to pick back up here with this subject but the situation is really getting worse, me like hidden-away in this strange town, this “type” always on my life keeping normal contacts with other people off of me, getting between me and any potential contact and somehow “ruling” over my life as to who is and isn’t allowed to speak with me, and it’s all been negative. I’ve been meaning to mention that my introduction to the whole crucifix/Jesus business was through 6-year old Gladys, who looked some like the girl in these (free) photos by this Egyptian guy, that she’s a little Egyptian girl while Gladys was/is Puerto Rican, a slight difference but similar looks across the 60 years more or less and to my vague recollection, but since this past illness-bout things have gotten worse and it seems like “these bums” have been living off of me way back to when I was 6, then setting up my indirect involvement in that “French Connection” trafficking scam but also there was a sniping of a little boy that had lived around the corner there and taken me for a ride on his bicycle once, that then he was killed riding by the front of 1500 Longfellow Avenue, sniped from the rooftop somehow. That’s like part of this same curse on me, that’s having happened at all, just because the boy had been friendly and normal, like I haven’t been allowed to have any friendly and normal circumstances this life has since been like, that he’d been shot as part of this same Armageddon-abuse to and off of me, that I’m saying will lead to total planet extinction because nature can’t evolve life to be born into this sadism, insane sadism.

13 May; To my recollection she went to a Catholic school instead of the one up the street from our building, 1500 Longfellow Avenue, 4th floor we’d both lived on. I guess she’d seen me idling on the floor landing by the staircase and had invited me into her family’s apartment, and then I was always getting the chicken and rice around after-school time for awhile, that her mother made big pots of. Sometimes we’d watched a little TV. Then I made an error one day and she quit being my friend, like as suddenly as it had started. The error was one of the peculiar little “difficulties” that I’ve always had, where, to my recollection, one day I’d entered our apartment too suddenly and Mrs. Foshay had yelled at me to never enter someone’s house without knocking first. Then the day or 2 later out of nowhere Gladys had run into the Foshay apartment the same way that I had and I’d reacted to her about the same way Mrs. Foshay had to me, Don’t you ever run into here without knocking like this again! and Gladys turned and went back down the hallway and out of the apartment and never spoke to me again, telling me when I’d knocked on her door and asked that she just didn’t want to speak with me anymore or some such. Mr. and Mrs. Foshay were similar to that old National Lampoon comic “The Appleton’s” by B.K. Taylor I think his name is, where Norm Appleton, the parent, is like a sneak-sadist to the 2 little kids and his wife is oblivious to that anything is too unusual, she’s just a nice person. Instead it was like Mr. and Mrs. Foshay together made one Norm Appleton, each having about half his sneak-sadism toward me, so that the deal with that barging into the apartment and getting yelled at and then having the situation reprised with the neighbor-girl was like one of these typical invisible-warfare “tricks” I go through all day long every day all these years, decades. I didn’t read “The Appleton’s” when I used to get the National Lampoon magazine because I didn’t understand what was so funny about it, but I do now and can hardly find any sample copies of it, there isn’t a collection of the pieces published yet, me wanting to show a sample now that I understand the sneak-sadism because they/we aren’t really your own children anyway and they know it and you/we don’t, we are just “baffled” by the behaviors and shrug and trudge along. Altogether I’d lived in that building about 3 years and after Gladys quit being my friend I think I only saw her passingly in the hallway about once in the year and a half I was still there. She’d said that her family had gotten to the Bronx from San Juan via airplane, which I’d thought was really interesting, had asked how they’d gotten there when the subject came up.

Now I find I’ve been sitting in a library across the street from a Church of St. Christopher for the past 7 months. On Longfellow Avenue alot of the cars had had a St. Christopher statue on the dashboard. I’m thinking that instead of patron saint of travelers it was more like patron saint of invaders.

I’d heard one maybe two sonic booms back then, that I believe now were the sound of the protection around Earth’s atmosphere’s being pierced and broken through, broken, that “sound barrier” business, that when you heard a sonic boom it sounded like something had broken bad, it sounded like a big broken-something emergency, supernatural.

A main thing about the neighborhood was Mrs. Foshay’s friendship with a lady named Rosalie and her family, Rosalie Petrucci Deckert, daughter named Amelia that’s a little bit younger than me, born around 1957.

— Unless it’s real pertinent I’m going to continue this at the near-end of the blogroll, in this link — Before and After Gladys

— I think there’s a small factor where while I’d grown up hearing that people were “falling away from the church” from how they’d used to attend, that the situation is more like that the system was wanting the church to grow, that it wasn’t waning but was still in its youth-stages from what the system was looking to expand to to nowadays and that by hooking me with this “propaganda” they’d expected me to assist them in spreading the growth of their “crucifix belief” I’ll just mention it for now.

June 24, 2019, now of course I’ve just noticed that that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a way big deal in all this, that he must have been some one of the big “brain-eaters,” really, that I’ll have to look into more now that I see his old house is right next to Harvard Square, as I’m trying to look into this DFWallace/Infinite Jest part of “all this” that’s bringing us to gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.

(Oct. 2019) I’m trying to put in all this kiddy-material because that’s how the system operates, it predestines people’s futures when they’e very young. “Like taking candy from a baby” was a phrase I’d heard alot of back then and it’s how the system’s been stealing the world. My view had been that you grow-into your life, form it as you go along, but the system’s got things pre-decided and won’t let me do anything because I’m not one of their “book of life” family types. So then there was the big “French Connection” time that I only found out about when I’d run across this photograph in 2014 in the 1969 book by Robin Moore. As soon as I recognized those old suitcases and then that the figure on the far right is/was Mr. Foshay I’d realized that this was about brain-serum trafficking and that he’d always been living a fraudulent-front of being a parent to me, the pieces sort of fell together. Unfortunately for me (also) is that I’ve been hoping that the other kid in the little 4-person nuclear fraud-family would look at this photo because back in 1982 she’d mentioned that she remembered that little set of the suitcases and I was hoping she’d help verify some of any of these subjects but she won’t have anything to do with me.

From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc.









Baychester Project, Nov. 1, 1963-1973/74. Baychester map.pdf









Marcela Grad talked about her book, Massoud: An Intimate Portrait of the Legendary Afghan Leader (Webster University Press; February 17, 2009). The book focused on the life and impact of Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, an enemy of both the Soviets and the Taliban. He was assassinated on September 9, 2001, in what is believed to be a preemptive move by Al-Qaeda to limit the response to the September 11th attacks. In the book, Ms. Grad compiles testimony from people who knew and covered Massoud over the years. She also responded to questions from members of the audience. [C-span . org]

check for photos, U.S. President Ronald Reagan meeting with Afghan mujahedin leaders in 1983.

While living in Baychester I went to Evander Childs High School on Gun Hill Road and I’m dumping this little bit on Harry Morgan the buccaneer turned governor of Jamaica here because I’m thinking maybe there’s some parallel with these “Allen Ginsberg-things” that I have to get myself exorcised from, me having one of the pointed out to me in front of the high school and later in 1992 probably noticing that there was a big Carib neighborhood across White Plains Road from where the school is, that there might be some connection, and that that famous cemetery is in that area too, Woodlawn, where Herman Melville is buried, that I’ll be trying to look into this as this Harry Morgan theme then came up again while I was in the hospital between the dogbite and then the missing medicine that wound up getting me real real sick, still not recuperated. And that “Cup of Gold” book cover could go up under that “Kindergartens” photo-set, if you realize that everything’s about the brain-eating.

dc2 Henry Morgan book cover

dc1 Henry/Harry Morgan possible old portrait

Harry Morgan

cover of john steinbeck’s “Cup of Gold” novella, about Harry Morgan.










Then in October 1973 I’d noticed the Army recruiter office on White Plains Road and because I hadn’t ever figured out where Lehman College was I wasn’t enrolled after all and so decided to join the Army but it was real difficult getting the requisite parental permission but they took just Mrs. Foshay’s signature that it was alright I could go and I got through basic and then spent 5-6 months each in San Antonio and Fort Hood here in Texas and then I got to go over to Germany, 2 years with the Army and then I’d stayed there an extra year and came back in late 1977 and moved out to San Francisco with the Army boyfriend, first in San Rafael and then to Hyde and Ellis streets in about May 1978. This then would be where I’d gotten the attention of the satanism. Then it would sort of jump to 1993 and the grand springing of this “Armageddon Show” onto me with the visions and voices’ singing and dancing about s**ing the world. They still do that any chance they can sneak that c*** through my head as they’re sitting on to kill my life away, grinning and sitting on me and making toilet out of each and every day, etc. The point with s**ing the world is like that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, you just do these things and they won’t let me do anything whatsoever. I’m only allowed to sit in libraries because they’re scamming off of and pay not any attention to what I’m actually putting together, like today where I’m looking at a homeless shelter video and the bosses are near-exact copies of the Samuel brothers of the original Shell oil company, 150 years later nearly and these guys look the same as those had back then and nobody notices anything is untoward about this world we’re living in. This is where the petroleum business and the satanism or 666-ism became joined and it’s petroleum-satanism that’s been doing this torture-sadism to me like all this year for specific instance but likely back to 1996 when I was like a ghost-prisoner in a San Francisco residential hotel room, the Mission Hotel on South Van Ness Avenue at 16th St. The tortures to my skull, invisible and unprovable, were so bad that all I could mostly do was sit on the floor in a corner of the room and work on these same sorts of files but I’d lost all those paper files in 2005.

Oct. 3, Thursday, they’re still “reprising” the longtime standard “Armageddon Show” things that they behind-my-back/under my feet do so I’ve gone ahead and placed the bits about this millennium into the next post here, but please don’t overlook that this “I Am ‘Infinite Jest'” business was only just learned by me and it’s how the system’s been keeping people from talking with me, lyingly telling people that this is an infinite jest on myself, don’t pay any attention to whatever I’m saying, I’m only being mind-game joked, etc. The “Infinite Jest” book really is and might be more attached to about this to me than I could realize about to be able to describe even if I could describe much of all of this hallucino-system’s doings. Alot of it might be the “trending” way that the system works also. I used to do massive amounts of typing like that is where the idea for the massively-long story might have stemmed from and been turned around for helping discredit me, as these bums keep sneak-doing all day long every day, like the whole system always competing against one tiny nobody me. I’ve never exchanged sex for money but it’s as though the system has alot of this sadism based on claiming that I’ve been a prostitute. They’re so sub-human that I really think they routinely tell that lie as a rationale for doing these trick-tortures to me all the time, and all kinds of other lies as the system’s standard operating procedure. Also, I just found out that Houston is more or less the energy capital of the world, I hadn’t realized that it was that specific, that this is nowhere for someone in my LURE-horror situation to have come to.

Oct. 4 — I finally got onto a little something but have too many different subjects I’m trying to get mentioned and then, unable to get a Permission on using that nice copy of the Edsel Ford portrait I’d come across somewhere it written that the whole Detroit Industry murals set also by Rivera is PD and yet then Wikipedia’s article on it has one PD and one non-free material illustration from them so I’m looking for an easy copy of the picture of Edsel Ford there in the lower-right corner of the south wall mural and ran across an enlargement of the paper that that guy in front of his is holding, but I then got the cut-off time sign here and had to log out and then found 2 real good long articles on inter-connected subjects that I’ll have to go re-find again now that I’m signed back onto this library computer, but there’s only another hour or so left to today if I’m unintelligent enough not to leave early because my circumstances are so bad right now, so I’m just going to through the piece of paper-rotated for easier reading photos of the — google I think it is and I just don’t like to use that word, wish they’d call in the page-brin company or something that doesn’t remind me of the inferno “petroleum” situation we’re in, but, instead of this image’s actually being connected to the Cleveland dot com article on the murals or on the Wm. Valentiner art director subject that I’d been looking up about, trying to be certain who the guy with the paper is since somewhere else it’d been mentioned that it was the architect Albert Kahn so I’m trying to be certain which guy this is and it does appear certain that it’s Valentiner pictured there with Edsel in that little bottom corner that I’ll still tomorrow be trying to find a simple copy that’s somehow PD of Edsel Ford to use for my little description that maybe I’m from that same “stereotype” as he was but then also that’d be leading back to the 1893 time period that he’d been born in, when that big Chicago world’s fair was going on, etc. Here’s the enlargement of the piece of writing so far that I could find, and it’s credited just to the search-engine, not the article it was attached to:

Detroit Industry murals, lower-right south wall, paper held by Wm. R. Valentiner, the art director, then rotated to up and down.



== just below there on that 4th line.

The whole thing reads: These frescoes:

painted between July 25. 1932 and March 13. 1933 while Doctor William R. Valentiner was “Direc”=

tor of the Art Institute are the gift to the City of Detroit of (Mr.) Edsel B. Ford, President of the Art commission.

close-up of how he wrote what’s presumable “director,” hyphenated I guess:

— Kathy’s point is that that presumable Direc=tor actually looks like a sneaky way of writing Siber (-) and Core maybe, maybe “tor,” Siber-tor, for all I can guess how the system thinks about itself and then back then, in 1932, when they’d believed they’d be running the earth from space or Mars soon. I included where just above there he’d written the Doctor of his own name and the “D” there doesn’t look like the “S” of what I’m saying is sneaked-reference to

part two of the hyphenated presumable “director.”

the Siberia where the system’s long-time been sitting around conducting this Armageddon from, back from the invasion from the New World days before even the so-called Trojan “war,” probably. (Really I figure the “jan” part was the Siberian-area friend-buddy of the invaders, and the normal people wanted to throw “jan” out of their houses along with the grinning little feral-type Autist invaders fresh from

a second view of the presumable first part of the word director

extinction the New World dinosaurs.) I’ll have to get back to this again now, but there’s also a note about how they’d written the “Mr.” part of Ford’s name, that it looks more like “Ur” to me, Ur being like the name of the Siber-area’s main place or city, and like the first and last letters, like an early abbreviation, of the place-name of Ulaanbaatar, near there. I’ll try to find the image again for a better copy of that too.

This is about the art-binge at the 1939 NY world’s fair: otoole-ewald dot com slash blog/2017/10/12/ny-1939-a-worlds-fair-book-review == I don’t think they’d mind that I’m storing this here till I can get it to that fair’s file, ck author’s name though, that s/he might not require it to be mentioned right here. And, otoole-ewald dot com slash blog/2017/10/27/ny-1939-a-worlds-fair-ii == short on the contemporary art.

Okay I have to drop that too and mention that since learning about Powell, I can’t even recall his first name right now! with the USGS and that odd photo-set of Tau-Gu, being that it looks like 2 different people to me offhand so far, no kidding, totally different people somehow, or the one I’ve got from the Cultural Tourism DC street signboard possibly has a mislabeling, but I’m suspecting there’s a “switcheroo” in there, — reading that he’d lost his hand at the Battle of Shiloh and looking that up and having to look more into how 24000 people could have died in one battle in that small of the area, etc., the name of (General) PGT Beauregard came up and in looking into Genl. Beauregard I’m starting to see the whole “Civil War” falling apart as being a load of system-lies for their invasion of and stealing of here from the residents, citizens, people who’d been living in North America, just vanished, absorbed, by the invaders, like Beauregard’s “Jomon” type of the supporters of the feral invaders “back” over Beringia from being long-lost in the New World for probably millennia. It isn’t easy to see these lovely write-up biographies of these system-people and realize that they’re near-total fiction written for Armageddon-purposes, but, with very little time to spend on this, so far I’ve run into that Beauregard had been the general that Fort Sumter had been surrendered to by Robert Anderson and that Anderson had been one of Beauregard’s pupils at I think it’s the NY Military Academy and I’ll have to look up if that was an early name of West Point, but the “collusion” there goes with my years-ago suspicion of Anderson and that surrender, but I don’t recall any specific details except that Anderson had gone on to found the Old Soldier’s Home in Washington, DC, and there was something odd about that process. Then that was a place that Lincoln had spent alot of time at, and that peculiar Winfred Scott, general. These Armageddon people are alot of insane (and brain-eating) con artists, and normal people can’t “conceptualize” that people would always be lying this convolutedly so that we haven’t any defense against these “Jomon,” of Beauregard’s figurehead type now I’m thinking he is. In fact I’d also have to check maybe he came from a pirate like Jean Lafitte or some such, maybe out from that Harry Morgan guy too however these people-makers have been operating. — Edward VII (1841-1910, it being difficult for me to figure how little Bertie had turned out big like that,) didn’t look that much like Marcus Samuel (1853-1927.)

[from a deadline dot com blurb because I have to sign-off: Feb 26, 2014 – In advance of Sunday’s Oscars, CBS News has posted a 60 Minutes Overtime … 1981 interview with real-life self-described swindler Mel Weinberg, who … ‘American Hustle’ Swindler’s 1981 Interview With Mike Wallace: Video. — I’m trying to trace the 1981 interview.]

Oct. 5, I’m agreeing to this in order to see the video:

By clicking Start CBS All Access, you understand your monthly or annual subscription will automatically renew, upon completion of free trial (if any), unless cancelled prior to end of the free trial, and your payment method will be charged in advance of each billing period unless cancelled. Free trial for new subscribers only. You may cancel your subscription at any time from your account management page or calling 888-274-5343; subscription will stop at end of the billing cycle following cancellation. Prices subject to change. == never mind, they have to be given a credit card number and i don’t have one and cringe at the thought of figuring out about giving out the debit card details to anyone so I just quit on that for so far for now.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/swindler-behind-christian-bales-oscar-nominated-role-in-american-hustle/ == : …organization the FBI created, Abdul Enterprises, Ltd.

He says the word “Abdul” came from Karim Abdul Rahman, a real person he met while flying first class on a Pan Am flight from Europe. “He was a legit guy, we never told him,” Weinberg says.

…After Abscam, Weinberg says he never worried for his safety.

“I’m always careful,” he says. “I always made a lot of left turns– if anyone’s tailing you, you can always find them by making left turns.”

When asked if he has any regrets about working on the Abscam operation, Weinberg says: “For what? For putting them in jail? The only guilt I have was that I didn’t get the rest of them.  We could have gotten half of Congress.”

Then there’s a 2012 105-page school paper on the abscam but I don’t know if one can download school papers without a permission or what: etd dot auburn sot edu slash bitstream/handle/10415/3384/Larceny%20In%20My%20Heart dot pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y

Then I’m trying to figure if there’s a connection between the baby in the Rivera’s Detroit Industry murals and the English king Henry VIII so I’ll be trying to compare portraits:

Detroil Industry murals by Diego Rivera’s vaccination baby

Henry VIII, click for the PD.

check image, fineartamerica dot com slash featured/king-henry-viii-of-england-and-his-six-wives-english-school dot html == how the ladies all look similar.

check lucas de heere 1534-84, looks like a tapestry, henry viii’s family, an allegory of the tudor succession.


Oct. 9, I’m starting to think maybe (Abscam’s) Mel Weinberg wasn’t “from” Samuel Samuel, (1855-1934,) co-founder of the Shell company. And maybe the “Abscam” was about the system’s ability to make photography of these “magic” hologram-images of people like I figure I’m trapped in, from the centuries of the practice on my ancestors, working up that “magic” show the system-people have been doing in place of normal life-things like having and feeding real-made offspring, in-utero fertilization offspring that you then love to grow/farm food for, not farming for mass-armies but quality-growing the botany, where the system overlooks all that, the basics of the natural order of life. This is all the time for today now though.

Oct. 14, I don’t know how I’m going to get caught up. I’m still trying to get back to this “Abscam” business and its merging of the petroleum and satanism businesses and I’m just inundated by all kinds of the floating garbage all over everything, still unrecuperated from the aftermath of that dogbite, where then the medicine had been stolen by this “Armageddon Program” all over me and then last night I started realizing some other bizarre little aspect of all this that’s all over me from way back in 1960, that all these things are getting me off the track of this simple description I’d had in mind early last week and haven’t been able to notate down yet. This is all back to this “emergency-style writing” where I’m lucky to be able to slap in any of these floating bits and can only be able to hope to be able to get back to and straighten out these subjects later. Along with the medicine had been some little food items with a big bottle of ketchup and it seems like since then I can’t “catch up” with what I’m trying to do here. The system comes from insane primitives that think that ketchup = catch up is valid…. That Diego Rivera was mentioned on page 153 of the “Limitless” novel I’m trying to explain shows that the “Limitless” intelligence only lasts as long as the extra-serotonin effects do, and now I’ve got a big subject from his “Detroit Industry murals” set to right here and now all over me, connected with that “1960” realization that’s just dawning on me, — and really I’m mostly supposed to be looking for

a- a place to move to,

b- someone to assist me with this blog/the Universe-rescue attempt.

