Viktoria Luise 1892-1980

File:Viktoria Luise von Preußen in Totenkopfhusaren-Uniform - color.jpgThe invisible-torture is like  that that’s me that the great Babylonian is sitting on, ^ my butt, my head stuck underneath all those spirit-cannibalizing “voices” screaming that they are in love with her.File:Viktoria Luise von Preußen in Totenkopfhusaren-Uniform - color.jpgA postcard showing Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia in the uniform of the II Life Hussars regiment, This file has been extracted from another file: VictoriaLouiseUniform.jpgoriginal file

David Jones records in his prose-poem In Parenthesis a fragment of song from the Western Front – “I want Big Willie’s luv-ly daughter” – implying (as Jones notes) “that the object of the British Expedition into France was to enjoy the charms of the Emperor’s daughter”.[35] 

File:Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1892-1980).jpg

Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1892–1980), daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria. Source: Wiki says its circa 1910 and the author is Keturah Collings (1862–1948). I’m not sure that that isn’t her wedding photograph, around 1914. This is the major female stereotype to all this torture of myself and now it occurs that maybe Barnes had gotten some ovae during that 1926 visit. Also Ret. Genl. David Petraeus (pronounced betray us,)might be a male “version” from the same ovae-set. He’d lost his retirement job due to scandal with his biographer who also seems to be this “stereotyped” type. I think Viktoria Luise likely “came from” that painting model I could now try to go find a copy of, by Rubens, so that it was around 1630 maybe, same age as the Man In Oriental Costume one.

File:Le Chapeau de Paille by Peter Paul Rubens.jpg

{{PD-old-100}} – for works in the public domain because their copyright has expired in countries and areas copyrighting works for life plus 100 years or less. {{PD-1923}} I finally found Wikipedia’s tag-rules and it says to use a 2nd one for non-U.S. materials. This is Peter Paul Rubens’ “Le Chapeau de Paille,” The Straw Hat, but maybe there’s a little time-warp trick here because her name is allegedly Susanna Lunden and there’s an English (French, a Paris artist, Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun, 1755-1842,) lady’s later painting that looks like the same type to where maybe there is some mix-up, where Rubens was a major “Jomon” operator in all this global-system set up. I’ll be trying to find a fuller copy of the Viktoria Luise above to see if she has a ring on her finger, as in my linking this portrait to the “One Ring to … and in the darkness bind them, I can’t recall how it goes right now. The Princess Viktoria Luise had had many titles but maybe mostly that she was the Duchess of Brunswick, and Lebrun, “brun,” is brown, might be the same line of people. {{PD-1923.}}File:Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun.jpg

 {{PD-1923}} Original-Aufnahme (autnahme?) von Erich Sollin Hofphot., Berlin 2374 Verlag von Gustav Liersch & Berlin S.W. is written in this lower-right corner, where Flickr said the page isn’t working that it had come from and I hadn’t seen this photo before and it is a straw hat so I just grabbed and am using it just for now till I can find a less-controversial copy and now I’ll go checking for another photo with a hat like that that I don’t recall if it was also of straw. The Rubens’ hat is of felt. — I found a couple of them with straw hats so far but have to quit for the evening now. Didn’t get to look into Amerigo V. yet. — Now I did but I don’t think I should put it here way under the continue to read this little click-on, I’ll put it in the file the pope’s picture accidentally got into but it’s a good picture, etc.

The invisible-torture is like  that that’s me that the great Babylonian is sitting on, ^ my butt, my head stuck underneath all those screaming and cannibalizing/spirit cannibalizing “voices” that are as in love with the great Mystery of Babylon lady character. I’m mentioning this because they’re gearing up for their “holiday” extravaganza off of me down there under all of that, trying to damage-control it. The little green and yellow bands are the best I could do with the drawing application on the cellphone’s editor, a better editor than on here but teeny-tiny and it’s difficult for me to do that yet.

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