Vlad Dracula

#138, Vlad Dracula Tepes to the bottom of the Merchant of Venice file, pdf


The character Mustafa Mond

… (I’m not sure if this got broken off of something else:) … was also, to my thinking, like the Vlad “Dracula” Tepes type of the generational-slave #2 types. Recall that Mond was keeping the Bibles and the Shakespeare locked away, that that’s part of what they’re doing off of me with this libraries-“obsession” that I’ve got in all these years, that all I do is to go to libraries and the Armageddon Program gets done from those and the books keep disappearing and being replaced and the system says that everything’s on computer so you don’t have to have books, go look it up on those, but normal people aren’t going to be being allowed to use the Autist-system’s computers, like I’ve nearly never been allowed to, and for me it might get worse at any time and for everyone else right behind that then. I can’t figure what “the Director” or the His-Fordship are specifically like in this book.