And then it’s come up that I can barely keep up with the grocery-store shopping, like I’ve been out of toothpaste all weekend and can’t go to a store for it today either, and I’m out of paper towels again, don’t know how I keep the room clean without them anymore, and etc. for all the things we have to leave these housing-areas to run go get from wherever the system planted the store-area/s, in place of us being self-sufficient humans who could arrange things for our own selves. It comes from the males’ “making” babies instead of letting that happen the natural way and then the females would take care of the food situation for feeding the baby, everything from the bottom on up stemmed off of that first natural step that leads to the next and the next, — even “next” is a word I can barely say with this filthy-minded c*** always living off of my brain, these abnormal brain-eaters. “Nasty Nasi” I guess is what the most of it comes from, like fictionalized in that “Altai” story by the Bologna Wu Ming group, and that nonfiction account, “The Woman Who Defied Kings” by Adrian Aelion Brooks I think her name is spelled, that that Nasi seems at the root of most of what’s left, the head of the brain-eaters types.

3:50p, they disabled the keyboard here, “magic” trick, while I’d finally gotten into my “social media” account after I’d opened it before the car-hit in 2015 and it’s been blocked-off ever since more or less because on a library computer I can’t upload a photograph — but then I had uploaded one and it isn’t there. Whatever, I somehow finally got to the account again and this keyboard didn’t work and I’d ascribed that to this security problem that’s been keeping me from being able to get to the account because from a library computer I can’t upload the I.D. card they wanted for self-verification, etc., difficulties I’ve been going through, and they wanted the current telephone number and I couldn’t get this keyboard to work and I logged off after looking around there a bit — turns out the fraud-sibling has an account I’d somehow found because maybe she’d done a contact attempt but I didn’t notice a date on it, just found it in with a bunch of strangers and in fact it’s her regular — well she was single back then, etc… I was going to switch from this disabled keyboard to the next terminal over and it occurred to me that there’s an odd character that had taken the seat opposite here and the disabled keyboard might just be some “trick” and I logged out and back on and this is working find again. So I got the Edsel Ford photograph of the portrait but without the clear Permission but it seems pretty clear that it’s not too big a deal for me to finally get that up there and he looks so good that instead of marring it with my words I’ll put them in the click-on attachment file, but of course right now I’m also hooked on the other Diego Rivera portrait of Edsel, the one that’s in the big fancy lying that I just found out that Mead L. Bricker business about, just learned that– in fact Popso’s site says the name is ML Bricke, also, most anywhere that mentions the figure calls it Bricke but it’s Bricker, and the face is all different too. It’s already four p.m. At least I got the nice image of Edsel finally, where for some reason it seems okay to “post” or have or show a photo of a copyrighted work. That portrait isn’t even supposed to be copyrighted back to the artist when it was given away as a gift to the sitter. Strange times. These strange times are what I’m supposed to be working on but instead there I was on the social media and unable to update my phone number, which I really ought to go back and do because it is important toward verifying that I am who I say I am, etc., where I do have a security problem I just found out and don’t know what to do about: The “google” company name that drives me nuts because it reminds me of the turning people into petroleum hidden “lifestyle” we’re all under, sent me one of these standard things they frequently send whenever I sign into email from a different library branch and they had the information and said I should click if it wasn’t me and I looked it up and it was the day that this “Armageddon Program,” on October 3, the recent Thursday, where the parasites were all over me so bad that I got to downtown and had to change my mind about going to the library and head back to this area and I signed in at this usual branch library and then I get this goo-company security alert saying that I’d signed into my UniverseRescue.Attempt email from a terminal at the downtown library about one thirty that afternoon, when I was here, having changed my mind about going to that main branch downtown, so I don’t know how — then, if that wasn’t you they tell you to change your password, is their solution. How on earth would changing that password be of any assistance to me when it’s the most difficult of the different little ones I have to use and keep track of for anything all nowadays. If someone knows that different password then all my everyday ones are obviously also known, that’s the only one that’s slightly difficult to guess, all the others’ being pretty simple and similar. Changing that password isn’t going to assist the security problem, and someone — they had a real big “Program” following me that morning, so that I’d decided it was too scary to go to the big library, and then that real big Armageddon Program apparently just went ahead and faked that I was at the downtown library and impersonated me and invaded the email while doing so.

Oct. 15, the parasites seem to be “playing” while I’m trying to do a few things here so that I might as well admit I can’t do that and try something else instead. I could try to get back to this “simple” description of the petroleum-satanism and off of me situation I’d thought of last week, then I waited through the day to be able to get back to the room just to email-type it to myself and by the time I got back there I was too exhausted to start into the description with that one-finger typing and I did something else for a little while and went to sleep and haven’t been able to get back to this simple easy little description for how this had worked itself up. Right now I should go ahead and try to follow this about how George Bush had moved to here in 1959. I’d thought he’d gotten a job that had led him to move here but it was to start that business up, Zapata oil or petroleum business that’s still functioning under some other name. What I’d read is that he’d arrived in this dusty place to start into the business here, so I’m trying to figure how much of Houston there was viz. (?) what it’s like now, which is this total planet difficulty, the extinction the human race is headed for. To my recollection he’d been a fighter pilot in the Pacific in WWII and for all I can ever be sure of maybe the U.S. had been taken prisoner by Japan and they just let it be said that the U.S. had won so they wouldn’t have anyone bothering them toward getting that straightened out for real, me figuring the system-“magicians” had come from Japan as the long-ago and anonymous “Jomon” culture people, that their thinking and ways are all sneaky and convoluted, that about everything is some kind of a lie or another has taken over everywhere, and I had a rough day. In fact I think I ran into another one of these “Samuel” -family run shelters, Marcus and Samuel Samuel faces all the time. So I’m pretty disgusted with Houston right now and trying to figure where Bush’s arrival and influence had fit in. Wernher von Braun’s rocket-scientist group had flown to El Paso and then moved over to Alabama back the decade and were working on the rocket business and Bush got here with the petroleum Zapata business. I don’t think the “Limitless” fiction book mentioned Zapata but it mentioned alot about Pancho Villa, whatever the relationship there might be, me not knowing anything much about south of the border but that’s all what the Arizona-area is about, which where there was just that murder, at the Sierra Vista transit center, the Vista Transit Center. Then also there’s this whole new Turkey business. A hundred years ago Turkey had just been a real active part in getting this “system” set up, like strung from Uganda to Turkey up that Middle East corridor there. Then Mendelsohn, a little like Edsel Ford/the type maybe, too, had spent alot of time in Palestine setting the place, the desert, up for this system we’re in. So I’m trying to figure Bush in 1959 situation here in Houston, where then by 1969 “Houston” was the first word said on the moon, someone had just mentioned last night on the radio.

— The parasites are changing the radio dial every night now that I’d figured how to work the radio app to turn it on, then I leave it on while I’m sleeping and instead of waking up to some English-language news and time and weather or similar usefulness the “magic” has switched the radio to some Spanish-language music station, 2 different ones I think it’s been but whatever it’s like the Amityville horror. Unlivable world of crawling invisible things, that come from some malicious root.

I don’t recall what these go to, will be trying to get back to check them later:

Milint est’d July 1962; commemorative issue: fas dot org slash irp slash agency slash army slash mipd slash 2012_03 dot pdf

1971, 32p. pdf: gao dot gov slash assets slash 210 slash 204433 dot pdf

This one mentions origins with that Pinkerton (1819-1884) Jomon: fas dot org slash irp slash agency slash army slash evolution dot pdf.

I have to sign off but should mention that that Wilhelm Valentiner director of the Detroit arts museum that had invited Diego Rivera there had written a book titled The Late Years of Michelangelo and I’m thinking now that that was part of totally inventing this arts world that we’re living in, that those late years is just fictional material to make a big star where there wasn’t really much but pay-offs for assistance with the world-clearing of the other peoples that’s been going on since say — etc., what I’m usually talking about, trying to, etc.

October 18: I just sent this to another shelter: I’m a single 64-year old homeless female veteran looking for a place to stay especially since it looks like I’ll be stranded here over the winter again, living in a rented room for $90 a week, which doesn’t allow me to save anything for leaving Houston by, wanting to go to Arizona or else to winter in Florida, or San Juan, since they both have VA hospitals I have to stay near because I have to keep oxygen tanks to supplement my regular breathing by morning and evening, which means that I can’t be around lit cigarettes. If you think you might have any space for me I’d appreciate it if you’d look at the blog I try to go to libraries and work on most days: UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.wordpress.com and if you don’t find the material objectionable I could really use a place to stay. Sincerely, kathy foshay, and the telephone number. I’d gotten to right near the place and was afraid I might have the directions wrong and went to the area’s library instead and good thing because I did have the directions all wrong, would have been huffing and puffing out there till 6pm tonight trying to find the bus stop again. The monsters have me real sick and then I forgot to take the lung medication this morning. In fact I could go out to the V.A. today and put the order in for next week or else I’ll have to do that tomorrow, which is what I’m likelier to do, Saturday being such a quieter day, etc.

Mel Weinberg, from “The Sting Man” book by Robt. W. Greene, both the photos here, fair use I’m claiming as Weinberg seems inferno-connected; check on Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.

I’m supposed to try to compare his late-1960s photo with Samuel Samuel as I’m running into so many of the type lately and this Abscam thing is turning into the “magic” of taking photography of people in underworld holograms, might be the real point to this underworld-terrorism gimmick’s bringing us to this extinction-bound situation, etc., but it’s late today now and I can’t check on S. Samuel right now. There’s only one photo of him and the family is a big deal in Parliament all last century and we don’t know who was really who or what was going on the way these tricksters work, the brain-eaters, the way they think up bizarre scams to run, and it’s taking me a long long time to try to describe what they’d been pulling with Victoria, that first there was that Abscam, “American Hustle” film and then there was that Victoria and Abdul I think is the title similar convolution of reality scam to try to describe, that they must have used Victoria, my type, as a front for ripping apart England the way they’ve been and are still using me, here. Etc…

I’ll try to straighten this out tomorrow. Right now I’m trying to think-figure logistics for tonight through tomorrow, having to leave here and I guess — good luck to me, taking the number forty to the usual kroger store that’s always tired of me probably, but then i’ve only got a small amount, plus it has to cover lunch for tomorrow, or how exactly I’m now going to transport myself. It is getting too sloppy, the “emergency-style” way that I can only throw things onto here for getting back to if there’s a later. This business with “Louie” and the candy store guy… the system put or has duplicates of those 2 store people-stereotypes at the head of this street I’ve been staying on since last September, Louie the grocery store man and the near boy candy store man, — Louis being the staircase #1 stereotype type and the candy store guy just some tall black-haired guy type, a little Semitic-looking, both types total strangers to 6-year old me but then this “Armageddon Program” has people looking like those 2 store-owner types as store-owner types here where I’d moved into, where then that “ML Bricke” business of the brain-“harvesting” is all the paradigm, the French Connection but industrialized processing has been following me with these same strangers from the Bronx and now to here…. Okay, I have to quit for today. The thing with Louie and the other guy is that I was always getting set up for different curses and my whole life had gotten cursed by all these different and unnoticed strangers way back as soon as I could start walking and talking, circa 1959 on. In this case Mrs. Foshay had used to send me to buy things and that seems to have been part of the curse-scam, that she’d set me up like part of this “French Connection/brain-serum addicts” conspiracy, but I’m just stuck with this right now, knowing that these addicts are going to leave the planet dwindling out for not any sort of “reason,” just developmental disability that snowballed and is okay this way, etc. Then who gets stuck looking at the dead planet smithereens for forever.

Oct. 19, Saturday; I could barely get here for this only an hour now today, couldn’t move or do anything syndrome killing me since the aftermath of that dogbite worse than it had been which of course was already indescribable, and this “program” follows my every move, some anybody running up here to turn on a nearby computer in order to talk to himself to it as a ritual near me now. — Bad bad karmas or what this fakened-world is. Yesterday’s library visit had included one of these that I’m trying to get the exorcism because of, trying to get that stereotype, the (Ginsberg-Ira Levin, Pirate Harry Morgan and on and on) stereotype off of me and there was one there while I was busy doing this, generally afraid to pay any kind of attention to anyone good or bad for fear of the bad luck I carry on me, and this Ginsberg-stereotype sat a few terminals down that small row but on the other side of some guy so that the Ginsberg-face was looking at me through the person’s typing/computing hands and arms and face sitting there, the Ginsberg looking past and through the guy over to where I was. As general for me I can only ignore such things but then I’d (been) woken with that recollection in my mind today and it’s like I’m more carrying that pirate-type than even before, that maybe it’s been keeping a low-profile since the dogbite “victory” over me me or what but it’s terrible again today, in addition of course to all the regular “invisible” -tortures. I should try to describe this Longfellow Avenue business because they’ve attached it to me here for the past year, maybe I’ve always been living with it attached to me and just am noticing it now because — the only time I’d ever had a difficulty with a dog was one day in the entrance of that candy store, so I’d been reflecting on that with this new fear of dogs that I’ve now got, same as the fear of intersections and cars since the car-hit, same purposeful ambush of me too they are. I don’t know if I have the energy to try to recollect all that old business and in fact I recall now that I’m supposed to leave early because of all these recent difficulties, too. I didn’t get to the VA today, I think I’ve got enough of the prescription still left after all so I’d procrastinated that to next week, tomorrow being Sunday…. — Messed up trying to get the cellphone-sends to here, have to go back over it tomorrow, this being Sunday now, was.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this photo here. Detroit is a big part of the “all this” extinction-direction we’re in, etc. — 21 October, I’ll have to move this to here for now because of these days’ being so short for me, that I can’t think of a better way to set this up right now. What I’m really trying to get to is this “golem” picture but I have to do a search-engine attempt around it first because it’s unattributed and controversial, but it’s such the big subject that I hate to have to put it off for another day. It seems that most of this Armageddon curse all over me comes from that “Louis the grocer” in that the fraud-adults all around me had set me up to curse that I couldn’t be trusted with money, and so I’ve never had any more money than I’d gotten paid while in the Army, an E-4, regular pay, and otherwise I’ve never had much of anything and it’s just this “book of life” of the underworld’s growing their own children in place of natural having and feeding children, which then leads to normal evolution instead of this extinction-route. I’m trying to get to the subject of the mass-farming to mass-feed their Armageddoning mass armies of “grown” or manufactured people, whereas normally someone like me would want space around my house so I can grow my own food and instead they’ve got the housing all backwards but I don’t have the time and organization to pull these materials together right now, but I’m working on these subjects.

October 23, everything is going really poorly for me, encrusted with this “Armageddon Program director” and the “Ginsberg-” horror-monster and then the usual torture singsongs or what have you, and the weather getting closer to these unreal winters and nothing accomplished for getting me out of any of this. — They sent the one Weinberg photo, I can’t believe it, had tried all day yesterday. Have to leave here early.

October 24 — I couldn’t even get to a library yesterday somehow — yes, but I read the Mia Farrow autobiog, skimmed alot of it, then couldn’t stay there any longer to do this also. Now I have to sign out again. It says that they’ve gotten that “Receptor” novel in, it’d likely be there if I go to the central library tomorrow, and that they’ve shipped some other one I’d requested to try to find some old photo again, a prehistory one, but otherwise all is awful for me.

October 26, I barely got here today because the sun didn’t come out till nearly noon to warm things up a little, no kidding, can’t stand the cold and it hasn’t really even begun yet, think it barely got to 51 degrees, and that makes it an emergency for me to get that mentioned as keeping the blog is therefore going really poorly for me. It’s so bad that I figure as a contingency plan I’ll try to read some long novels to get through the days when I can’t get out of the bungalow-room, starting with like Wuthering Heights, to try to figure prehistory clues from whatever that Heathcliff character was about, just assuming he must have been from a cliff-pushing breed of the “Autists” as I politely always try to describe that the end of Earth is really going to be coming from, that then these “Japan-Jomon” breed or race specimens got involved with championing their dear new little boyfriends, etc. I want to jot that I guess they’d used that whole “Jesus” thing as a scam to get normal people to overlook this brain-invading at first, where “Jesus” seems above things like private parts thoughts, ha, it’s how they tricked their way onto and then into everyone and they appear to feel absolutely the opposite of any remorse for anything anything. — Now 2 difficulties with the email/gmail.

October 27, “They’re” passing it off as being “pranks” onto me, all these different groups anywhere I go does some “prank.” And — one of them was to steal or rob something from the room I’m renting, just a little cup with some change and a few barrettes in it, so far all that I noticed, having put the barrettes into the little cup with the change just yesterday before I left and then looking for it again today just before I went to leave the room because I like to take four pennies with me in case I buy anything so I don’t get a bunch of pennies back in the change, the system doing the theft both for sneak-doing the Armageddon off of me but also to unhinge me. Just before I noticed the little cup was missing I’d gone to take out the trash and there was some ordinary-seeming scene where I realized in retrospect it was one of the sneak-ways to curse crosseyedness onto me, and I kept it in mind to see if anything untoward happened to make me ask you/askew, and then the cup was missing. Now I have all that on my mind while “they’re” pulling some other “prank” all over to askew me from whatever, the universe-rescue attempt, I might be trying to have on my mind. I know it’s “the jew” that’s behind the theft because like this had happened when I was in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, same modus operandi, and because of those 2 sugar packets that had gone when this had happened while I was in the hospital after the dogbite. I’ll put the link to that here but really I haven’t made that file very much yet: ~~ — ~~ — ~~ — ~~ the dog-bite — The thing with the sugar packets is that they weren’t recognizable as being sugar packets, were a slightly fancy kind I’d bought in a pinch one day and were in a brown instead of a white paper and somewhat larger than the usual type sugar packets, you’d have to know they were inconspicuously sitting in my little sewing box while you were also taking the sugar dispenser from the tabletop I use, etc., for this junk’s wasting my little time today now. I’ll have to try to bring this up to the rent-guy tomorrow but it’s his day off and I was on my way out and it’s lovely and the system just wants to ruin anything and everything and I didn’t want it affecting my trip here to the library, really just healthy to get out of doors. Let me see what else I’m supposed to do today, and there goes another underworld/inferno-world type “prank” again, and another. It’s just like 200 times a day some little “polluntion” to all over me and then that radiates out to the Armageddon and this “New Jerusalem” we’re now living in. Speaking of which, it’s that “YMHA” on the photo credit that has me always figuring that that’s where all these curses all over me stem from. They’d started I think before the Civil War in the 1860s as a Literary association and now today the big Community Centers, just trouble-brewing off of me and profiting all the time. This really then connects to this whole “golem” thing, this illustration I’d come across and am trying to trace to get a permission on. I’ve traced it to the longtime Jewish newspaper’s online version and it’s kind of yucky having to request information then for this attempt to try to rescue the universe because it’s as though from themselves. Also I have to look into the interactions with Mia Farrow and this A. Ginsberg-type, where that author of the Rosemary’s Baby novel had been one of the “Ginsberg-type,” and like one after another “prank” onto her life she’d had so I’m figuring she or “that guy” had been acquainted with A. Ginsberg, as how this Armageddon’s been being done. Etc. for this horrible day they’re doing off of my misfortunate little self. — I guess I’ll have to quit early since things are going so so terribly. Just like I’d been “constrained” while waiting for that 1959/-60 photo I still haven’t received now I’m similarly tied-up by what to do about this golem illustration. There isn’t any mention of who the artist is and it’s likely copyrighted by someone. It depicts one of the “staircase #1 types” but super-sized large compared to the golem-making Rabbi Loew (1520-1609, Prague.) Then that would or does match with this “Louis the grocer” from circa 1960 realization I’m suddenly having that that “staircase #1 type” had been putting these curses onto me way back then, like everything around me was sabotaging my future, the fraud-parent duo and that stranger neighbor-lady Rosalie Deckert, who I see “offspring-descendants” around here sometimes of, one of which I think had cursed my winter here last year, odd “Jomon-demon” stereotype from that Renaissance-era “Parnassus” painting by Mantegna. All these different subjects that I raise all go together to form the or a picture of how it is that we’ve got an underworld that’s going to bring the end of the planet and biology not to mention human race, and I’m positive they’re based on nothing to speak of whatsoever, just primitives’ meeting with developmentally disabled others and forming these personal bonds and doing this “Limitless!”-feeling brain-eating high addiction together and that “high” and their respective developmental disabilities resulted in this system that they won’t untangle but specifically happened onto newborn impoverished nobody girl me to live off of while they’re doing that prophesied Armageddon world-takeover, and Louis the grocer when I was a kid had been active with putting these life-curses onto me and then I’ve been in Houston for over a year now and just noticed that the system has a guy that is Louie the grocer’s type at the beginning of the street that I’ve been renting a room on but opposite that guy’s store is a store run by guys who look like the candy man who’d had the other store there on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx circa 1960, the 2 storekeepers both active in “laying” these life-curses onto little me along with the fraud-parents and their peculiar neighborhood friends. The system has carried those curses by the 2 strange males to this street in Houston in 2018-19 as they’ve been doing this Armageddon Show/Program/-making off of me for decades, specifically 26 years but it’s been all my life too, these bums from the “French Connection” brain-chemicals business’ following me from Longfellow Avenue to another set-up neighborhood and then into the Army and all through these years and now sneak-bringing back up those early curses by these shopkeepers at this location, which I wouldn’t have noticed except that there had been an incident with a dog scaring me in front of the candy store, noticing the little similarity there and then all this business with the Louie -stereotype, which is what is in this golem picture. I wrote to the person whose blog I’d first noticed it was attached to when I was search-engining in general for about Rabbi Loew because he was the ovary-begetter and people-manufacturing original more or less I guess, that Old-New Synagogue in Prague, not far from King Kasimir’s Krakow — let me try to get a picture of that again:

Detail from Jan Matejko’s “Jadwiga” painting titled, Dmitry of Goraj/Goray” circa 1890, detail of the left-side “staircase beings” and this previously jotted note: This is the only detail-copy I can find yet but I’m just referring to the 3 on the left side, the “Evilene” in front and then one I don’t know to guess about yet and the one at the top that isn’t in this color version well is the type I figure the fraud-parent had come from. I’m starting to suspect it’s an underworld/Jomon hoax to put these little-sized creations into charge of the underworld and it’s locking up of people for the cannibalism/serotonin industries. — I haven’t gotten to this file yet, the Matejko file. I’ll see if I can put a link ….

— That’s the “staircase #1 type, the caption there being previously written. Now I’d like to send the photo of the illustration of the golem that’s been going around a little bit but I’ll have to give the place I’ve traced it to as first appearing another day or two to see if they respond at all to the email/gmail I’d sent on Friday afternoon, a fluorescent of a Rabbi Loew with his creation, looking like this staircase #1 figure detail on the left here, it is but there are many of this stereotype, and Louie the grocer on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx had been one of this type and they’re all around me here and are at the head of the street similar to how his store was on the street’s corner and then a little lot-space and then the candy store and the rest was apartment buildings and then the big P.S. 66 I’d gone to through 2nd grade but then I got bused to some strange neighborhood! and then the Foshays moved to Baychester Projects, and if I could get this horror-life all over me off of me then possibly the whole planet could get all this negativity, and evil, shrugged off also. I can’t really be bothered to guess if this “staircase #1 type” from the Matejko painting really also became the golem, details don’t matter in this end-of-the-planet business they’re doing off of me, just to cease being parasites, from the way-Prehistory feral Autists’ days then snowballed down to today only getting worse. I have to quit for today. Then the candy man, the Armageddon-director has always got similar-looking guys. In fact it reminds me to check the Abscam other photos, that the stereotype the system’s been using for this also the 1960-candy man type of strangers to me might look like that, some trick the system had done in 1999 that seems to be hallucino-important to itself, that except for the specific facial features they look alot like the departed rocket scientist Hermann Oberth, the point being that when I’d gotten some biographical materials on him from the library of congress (LoC,) Oberth had had a daughter that looked like me, and she’d passed during WWII while in I guess the German or Romanian army, that there’s some small possibility the system had gotten ovae that wound up being where I’d come from from her and they sort of follow me around with these tall guys like Oberth’s general shape and coloring as though it might be in my brain to trust them, when they’re really similarly created to how the system had fashioned the “golem” of the Louie the grocer -type, like Buddy Hackett for instance, or Jack Valenti, who I think was from Houston but much lighter-colored. Let me try to check but then I really have to sign off and go back to prank-world horrorween. — Yeah, 1921 he’d been born here. And John XXIII was a big staircase #1 type, pope around 1963, that vaticanII big conference they’d all had, etc.

Oct. 28, very slow, and already have to leave here soon, could leave already without having gotten anything done yet today except looking up a few things on the search-engine. I might manage to try to get a Texas I.D. card but I think they’ll require an address, and because of the LURE off of me I hate to have any of these unsafe addresses, like a favorite trick of the Armageddon-LURE to herd tricked listeners into heading to under wherever I am to see what this is about the so-called “world-s**ing” the satanist-script had smeared all over my life, as they teamed up with the bums from under the Bronx’s brain-hunting parasites, who’d followed me all into and through the army and over to Germany and traveling around and then briefly to visit the fraud-family in NY and then out to San Francisco where this whole, if you would, Jonestown-Massacre evolved into this Revelation-Armageddon horror they’ve perpetrated.

Oct. 29, I don’t even know what I’m doing still sitting here, I was in so much aches and pains just getting to here, the weather always all turning on me or at least that threat always hanging over my head from this devil “entertainment” off of the invisible-tortures to myself. I told the rent-clerk/mgr. that someone’s been taking things from my room and he said all he could do was watch the camera and I said that it had happened Saturday afternoon and then it seems that he wouldn’t have timed-videotapes that he could reel them back to Saturday to check on that minute or 2 that someone else had opened the door and gone in there and left again like that, but to not say anything about it is like a suicide-request I figure so I got it mentioned at least, so as not to be taken for condoning this thefting from myself, which brings back up this “Willendorf Venus” prehistoric figuring business I sometimes try to explain that I’m evolved from, a curly-haired deaf and blind fat little exploited lady that seems like a gift to Hitler from Theodore Herzl or his source-sire, but I don’t have time for that right now, my hours at the library greatly shortened since that dogbite early last month, etc. Today’s thing on my mind is mostly trying to find out about this Bronte family, it’s starting to look weird in that their portrait seems to look like Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. I just noticed that yesterday and I’m limited to research opportunities or much of anything I can do except move slowly, try to suck in oxygen and lately to listen to the radio a little so that I’m full of questions about what they were doing up on that heath in York/Yorkshire, way back then, and then their pen family-name was Bell, Ellis Bell’s being Emily Bronte of the “Wuthering Heights” book I’m looking forward to trying to figure out, never having had enough time and interest for it but I don’t have anything to do this long coming six months of cold weather again and so am looking for useful ways of spending the time and that “Infinite Jest” is too complicated because of that s****** that Wallace was alleged to have done in Sept. 2012, I can’t deal with trying to figure all that out so I’m just vetoing the concept of trying to read that 1200-page novel because it would lead into everything else about Wallace. He was a philosophy major because his male parent had been one and that’s a bad start for figuring out to begin with, and then he started sliding into literature and my “take” on it is that maybe the visions and voices had been invading the -Champaign -area boy and that his name might have been unfortunate for himself because there already was a David Wallace, Irving Wallace’s son, the latter being what I call a “Shahan-type” if you’d been reading anything of all my years of this Arma-horror-geddoning.

Oct. 30, Wednesday; A big realization, but then I’ve got a difficulty where the gmail I’d drafted on the cellphone last night isn’t on this big screen as a draft when I just called the gmail/email up to send it out now before getting too started into this labyrinth-like latest explication-attempt of the “all this” that’s leading to the planet’s being trashed, what the “Jomon” -type had done to my life in the Bronx, but I can’t really concentrate on it till I figure out how to send this gmail. — Re-type it might be the simplest. Somehow it seems more sure to get sent out on this “big” terminal compared to the cellphone as I got it back again, the all-surrounded feeling that my communication-attempts and those on back to me are all intercepted by these brain-eating circuit operatives. Everybody likes to get high, near-universal attribute we all have, so the “Jomon” et al. can use anyone who’d like a hit of any drug to do any of these “prank” acts, is like innumerable tricks’ working against me all the time, a little bit done by each stranger that thinks it’s not any big deal to participate in following the directions they’re likely forced to follow anyway, etc. This “Push” thing is bad. There are 2 main ways that any of these things could be explicated, — polished and unpolished I could call it I guess, where a regular person might write-out all their notes and then set about making a “post” out of the notes, but what I have always got to be doing instead is to re-create the steps of how I’d come to learn about this or that other aspect of the all this. Horribly enough, being “chatty Kathy,” I could even start it out with that just yesterday I’d come across on the radio that they also have that The Tom Joyner Morning Show here in Houston. I’d listened to it alot in Washington (DC) and had been able to catch it a little while I was then in NY in 2003-05 and then I’d heard it a little bit when I was just in Washington before getting onto this “ss fund” as I’m afraid to bring attention to the system at all in case the “Jomon” feel like crashing it and anything all else, and then I’d stumbled onto them at the right time of day yesterday morning and so had left the radio on the “Majic” station that’s 102.1 here and maybe everywhere else for all I know, and while idly listening while trying to eat and get dressed and mulling all this c*** that’s swirling in my head because I don’t have time to unload it onto here since the dogbite and since all the time too anyway with all this, I’d recalled something about the system’s modus operandi of cursing me with any teeny thing from my way past as though it’s now a payback for that, where a larger thing had been that I’d had a dog similar to the one that had just bit me in September and I’d let the dog wander off and get lost when I’d become homeless one time in San Francisco, in early 1989 I guess it was, and as payback for letting a potentially-dangerous dog go loose like that then the bums underneath me and the lifetime-parasite bum “‘Jomon’ from the underneath the Bronx” might have devised this bite as being a payback for that sin-crime charge against me, where really it’s the sin-crime that a normal person is force-birthed and then trying to survive in this horror-world prison the Jomon have devised, that in 1988-89 I was just too overloaded with all these difficulties and the dog’s wandering off hadn’t seemed to be anything I could then do anything about, couldn’t take care of both him and the cat as we were moving into where some acquaintances were letting me stay on their couch or some such impossible-living situation and I couldn’t stop the dog from going around lost because I couldn’t take care of him from their apartment any longer. That is only one random-like example as I was thinking about that because somehow, maybe in thinking about listening to the radio show in Washington and then to other thoughts about Washington, I’d recalled some obscure detail, thinking how the system — oh, there’s the link I guess, that they’ve got some new character that’s showed up twice now and I’m trying to figure what kind of a curse the system has probably got in mind as the guy looks like someone who’d caused me one of these major curses, back in 1978, and now they’ve got that sort of a stereotype or same face popping up and smiling around me lately and then “the Jomon” are bothering my mind to think optimistically about why the guy’s smiling, etc., etc. for carrying these filthy minds on my brain, these filthy minds’ sitting on and watching my brain and life all of my life to this point (no pun for “point” means like hypodermic for shooting brain to these bums.) I’d been reflecting on that and recalling Washington days a little and I thought, for instance, what semiotic or ritual or other type of a connection did this “Armageddon Program” have in mind when they’d had that guy named Sam be the night staff person at the women’s shelter when I’d gone there in 2005-06, and unexpectedly I realized what the connection is/was to putting that “character” into all this “mix” of the c*** that is done around me, but it’s difficult to bring up and I’ve got to try to figure out how to try to get that little contact-attempt off as contact-attempts are more useful to me than more of these details on how the extinction is being done, that there aren’t any immediate readers to any of this, just immediate more horrors for me as the weather’s like to kill me for real this coming winter, this filthy “magic” all over my head, and so you’d think I’d stay away from the majic radio station but I haven’t connected to where Tom Joyner or the station does any particular harm, as I’m searching for a station that has a little news and regular weather reports and I like to hear the time, as well as a nice mix of music and maybe some other types of programs, etc. Be back.

1:15p, I’m making progress but guess i have to take a break right now, which i hate to have to do just when i’d made a little progress, this is most likely one of the “pranks” or “tricks” to force that now.

2pm, they’re not letting my Sends through. I think it’s likely connected to this new Security alerts difficulty and that the cellphone keeps flashing the internal storage sign. I’m trying to send a photo of the portrait of the Bronte sisters, here in this new link that material would be going into: https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/testimonial/bronte-family/

Ms. Dylan Farrow seems to look like Anne on the far left, and I notice there’s something about Glasstown they’d worked on and that’s connected to the book contract she’s said to have gotten for her 2 YA fantasy-type novels on magic’s obstructing real life.

The point with the sends’ not getting through is that I have to send things to here in order to delete them from the cellphone’s storage so that it will be okay again, where now it’s worse than ever. I’d just deleted a good deal of the email’s storage and it isn’t any improved. I have this feeling that somehow pictures and photos are 2 files or applications where all or nearly all the photos are duplicated, same material in two different files’ taking up the room that’s filled the storage. Besides that it’s the parasites’ playing with my cellphone and computer-use, toward their personal Armageddon uses. How can I get this cute thing through, from the cellphone’s photo gallery to here, — and I’ve been trying to get to this project of doing that all year long. They’re making the library really creepy now, 3pm the day before Halloween and then the Hispanic or Mexican day of the dead on Friday, then Saturday will be some continuation of that plus the first of an anything. “They” know that because “they’re” making the weather so cold that I’d thought that I have to leave here early, have to go get the rent money and do a little food shopping or what all, then that bus back to this area quits at around seven thirty pm. The library doesn’t close till six and dummy-me will sit here because there’s always something more i could be trying to get done or pull together etc. It doesn’t look like they’re going to do anything except keep putting these send-attempts into outboxes, as I’ve tried 2 accounts now for trying to get the cute one through. They’re making the place creepy to assist easing me on out of here for them day, probably….

This “Push” thing is about the novel of that name by Sapphire, and the sequel of “The Kid,” that, believe it or not, those 2 books are connected to me and this Armageddon and all the cannibalism and petroleum, the brain-eating too, obviously then, that that’s what the cannibalism and petroleum-obsession are descended from, the global-system revolving around the system’s quest to stay inebriated-high off of the serotonin and other brain chemicals. This is complicated for (little) me to try to explain and all relates to this business about, How come the system had used this guy named Sam to be a “regular character” when I’d gotten to the shelter in Washington, during the 2005-06 winter and then all through 2006 I guess, that he hadn’t seemed connected to anything in particular except that his name was a little semiotic-seeming but anything is likely to be a coincidence, etc. That’s why a normal person would write these bits and pieces out and then gather them into some organized way of describing this. The system — invented dyeing the ova like Easter eggs are dyed, same thing. When I’d started trying to describe this in 2015 I’d gotten that car-hit and things were worse to describe the least of all that. Because they’d invented the “types” of people like into disguises and costumes then like that then the system-operatives obsess on using that trick and they’ve always been trying to cause racial difficulties onto and around me, like where a boy had been snipe-murdered on Longfellow Avenue after his sister had invited me to their house around the corner and the boy had given me a bicycle ride, them being a family of color, then we’d moved to this Baychester project in the north Bronx and I was usually sitting next to a boy of color, and then in 1969 when I was 14 I’d had a boyfriend who’d had a couple of friends who were black and one of them had asked me to kiss him one time and I’d sort of laughed the incident away but this morning I recalled that his name had been Sam and I think the guy at the shelter was some connection to that 1969 incident based on a similarly shrugged-off incident on a bus in 1993 shortly after this “Armageddon Show” had been sprung onto my head with these singing and dancing “We’re s**ing the world” spirit-apparition cartoon-like phenomenon. It went from singing and dancing to simply never leaving my face with that/this invisible and unprovable “magic” and I went to try to discuss this at Coney Island Hospital, to not any avail, thinly-veiled strait-jacket ideas-of-reference and a good luck as I went about my way back out of there. On a buy going by there on Brighton Beach Avenue or Ocean Parkway I guess it was one day as I was thinking about all that and how to get assistance this nonexistence into my brain sort of silently laughed as a big, young black girl had sat down near me and the nonexistence sort of nonexistently laughed and thought that that girl was like me or of my ovae, the concept of which I didn’t learn about to have it in my mind to think about until 2008, that ovae and ovaries are taken from females and people are fertilized and grown from them, so I hadn’t known what to make of the indication that there was some connection between me and the girl at that time. Then in this past decade that film “Precious” had come out and been shown at the shelter during winter days when we couldn’t go out and I’d caught some of it and had had a slight suspicion that there was a connection between the character “Precious” of the 1996 novel titled “Push,” and then I’d recently skimmed the “The Kid” sequel to that in suspicion that there was a connection to the fraud-parent’s “offspring-descendants” I call the many mass-reproductions, thousands and thousands and thousands of them, that I’ve been being terror-deluged by for the past 9 years, that The Kid is like an allegoric description of dropping those virtual orphans onto society as Armageddon-weapons, sneak-Armageddon weapons. So, even though Sam from 1969 and Sam from 2006 have little in common except dark skin and tight “nappy” hair I realized this morning that, however this ovae-getting and distribution work that because of that scene where the guy had wanted a kiss the system gave some sort of rights to ovae of mine off of that incident and has been “breeding” those fertilized eggs into big people-making business/-es of themselves, who do happen then to look like the girl on the bus and the actress in the film, the novel being allegoric to the whole thing, where her family is a way-distorted view of “the fraud-parents” from the perspective of some impersonal profiting sadist, like one of the other fraud-family members seems to have been like in real life. There are lots of girls I see around who look like perhaps they might have specifically come from my ovae but generally they’re much lighter-skinned than “Precious,” that the ones like the girl on the bus aren’t recognizable to myself but because of the 2 odd Sam people I’m figuring that there is a good chance that they’re mutated out of recognizability. I suppose there’s more to this that I’ll think of when I’m out of here and then as time goes along and I put together this or the other thing or more details. One detail is that the author’s photo on the “Push” book looks to me alot like one of the fraud-relatives, that’s a big aspect of all the sabotage onto me and is a regular ritual for ruining my days around here and such, and they look alot like the photos of Sophia Loren as a 15-year old that look alot like the Paul Wegener “type,” and Mr. Wegener had starred as the Golem from Prague, near Krakow, which then isn’t necessarily that far from Siberia by water-route and is how I’m saying the system had largely spread out to do this world-takeover. Forget the “Louie-golem,” check the microphone…Then, too, as “It’s a Small World After All,” Mr. Wegener’s son had worked with Wernher von Braun toward the whole space venture, and around and around in the repetition-circle. With the “significance” of any of these little things that happen to me topic, just about every radio station I tune into is advertising Lasik eye surgery and people were talking about it when I went to check on that shelter across town that’d require that I get a Texas ID-card. I’m lucky I can go get the rent money right now.

Oct. 31, I am here for a very little while only today. — It’s already 5pm now. I put today’s note at the bottom of here: Receptor. A big point with the “Push” thing is to notice how low the system will sink in making covers-up for WHY they are doing this to this little nobody me all these years unrelenting torture for. The heavy girl was pointed out as an example of this gimmick of this screaming “voices” brain-torture, of where that comes from, haha, was the point, that those are from you and doing it to you…. The brain-eaters just make up any kind of c*** for extending this terrorization over the planet.

Cellphone send: Nov. 1; Sorry I can’t get to a library today, all I could do to get to this clothes-wash place. “They” turned the search-engine ability back on for this cellphone probably for their weekend-LURE ab-use. I haven’t been able to figure why it turns on and off yet, just finding some “hotspot” button here the other day but I don’t know how to find it again yet, maybe with however the “wallpaper” button comes up. If anything important comes up I’ll try to let you find out when/if I can get back to a library again, etc. — This place has the “wifi” so I’ll wait till I get to the bus stop to try to Send to see if tt works.

Nov. 2, Saturday, got a reading lamp but have to check if it and the bulb word, and I’ll have to pick up “Receptor” tomorrow because there isn’t any point to staying in the room because I only use up the oxygen in the tanks if I don’t go out for the day, the torture all pulling all on my internals more and more lately, inane “LURE-drama” if I’ll be able to walk or make it to the bathroom or anything all the time anymore, with only a couple of cold days of the six months of them ahead. It’s real unlikely that I’ll be able to survive. Now that I’m sitting here I recall I’d wanted to check their food shelves to see if they sell this odd sort of a canned food that cheers me up for helping me to make it through this winter, that I’d manage to be able to use the house-microwave for, (those cheese raviolis with mini-meatballs, that for some reason those are real easy and pleasant for me.) There isn’t any sign of anything but more torture ahead for me. Where’s my list of things I could do with just an hour left in the day today for doing anything here…. I have to describe somewhere all that Spirit Liberation Manifesto business that this Armageddon Program had tricked me into in 1992, before the official starting of it in Feb. 1993.

