Me in Ireland

I was taken to Ireland the summers of 1968 and 1969 by the female fraud-parent’s male fraud-parent, my fraud-maternal fraud-grandfather, a widower, and there had been a lot of visiting back and forth going on, the forth being that one of the many fraud-relatives I’d met over there had somehow met a guy from NY and come over here at some point in all of that back and forth time period to see the guy and when I went to Ireland I guess the 2nd summer she was married to some other guy, which had surprised me alot and I might, as I have been put through one set up after another I’m figuring, have inadvertantly “insulted” the new husband by asking my fraud-relative in front of him why she had married him, maybe I’d caused one or both of them to feel embarrassed, that some of all those “curses” I must have accrued during those 2 summers might have alot to do with that this “expose’ (expozay)” story had been parallel to this “Armageddon Show” all these years.  The guy she’d come over to here to see had had the same name as the protagonist and therefore as the fraud-parent’s and that also is likely not really coincidental either. The libraries are closed here tomorrow but I’ll try to do a better write-up on this inter-connected “summer vacations” business. — I moved this here to make way for the Brendan Behan pictures.