4/5/16, Tuesday

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4/5/16, Tuesday

Judge Morrissey,

After re-copying the long letter last night I realized 2 more things, and there’s aloways more I shoujld get included:

1- It ws after I’d realized there’s a DC Attorney General that the Nathan AG ____ one was gone and re-placed by the 1st elected Attorney General and he happens to be a “type” that might be some hybrid of the fraud-parent and I’m pretty sure I’d mentioned that in 1 or both of the letters I’d written to him.

2- In January 1986 I’d learned to computer-typeset and was running 5 computers at the same time and there was that Christa McAuliffe “Teacher In Space” big blow-up conflagration of that Challenger spaceship. Shortly thereafter the printer changed locations and I had to quit and later learned he’d accidentally moved to a toxic waste dump and there’d been illness problems, but basically it looks in retrospect that the global “Tuvan-‘magic'” was keeping me off of computers because I’d teach others and they went to the extent of perpetrating that massacre/conflagration for a “ritual” to effect preventing me from learning computers, and, please be quiet and careful, inconspicuous and calm but get a phone call-assistance to me in this insane huge setting I’m in, please. Kathy Foshay


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7:45 a.m., Now these actress-residents with the insane-girl have started setting me up in these sneaky little not worth the time and pen and paper, to “frame” me for this new Retreat-show, one of the insane-type sisters running around blabbing about wanting a frame last evening and all kinds of other things and this particular trouble-maker now followed me to here, she, 88 years old but very spry and goes to the services like twice a day and is now in the temporary bed/cot next to mine and in the middle of the night had put a sweter over me so that when I stood up and felt it in the bedclothes I’d exclaimed, What the f***?!? and it’s really, “innocent-appearing” little elderly hady just hoping I’m warm enough a ritual and thrat that the insane-girl across from me can also sneak up on me and smother and choke me while I’m asleep, so the elderly sneak (from Brooklyn,) starts by saying good morning innocently when the insane and partner acts are around so that then i have to ask if she’s the 1 who put that sweater on me and then not to do that anymore and she goes into this framing-me at that there’s something wrong with my objection to being sneaked-up on in this new location.

9 a.m., I’m on the bus to the welfare/Medicaid office and it always only gets worse for me. I don’t want the Retreat “pigeons” to be lied to or have it a surprse if you get a protetion for me so when I saw the regular section III charge-sister I told her that I’m asking the judge for protective custody from that “girl” that I’m scared of and the sister said to give her the judge’s number before I do that, and they’re mosly like, to be short, “insane mutants” raised by the Mister-Teresa Tuvan-Autists. The pictures show those facial lines because they’re always lost and sneaking around in the Arctic, that that’s how they got the Autism developmental difficulty in the 1st place and then on  and on. I don’t know why the sister participates with the insane-girl except for that above-reason, that those are always after the normal people. They have a door next to the restroom that’s always locked but I’d noticed leads to a sub-basement and all those buildings had originally been homes of people that had been chased into home-abandonment. Then I couldn’t start off getting the brreakfast dishes done for some similar spook-world reason so I got caught dawdling to finish the cup of coffee (horror-symbolism for this phony system,) so the insane-girl started them and kept muttering that I belong in jail, she’s already called themI belong in jail because haha I’m jealous and then that I should be caged, I guess they grow and keep people in cages all underneath and that reminds me that the whole Hip-hop Culture generation came from “French Connection” narcotics-profits’ “growing” and, I figure, raising those babies in cages underneath the Bronx there these past 50+ years, the fraud-parent’s “Sacred Heart/” ejaculation used — I usually use– it’s in the 30+ -page letter to Secret Service, on the page with Lenny Bruce “conspiring” it really is with Pierre Berton there, that those Autists thought they’d have space riches and were raising a “Satan’s” army like it says in that quote from I guess Bruce’s blonde fraud-daughter’s memoir on him. There’s never any responsible human adult I can work with because wherever I go these bums infiltrate 1st, or worse. — Now over my Medicaid mandatory annual renewal that’s due they’re doing a whole “Stormvilles;: show off of me again here, at the “welfare” office, 645 H Street, NW, 20002. The show “times” everything so that all my actions can be squeeze-manipulated into an underground murder-world timed script all the time, this “Shormville-type” telling me to sit down till it calls my #402 and they’re only up to 300-320 now so it’ll be a couple of hours and then I’ll have to get anything to eat from the new CVS downstairs and then to the – etc., for the things I have to do, try to get accomplished, with this fraud-place locking me up with the insane-phony girl for 6 days again now then. My life is always this “emergency” syndrome like this.

11= a.m., All it is is going from that terrifying fraud-parent’s “real” offspring and company of performers all around and over me at the forced-nursing facility there’s no other place open to me besides, to then this bigshot “Stormville”-type performance, and all I’m doing is the same thing I’ve been doing all these years, and I have to get out of that phony nursing-facility, really a death-harvesting house. I guess “they,” the performing-types, assume that I’ll be shoved thorugh that door into the sub-basement and caged to await death, as they’ve been playing all those door-type coming and goinjg tricks. Nobody comprehends my “Stormville-faces” situation-problem where for me only there’s been so much “emnity” since I’m about 6 and the Mrs. had told me that there wasn’t anywhere else she could go to get us away from what turns out to be the fraud-parent all along, that when I see those features I feel revulsion and tere are so many similar types of the “Neanderthal” people that I don’t know when anyone’s going to turn around and have the Stormville-face so I’m always sort of cringing and on-alert  for being revulsed when I’m out anymore and that internal feeling gets “show” secret “show” exhibition I’m not involved with out here but the system has always gone around doing this underneath me, and they tell people that I hate all the people of all these different types without anyone’s knoing about this lifetime of the sneak-tortuures I’ve been put thorugh because of the performing underground druf-:dependents” that the fraud-parent is. I’d even found a picture in a 1975 Collier’s  I think it is encyclopedia that was sneak-taken of me when I was 4-1/2 around 1960 that had me coping with a set-up routine but the caption read that the girl is being selfish, which is the main trait of the Autism that is really killing everything except itself that thrives off of  this type of made-up non-stop tortures to little me. And I’m old now. (that says it was page 6 of 7)