Now that I’m finally here I can hardly think of any of the things I was looking to try to get done. Sundays are short if any time on computer and then Monday the oxygen-refill delivery is supposed to come by but they don’t tell me what time till about 10a.m., but likely then I’ll be able to get to a library for a few hours again, then maybe Tuesday back to anything normal. The “Push” example, that Precious’ son is like the fraud-parent and I’ve got those “The Kid” then all all over me increasingly it seems lately, perhaps on account of all the Halloween holiday but that’s likely coincidental. The point is that the fraud-parent was only some stranger that the ova or newborn of me was merely given to by the secret-system, isn’t any real relative, isn’t anything except a “friend of the Jomon,” a murder-helper given a “gift” of a young person to raise. It’s possible or likely that there is that Queen Victoria in common biology, that her ovae were likely way mass-reproduced all over the place and that Siamese “Rama VI/Vajiravudh” had had tea with her alot around 1893 I think it was and had likely been given some of her ovae by the secret-system — somewhat like that film that had come out recently, that Victoria had “British Empire” Asians all around her, and there was that big Crystal Palace world’s fair and they were camped all underneath those castles working up these “magic” tricks and system. Victoria had been placed in charge of England and the empire for most of the 19th century, alot of years for sabotaging England and the empire using a dummy-girl like me. It’s possible both the fraud-parent and myself had been manufactured off of ovae that had come through her and there’d be that similarity there but really he was just some strange guy the system was working with. It was something like that National Lampoon “The Appletons” cartoon with the sneak-sadistic parent, except in my case the sadism was divided between the male and female so-called parents. I’m looking forward to that collection of that cartoon’s coming out in the spring, thinking that I could find a simple example amongst them of the sneak-sadism. The system-guys get these eggs and they’re from the system in exchange for what you’ve done for the system, they’re presents for your future self-support off of them, which brings then up that “Abscam” subject. Speaking of the Abscam duo around that microphone, — as I’m invisibly-tortured nearly out of my life for not any real reason ever whatsoever, etc., and it’s getting more unendurable as they’re pulling away on my internal parts anymore since the dogbite more and more, etc., I’m starting to accumulate so much “dislike” for the “Jomon” that I’m thinking to describe this as that they’d invented homosexuality, but that was a long time ago, as with inventing the whole eating people industry they’ve got put together now, and they, under the “Limitless” chemicals from other people’s brains’ influence, got these ideas that they could substitute other types for the parts of their business that they didn’t like, that perhaps that duo became the official reproductive-matter receptacals (what is wrong with that spelling or is it just a spell-check glitch, check,) or vessels or suckers in place of the Jomon who figure it’s about time they get the good-looking females for themselves after all the work they’ve been doing all these centuries toward that end, now the others can do the homosexuality and others can also be substituted for the eating-people business that they’d started by “priming the pump” perhaps with “sacrificing” some of their own selves for getting the industry started. — Time to leave for the day, unfortunately for me. Maybe the light will work okay and I’ll be able to look at that novel’s contents tomorrow, maybe it’ll be useful.

[Cellphone Send:] 7 November, 2019 13:03 — It’s too much torture. I’ll try to get to a library tomorrow.

November 9, Saturday, it’s near-indescribable sadism and invisible/unprovable tortures. Then this keyboard is working lousily and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to try to get done.

November 16, “they” just let this cellphone-send through: “Receptor” is really finally here, finally here — I got it from the library yesterday and will likely skim-finish it tonight, too cold to do much else. It’s very entertaining, a good story. It’s about the “Limitless/The Dark Fields'” MDT-48.

— I’m not even sure what day that was. Tuesday, the 12th. The weather was unreal. Actually I feel all invisibly beat-up, Saturday now, and don’t know what I’m doing sitting in a library through the only sunny time, hoping it will continue like this. I’m a real mess now. I think I should have described some of that “shivving” from the Sunday Nov. 3, that this horror is a continuation from that. I find myself “ghost-prisoner” again here. It would seem like it’s my own fault for letting time get by without my finding somewhere different to move to but what the torture’s been doing is sneaking around behind my back and cutting off all potential communications I try to make so that there isn’t any real life out here that I’m walking through, I’ve just been wasting my time expecting that if I kept trying to make contacts that something would come through eventually and nothing has, like right now the person or plant opposite at the library is sitting there suddenly ripping up pieces of paper — not a common thing in a library where ripping paper is one of the things to be watched out for, but I live in an unreal situation and so the real getting out of this situation wasn’t allowed by these goon-bums that all live off of this Armageddon-world. Like you would think that people around you in a library are just ordinary other people doing their own business and aren’t ritual-plants only here as sabotage-pawn roles, and in that way I’ve been blocked off of my own natural business. Okay now slightly discomfortable while this one of the tens of thousands might finally move along.

I was a ghost-prisoner in a welfare hotel in San Francisco from about 1995-99, then able to get a little job and get to the east coast, to Washington was all I could afford and there I’d made a little more money and was able to go to NY but I think that that was just to wear me out, that I’d been too healthy yet so the Armageddon-bums had had me spend 2-1/2 years running around NYC as a temporary home health aide, always on the subways and looking for inexpensive rooms to rent, and I wound up exhausted back in Washington and couldn’t get out of the shelter for the next 10 years and then it was the being shipped out to Kensington, Maryland where the car-hit happened and then nowhere to go except back to Washington except to around where Alexander Graham Bell had happened to live for awhile, a particularly set-up area. Finally the social security let me get south but Houston is too cold for me, I don’t know how I could make it through this winter, I don’t know a soul anywhere, everything is just like a joke-hoax on me. The little “Receptor” book is dedicated to C. Dawg, so I’ll try to look that up now. It’s a real entertaining story but it’s just another story. On page 210 the protagonist, in 1954, mentions that with a slide rule a few hundred million dollars he could get himself to the moon, and that’s sort of what I think had happened, was that Frank Olson had been wanted for working on the secret space program, secret because the system-bums thought the stars were made of salable gems, they’d be getting rich and didn’t want to cut anyone else in on the largesse. By 1994 when they see they can’t made much of anything else out of it they let people hear about the exoplanets. — I think the search-engine says C Dawg is a singer or musician. The story sounds to me like by “a” Sidney Gottlieb, and it’s just another cover-up story for the origin of the “smart pills” or mind-drugs and such, for where the serotonin comes from. The protagonist didn’t get around to having the pills analyzed. The story says the MDT-48 comes from Amazonian tree bark, a bawari tree’s bark. I guess it says that the LSD-25 comes from ergot, I didn’t read it that closely because of the shivving and I’d read a couple of summaries that had misled me to think that there was only a little bit from the 1953 business but it was mostly about the 1953 business so halfway through I started reading it more closely and enjoyed it alot. It’s like saying that all the lookalikes of people come from DNA or cloning or stem cells instead of from ovaries, all the stereotypes come from fancy business with DNA instead of robbing women’s ovaries (many are voluntary but many women inherited their male counterpart’s brain-ways, so things are all mixed up by nowadays, etc.) Instead of looking underneath the drug lab in Hoboken the nowadays people are looking into flights to go find that tree in Brazil, when Hoboken is just across the Hudson. The bums aren’t letting my cellphone-sends get through or I’d try sending a picture, like I’m trying to straighten out that one that got changed of Cybill Shepherd in the footer. I have to leave.

Nov. 18, Monday, I’m here but am a disaster. I’ll stick this here for now:

“”Receptor” is almost here! “Receptor” is almost here!! Click that and-or see bottom of Help get me to Arizona for exorcism, & witness protection

In the early 1980s people were protesting that we were being dumbed-down, and this book seems to pander to that, per what I’m trying to describe about that it sounds to me that it’s written by a Sidney Gottlieb -type or copy or re-creation or lookalike-descendant offspring or what stereotypes might be called, etc., but it is of course very entertaining anyhow, it’s just that its purpose seems to be to whitewash the source of the MDT-48 and LSD-25 and then there were a bunch of others. There really were/are alot of plant-hallucinogens but it goes with the Autism that they don’t want other people to get any of them, same as the exoplanets, they’ll extinct the plants their own selves to keep getting high a secret from “the others” peoples, and this book seems to be trying to whitewash the obvious source of the currently-used hallucinogens. In fact these Autist-system people are so selfish they’d kill the plants to force “the others” to buy what the Autists are proferring, to buy the brain-serums, that I think that’s what they’ve been doing for centuries. This book comes along now and wants you to go to the remote forests where they’ve had the mass-reproduced Autists keeping guard to keep the others away from anything good. — The weather was so nice today that I’ve relaxed myself about the walk back to the room, the library probably open late tonight but still anxious we all get out of here I guess.

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The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2001-02 “Chandra & Levy” phase of this “Armageddon Show,” and, The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2003-04 Bath Beach, Brooklyn LURE off of me scam — And now reprising the 2005-2015 shelter-to-library shuttled “Armageddon Program”…

August 2019, they’ve been sliding in some of the tricks from that May 2001-2002 time, but now when I look up to see to try to find an illustration for the chronology I’m trying to make on the sidebar it turns out that I’d known that girl’s bio-mother and I can’t sit here in this vacuum and write libel-slander type things about these contemporary goings-on in this dingaling gestalt the bums have made. The girl’s bio-mother worked for the character I call the SFClown who’d “hooked” me into this Armageddon horror that’s made out to seem like it’s a joke but it’s how the system has been accomplishing those Biblical and other world-takeover threats, the insane “Jomon” defending the developmentally disabled compulsively lying little black-haired Autist feral-boys’ modern mass-reproduced selves. The girl’s mother was like the Magenta character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and they brought that act to Washington underneath me, all this “Armageddon-Abscam-anything marathon” LURE, by which the Revelation-threat/promises were carried out, so far, that there’s always fear of worse, as these are just insane people who don’t want to get caught and punished or even lose anything, etc.

Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building, 1928, 320 1st St., NW, WDC; the Bureau of Prisons is there currently. Click-on for CCSA4.0 citation.

Ms. Levy was working there as an intern when she’d disappeared in May 2001 and the search went on for a year and ended very badly. Here’s the 2008 write-up’s address: washingtonpost dot com/wp-srv/metro/specials/chandra/

I try not to be obsessive about thinking I recognize people’s stereotypes but the boy arrested and later released does possibly look like he could be “from” one of my fraud-relatives, that that’s some possibility…. While she’d worked in this building the big homeless shelter was one block over on the right and up that street, 2nd and D Streets, NW, but I’d gone to some small shelter and sort of avoided this area until 2005. What I mean about the ampersand there is that the crime-story sounded like double entendre for this Hindu-Jomon “‘magic’ show” invisible-torture set to me, and they’ve been making signs that that’s what they’ve been putting together again here lately. I found a little more on this “Breakshot” business but it’s similar to the contemporaneousness’ libel-slander about the “disappeared” Ms. Levy so I can’t add it to the bottom of this file yet. Also they seem to be repeating now part of the repertoire of this marathon exhibition of/off of me that they’d used when I’d returned to Washington in 2005, so maybe I can slip that down after the bottom of this 2003-04 scam off of me in Queens and Brooklyn:

(June 23, 2019 mention:) One time the “Jomon” was gone, from around 14 August 2001 until February 2003 I guess it was, as today is just terrible, (June 23, 2019,) and in my usual anymore begging for it to get lost I recall that it had done that disappearance without any explanation for those 2-1/2 years, meaning that that could happen again probably real easily, could vanish right now or at any time without any noticing until that it’s been gone for awhile, me reflecting around 21 August 2001 that I hadn’t noticed it around for awhile, the affect of an ectophasm that this is like. Then I sat down here in this downtown (Houston) library but all the standard “s***show” tricks are all over anything I do and there’d been conspicuously someone carrying a chair to the computer the computer had sent me to so that I had to indicate that this machine was reserved for me, but did tell him he could take the chair with him, and then the whole set up was to make me uncomfortable that maybe this guy in the next seat over then is one of the fraud-parent offspring-descendants so that I’ll feel uncomfortable and that’ll make the gimmick by which the “Jomon” and company do the Revelation-Armageddon off of me, etc., standard gimmicks all day long every day. I’d wanted to add something to this file, about that in this Oct. 2002 to April 2005 trip to NY that the VA hospital in Brooklyn near this one particular “Bath Beach” temporary job-assignment that had lasted for most of a year, me somehow having gotten a VA credit union sort of a banking account before I left Washington, some special deal I’d heard about and went and deposited my saved-up paychecks from another horror job I’d had, that the VA had wall mural decorations of or from Etruscan culture, which seems pretty unusual. This morning I was thinking that maybe these “Jomon” had learned from the Etruscans, an older culture in Italy, how to LURE animals as a means of hunting food, where “Ee” means food or thing/s to eat I guess in this Autist-world coding they have, Ee- trus’ — as in trust, to trust, and -can, that food trusts the can and goes into it and gets trapped, E’trus’can with some food or such inside of it to LURE the ee. I was thinking that perhaps this “consortium” of the Autists and their Jomon friends and whoever else was in the early invading groups had learned to trap animals for food in that way from Etruscans and then extended the concept to say the Etruscans themselves and then to other people, is how this LURE off of me as an example might have come to be this disaster that it is that is bringing us to the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION while the “consortium” seems to just be having a ball, that they’re laughing it up with the same delight that they’d seen the Etruscans have when the Etruscans had trapped an animal that they could then provide food from, like, Yay, yay, party-food to live off of for one and for all now, yay, yay, — as most of the Etruscan murals seem to depict happy-happy people chasing birds and fish as the main motif.

1879 map, southern Brooklyn. I put the blue dot between where I was working in the Bath Beach neighborhood and the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital, where my ATM was. Click for the larger view.

[Previously written:] Bay 19th St. and Cropsey Avenue was where the assignment, assignment-horror, was, and looking it up now on the map I notice I’d walked by a petroleum company store on my way to and from the assignment, that turns out to be a big, multi-merged, national group. The whole thing had been a set up I’m realizing as I’ve been going back over that Abu Ghraib scandal, that that CACI interrogation group had only arrived there in August and the MPs with the girl that got blamed for it I think had only just arrived in maybe late September and then the torturing had started by late October, while I’d been told that the temporary home health aide company I worked for had an assignment for me but I’d had to wait 6 weeks before I got the address to show up at then on that Columbus Day weekend, where as usually you were given the address the same day you were told about an assignment, etc., that it was a bigger rigging than I’d realized now that I’d learned about the “petroleum” business in 2014.

This is meant to reference the 2009 book, “Breakshot,” by Kenji Gallo and Randazzo V because it seems it’s very inter-connected to all this Armageddon “Program” off of me.

… the bums had linked Wallace to this TPE-bringing Armageddon “Program” through that book, 1990, Signifying Rappers,* so that’s why the link is there, even though this is out of chronological order, the previous week now at the bottom of this: C.A.R.P.

… Kenji Gallo has got probably the best example of a “Julie-male” photo that I could find, it’s probably the one the system is using to oil-well-torture me by lately, as with this morning. Then “Gallo” writes all kinds of useful description of the sadism but I think I figured out what the biggest gimmick of that sadism is but all these contemporary subjects are so dangerous for little me without any witnesses or contact person ever… In the case of the “Breakshot” book, the author alludes to that as a police-person the Julie-type guy might be going to give the guy a fellating as a turning-eighteen present, might be how that goes. And then, say, 20 years later the guy finds out that the (retired or what) fellator now has “grown” many copies of the now-38 year old guy, dependent young males and females that might be sadistically killed or tortured if the now-38 year old doesn’t obey; that that’s largely how this whole global-system has been getting away with all this “strength” of itself, taking reproductive matter and raising young for blackmail/sabotage purposes, you can’t do anything if they’re threatening to kill/hurt others, especially if, surprise, they’re from your own body, have your face and look like you and you’d have to be grateful that they’re being fed and housed at all, and such like that.

[*I put in a request for the book yesterday, should take about 2 weeks and I can get a look at it.]

That’s the ooze, that I have to try to describe that “conceptually.” Goodness forfend, on a lighter side, that’s likely why in the “Limitless” novel Melissa had married Spinola at all, to get those — negative, that’s another aspect, not exactly the same blackmail purpose, that’s an aspect where they require victims for their brain-eating, is slightly a different reason for trying to procure people’s reproductive matters, “eggs” and sperm. They require victims for all their anthropophagy desires too, the cannibalism, the brain-eating, the petroleum spending-money, etc. — I guess I lost the explication for this trio here, that it goes with the April slug-pneumonia horror, and I’ll move it to somewhere else soon but leave it here just because it does come up in “all this.”

6/8/19, Saturday, they’re doing h*** to and off of me. Big point to make is that the elderly lady turns out to have been one of this “Shahan-666” stereotype types of people, all along, that she was there as a planted sabotage from the Revelation- and 666- and EXTINCTION-bringing system types, etc.

Then, the following year, I wound up stuck in winding up back in Washington and was down near the Capitol then for 10 years, from May 5, 2005 to April 2, 2015:

Letterhead I’d been using on my many flyers and letters for assistance from about 2007-15.

That to the right of my old photo says, They all live off of this LURE, me meaning more of less that all of that area was, and radiating outward from there then, that this is how the prophecied Armageddon was being sneak-pulled of, off of me being stranded there, like I am in Houston now, same modus operandi of the parasites’ (global-) system, etc. In 2014 I found out about this “Bronx-French Connection” -industry part of all this.



Read, me making a note to myself for making a note to warn others, a website with, Joseph Fouche, Villain of the — on a site called headstuff dot org, I don’t have time to read it right now but it’s really bad. I’m trying to find out how the name was pronounced because I’d read somewhere recently it was pronounced like mine, Foeshay, and on the 1929-to-now Minneapolis tower.

6/22, I’d written to someone for a little assistance with this, on one of the phony copyright-infringement tricks the invisible-tortures’ been doing, that I finally got around to being able to write to the author but I haven’t heard back, about one of the photos of the (1929 Minneapolis) Foshay Tower. I’m really thinking it is attached then to this Revelation-Armageddon horror.

June 27, Thursday — One of the things about this lady-home health client is that she wanted the same breakfast and lunch every day, and then I think she didn’t care what dinner was, to the best of my just offhand recollection lately. I’ve started to think that maybe there was something formulaic in her choices, that perhaps those particular ordinary foods kept her healthy, as I’d noticed that when I only eat chicken and tuna fish that I start to feel weak and the system seems to take more advantage of me, and then it occurred to me that maybe she drank orange juice every day because it prevents things like this “slug pneumonia” that the system is always giving me so I’ve been making sure I drink some orange juice or the Tang product every day now in hope that the system won’t do that slug-pneumonia to me again. When I moved to this room here around 9 months ago it became too difficult to haul bottles of orange juice there, I’d forgotten that the little frozen cans aren’t difficult to transport, so it was out of  my diet, but now I’m drinking some every day in fear that the system gives me that slug pneumonia on the excuse that I haven’t had orange juice….

… Winding up back in Washington from 2001-15 and then 2016-2017 when they closed for renovation I was in what maybe could be called the Mies van der Rohe-MLK part of this, represented by an illustration I’ll go try to quick-find of the central library there:

MLK public library 901 G Street, NW, WDC; PD.

I got cut off, the time runs out on these library computers sometimes without any warning, and have to go look again for the citation on this photo, and also there’s a good donated photo but I’m always leery of the links to any strangers and I forget his Wiki username, some sort of a Machine, like Infallible Machine, — engine, some sort of an engine, named after the Charles Babbage invention. Difference Engine.

It’s the photo in this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King_Jr._Memorial_Library, but I can’t find the citation to the photo posted here now, from the Carol Highsmith Collection at the LoC, donated in 2010 to that by someone who’s name I can’t find again yet, George F. ___somebody. — This is not in any way encouraging anyone to visit there when the place reopens next year, just the opposite, to be aware of it…

I actually got a normal Permission on this photo, of (left to right,) Eric Mendelsohn, Walter Peterhans (check if that’s Peterhaus,) Ludwig K. Hilberseimer whose photograph this had been and it’s with his papers that this is from, and then Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, all meeting in Chicago circa 1940. It’s courtesy first from the Exploring Chicago Collections website but then they refer you to the big Architecture archives and their specifics I’m less sure on, where the Permission officially, through an email, had come from, the Ryerson and Burnham Archive I think is their title, and I guess they’re at the Art Institute but their title there I’m not as sure about.

I didn’t update whatever that caption-blurb is trying to describe but the citation is necessary and important, that these were the Bauhaus people moved to the States just before WWII started, that being Mies van der Rohe on the right here. Eric/h Mendelsohn on the left had been here in 1924, coming over with “Metropolis” film director Fritz Lang, and he’d done “Woman on the Moon/Frau im Mond,” 1932, the first big film about rocket-travel, as this group then was the force behind the whole petroleum-enabled space venture, then Mies had designed this MLK library and I’d spent most of this millennium there with this Armageddon unprovable underground “show” Program all over me and now the whole thing is being reprised, like “magic” shackling me just this morning as I got off the bus on my way to here and the panorama of the proverbial devil’s bag of tricks the various “global” groups are all having some party-affect LURE of unsuspecting normal people, is how that book of Revelations’ threat-set has gotten carried out, me always trying to explain that it has insanity at its base though, insane parasitism, which I’ve traced to having come from “brain-eaters” as I can’t find any other useful terminology for it yet, brain-ingesters doesn’t work, etc. Serotonin-dependents doesn’t work because we’re all dependent on our serotonin and the same difficulty with any of the ways I can think of to describe it, which is why I’m trying to use the example of the book, film and tv show titled “Limitless,” to show that they only feel invincibly important and superior as long as they’re high on the brain of others and it goes away when they run out of supply, which is what they’ve been abusing me for all of my six decades now, incorporating me into their LURE way of hunting and trapping normal people, etc.


Check Computer History Museum in Mountain View, (CA-Sierra Vista, AZ seems to have been made into a sister-city.)


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I Am “Infinite Jest” 2

I’m claiming the fair use provision for this book cover because I’m trying to show the size of this which I’m saying is/was an Armageddon-hoax, and it should or will soon be a Click-on for further details= I got it from a Wikipedia file.

Ed Schieffelin, founder of Tombstone, AZ



I’m trying to show by the juxtaposition that there’s some connection between my “French Connection” terrorized-life from Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx to the Tombstone, Arizona, near the U.S. “milint,” by this

1976 DD-214 shows old address and now I learn “Schieffelin” is/was a big pharmaceuticals name, to be looked into.

detail from my 1976 Army discharge paper, DD-214, mentioning my enlistment address, that that is sure to be more than coincidental, going from Longfellow to Schieffelin, then I’d had no real option but to join the Army as a way of surviving after high school graduation in 1973.

The Schieffelins in NY were one of E.L. “the father of petroleum” Drake’s first customers for the new oil product, in 1860.

JD Salinger, 1919 NYC-2010 Cornish, NH

Theodore Herzl, 1860-1904 allegedly

Fair use claim on this photo as I’m trying to trace why Mel Weinberg of Abscam was awarded the honorary citizenship, and in Dec. 1973 I’d been sent to Fort Sam Houston and then Fort Hood, leaving for Germany in Nov. 1974, 10-11 months in Texas. The photo is in “The Stingman” by Robert W. Greene, Elsevier-Dutton Pubg. Co., 1981, biography of Mr. Weinberg, who’d passed last year in Florida. I think that’s a body of water and rocks in the background. Anupam Kher, got an honorary Texas Citizenship last year, b. 1955.

8/27. Looking into Rabbi Loew I notice the Polish town Salinger was in was in his areas, viz the Golem.


McPherson convalesces in a hospital with her family in Douglas, Arizona 1926, after stating she escaped from kidnappers through the Mexican desert. District attorney Asa Keyes stands to the far left with Mildred Kennedy (mother); next to Roberta Star Semple in the middle left (daughter). On the far right Deputy District Attorney Joseph Ryan is alongside her son, Rolf McPherson. — Wiki descr. McPherson  [Aimee Semple McPherson, 1890 Ontario – 1944 Oakland, CA] convalesces in a hospital with her family in Douglas, Arizona 1926, after stating she escaped from kidnappers through the Mexican desert. District attorney Asa Keyes stands to the far left with Mildred Kennedy (mother); next to Roberta Star Semple in the middle left (daughter). On the far right Deputy District Attorney Joseph Ryan is alongside her son, Rolf McPherson. The two Los Angeles officials immediately isolated McPherson from her visiting family as they dutifully extracted her side of the kidnapping story. For the rest of the year, as the grand jury prosecution witnesses later contradicted themselves or were otherwise discredited, McPherson’s story, though vigorously attacked from every angle, was the only story that did not change(Epstein, Sister Aimee; p. 313). Click for PD.

On the right here obviously looks like Rockefeller, Jr., famous back then, but on the left I’m thinking that maybe that looks like Wm. Randolph Hearst and I’d have to then check all about him. The only thing I understand about Hearst the newspaper-chain king is that he was more or less the subject of that Orson Welles film, Citizen Kane, but I’d have to check because I don’t know what he’d looked like himself, just that Marion Davies love affair story, Xanadu/Hearst Castle somewhere on the southern California coast, and that “Rosebud” was actually about that the base of this system is actually, jism-oriented that it is, homosexual, that that’s what the name of that sled had “really” been about, is what I figure. Here they might have been discrediting Aimee Semple McPherson’s feminism, setting a trauma at age 36 into the future-brains of all her little ovary “seeds” that they were planning to get, maybe, by that kidnaping to right near where the Fort Huachuca has been since before the 1880 founding of Tombstone. I haven’t looked into this too much and notice that here she looks maybe like Loretta Lynn, and other photos she looks blonde. — A senator for Arizona recalls both Cybill Shepherd and another female to my mind and that set me to trying to figure where they’d have come from and I thought I’d check Ms. Semple McPherson but it seems she only had blonde hair some of the time, me trying to learn about Arizona for this. Then however Ms. S.P.’s kidnapping really was a big deal and it’s odd that she’d been held captive here where I’m — sort of having to — get to now, due to this Mountain View-Sierra Vista correlation. JDRockefeller Jr. had passed in Tucson, 1960 I think. There’d been some scandal with some relative’s marrying a maid who said there were problems with their cabin somewhere out around there and the book about that had disappeared from the desk and then the library before I could read it.

NangKlao, Rama III, 1788-1851, Siam; click-on.

Desi Arnaz (1917-1986) playing bongos c. 1950, publicity photo; click.

Elvis (1935-77) in 1957 promotion for Jailhouse Rock; PD,click-on.

















Rabbi Loew (pronounced Lev,) 1520 Poland-1609 Prague — Click-on.

Prophet Micah from the Ghent Altarpiece.










Joseph Henry, 1797 Albany, NY-1878 WDC

Thomas Huxley, 1825-1895









1995, Carroll & Graf Pubs., NY, by David King Dunaway on Aldous Huxley, d. Nov. 22 1963, Brave New World etc., but I don’t know who’s copyright the cover art is, who took the photo, which information I’d used to have till I’d lost all my papers in 2014, etc. I’m claiming fair use on using this book cover based almost merely on the “coincidence” that the real subject is this Rabbi Loew (pronounced “Lev,”} of Prague and he was the most famous for inventing the “Golem,” a big defender for the small townspeople and since this title is, to paraphrase, Huxley Re-collected, I’m extrapolating from the Golem to Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, that that’s what the photo sort of seems to want to bring to mind as the monster had been from parts collected from the nearby cemetery, is I guess the main reason this is here but I’d been using the image to try to get across that something was wrong with Huxley and now it looks like the whole desertification of the southwest and the 1947 “sound barrier”/ozone layer breaking, and whatever’s going on down there nowadays is connected to this Huxley, whose BNW novel did bring up and maybe end in the SW, as the savage reservation area.

I’ll be trying to fit Thomas Huxley and then Alexander “Boss” Shepherd to here, as these all look related and then also to my specific difficulties with this Armageddon business, but also “Boss” Shepherd wound up working not necessarily all that far south of the “Tombstone” area in Arizona, that I’d have to try to learn more about his mining in Mexico. Maybe I can get that shot of the odd book cover photo of Thomas Huxley’s grandson Aldous, that’s the same sort of the Armageddon difficulty-set personage, and then he’d lived just south of Muroc AFB, the whole desertified area of the continent seems to keep be spreading, making it seem maybe like the Gobi-situation.

8/31/19, Sat., The LURE is killing me and I’ve got too much to try to get done in this one last day till the “holiday” forced 2 days without being able to do much of any effort on this, etc. This little puzzle piece isn’t really meant to be humorous, but I stuck it here because it comes up so much with the Autism and I’m trying to work on it, but this Cybill Shepherd thing is getting worse as I’m looking into it, that she seems from another of the Ghent Altarpiece-era victim types, that those captive females that I think I’m connected to, that other one is the Sybil of Cunae and I don’t recall which prophet or what that is with her and will have to go try to dig all that up while I’ve also got some wild goose chase for info. connected to the “Boss Shepherd” historical character too and all kinds of things to try to go look up and do for my own self’s getting out of this LURE-torture, that it’s getting beyond beyond.

— Wiki says it’s prophet Micah and the Cumaean Sybil.

The set that seems like my imprisonment is the prophet Zechariah and the Erythraean Sibyl. Notice that she’s wearing a turban — it’s so bad that I think the system had gotten turban-wearing from that lady’s sincere attempts to keep papers intact, keep them safe wrapped under there, and they just stole that idea like everything else from her, etc., that then maybe even she’s pregnant and the “666” line of the brats was from that.

Click-on for my fair use disclaimer; publicity photo for “Red-Headed Woman,” 1932 film, with Jean Harlow holding a copy of bottle-wielding Anita Loos’ novel, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” with the word Blondes crossed out and Red-heads written-in, as publicity for their new film, “Red-Headed Woman,” from a novel by a lady named Katharine Brush, 1902-1952, click there too….

I had to move this from above because it’s so bad, what the system makes of Harlow’s having a red head: — I’ll try to get back and explain this tomorrow. — I’m back but it’s the or a short day of the week and I’m swamped with things to look up and the usual difficulties, and thinking of just moving this to down by Elvis as I try to get the Rabbi Loew, pronounced “Lev” somehow, image, and that one of Aldous Huxley from the cover of “Huxley Recollected” or Re-Collected, like he was a/the Frankenstein’s monster put together, and one other thing floating on my mind somewhere, that scene from a John Steinbeck story where some guy tells the Pirate in a trailer, shows him, how to — and I couldn’t finish reading it then and haven’t been able to go through all those Steinbeck stories to be able to find the scene again, where the guy showed the Pirate that you could decapitate a cherubic child and they would just keep smiling through it, and maybe some other image-photo to go look for and maybe find now but also I’d sent out a copy of this post yesterday without putting the warning to not show it to anyone else, I’m so afraid of these “magic”-parasites’ manipulation of all these mass-reproduced peoples they’ve made, etc. — Oh yeah, the people I forgot to say that this blog-address is only for them, not to spread it around, are Tombstone people.

Fair use claim on this photo as I’m trying to trace why Mel Weinberg of Abscam was awarded the honorary citizenship, and in Dec. 1973 I’d been sent to Fort Sam Houston and then Fort Hood, leaving for Germany in Nov. 1974, 10-11 months in Texas. It’s in “The Stingman” by Robert W. Greene, 1981, biography of Mr. Weinberg, who’d passed last year in Florida. I think that’s a body of water and rocks in the background.

Sept. 3, 2019, bad one.

I’m thinking the Abscam scandal’s Mel Weinberg had gotten this honorary Texas citizenship for enabling hidden-camera pornography, the Abscam off of me then started up later. The caption reads, “Weinberg (right) in Austin, Texas, on March 3, 1971, receiving an honorary Texas Citizenship from Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes (left). (from “The Stingman,” by Robert. W. Greene, Elsevier-Dutton, NY, 1981.)

I have alot of checking to do on many different subjects but they all always seem to be inter-connected and amount to this same TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION “difficulty” I’ve gotten saddled alone with. Cybill Shepherd was in north Texas and everything about her life is seeming to have been all set up behind her back like I’ve got, and then it seems like this Mel Weinberg “American Hustle” star-character was doing the same hidden-camera underworld ejaculo-people-manufacturing petroleum brain-eating masterminding similarly to her. Bad day this. — They’re giving me all kinds of difficulties. I guess that this Abscam-Weinberg was convolu-connected to the horror-film and petroleum industries, with the horror-film convolu-connected somehow to Warren Buffett, the whole world getting tied-up like that, pornography-crime and petroleum and film and this people-manufacturing and money. Plus I found an historical character nicknamed the swine that I’ll have to try to get back around and behind of somehow with my limited abilites on this search-engine, to where I’d seen an illustration that was loosely-connected to the first illustrations of native Americans and I’m looking for that but it’s so so obscure and I likely won’t be able to find another copy of it but will be spending “gobs” of my time here trying to anyway. I’m pretty sure it was credited to the well-known early illustrator named John White. He’s real famous, but in some other book I’d seen one or two extra pictures and I think his name was also on those and they’re not anywhere to be found now but whatever the details it’s important, and then I’m all convolu-wrapped up with that it probably goes back around to the ancestry of Ms. Shepherd, in real life, which is nearly impossible for me to keep separate from this “the swine” devil riding me’s warping any-/everything to their Armageddon or world-takeover/world-ownership, like right now they’ve got a plant doing a routine right into my left ear. They have manufactured so so many people and they just like to order people around, give orders under the guise of giving film directing -type directions, — I’m drowning in s***-throwup quicksand today after the phony “holiday” has been endured with all this sabotage on me (”little’ me.”) They have me mass-deleting these cellphone gmail items I feel like must have been put back onto there after the last time I’d done this one-by-one deleting them because the cellphone can only hold so much and then the gmail goes out of service, and I’m trying to get this illustration of a Roger Corman film through, that these things are all inter-connected. The system does anything, feels it has monopoly on anything, that has to do with “seeing,” everything about images, pictures, eyesight even, any of that they think belongs to their “portion” of the earth, that they want. But it isn’t this image of the Roger Corman film that they’re holding up letting the image-send to here get through about, it’s that I’d taken some other photos over the days off that they’re arranged for making a big deal off of. It’s too complex for me, and also I’m not good at photography so I’d taken at least 30 shots of what will wind up to be just a few that I’ll have to bring up here eventually and I guess “the bums” are prepared to make a big deal over that planted-subject that’d be bound to come up eventually so now it’s come up but doesn’t have anything to do with this other subject except that it’s all the same system, and none of it has to do with the drone-work of trying to find that John White illustration that I probably won’t be able to find again anywhere but will keep looking for, all my time frittered away all the time, holy horror, etc., all the time, and about nothing, just simple, Get off of other people, not even that, only a four-word description, Leave other people alone, “Get off of me!” it also could only come down to, me as a prime example that’s underneath you right now, get off of me, simplicity to this that in place of simplicity these goons are forcing TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION off of as they just want to not have anyone but themselves in charge of everything, not any nature-God-Creator, nothing except themselves as nature-God etc. — This should probably go down where I’ve started that file on how they’ve been reprising the different phases of this Armageddon-off of me, that Bath Beach post below. I wrecked this Infinite Jest2 post in putting this Mel Weinberg announcement-attempt that I really think he’d “hooked up” to have hidden-camera pornography taken of Cybill — whose name I’m afraid of too along with the “superstitition” about using so much of the language that they’ve sabotaged, both the words sibyl and shepherd being like things the system thinks it owns. And it brings up the subject of Roanoke, Virginia, where people had disappeared right off when this part of the world got “discovered.” John White had left people on Roanoke island and when he came back in 1580 they couldn’t be found but now I’m reading about this that also this sea caption nicknamed the swine then wouldn’t let any of White’s group get back onto the ship for where they’d been headed, just pausing to check on Roanoke is what I’m reading now, and then that first baby born here, Virginia Dare, was his grandchild and I think she’d wound up disappearing then again the same way the first group had, so that is all kinds of “drone work” I’ll have to be going through as I’m only trying to locate this lovely simple illustration I’d seen. Right now I’m waiting to try to get some of these lovely simple gmails through.File:Roanoke map 1584.JPG

This isn’t one of those, this is pasted from Wikipedia, PD: 1585 map of the east coast of North America from the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Lookout by John White. == That that’s an enormous area, like half of both the Virginia and North Carolina coasts, around 250 miles by land, from Newport News, VA to Cape Lookout, NC. Then that’s Roanoke Island about in the middle there. When I was trying to figure out all this about the many different “native” American tribes and early history here I’d somehow come across 2 books with John White’s (famous) illustrations in them except that one book had also had these other 1 or 2 illustrations, like a tribe of blonde-seeming females sitting around a barber-pole type Maypole with all flowers around everything and a couple of “discoverers” talking to one or 2 of the males with all those blonde-seeming females, my recollection of the picture/s only a little vague and I had gotten busied with trying to trace where those pictures’ originals could be found, who they are copyrighted to, where they had come from, etc. Then I’d probably gotten “bopped” off the subject by coming down with that “slug-pneumonia” like the system’s been bearing down on me for getting again for the past 10 days or so lately that I’ve been real nervous about being caused to become ill-sick again lately, to right now it’s always a running theme that this library is too cold-temperatured for me and then that chill works with how the system gets these “slug” bugs to form in my insides, that I can come in here okay-healthy but my innards get cold and I’ll be coughing-up green slugs by the end of the day if I’m not careful to keep myself fed well enough, have to be careful not to let myself get run down. Because then what they’ve running-theme been doing all these decades is then saying I spread “flu” colds that get unsuspecting masses of normal people “Armageddoned,” really is one of their standard tricks all these decades, that being homeless I can’t do much about staying indoors away from other people till I get well again, I have to go out and to a library every day, there isn’t any other place that I can go, etc., some of this millennial-scam off of the old Abscam scam has been being perpetrated by. Then that partner of Weinberg’s, John Good, he has a brother near here, not far from Archer City being my point, that I think looks like alot of those guys involved, like a big stereotype-push off of the petroleum industry’s usual company I mention besides the American Standard, etc.

— I found it, a drawing of it…. skip the word “drawing” though, the LURISTS use it alot.

I’ll be right back:

I don’t really like to link to anyone and I don’t have time to do a thorough check on what this site is really all about but this looks like a good article on that Juan Ponce de Leon big subject I’m still working on and it does link to this as the illustration I was looking for, this one, is by Jacques LeMoyne, not John White, just that they’re in a similar time-period that I have to get down specifically, but they’re system-parts all working together toward this same big dead-end, and here I think the secret is keeping the blondes a secret, same as with the space-venture, the greediness and covering up so that nobody else gets any, etc. — I was just in that part of Florida last year and didn’t see anything about this illustration but don’t I have Jacques Le Moyne all up in the St. Lawrence River, a big contemporary mural someone who’d just passed had recently made. These here are said to be the Timucuan people and I’ll be trying to look into this. I believe I’d somehow seen a “colorized” version of this same picture, and my impression was that those ladies were all blondes.

While I’m looking into that one could read this LegendsOfAmerica dot com/fl-fountainyouth/ that looks pretty good.

René Goulaine de Laudonnière and Jean Ribault; then they’ve got Hernando de Soto mixed in there too somehow, all to somehow be checked out by me. Why do I think those are a blonde people kept a secret….

Ghent Altarpiece detail, Cumae Sibyl’s headgear


My photograph didn’t come out, I’ll have to do it again, cropped too much off the top where there’s some little “mess” up on the very top there and I thought I’d gotten it — maybe I hadn’t thought it over enough yet but I did over the weekend then in conjunction with this other “mess” I’m gotten into, and putting the 2 similar things together and then seeing an illustration of a pineapple somewhere I came to the conclusion that that’s what this headdress is supposed to be represent-symbolizing, a pineapple, and then it comes down in a veil you can barely notice here, a veil down to her shoulders. Then I just stuck this “A New World” thing I’d found while working on this other subject and it happens to have a depiction of a pineapple in it so it reminded me to find this from when I’d sent it before the “holiday” weekend that this had been. What it means is that this lady and then probably also the other sibyl from the front or closed view of the medicine-cabinet or cupboard-like Ghent Altarpiece, that these ladies had come to Ghent from the New World, ta-da. They were prisoners and still are Continue reading

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I Am “Infinite Jest”

Photo:InfiniteJest .wallacewiki.com

The “Catch in the Rye” went about halfway down this first blog page for now.

Ms. Y., Victoria

CW2Nason-please see the bottom of this file. — I’m starting to see a correlation between my business and the whole chronology of DFW …Ed Schieffelin, 1880, Tombstone, Arizona — Now I find that “Schieffelin” was a big name in pharmaceuticals, example here on my 1976 DD-214 that I’d joined the army from living on Schieffelin Place in the Bronx, after that Longfellow Avenue “French Connection” neighborhood.  I have to try to look into this next (7/21/19) HistPhBiblio.pdf  = I didn’t see them listed in this bibliography, 1995, and I’m not sure why it was a free download except it’d be how you find books to buy, and I can’t make it work elsewhere so I’m sticking it here for now…. Petroleum-family also, 1860, to check into now. …  Ms. Remus please check the file to you.] — [I’m going to try to type the Planet Trillaphon, David Foster Wallace, 1962-] — [Kenji maybe isn’t allowed to contact me.]  “Amy” – please check here. [Previously written:] I’m not exaggerating. I’d made some error, a trap-trick laid out for me, with that then-new Microsoft program with all those clouds — it could be the same one I’m using today for all I notice on these library computers,   Continue reading

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This is water, also.

Sign is because the photographer’s family name translates to pained and I am only going by that this is the best photo of the piece, feel that I have to use it if the piece is to be researched.

Finally, a copy of a photograph of the mosaic; CC-SA 3.0 by Sergio d’Afflitto, 2012. Palestrina mosaic

Sergio D’Afflitto -I’m going to try to coordinate it with this by Archelaos (cdlib dot org.)

English: tier: Homer seated on a throne; behind him, Oikoumene (Arsinoe III?) and Cronos (Ptolemy IV?); crouching beside the throne, the Iliad and the Odyssey; on the left of the altar, the Myth (as a child); on the right of the altar, from left to right, History, Poetry, Tragedy and Comedy, then Nature (Physis), Virtue (Arete), Memory (Mneme), Good Faith (Pistis), Wisdom (Sophia). Upper tier: Zeus; middle tiers: Muses. Probably made in Alexandria, Ptolemaic Egypt.
marble, 118 cm 46.4″, between 225 and 205 bc, british museum, main floor room 22, alexander the great and the hellenistic world, accession number GR.1819.8-12.1 (Cat. Sculpture 2191
check from Bovillae on the Via Appia, purchased from Messrs May, 1819, Source/Photoggrapher: Marie-Lan Nguyen, 2011, I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law. https ://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Bovillae

[Previously written notes:] It doesn’t look like I recall it to have looked, it had looked like a “Jomon” face to me years ago. — What I’ve been thinking, and it would take me a year to look into all this archaeology for any much furthering of this, is that someone had made the mosaic to try to show how they’d been sneak-invaded and taken prisoner, perhaps from Lake Nemi to Palestrina, and then that this Archelaos piece is trying to show the imprisonment, the character at the top keeping guard over the family-group.

— I have to add that “Oath of Horatii” whole business to here, check Curiaiti, all that. —

Now I’m going to put another copy of the mosaic with then the St. Nilus-Otto III mural from Grottaferratta, trying to signify that maybe the invaders are in the low right of the mosaic and are represented later by the mural-group:

Sergio d’Afflitto photo, 2012; CC-SA 3.0.

“St. Nilus Meeting the Emperor Otto IIII” by Domenichino, Grottaferrata, Italy, mural.

Otto III looks to me like Jeffery Amherst, of the college’s name:





“Boleslaw I Chrobry (the Brave) Greeting Otto III on his Pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. Adalbert at Gniezno, 1000” https://resources.library.lemoyne.edu/arts/de-ropp-polish-art-collection/paintings. First of a series of 7 temperas painted by the Brotherhood of St. Luke, Warsaw, for the 1939 NY World’s Fair, then donated to this college in Syracuse, NY.

Detail, left panel, Judgment of Emperor Otto III diptych by Dieric Bouts

Detail, right Judgment of Emperor Otto III diptych, Bouts

I think that these 2 figures and the one standing over the Emperor Otto III in the Bouts diptych below look like the that aide to Otto III right above here, holding that pike or stick sideways, showing that there’s some continuity between the old diptych and the 1938 painting.

Of course it’s too terribly gory to get much attention but these characters in the below painting seem to me to be where our global-system has come from, which I’m trying to explain comes from insane people who are taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION by their parasitism if for not any other reasons.



Judgment of the Emperor Otto III, Dieric Bouts. Click for attribution, etc: Otto III

The figure on the far right got cut out in my photo of the image. Because this file’s titled “This is water, also,” right now I’ll mention that the figures’ becoming excited over the misfortune seem to have nicknamed ejaculation as “water.”

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— I’ll put these pieces elsewhere after awhile but for now I’ll have to plop this “Apotheosis of Homer” by Ingres, 1827 here for a bit, in the figuring that from this relief sculpture the Jomon were supplanting the original “Homer’s” type of people. They may have basically been of the “Trojan” people. Ingres is one of the Stereotypes to watch out about. Click-on:

File:Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Apotheosis of Homer, 1827.jpgIngres’ Apotheosis of Homer

Below, Mantegna’s Triumphs of Caesar: described at URLhttps://www.royalcollection.org.uk/collection/403958/the-triumphs-of-caesar-1-the-picture-bearers — painted from 1484-92 all of them altogether. I figure that this follows the invasion, which I guess is after the Domenichino’s St. Nilus/Otto III. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less. It’s at Hampton Court Palace, maybe in its Orangery, in the Royal Collection. They have a nice website but I don’t want to run into copyright difficulties. hampton palace, royal collection. — albright-knox gallery in buffalo it looks like the email is supposed to be from, and maybe where this captioned one also is from. 1- The Picture-Bearers:File:Triumph1-Mantegna-picture-bearers.jpg2- The Bearers of Standards/the Statue-bearers:File:Triumph1-Mantegna-picture-bearers.jpg3-Bearers of Trophies and Bullion:File:Triumph2-Mantegna-bearers-of-standards.jpg4- … File:Triumph3-Mantegna-bearers-of-trophies-and-bullion.jpg 5?… Wikioo.org - The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts - Painting, Artwork by Andrea Mantegna - Triumphs of Caesar 5It’s Wiki Infinity

This one’s the elephantsWikioo.org - The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts - Painting, Artwork by Andrea Mantegna - Triumphs of Caesar 2https ://www . albrightknox . org /artworks/1891478-captives-series-triumphs-caesar

it should be in there somewhere, where I got the Senators panel from, the Triumphs of Caesar







9= this is the Caesar, and he looks just like Oswald Avery! I’ll try to find a lighter-colored version and straighten out the above and missing pieces, learn more about it.File:Triumph9-Mantegna-Julius-Caesar.jpg


(the Parnassus-mishmash disaster moved to here:) Parnassus, by Mantegna (1431-1506) — details only

It’s the offspring, not the couple he’s threatening.

The dancer is pointing to the hole in the arch, holding that dancing ribbon in her other hand; it looks like she’s signing to someone off the canvas.

I guess this semioticizes the throwing incendiaries, “Greek fire,” at the kid, that is most of warfare now, missiling them, kapow.

Mantegna’s “Parnassus” detail of the “demon” and the baby.4/4, the kid’s got like some sort of a long flute or pea-blower in his hand, this isn’t a good copy of it…







top-left corner detail.

I can’t lighten this image unless I crop and lighten and send it from the cellphone off of a whole copy, but it should be lightened a bit, the smoke or clouds above the “demon” character. Maybe it’s supposed to semioticize that in the cave there are the “Autists” or the Krakow staircase-growth Autists, voyeuring on the nudity, not any too differently from today. I think all of the people in this painting and the “Pallas Chasing the Vices” sort of a partner to this one in the Louvre, were grown by the “Joseph ‘Lepanto’ Nasi” (1521-1579) semi-mythical-seeming person and ovary-begetter that it seems like all of this play-directing global-system way of taking over the planet all or mostly all comes from.

So far this is the only copy I can find. It goes with the Mantegn’s “Parnassus” painting just below here right now.







Detail, bottom-right corner of the “Pallas Chasing the Vices,” by Mantegna, Louvre.



The guy with his arm on the horse and this one in the similarly-fuzzy because of my camera’ being like bottom-line, look like the same type if not the same person specifically, this one having breasts, and the headband he’s wearing has “Arrogancia” printed on it, the guy they’re carrying’s has “Ignorancia” on it and the guy holding “Ignorancia’s” chest has the Italian word for Ingratitude printed on it, Ingraziado or some such. The look like the three characters in Raphael’s Leo X portrait, which I’ll spare us of right now. Continue reading

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Ghent Altarpiece

Ghent Altarpiece (I’m not sure where I’d found this better copy. I’d guess it’d be PD wherever I’d found it from, probably. I heard that the Getty did some big job on it but I’ve been afraid to use them in case of accidentally using anything that costs anything.

Ghent Altarpiece Wiki PD

Ghent Altarpiece attempt

Ghent Altarpiece – Cumaean Sibyl

Ghent Altarpiece – Micah

Ghent missing panel

The Ghent Altarpiece and its Donor, Joos Vijt

Joos Vijd, Ghent Altarpiece donor

The Ghent Altarpiece’s “2 Johns.” I guess they’re respectively asking if the donors want food and drink, but that drink is really some weird anthropophagy-looking potion. — — See this peculiar “cup” he’s holding; it looks like it has a miniature person in it. Plus I’m starting to figure that the “donors” they’re communicating with are “carny” acts, circus-types.

“Mrs.” Joos


https ://auto dot .howstuffworks dot . com/da-vinci-car1 . htm == I have to move that later.


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These “Jomon” think they are Gandalf (the fiction wizard,) John Clarke, b. 1609 -1676I

John Clarke, 1609 Sussex UK-1676 Newport, RI

These planeticidists bombard me with all kinds of difficulties in getting to the library so that I’m off-track of what I’m trying to think on and onto their “directors'” track of any distraction off the subject of their planeticiding. There are too many different subjects going on here right now. I was looking for a “picture” to represent the Jonestown Massacre of when I got to San Francisco and recalled that Dr. Feinstein had passed somewhere around that time and in looking for a picture to represent that he did trepanning/trephining I found this big name in how we got to this (TPE-bound) situation. In real life I have to get out of the planeticidists’ having me in this LURE-situation I’m in, etc., so I don’t really have time to get started into the historical research of what these John Clarks et al. were doing to us back then. But it’s important that Ninigret was their big partner and while I’m looking for that illustration the planeticidists are doing more “tricks” onto me out here. — I’m sure that trying to check the cult awareness network won’t turn out to be of any assistance to me to speak of because I’d tried to look them up once a few years ago and they’d become “like everyone else” only is for me or nowadays or what’s going on, but I’m covered with these “brain surgeons'” minions all over me and can’t type much right now, am busy trying to look up other things, — now I recall, I’d thought to connect a paragraph from that DFW “Planet Trillaphon,” let me try to go find that real quick…. This is the paragraph I’m trying to chop down to just the parts that I connect to the Prehistoric-descended Autism, paragraph 7 of the original. He’s in prep school getting ready to go to Brown University:

7- In the summer I worked for Exeter Building and Grounds Department, crying and throwing up into the bushes. My boss at “B and G,” Mr. Film, had a riddle he thought was funny; “What’s the color of bowel movement? Brown! har har har!” and I’d smile because Mr. Film was on the whole nice, and he didn’t get mad when I threw up in his truck once. I told him my scar was from getting cut up with a knife in high school, which was essentially the truth.

p.227; says he was beaten by a first-class mind.

The DFW story says someone had hurt him, told Mr. Film that other people were violent, and that’s similar to this “goat story’s” figurative description, that the “Jomon,” like Mr. Film, had had another kind of a developmental disability and took the accusation against other people as premise for war against “the others” and this warring is so baseless that little uninvolved me out here has wound up at the bottom of this baseless garbage.


… Giffords-Ryan … say what again … — [I can’t use question marks, check the lingo-wingo-dingo section*…. * Terminology]

John Dee, 1527-1608/9, London. Click.


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The Catch in the Rye

dextersinister dot org/MEDIA/PDF/GuileWeaver dot pdf = this is a report on pseudonymic or anonymous writing JD Salinger had likely done and I think that that “Planet Trillaphon” piece is either underground-dictated by him or one of his numerous  offspring-descendant donations to this cannibalism-based brain-eaters’ global-system, am having to check on this now.

deadcaulfields dot com/012713 dot htm

H.J.v.Wisselingh, 1816 Amersfoort -84, by Courbet

Pierre Salinger, Bill Moyers, Ted Sorensen, Jack Valenti, LBJ, Jan. 21, 1964; PD, click-on.

H.J. van Wisselingh; Click.








J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010, by Rbt. Vickrey

Theodore Herzl, 1860-1904 allegedly

1919 NYC-2010 Cornish, NH

Courbet, the cliffs/la falaise d’Etretat.









Detail of the Rbt. Vickrey portrait of JD Salinger

I haven’t any idea why this appears to be out of place in the viewing but not the editing mode.

There’s more. In looking into this painter of the Etretat cliff, across that bay from the D-Day landings that included Salinger carrying his typewriter ashore it’s said, by Gustave Corbet, (Gustave Courbet 1819 Fr.-1877 Sw.,) I came across this portrait of Courbet’s dealer (that’s what they call the art dealers informally,) whose portrait is in the link, and I’m thinking that perhaps he was tall like Herzl and Salinger, and this is throwing off my trying to get assistance for myself as usual, that I’d like to keep trying to find out about this Hendrik Jan van Wisselingh, 1816-1884. The portrait was purchased by the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth in 1984. Right now I’ve got it left big where the email-sends first arrive till they’re moved into place somewhere, which would be here but it looks okay where it is for this time being and my uber-point is that the Autists were always cliff-pushers, that’s where ‘most everybody went, tricked up to cliffs and “disappeared,” where all the Europeans and probably the Asian residents had gone as this world-takeover scam has wound up being done off of me increasingly over the last 6 decades now and I’m trying to explain the human race’s way out of this necessitated extinction because if for not any other reason that the boys are parasites and parasites eventually destroy till there’s nothing left and then they go too. “Rye” is the source of ergot mold. It’s seeming like Dr. (Albert) Hofmann had claimed he’d made LSD from ergot because the system was covering up its longtime use of it as a murder-poison but I think their interest in it had originally been that they could get high off of it, as feral prehistorics with the Bad Thing making all their cells wretch, jonesing without their New World drugs when they got to and invaded the Old World, the drugs were less strong in the Old World, were milder types, maybe like cannabis isn’t like LSD, which is really from

— That was meant to be a reference to the DFW style. —

Original Ghent A. Just Judges panel, photographed prior to the theft in April 1934.

Replacement Ghent A. Just Judges panel circa 1939.











Detail of the original Ghent Just Judges panel, photographed before theft in April 1934.

Same area of the 1939 replacement panel by Jef van der Veken.

Now they’re terrorizing me with this thing as I took another look at the Wikipedia file’s image and it’s looking different and I went to send a copy of how it looks different and the system’s withholding that email from reaching here, and then that botches up my completion of anything is how that works, so that maybe in 6 months from now I’ll try to look at this again and will have to start over nearly from scratch.


Detail enlargement, Just Judges panel, Ghent Altarpiece.

Detail of the original Ghent Just Judges panel, photographed before theft in April 1934.




I give up. I didn’t find any citation on where this seemingly-only pre-theft photograph of the famous set had come from. I think the piece was stolen because it reflects the relationship between “little Adolf” and d. 1904 at age 44 Theodore Herzl and Hitler had become famous and it was possible someone might recognize that the 2 types were a duo. I say Herzl didn’t die young like that, he was healthy, that he’d just gone underground to do this “‘magic’ show” of then the WWI, that little Adolf had participated in up around Verdun, that I’d be trying to get maps to show where that is in relation to Cherbourg, is what I’m supposed to do next but instead I’d be busy trying to re-send this “catching” them in playing a photography-trick where the 2 dark enlargements look different from each other, this one, which I could make bigger but I was just going to put them side by side, looks like the guy is holding a red flower like a rose or chrysantheum (sp.) and that the guy in the ermine has a beard. In my taking a second look at it it looks like his fingers are just Italian-style talking to someone and that his hat has a wide brim that only looks like it’s the other guy’s mustache and beard. [It arrived late.] — 20 August, 2019, there isn’t any link between 19-year old Adolf’s time in Verdun and JD Salinger’s D-Day arrival on the northern coast, I’d thought Verdun was up north but it’s up north in correlation to that he’d enlisted from Munich. Verdun is on the route to Paris from central Germany, through Metz to Paris. I figure Herzl was under wherever Hitler was working-up this “‘magic’ seeing,” the visions and voices “signals” communications and grooming Adolf along. But that doesn’t seem to have anything yet to do with Salinger’s going to Cherbourg. I put the photo of Pierre Salinger because I figure his name was trick-involved as history kept rolling along. Continue reading

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Universe Rescue attempt — I’m trying to put the blog backwards but thereby into chronological order, so it’ll be even a little more disorganized seeming than usual for this short bit till I figure out how to do this for new readers to this TPE (TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION) situation.

Most of these “spam” Comments I’ve been getting have been on this Old Siam post that had just happened to wind up in the first-post area when I’d condensed these materials at some point and had never gotten back here to straighten these files out any so I moved that file to the fifth post spot and don’t really have any big content for here in mind yet, am just learning about these Comments and spam business and have all my usual difficulties with not having any normal Communications with any contemporaries ever and that it’s so unsafe to be around me that I can’t encourage anyone to read and comment on any of this material anyway. Even this Old Siam business, I’m really serious that alot of the global-system strategy seems to have involved old set ups the system had done there but covered over as their plans don’t really work out the way the system figures they will because the system-makers aren’t healthy-minded, they come from developmentally disabled peoples and those’s trying to have this planet to themselves.

(– Strange; when I changed this post position to this material by moving the Vajiravudh material to the fifth post or the Man In Oriental Costume post which I think was #6, all similar to that, then all the comments changed from being on the Vajiravudh post to being on the title that I’d put in that slot, nothing to do with content. No one was commenting on the Vajiravudh business but it was about the messiest file I’d had so I’d just straightened it out a little finally and then just moved it now, 1/25/19, into this 2015 area of the UniverseRescue real life attempt “blog” they call these internet-attempts.)

Feb. 17, 2019: I’m going to try to see if it’s better to try to run the blog backwards, that all the repetition for the first post and all this “emergency-style” writing is getting on my nerves but I can’t work on cleaning this up till tomorrow and first I have to wait for the oxygen-delivery or exchange and once it’d taken the whole day so I’ll see how much if any time I get tomorrow. Have to sign off now. Oh s***, somehow the Comments at the bottom of the sidebar are different than I’d left them yesterday. The parasites are running a big LURE today because of this coming to the downtown library and new thing to the blog, etc…. Feb. 19, it’s worse than the usual holocaust-LURE, it seems a “gridlock,” some military-type corralling people they seem to have done yesterday.

Now they’re pulling some one of their standard ritual-tricks to sabotage my being able to get any assistance, they stage these performances all day long any day all around me. It’s similar to the phony business about the 1964 Kitty Genovese murder-scandal, claiming that nobody had helped the girl and that that’s because everyone is apathetic, and the whole thing was a staged “spoof” likely engineered by Lenny Bruce, one of his cousins, 2 of them. In this case some guy’d sat down a little conspicuously which automatically horrifies me it’s one of the fraud-parent-things the system seems to have manufactured maybe by the tens of thousands, and after I’d relaxed and was able to get back to trying to straighten out this disaster here they sprang this scene of his “conspicuously” being called aside and it sounded like he was being told/asked to please go to some other library, there are plenty of them around, like, we don’t want you/your kind here, — like Kathy Foshay is supposed to stand up and walk over to where this scene is a few yards away and ask this stranger-strange-clerk what it is that she’s telling him or when he sat back down to get his things and leave in 5 seconds I was then supposed to quit what I’m doing and ask him what she’d said to him — uhhuh, like it’s any of my business, when I can tell that it’s just staged “Armageddon Program” acted performance that I can’t do anything about whatever it is, I never know any of these people who’re around me, there isn’t any way to tell who is and who isn’t a real sadist, what kind of person is a nice-type victim and which isn’t, everything is kept to be convoluted by the brain-eaters’ “Limitless”-type thinking process ways, while under the influence they’ve always believed they’re just smarter and better than other people and it was only finally disproven with the moon rocks’ analysis and they’ve kept all that like swept under the rug.

3/14/19, Thursday, if there’s any interest in getting to see my progress to this point, one could use this link to skip down to the most recent post, probably. Still all alone with the whole planeticide being forced-through:


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“Man In Oriental Costume”

(1/25/19 note, Whatever I’d said back before the Nov. 2015 car-hit has been way changed to that this “Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” stereotype-prototype seems to be at the root of forcing the Autist boys onto everyone on the planet, making the Hollywood stars and politicians or agents and campaign managers of those at least out of them and we’re just covered with these clap hands clap hands fancy smart boy males everywhere, because these guys who look like in this portrait took it up to champion the underdog-seeming developmentally disabled brain-eating psychoto-psychopath and ejaculating partners of themselves then onto everywhere on earth, and now I’m like living with this “MIOC” in a few hybrid stereotypes of itself like the Allen Ginsberg-type especially, suck-living invisibly all over myself, way less “understanding and lenient” than I’d been back when I’d started this file. They “magically” have a baby screaming somewhere across the library now, for instance of the 24/7 suck-living off of me that’s been hidden at the bottom of this Armageddon of theirs against the rest of the populace of the earth that there’d used to be.)

3/13/19, Wednesday, they’re bottomless sadists, but then they’ll hallucino-do a comedy routine of running around without pants on, have a Ginsberg-type do that.

3/15/19, Now I recall that when I’d started this blog and real Universe rescue-attempt I’d really believed that these guys were sincere and were all victimized. I had to delete the little pdf-pictures that had accompanied this file because of Permissions business but it showed that I’d really believed them to be sincerely normal-thinking back in 2015. — Now I’m reading the 11/8/15 note and there’s yet another copy of the illustration I’d taken to using nearly like an “idol” or token-representation of this Man In Oriental Costume type, that I’m now figuring they’re all “essentially insane.” I can’t delete this copy of the cartoon as easily as I just got rid of the other 2 because it’s interconnected with what the time-period was like, so I hope that behind my back not any big deals are sneak-being made about my business always totally alone out here. I’ll have to work on putting this and the other from the same book together, and for now to have to leave it in place, etc. If a copyright holder wants to object I wish they’d make some Comment instead of running to the underground with complaints against me that I’ll never learn existed. Plus, I’ve never even gotten any normal Comment to this blog. Two times Comments have appeared where I’d never seen them as being Approvable or Unapprovable, they were just on here all of the sudden by themselves:

A pdf’d note from Kathy Foshay, me, (11/8/15) — 11/8/15 note .pdf

“Man in Oriental Costume” from the NGA, gallery 48, by Govaert Flinck from the Rembrandt school….

