3/29/16, Tues. (3/18?)

3/29/16, Tues., lights out and they’re being/doing the feces-show of leaving the libing room with the tv open but the shower clogged so I can’t just soak my head to cool it off from all the eating on it they’ve been doing this “holy days” potty-party time and now tonight while this popular insane-girl does this show off now to me so i can’t shower at night and then in the mornings they have the other one waiting to perform off of me too, and they, “the jew” or “show, Armageddon-making” timed it this way.

(I can’t be sure this is the same journal-notes attempt here because of the mention about 3/17 at the end

weird set of the “sisters” () “came/come down” to this basement here wearing black headpieces in place of the usual white ones and one holding like a tall thin statue phallic-ritual probably and the two were suddenly nonstop “making conversation” asking questions that interrupted this trying o right Cincinnati and thankfully I noticed it was 8:20 and bed’s at 8:30 so I got out of that scene but had asked them for a towel while one of the “Stormville-types” asked them for water. i guess this insane-girl is a Stormville type, but I don’t look for thinking anything about anyone, they just have her shoved in my face and nasty and strange all the time to where I’ll have to avoid her after the first time I’d seen and talked with her and she’d seemed very nice and useful, but now she’s only useful in a weapon-like way for the murder-system, all kinds of role-acting she does with the sisterhood and whatnot. But also it’s seeming like a scripted ()part where she’d ()banter this other lady here!

This Armageddon-torture is that I do everything and “the jew” and parasites then sneakily go aout ruining everything that I do. As with having had a nice first conversation with this insane girl and since then it’s been this sneaky power-act. Similarly I found a place I could move to only 2 blocks from hee! thought there’d be some waiting list time of course. There’s 1 of the Seabury apartment houses right 2 blocks down these/this hill y blocks 3 blocks, down barely that you could see the building from the grounds here. So last night I’m thinking that I could apply and spend a year in this location as a bridge to this place and my attempt to library-work at the University of Maryland, and from tonight’s St. Patrick’s “holiday” and LURE-“show” behaviors I can see