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…all over the place here under me in Washington for real, the “insane-girl” doing the Alfred Nobel “Nemesis” play that this Armageddon fuse-lighting idea is, the whole thing bodily dangerous to me anymore and “signs” all around that they’re doing the “standard” LURE the same as my 10 years near the Capitol and any or every other place I’ve ever been unawaresedly out here and it’s just disgusting here with all the thinly-veiled brain-drugs and even about petroleum just now, — that this scary lady-girl that seems to me to have the fraud-parent’s insanity inherited biologically even though, as I think I got through, that she’s from the “Ivory Coast,” like Cincinnati’s main company got rich by manufacturing Ivory Soap and this is 2+2 obviously connected to the insurance company that had written me back in November — all those details, — Judge, I cannot stay here while this Revelation-Armageddon LURE off of invisibly watching and then, surprise, they turn on the gathered audiences and replace the killed people with underground-pawns like morons from this fraud-family I was raised by, please

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in real life I only have a dollar and 10 cents and maybe still $34 on my bus pass(*) but there is nobody i know or could go to except the crisis center in rockville on picard drive and this entire time in (and before) Maryland and then to this “Mister Teresa the Saint” horror-nightmare place experience now and a whole retreat of unsuspecting clergy are headed here and these people are basically insane, but if i try going to the crisis center or anywhere by myself it’ll be no time before i’m surrounded by people claiming i’m schizophrenic– which “turned tables” comes from the identity-replacer who was probably “Mother/Mister Teresa’s” biological parent, the one who’d replaced the Emil Kraepelin phony-psychiatrist and he might have been a descendant-fertilization of Napoleon’s and i can’t explain all what i’ve entrusted to you so far to any surrounding group of strangers with underworld-instructions to lock me away from anyone’s paying attention and these selfish-Autism and their narcotics-worlders are going to cause Earth to break open to get rid of themselves.

* and i have food stamps still! can buy my own food, (3 of 10)


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The book hasn’t been translated from German yet so i couldn’t read it but there’s an odd formula for them to always keep memorized in the back of the book and i think it’s what became that “DNA”  4 proteins or whatever that made that “double-helix” chain and it’s really the ovae-dyes from super-refined hydrocarbon “petroleum” from our decomposed bodies that causes these “race” different skin colors and — they would “throw” wwIII to keep keeping that their key secret, that the skin colors big-deal is a cover-up for that their tribal-family group “black” hair doesn’t get noticed in comparison, and the history of the dyeing likely goes back to the “Dark Ages,” that’s how simplistic everything really is but they’ve got the whole global-underground of force to use against me being able to function to write letters like this toward getting everything out in the open. The example i’d found is a too-dark photocopy of one of the fraud-parent’s offspring that is in a famous music band *, that you can’t recognize the fraud-parent’s features in the too-dark copy the same way that they aren’t obvious on this “Ivory Coast” insane hater of me that’s an actress (brain-eater) that will be working to set up all these unsuspecting silent-retreat people arriving 4/5. I’ll try to include the phone number to this place so please someone could call me here with an address i can leave here for, please!

*”Walk This Way” LURE-song with Aerosmith-their biggest hit.

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Bear with me please, I accidentally ran over by an extra page so will have to use an extra stamp so i should add at least 4 more pages.

The skin-color part is dangerous, they get hysterical over the subject because their power derives from that is why i think that was so important to oberth that the “masters” be sure not to lose track of that key formula. as far as “dna” goes oswald avery of the rockefellers Institute for Medical Research was heavily involved in that and his stereotype, which might be in my genetics too, is like an all-history mess-up, was likely involved in figuring out how many humans could be grown for food from each ovary cut out of women, and it was probably a “pneumococcus” specimen purloined from him that had caused the 18 million deaths of the 1918 Spanish influenza and then all the yearly, annual flus after that AND this horrifying “slug-pneumonia” I call it that standardly seems to be used in this Armageddon-LURE as well as other big places from  what i gather, that these smiling insane Autists and company invite people to this LURE off of me and work up a crowd by lying to people about what I’m doing and when everyone’s high and partying they release these “slug-pneumonia” airborne and hand-to-hand passed viruses and lock the doors and slink off and leave the victims to die of starvation and the growing internal slugs that cause suffocation. I’d caught this thing at least 66 times at the downtown shelter.