Man In Oriental Costume, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, gallery 48, donated by Andrew Mellon circa 1934 when he’d built the building. (I’ll have to double-check that about building the building. He’d bought this from The Hermitage (Leningrad.)

I’m trying to get this into the “Jesus et al.” file but I’m new at this and time is limited, —  no puns ever meant here, and it’s very difficult for me not to be taken out of context. Please try to find some of the WARNINGS I have to try to get through along with all of this about how we’re being herded to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION by this “top-secret” underground system. Right now I’m getting ready to start the seasonal bell-ringing employment for The Salvation Army on Monday, 11/9/15, so I won’t have as much time for trying to set up this blog-/website but I haven’t had employment-income in ten years so that will be a big help with helping to try to get this website going, me always trying to locate some responsible adult assistance for this TPE problem off of all the “unstraightened out” past we’ve got, now with this new computer-time all of the sudden.


March-April 2014 flyer, I’ll type the words soon. But it seems pretty dangerous to bring up because the hospitalizations spate started immediately and is still going on.


flyers 20121.pdf – That first one is a practice draft paper. The second one was 3 days before this 3/17/14 version on the left. The 3/14 flyer said, The solar system broke when lost people accidentally extincted the dinosaurs by egg-smashing and mammoths by cliff-driving then turned to cannibalism and wars, space a crime scene as spirits had tried to help here. Washington was undermined starting in 1794 as the “Autists” established at 10th and E Streets, NW,* as St. Patrick’s Church, the Civil War mainly a distraction from their new oil business in Pennsylvania, made from decomposed holocaust-victims and extra people they grew from purloined ovaries for that purpose. They just dye the ova-eggs and invented the U.N.-cultures to go with the colors. Around 1988 Reagan-saboteur Michael K. Deaver (d. 2007,) started preparing this 425 2nd Street, NW, homeless shelter building for this “Armageddon-making Show” as holocaust-LURE that’s been being done off of me since about 1964, me getting to the D Street side-door “John L. Young” shelter for women in 2005 and no one responding to my hundreds of letters that we’re going to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION unless someone helps me to explain about the Autism and getting the solar system re-started, till some responsible people are located to be working on this. I’m surrounded visibly and invisibly by profiteers and Neanderthals and others dependent on the wrongful-narcotics from brain serum, these letters and old hidden-camera pornography of me and insult-jokes made into the marathon and nonstop “show” to trick victims to inquiring I guess, as no one is ever interested or reaches me. I don’t have any telephone, computer-use or friends. I’m trying to reach (so and so) that it’s maybe a violation of the nonprofit status () not to help me as there won’t be any freedom unless I get freed of this bizarre nonstop invisible torture all over me by anyone’s, any female’s, helping me to write letters until responsible people are working on fixing the Autism-situation and getting the solar system re-started.

Three days later I had this version: I’m the most invisibly-tortured person ever, the secret-underground using me to complete their Revelation-Armageddon threats and I know we’re headed for TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION. Nothing the system says is really true. It’s holocaust-dangerous by anybody that gets a letter-writing helper to me can have 50% of future-profit off of the hundreds of letters and flyers I’ve distributed around here these past 9 years trying to explain that the system comes from people with Autism psychopathy so bad that it caused the solar system to cease evolving back when they’d turned to cannibalism after accidentally extincting the dinosaurs by egg-smashing. In 1794 they established on 10th Street,* NW, as St. Patrick’s Church and it looks like the Civil War was mostly for distraction while they set up their new oil industry out of Pennsylvania, growing people from stolen ovaries to be decomposed and processed into kerosene, gasoline, rocket fuel and now plastics. They have Neanderthals with wrongful-narcotics (brain) dependence all over me who probably keep anyone away from contacting me in the belief that they own me and this “show” off of me that attracts unawares victims. I wrote to (so and so) because he used to know Reagan-saboteur Michael K. Deaver who’d hooked this building and “Armageddon-making Show” off of me together, but his () group hasn’t responded. I think it would be safest for all if they did try to reach me. It’s probably an abuse of their non-profit status to just ignore my request. I’m hard to reach, with no telephone or email or friends, just walk from this D Street, NW, side-door to a CVS and the 9th and G MLK library every day.

[ *I’ll try to put these square brackets for updated mentions, here being that that 10th and E Streets, NW is now directly across the street from the main FBI building, then the Dept. of Justice further down the street, that back in 1794 those were underground-digging people who’d moved in there, how they’d figured this North American takeover to be perpetrated, setting the underground up from there, doing their people-growing down that way, raising know-nothings to fill the buildings they took over and re-did. Then this 9th and G is inter-connected to that and they brought what I believe is a hoax-Mies van der Rohe to design that library that I’d spent most of this millennium in.] [3/30/19, Now I’m realizing that Mies had probably had the Autism I’m saying had partnered with the other group or groups for the world-takeover, that getting an “understudy” identity-replacer was likely even his own idea, that it was a “joke” to pull that on us here….]

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[These first few files will have to go under the Navigation in some Pre-blog topic, but for now I’m typing them here because it’s lonely back there.]

Then this spate of the phonied-up hospitalizations started. The files are a wreck so I’ll be trying to make these legible soon. This was written while at George Washington University Hospital for 9 days in 2014 when this “low oxygen” torture-scam began. Current notes or comments are in the square brackets [-]:

4/25/14, Friday, Dear George Washington University Hospital,

I have everything on my mind, so that it’s impossible to try describing just a little bit, where the paperwork I hand out also seems to be worrying the homeless shelter but without samples here with me now I can’t try just describing some of everything, it sounds baseless.

The global-system has really been doing those threats and promises at the back of the “Bible” off of me and in order to try to get this all off of me I’ve had to try to find the source of all the problems and it seems like I’ve got about most of it, and ideas for getting everything fixed, [I try to never use that drug-slang abuse word anymore, current comments in the square brackets if any,] but my work has been used for getting the Armageddon sneak-perpetrated in that I go around looking for assistance with this and interested people are “Armageddoned” it seems, and no fixing of anything has gotten done.

— I just got some good news, the lady at the shelter says not to worry about my paperwork, copies of all the letters I’ve distributed on this since 2005, they’re all I’ve got, hundreds of them… and I can only offer 50% of future-profit from them for trying to interest a potential helper. I thought maybe I’d found one and was bringing a job to him this morning until there was this surprise involuntary trip to here, seemingly 1/2 over the letter-writing, as there were 2 or 3 new pieces of it around. This morning’s is that I thought a possibly-interested person might forward a 1-page letter to the president for me. I get no responses and thought he might be able to get that through, a chaplain that’s from the Central Union Mission that’s recently moved from R Street and 14th down to the other side of the Georgetown University Law Center from the homeless shelter that I’ve been stranded in for 9 years, since 2005. They’d had some big sign out front that reminded me of (Dr.) Temple Grandin’s blueprints for slaughterhouses, so I’d brought them some of my material on Dr. Grandin and the desk lady said the chaplain might be finding this all to be interesting and I’d worked hard to get this 1-page done extra, by Friday for him to give it a look-see. [Page 3 is missing. This is rough and unedited yet.]

Continue reading

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Revelation copy; PD

This is from the Project Gutenberg and I’ll have to try to figure out what they wrote about at the bottom, or else there’s another copy of the King James version somewhere in the mishmashed posts from before I got this social security and had gotten to Florida; etc. — The invisible monsters seem to have disappeared my touched-up photo of Wm. Blake’s Great Mystery of Babylon lady, that goes to Chapter 17; I’ll fill it back in later. — They’d disappeared 2 of the ones I’ve sent to here, here’s the 3rd:

Blake’s Great Mystery lady of Babylon

They go in around chapter 17-21 I think. It was real difficult for me to find this before the system let me on to computers again in 2015-16. Then I’d search-engine located it and cellphone-painted on a little bikini top and sent it and then it disappeared and I sent it with a yellow bikini top and that disappeared also. I’m thinking that maybe “they” or the Babars or what object to my altering the work by painting over it a bit because this is meant to be a site that anyone could visit and I find that objectionable considering all of the filthy-minded little ejaculo-headed boys the system has been manufacturing, I don’t want any prurient interests around here and that’s all that the poor little boys have or seem to me to have or be used for is prurient interests so I prefer the little top but it’s near-impossible for me to draw anything with the cellphone utility or application or program and so I finally have to settle for however closest I can get it to what I want. My point is really that that which she is sitting on is what this 26 years of this “Armageddon Show/Program/-making” has been like for me, me just sat on and tortured by all those bums obsessed with that main character and the bums eating the spirit people to extinction, me buried under those beasts’ heads, her sitting on my rear. — Then I found this other one, from the heel of the Italian peninsula, in Galatina’s basilica:

fresco from St. Catherine of Alexndria basilica in Galatina, Italy (PD; click.)

What this “Great Mystery of Babylon” depiction is I’m not sure yet, haven’t been able to get more information than what Wikipedia has, just the name of the church and town it’s in. They look like the 2 from the Vatican’s “Disputation of St. Catherine,” Jem and a relative, it’s difficult tracing much of anything for me let alone something a little complex like who was who circa 1400. Here’s the text of what I’m saying was written by nutcases for this that they’re doing off of me today:

1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: 1:2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. 1:4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne; 1:5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. 1:10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, 1:11 Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, [now Alesehir,] and unto Laodicea. [All places on the Turkish coast.] Continue reading

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The Prehistoric Origins of Our System’s Problems

This is the basis of everything I’m trying to explain but I can’t get to it yet, trying to explain that in the early walking days of man the sun must have appeared to come up off of the ground in the distance and some early people got “OCD,” obsessive compulsive, to catch that warm light-bringer and they wouldn’t quit walking east even when it led them up into Siberia and then across Beringia into Alaska, and in all that trekking there were injuries, probably when newborns were laid down in the snow during emergencies, getting what I call “freezer burns” to certain spots and when the people finally got to some normal climate they were exhausted and fell into a pattern of using the nests of dinosaurs to sleep in and those dinosaurs would, like birds, bring food to the nests for the young and the food must have been like mashed hallucinogen-laced flowered plants and toads. The humans never got out of the nests, became parasitic on and jealous of the young of the dinosaurs, smashing the eggs so they’d get more of the hallucinogen-laced food, eventually leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. They’d also made “games” of running the megafauna off of the Pacific and other cliffs, like that big cliff-drop that no one ever really talks about east of the Grand Canyon, the Mogollon Rim.
When they found their way back to the Old World they cliff-ran the people and went into the so-called “Trojan War” beginning of all these wars we’ve always had, and it’s just these unrecognized Paleo-American people who’d accidentally forced their way over Beringia and nature couldn’t keep them back, nature not having tangible hands. I have to quit now, and I just got this employment-assignment that starts in 2 days, good luck about this to poor little me, and I’ll try to keep filling in all of this space and time material on how we got into this real-life TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION disaster that not only are we in but they’ve been running this world-takeover scam off of using me as a gimmick all my life that I have to also try to explain, 60 years old now and hope this employment goes okay because I’ve been about penniless for ten years and most of my life so far. More later I hope. (Kathy Foshay) (This was in about Oct. 2015, right when I got started here.)

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Old Siam Pieces

Old Siam, Rama VI Vajiravudh, et al: Vajiravudh (check also John Philip Sousa to Siam?) Rose Blumkin pics.

1/17/19, I don’t know how anyone’s been seeing this obscure file I haven’t yet worked on till I just cleaned it up a little now, but I’ve got 12 comments on this already for just this year so far. Maybe WordPress had automatically deleted the 2018 comments I never saw because I have all these other difficulties in trying to figure out everything, etc. This file is incomplete because I can’t quit to explain it well right now: I’d noticed something peculiar about old Siam and it led to thinking that my difficulty with the fraud-parent might have to do with his coming from a combination of Vajiravudh Rama VI’s sneaking into the U.S. and this Mrs. Blumkin old friend of Warren Buffett’s who’d passed in 1998, born in 1893, in Minsk. In trying to learn about Vajiravudh I learned alot about his (alleged) male parent Chulalongkorn, posthumously titled Rama V and he’s very important to all this global set up, was very active. Then I started learning more and it’s possible that old Siam was a big part of setting up for the Armageddon against us over here, “si” “am,” maybe being that “si/see/c/curse” and “am” perhaps standing for Americas. The main historian, of that Chaiyo! book, had seemed real peculiar to me, I can’t recall why offhand right now, that some of the information was mixed up or incorrect or such, like it’s a joke, and then further back, before Rama IV, Mongkut the king from “The King and I,” “Anna and the King,” before that major character who might be akin to JD Rockefeller here, the Rama III seemed real dangerous from the start of the research I’d gotten and then I never got a chance to get any further than just one good picture and getting his name straight in my mind, all my chance for researching any of back then and there was gone and there was alot to it, books that are real hard to find I was getting closer to. There is a recent biography on the present Rama of Thailand but it doesn’t have an index so it was all too difficult for me but I think the system had done alot of its set up for this there, how we got into this present-day situation, which I say is like we’re living in crime-world practically, now I’m noticing, in addition to all the previously mentioned parasitism-problems, etc.

Rama VI, Vajiravudh, d. 1925, Siam.

In looking for things via the search-engine I’d noticed this round-headed Vajiravudh old Siamese royalty somehow and gotten the idea that my/the fraud-parent might have come from that source and I started looking into this subject a bit. Notice that bright-white sun coming in through what I guess is a window on the lower-right, that that bright-white blob seems connected to Vajiravudh and then it’s also similar to that similar in the “French Connection” photo:

From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc.

In turning the blog around it occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned this part of my situation above in here yet, so I’ll have to go back over and see about filling this in here or in some other spot, but then later I’d also gotten a little chance to look up about old Siam and it seems like it was a big system-operation going on there, alot of those old royalty used as prototypes and then descended to people all around us today, and some horrific thing with a strange (fraud-) -aunt I’d had that’d seemed like Chulalongkorn’s wife’s “natural” offspring, and such as that, and then an unfinished peculiar co-line of thought around Omaha: (Excuse the mishmash: Continue reading

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42 misc. illustration pages pdf

misc. pages .pdf, There’s some sort of a huge identity prolem with Jack Horner that I’d noticed shortly before the 2015 accident, getting onto computer-use time and getting around to looking him up, now it was some whole different professor and Rockly’s (Rocky’s that probably was, don’t have time to check right now,) museum staff/curator, an old guy who’d married a young student.

The Missing Dinosaurs…

The Missing Dinosaurs that Real-God had Put Here for Us


img 20170619 1356292

3-16-16.pdf, I saw this illustration in an April or May (2014 probably,) copy of The Atlantic magazine and added the Beringia map below to try to explain most of the system’s obsession with speed and energy power: energy picture.

I collaged this from a The Atlantic (magazine) article that had kept attracting my attention but now I can’t find exactly which issue it was the cover story with. Maybe I just figured out the difficulty but right now the illustrator is uncredited, about May 2014 it had seemed was the issue but I’ve got a note that says March 2012 on the back of it so I’m not sure. To me it expresses this frenetic world and I’m trying to explain that the OCD freneticism to be fast-moving all around comes from that it’s a 14,000-mile trip in prehistoric days between the “Old World” and the “New World” where some group had wandered to in quest of catching the sun before it lifts up off of the ground in the morning, that they’d thought. Difficulty grasping that the earth and sun are each round and way far apart and never touch, that the descendants of that then long-lost and dinosaur-extincting by egg-smashing still have, expressed by all the cars and planes and rockets in their still-misconceptions about the earth-sun distance phenomenon. (2/18/19 and I’ll try to clean this and these other files up while I’m trying to reorganize this right now on limited time.)

#12, Michael Novicek, paleontology attempt 3-16-16.pdf= this is missing right now, I’ll try to re-find it.

David Pizzanelli, Posted on May 26, 2016saxby_ holography.pdf

saxby holography5, saxby holography4, — saxby3. — saxby2,  saxby holography1

saxby holography the pages are all mixed up but in there.

Medal given to Pres. Obama

It just, I think, happens to look like Graham Saxby.

Heinrich Schule younger.

Heinrich Schule older.


Big early psychiatrist, born 1860 maybe. “Alienists” they were called back then. I’m trying to start a file on this “Man In Oriental Costume”/Jomon stereotype.


These also seem to have made a whole “Stepford Wives” stereotype and that’s probably or likely where they’d gotten the “star” of this Armageddon Program off of me all this time from. They plant it anywhere I might be trying to go to or get assistance from, like most recently on Saturday but also if I try to go to the library at the not-too-far-away University of Houston, that there are a couple of books I’m trying to find that they have copies of them there, quite a few probably, but the first time I’d taken a bus through that area they had one of this stereotype looking real dramatic like on its way to a death-arena. I’d thought it had to do with that recent election, last November, that one of that type’s husbands hadn’t won was what that unspeaking semiotic was about but now I realize that they’d also had one when I went to look at the Sabin papers in Massachusetts, as well as the one that that probably was this past Saturday, me just trying to go about my own business and not really looking that closely for stereotypes or anything, but then she’d done an “all over me” type of a trick that made me realize that she either was a plant for my visit or that maybe she just works that place, posing as a client. (2/25/19,  Monday.)

check Michael Young, 1956 on meritocracy — ck Ludwig von Mises Institute, Austria; Levin b. Bronx august 27, 1929, a couple of years at Drake University in Des Moines and back to ny, fa a wealthy toy importer, nbc, abc, magazines, first novel at age 24, 1953, a kiss before dying; drafted and stationed to write in Queens led to the no time for sergeants, griffith starred in the tv, play, and film versions. “Critic’s Choice” play with hope and ball in early sixties, drat! the cat! song He Touched Me by Streisand, 1967 2nd novel, Rosemary’s Baby; This Perfect Day= 1970, = check, that that’s what this post is about, (and then 1972, Stepford Wives was the fourth novel by him.) Then the 4 more novels. Then this austrian place is in Auburn, Alabama. — Wiki on This Perfect Day, 1970 published by Levin: The world is managed by a central computer called UniComp which has been programmed to keep every single human on the surface of the earth in check. People are continually drugged by means of monthly treatments (delivered via transdermal spray or jet injector) so that they will remain satisfied and cooperative “Family members”. They are told where to live, when to eat, whom to marry, when to reproduce, and for which job they will be trained. Everyone is assigned a counselor who acts somewhat like a mentor, confessor, and parole agent; violations against ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ by themselves and others are expected to be reported at a weekly confession.– The central computer is under Switzerland and the situation doesn’t sound too different. They play up that he liked the Ayn Rand novels, I think it was them. Right now I can’t recall where I’d picked up this Meritocracy business from, maybe on this This Perfect Day novel. But I’ve got Stepford Wife girls that I’m recognizing around alot as seem partners to these “Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg” -types, like friends, each of them given one or more as a player-piece.

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I’ve found a new way of trying to describe all this simply and am trying to reach any astronomer or group of them and I guess the emails are getting confiscated as there isn’t any response of any kind as with my mailed letters. I’m describing that the Earth is orbiting around the sun no differently than the obviously-dead “Asteroid Belt” does, and that’s just a planet that had gotten broken back when there was all this crisis of the start of this “system” we’re in, where normal people can’t even say the words and I’m trying to communicate that we’re going to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION because of it and I can’t even easily use the vocabulary to discuss it because I’m just writing in a blind, don’t want to get innocent bystanders entrapped and yet have to find only any responsibly-behaving adult to assist me with all this. The main person I’m trying to contact is this Carnegie Institution’s R. Paul Butler who’d with Geoffrey Marcy discovered planets orbiting other stars, like Pegasi 51 and Centurius -type names the other stars with planets have got, I’m trying to pose this as also being a “discovery” that Astronomy could somehow take credit and prestige for making, when really the system-core knows the ancestors had accidentally caused all that trouble, killed off natural growth possibility into all this sadism-horror, and they staunch anyone that gets close to also noticing that the solar system’s died-off because of all the …. anyway, that’s what I’m trying to do and everything is difficult, it doesn’t look like my communication-attemps go anywhere and what I’ll have to go through logistically to get printouts and bring them to anyone is what it looks like I’ll have to do while in the meantime I’ve got all these groups and individuals from the system looking to cause horrors for me and winter coming on, which I know there’s a good chance I won’t be able to get through because I don’t know a single person who has any idea what I’m talking about. It’s alot like the Giordano Bruno and Galileo problem-sets. I’ll have to look up which popes were causing them problems and explain that via this Autism-psychopathy description of what’s gone wrong, and then this astronomer named Benedict Sestini has popped up as working at the Georgetown University observatory, where I think that’s a picture of him in that Church of St. Aloysius on North Capitol Street here, that he’s a descendant of Charles Borromeo and they had this Autism-psychopathy that’s led to all the sadism real bad, so I’ll have to look up all about Sestini and such when all that’s really required is for anyone to say that they understand what I’m talking about and are interested in looking into this. I’m giving out this site’s URL as much as I can for the background information a person should have.

That seasonal job didn’t work out and I’m still trying to get a letter to the guy to ask specifically about why I couldn’t get a chance, as that little income would have been such the difference, and there were these “goons” I’m calling the offspring of the fraud-familial problem now, all around me trying to get to the job site the first day. Today there were alot of a partner-type’s around, alot of the Bishop Shahan, d. 1932, around. I never know what these ritual-doers are up to that might suddenly make life even worse, — which is how this sadism-description started forming, that it’s so much sadism that we’re inured to that thousands of years ago it had forced nature to cease working on creating life in this solar system, everything’s been at a standstill and we’re still orbiting but so is the pile of rubble called “the Asteroid Belt.”

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Suburban Hospital

After jotting the above quick file/post before going out I then got purposely run into by a car, real lightly but I’m frail and had quick fallen down and was okay but they loaded me into an ambulance and I woke up a wreck in ICU a week later, on Thanksgiving night. Around 18 months later I got a copy of the police report and saw that “the case” was about some (alleged) different accident, probably with a lady who looked like myself, one block from where the ambulance had just picked me up. I haven’t had a chance to look at this material since then. I got a copy of the hospital papers or most of them and it’s on the Navigation bar somewhere if anyone would ever assist me with this disaster, and my main difficulty maybe is that when I’d scanned the pages I’d written at the hospital it was nearly the first time I’d scanned anything and it came out bad and about 45 pages of the 500 or so seem to be permanently gone, maybe I’ll find a few here and there but the continuity is messed up with that. I’d found this newsletter of theirs not long before I left, there 11 weeks altogether, a Johns Hopkins hospital right next to the National Institute of Health. As with everything else I’ll be trying to straighten out these files: Suburban Hospital part 1 Dear Potential Responsibly-behaving adult in CRRC-“V.A.,” MCCH or other place,

Everyone is afraid of the decapitators so “everyone” agrees that my worldview is incorrect, that we’re being driven to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION by this top-secret decapitators’ system. Lately I’ve been trying to point out that there’s something wrong about (place’s) founder, (name censored) and now in the hospital I notice a resemblance around the eyes with Joe Fuca of the 1961-62 “French Connection” narcotics scam. This photo, in the 1/26/62 Life magazine issue, was probably a curse onto then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. — The photo caption reads: Joe Fuca snarls at camera and police, following seizure of heroin hidden in his Brooklyn home. On kitchen table behind him are plastic bags containing narcotics and weapons retrieved from ceiling of his basement. (New York Daily News photo) —  [He was the parent of Patsy (Pasquale) Fuca of the Brooklyn part of the “French Connection” “heroin” scam and Tony Fuca of the Bronx part of the French Connection scam that had used the suitcases I’d been set up as a child to have been playing little games seemingly by myself with, with these same “Jomon ‘magicians'” crawling all over me back then  as have been increasingly using me for this “Revelation” Armageddon fulfillment. — they gave me a little more time for trying to work on this file now. The picture is in an issue with a cover story on Robert Kennedy, with a nice-looking front page picture so that all the clan was sure to be going through the issue, and opposite Joe Fuca’s little picture, before the Bronx bust was done yet, there’s a photo of Audrey Hepburn dancing (maybe doing the twist, I don’t recall specifically,) with her husband, Mel Ferrar I’m pretty sure his name is. Hepburn looked “stunning” and that film “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was likely out around then and I don’t know what else of hers but the whole thing, including then the car hit, is all connected to that these “brain experts” are actually (like) “retarded people” who are addicted to getting high off of people’s brains and are doing this decapitating as the global-system and teeny me is alone with it and back in 1989 I fell into a trick-set that got that “psychiatric” label put onto me so they could do this lifelong using me as LURE-bait because the psychiatric label will get me “disappeared” and no one will ever know the difference.]

p.2, “King” Rene, Rene d’Anjou, d. 1

Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480

Most of the similar types probably came from lines of “Rene’s sons” of the early Renaissance. He was mostly in Avignon, France, downstream from Mrs. Kennedy’s Bouvier relatives and upstream from the narcotics center at Marseilles. When her relatives heard she’d become First Lady they’d tried but failed to be able to reach her, presumably about their generational top-secret slavery to Rene’s old underground. The 1961-62 “French Connection”

Nov. 22, 1963 swearing-in aboard Air Force One. From Jack Valenti’s ____ memoir.

narcotics ritual was invented toward keeping all this secrecy going on. (I will try to make these click-ons for the photo captions.

p.3) That is now-famous entertainment mogul Jack Valenti, picture in the Air Force One’s lower left-hand corner, taken [fair use] from his memoir of his White House days, and a similar-looking person’s picture slightly above and to the right. In its little-seen color version or some other picture of the swear-in judge from earlier that day you can see that she’s wearing a brown sweater with polka dots of all different colors, like blue, yellow, pink and green. LSD was very legal and popular with rich people back then and polka dots were maybe a reference-code to help throw Mrs. Kennedy off-track as to what it was that was going on. I was thinking that CRRC’s leader Mr. **** might be related to (censored) or the (late) comedian Buddy Hackett or to Joe Fuca, the parent of the French Connection’s main American characters, and I’m asking for an amnesty from the group’s hands all over my life, forcing me out to Kensington, and to Deanwood, and now somewhere else.


From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc. Caption has to get filled in here: Record haul, etc.

This looks to me like my fraudulent-parent (censored, probably “Mr. Foshay,”) as the French Connection ended in our old neighborhood in the Bronx, and those are (3) suitcases that I’d been led to play with, before they vanished I guess for this ritual-scam photo. He and the agent look similar. Finally one day in 2004 I found my way out to the old neighborhood, from the Bronx zoo approach, and was surprised to see an ancient-looking one-room synagogue. “Jesus-types” like this “Man In Oriental


“Man In Oriental Costume,” National Gallery of Art.

Costume,” (NGA, gallery 48,) keep the criminally-insane types placated by thinking up system-ways for them.

[Now I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the criminally-insane, thinking up system-ways for the developmentally-disabled Autists, that I haven’t gotten to yet in this write-up attempt.]

Mrs Oswald Marguerite

Book cover photo of Mrs. Oswald.

Briefly I want to mention that Mrs. Oswald and Mr. Foshay look similar and few people know that Lee Oswald had spent all of 1953 also living in the Bronx, as a 13-year old. The lady who wrote this book was married to someone with this type of face also, the writer named A.J. Leibman or Leiberman. [Leibling.]


p.6) I’ve started a new way of trying to describe this TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, that our solar system had halted evolution as lost-in-Alaska cannibalism drama-scenes had started in Prehistory, some time before the so-called Trojan War, which was really a mass-immigration of long-lost New World people, whose ancestors had accidentally extincted the dinosaurs, by egg-smashing in zealous competition for the hallucinogen-laced mash of flowers, mushrooms and toads the adult dinosaurs brought back to the nests for the hatchlings, and the humans who felt overly-comfortable in the nests, who’d been developmentally battered by the trip they shouldn’t have gone through with.

I mean that after those’s descendants met people like the Trojans and tasted normal cooked meat they couldn’t get enough of it and, lost in the back-and-forth trek they began setting fire to the weaker of their own kind, the women and children, and the spirit-people who’d begun ranging out and exploring space were forced to come close and try to intervene, but the Old World peoples had cooked meat and so the long-separated and developmentally disabled New World people wanted all the same things as those others had. Nature couldn’t birth new creations into the sadism and so Mars and Venus were left as is and “the Asteroid Belt” is probably a broken planet from trying to tip the planet to warm up the ones lost in Alaska, to how our axis is still crooked. 

While it seems like everything is okay with the sun’s seeming to “rise” every morning, the billions of Asteroid pieces are also orbiting the same way as us year after year. Continue reading

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I have to make an Intermission for this section to move up from the footer for a bit now. [I’m having these mixed now, both the widgets and new inserts.]

I think that’s insane “Jupiter,” off of the boat with the other invaders of the normal people south of Rome.

Typical tourist posing with sculpture of King Casimir the Great III that I have to find out the sculptor’s name. Click-on

This is the “God” character from the inner center top of the “Ghent Altarpiece,” 1432.

Vlad Dracula Tepes, 1431-1476, Romania. His parent, Dracula I, is in the bottom center front of the main piece of the Ghent Altarpiece, “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.”










Juan Ponce de Leon, 1460 Santervas de Campo, Spain -1521, Havana, Cuba

King James I of England and VI of Scotland circa 1621 by Daniel Mytens, from Wikimedia Commons, in the public domain because of its age.

Cover of John Steinbeck’s “Cup of Gold” novella, about Harry Morgan, 1635 Llanrumney, Wales, -1688, (Lawrencefield) Jamaica.









Man In Oriental Costume, NGA, WDC

Vulcan of the Apotheosis of Washington

Louis Napoleon, 1808-1873 — Add link








Gardner Hubbard

Jan Matejko

Wilhelm Wundt






Kahlil Gibran

Raymond Loewy; PD courtesy NARA.

the Dr. Ralph Carfagni

check Samuel J. Untermeyer, c. 1899, NY lawyer, purchased Greystone, Yonkers, from Samuel J. Tilden estate.





Heinrich Schule younger.

Heinrich Schule (1840-1916) older. He looks like Melville Bell, Alexander Graham Bell’s parent, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Tsiolkovsky, rocket science prime-mover





Graham Saxby, 1925?-2017, holographer; saxby holography3, saxby holography2

Allen Ginsberg, 1925-1997; (click-on straightened out soon.) Also, Chaim Potok 1929-2002, Ira Levin 1929-2007, E.L. Doctorow 1931-2017…)









Raphael and his fencing partner, c. 1520. As far as I can tell they’re both from the type I’m calling from the “Jomon” and then all the “pointy cheeks” hybrids they’ve made.

Salvator Mundi, circa 1500

Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564 Rome (“him-kill-angelo” nickname now.)

(Alexander) Graham Bell (1847 Edinburgh – 1922 Nova Scotia,) circa 1879, 29 years old.









Louvre, through Wikimedia, the Seated Scribe. “Ancient” Egypt

Detail, Judgment of Emperor Otto (click-on to be added yet.)

Cardinal (Giuliano) della Rover, later Pope Julius II, d. 1513.

Bartolomeo Platina, Vatican Librarian; I’ll crop and link this.








Charles L. Stewart; click-on.

Robert Goulet, 1933-2007

— I’m having difficulty with the click-on for the copyright-status on the Sophia Loren and have to forget it for right now but it is real important.

John Davidson, 1941, Pittsburgh

I’m hoping I’ll get a permission on the photo from the 2009 “Breakshot” book by Kenji Gallo for this spot here I think it would go.


Ingres is so far the bad guy that I’m going to try to get researched for more background to here but in the tortures to me his type seems to be in the background, behind the scenes of my life for a long time, both male and female versions. I’d read that he’d had “cousins” that worked for him in his painting business, maybe like that they lived in his dungeon, and they’re more the Wilhelm Wundt or even Raphael -type of this same “Jomon” type of people, with Ingres then some further hybrid line.


Ingres’ self-portrait on left center.

This is Ingres’ painting of Joan of Arc and she represents more or less my type of a victim-idiot for themselves and their quest to do this world-takeover, the “Infinite Jest” dupe-type.







“The Driller,” statue at Edwin Drake’s grave memorial, by Charles Niehaus I think; have to find the attribution.

Recent Edwin Drake book; I’ll find the attributions. Oil City books, PA.

The “Driller” and Drake seem like Ingres and his cousins, like as though Edwin Drake was forced to find oil by his Driller-kin:

The Driller







Detail, Pilgrims panel, Ghent Altarpiece — This St. Christopher and the Pilgrim-boy duo has become virtually the devil and the 666, funding their world-takeover off of their petroleum system and brain serum and people-manufacturing and toilet-system industries.

C. 1940, Erich Mendelsohn, Walter Peterhans, Ludwig Hilberseimer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Chicago. Photo courtesy the Ludwig Karl Hilberseimer Archive, Ryerson and Burnham Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago. I’ll make a better copy soon.

Ghent Altarpiece’s “Pill-grim” boy











Patinir’s St. Christopher, Landscape with St. Christopher, c. 1522, in the Escorial, PD.

Patinir, another of his St. Christopher paintings.

I’ll try to get a better copy of this St. Christopher and child, by Jan van Scorel.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. (This Rivera self-portrait is “flipped,” is how I noticed this resemblance between Diego Rivera and the Ghent Altarpiece’s “Pill-grim boy” character.)










Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Cardinal Borgia, 1431 Xativa, Spain – 1503, Rome

Samuel Wesley 1662-1735

Marquis de Lafayette, 1757-1834

Bishop Thomas J. Shahan, 1857-1932








Frank Hamer, 1884-1955, Texas Ranger; clic…..












“Babar boys”

Mssr. Francois Scaglia in the line-up photo from “The French Connection,” by Robin Moore, 1969. He got sent to a new jail/courthouse just a block or so from where Kitty Genovese moved to at about that same time, 1962-63, and then she (or someone) was killed there just before the 1964 NY World’s Fair opened. I suspect the scam had more security means for the Fair as the main ulterior motive.

Robertito on the cover of the “A Miracle to Believe In” book by Barry Neil Kaufman.

I use this cartoon sometimes to try to express that there’s a difficulty with me using computers, that it’s irresponsible for me to be all alone like this, the system-people despise anything about me, like he’s expressing anger there at what he’s seeing, me saying that that’s like a reaction to anything I do. I’d been used as an excuse for forcing everyone onto this internet instead of materials we could exchange like books or records amongst ourselves. I was set up and used as an example of a virus-spreader and the disks were replaced with this system.
















Priam, detail from the “Ransom of Hector” Red-figure skyphos by the Brygos Painter circa 490 B.C., Kunsthistoriches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Statue of da Vinci, 1452-1519, click.– (see below;) plus there’s a photo of a girl standing on it to show that she and the head are about the same size, a photo like that would be a good illustration, size-comparison.

da Vinci’s (lost) Battle of “Anghiari”












Henri Deterding, 1866 Amsterdam – 1939 St. Moritz, SW; click-on:  Henri Deterding, 1866 Amsterdam -1939 St. Moritz, SW

Sidney Gottlieb, 1918 Bronx b. Joseph Scheider, check spelling, – March 7, 1999 Washington, DC (home in Washington, VA.) — I’d found this somewhere: https://io9.gizmodo.com/every-crazy-cia-plot-youve-heard-of-originated-with-one-5838255?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=gizmodo_copy&utm_campaign=bottom

Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber 1922-2018.) I think both he and Sidney Gottlieb were from the Bronx. — Wham! Bam! He wasn’t from the Bronx but Manhattan, probably. This Pow! Smash! went on alot during these Armageddon years with the libraries (in DC) doing an “Every Hero has a Story” theme for awhile there. My business is that “heroin” and “hero-in” to the death-trap areas of this planet are system-mixed up together, and the “super-heroes” are more like the super-Autists that the super-Jomon had rigged the planet to pleasure.

Gepetto, circa 1902; click-on. 3/21/19 = I’ll have to check this link, it’s supposed to be Repetto, Thomas, but I didn’t want to make a privacy invasion with this controversial the subjects.



















Bicci de Medici, 1360 Florence, Italy – 1429, Florence. Ck M. Piccardi Bueri (1386 Verona -1429 Florence.)

Detail from Mantegna’s “Triumphs of Caesar,” the Caesar character of the last, the 9th, panel.

Oswald Avery, 1877 Halifax, Canada – 1955, Nashville, TN. (Medical-research scientist; click-on/s to be installed.)









Simon Flexner, 1863, Louisville, KY – 1946, NYC

Pope Saint Paul VI, (1963-1978); Montini, Giovanni, 1897-1978







Detail from Jan Matejko’s “Jadwiga”

William Matthews, 1770-1854, priest, St. Patrick’s Church, Wash., DC. I just read that he was some cousin of Charles Carroll of Carrollton that I’m still trying to do a file on.

I’m putting him here to try to test out why the Mickey Cohen Wiki-link isn’t working: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Cohen = Click-on for the Mickey Cohen link is all I can get through so far.

= Prince Napoleon-Jerome Bonaparte, 1822 Trieste, Austria – 1891 Rome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Napol%C3%A9on_Bonaparte

Jean-Martin Charcot, 1825-1893, Paris; click-on for citations. Charcot

Pope Saint John XXIII, 1958-1963m (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli,1881-1963,) in 1959 with the Lebanese Prime Minister Sami as-Solh, 1887-1968..popes= I’m not sure if this is his link or what happened to it, can’t check right now.

Fiorello H. LaGuardia, 1852 NYC – Sept. 20, 1947, Bronx, NY — his link might take awhile to re-find also.

Pancho Barnes, 1901 Pasadena – 1975 Boron, CA; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancho_Barnes

Gertrude “Trudy” Elion, 1913?-1999, 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. “Trudy” Elion, 1913ish-1999









White and pink-colored car later changed to white and blue. A guy of the above “staircase-being #1” type had tried to kidnap me in early 1965. A schoolmate-neighbor told her teacher and police came to the apartment that evening and asked me to draw a picture of the car and I couldn’t, I can’t draw (thank goodness, because that’s a big code-slang LURE-theme, to “draw” people toward your trap,) and the fraud-parent told the police that I make things up. That incident makes me figure that the 2 stereotypes are closely-connected partners.

Witness Protection Program subject

p.292, Witness Protection

Gerald Shur photo from WITSEC by Pete Earley

From Pete Earley’s 2002 “WITSEC” on the Federal Witness Security/Protection program, this photo looks like my fraud-parent ….

I couldn’t find this or any of the Jadwiga copies in the media file back here and just copied this from the widget-copy. Here’s the text to that one also: The fraud-parent type is right at the top of the staircase, drinking from a stein, they’re like a cousin to the #1 type on the bottom left with his hands together.

2nd photo of Mr. Shur in the WITSEC account.

Margueritte Oswald








This is Woodrow Wilson, I hadn’t realized the link iisn’t on so he’s doubly just been sitting there without his name. 1856 Staunton, VA – 1924 WDC. Without the link yet I’m not positive what I’d meant with this caption: This work is from the Harris & Ewing collection at the Library of Congress. According to the library, there are no known copyright restrictions on the use of this work. This work is from the Harris & Ewing collection at the Library of Congress. According to the library, there are no known copyright restrictions on the use of this work.

Pius XII; Basilica mosaic. NSIC mosaic. Click-on; mention that the young Eugenio Pacelli looks to me maybe “from” big peace advocate Woodrow Wilson.

young Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, 1876-1958; click-on.

Rene Dubos, 1901-1982, click-on for the citation. There are better pictures of Rene but this seemed the least-complicated per the permissions.

Here’s a PD photo of Rene Jules Dubos at the National Institute of Health in the early 1950s that I just found a couple of days ago on the Profiles in Science site and will have to put a click-on on for further details on this yet. He’s the one on the far left.




















— I figure that the von Humboldt brothers, Willem and Alexander from Potsdam, Berlin, would be big stereotypes but I haven’t been able to sort out too much that specific yet.


I wrote to the Detroit Inst. of Arts for a permission to use a copy of the Diego Rivera portrait of Edsel Ford (1893-1944,) 1932, and they wrote back that it’s (somehow) still under copyright of Rivera. It had been a gift to Edsel Ford for the assistance given Rivera and Kahlo’s work and living arrangements while they were in Detroit, and it had passed to Edsel Ford’s wife Eleanor but she passed away in 1976 and as far as I’d read it had become property then given from her to the DIA, that it had been a gift to her husband that she’d inherited and in turn given as a gift to the Detroit museum but now they say they don’t own it and I should write to the Artists Rights Society in NY, and they include a link. So I’ll be trying to contact them too.

Edsel Ford, 1893-1944, Detroit

Photo by Tim Clark on Pexels.com —  Edsel Ford, 1893-1942

Still difficulty about a Permission on the portrait Diego Rivera gave to Edsel Ford, that somehow the copyright reverted to Rivera and then trying to get through to which group controls that copyright….


I’m looking for a PD photo of Frank Olson, 1910-1953 but can’t find one yet, to compare to Edsel Ford as maybe being where he’d “come from,” and maybe like me in there somewhere also then. __________________

Daniel Shays; click-on. — I have to straighten out this click-on.

Add Muhammad Fard, mysterious Detroit Nation of Islam evangelist; click.

and Paul Kelly/Vaccarelli sp.

Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937


Ghent Altarpiece characters?



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