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Meaning that anything Dr. “Professor” Oswald Avery, like an absent-minded or something professor, was involved in might be all incorrect, got turned around twisted to evil and mass-deaths, and the whole dna thing is probably a farce and it’s really got to do with melanin-cells or some similar thing unknown about way back when like the idea that there was silver on the moon and then stars were probably big gems to be harvested was all incorrect but the Autists didn’t blink an eye and just continued with their world-conquest by squeezing the normal people out of existence. Fresh air and sunshine, and normal living heals the Autism but those people then become “outsiders” that are on the target-lists.

I can’t tell this to anyone because I would be labelled crazy and carted off to wind up at the special Armageddon-LURE site of locked-ward at the V/A.  hospital on the Hudson River, that’s what they’re trying to squeeze me to, but the other rockefeller institute employee that i think i come from, Florence sabin whose letters i’d like to go to smith college to read and try to explain her to people, she was a secret laughingstock of the underground like i am, i suspect her purloined-by “research purposes” -trick standard consent form these hospitals get everyone to think there’s nothing abnormal going on, i suspect her

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ovae were used for people like (me) and the current pope and the galactic astrophysicist Sandra Moore Faber, hard-working unsuspecting normal people that the system sneak-uses for huge amounts of work while it laughs at us, – Judge, please get someone to call or write by mail to me at this place with an address i can go to to be safe but not locked up so i can straighten-out my evidence even just for the car-hit, that i might have put a note to myself in my email but i haven’t been able to sit down and look for anything yet, a place where I’d be safe from them doing the underground kill- “show” off of me. I can’t describe what this weekend was like and to my knowledge there’s nobody but me that’s considering the unending horror that the empty universe is being left. This “Divine Mercy Sunday” is 1 big fat trick for the Tuva-underground, all slave-prisoner done but it involves all kinds of different details, like that it’s grounded (perhaps mostly) in the concept of switching the “Christ” Semites if you will, to my and this pope and dr. faber’s genes-types of people instead of getting the psychopathy explained and letting the human race straighten all the cannibalism out over the next 3-4 generations until it’s all behind us and inner-spirit real spirits are re-developing and we’re back on track.

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And I’m suspecting Mister Mother Teresa and this Divine Mercy business includes a whole Sacred Heart that is the fraud-parent’s line or type of people, when really they’re just a problem that the captives in northern Europe were saddled with, along the lines of that character in Mrs. Suzy Welch’s 1992  novel-allegory that she’s probably completely unaware that that’s what it is, and is similar to John Steinbeck’s work which is all allegory for the system, especially the George (Autist) and Lenny (Neanderthal) “Of Mice and Men” story but he’d also written one called “St. Katy the Pig” and tat’s what I was raised for, to become a disgusting thing and type of people that could replace the “Jesus” -type of cannibalism-victims, and i could be researching the dinosaur-disappearance, and while in  the kensington nursing and rehab center i’d gotten the impression that there were alot of Autist/Autist-psychopath Paleo-Americans along the Missouri River and in the Ozarks maybe that also captured and held newcomers hostage that went into this current global-system, and instead of me simply being able to do book-research and type=up and explain so the human race could get over this mess of the tiny error of the early forcing the way over Beringia and getting separated from society and so growing wild or feral that had led to all this illness that’s doing the Revelation-Armageddon by hounding me all over the place, i just am always stuck with nothing better i can do about this than beg different groups to assist me a little, please, effect something. Here’s other: