Nauvoo, Illinois

What I’d like to do is put a copy of the picture of the so-called temple at Nauvoo here but it’s too controversial. I use/d a copy I’d found in a book which makes it “Fair Use” to reprint it but right now I can only find a couple of places that might be controversially uninterested in my description that I think it’s what happened after the discovery of the Americas from the Atlantic and then inland exploring found that big house at Nauvoo, then the picture has all these shacks around everywhere by the foothill under the mansion/temple, and I think those shacks are what the Autists have always done, is that they trek around and they find someone cooking and they camp there. Here’s some copy from Thailand that Wikimedia says is public domain: File:TEMPLE DE NAUVOO.jpgPublic domainPer See 17 USC 302, “Works of unknown authors or where the author’s death date is unknown are copyrighted until the shorter of 95 years since the first publication or 120 years since their creation” This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. The Nauvoo Temple, the second temple constructed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, prior to May 27, 1850 destruction by tornado; Source: MTPICHON (Thai media company;) Author is unknown but I’ve seen an attribution to a photography studio connected with taking or distributing the picture I think. I suspect it’s also been used for what looked like “spirit photography,” photography tricks to make it look like see-through spirit-people were inconspicuously in the picture but I’d seen one of the figures in an early movie still so I think it had been superimposed onto this photo. Going and looking for it now most of the images don’t have any of those little houses, only the big temple with maybe a few people visible like parishioners or citizens. What I think is that someone, likely having fled from the Autists’ invasion of Europe, had found their way to the Americas and built that and other houses and then with the so-called Columbus discovery and newcomers after that the big “temples” like the European “churches” were discovered and parasite-preyed upon till the people were run into ruins the same modus operandi as in Europe, but I also suspect is that that’s where Ronald Reagan’s ancestors had lived, for some reason I just got that idea and then there’s that scene in that “Hellcats of the Navy” film he and Nancy were in together that I think is allusion to that top of that building, where they’re in that tight part of the submarine together I think is memory-playing on the brain’s recollection of the ancestral similar tight circumstance in that cupola or what it’s called, both places having some specific term for what they are. I’d read that Reagan had disliked that scene alot, unusual for him, he’d just been glad to get it over with. So in conjunction with a little bit else like some weird “Frogmen” film she’d been in I’m thinking that they Autists had preyed on the home owners till the Autists had gained the building for themselves, and then later on it was there for their kind as they’d headed west. My point is mostly that they just “camp out” wherever anyone has anything until it’s gone and the Earth is going the same way, and so am I, that it’s the Autists and their system’s pattern.

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 page from, The Mormon trek west / Joseph E. Brown ; photos. by Dan Guravich ; introd. by Stanley B. Kimball, 1980 by Doubleday, Garden City NY, –The temple is barely visible way at the top in this photocopy. I’d somehow managed to trace the house/area to some guy with 3 sons but that was real obscure research and I can’t recall such a detail as their last name if that even wasn’t made up. Nauvoo had previously been called something like Commercial, and before that Venus and then there was a name of the town that was before that and they were on the pony-express route, said to be a guy living down at the base of that, which is overlooking the Mississippi I think so that the house was way down and right on the water’s edge like a boathouse down there, a guy with 3 sons was on the mail route was the closest I could come to who might have been living there. But I think that Joseph Smith’s gang had then been led there and set up a shanty town till the real owners had run out of food. Plus there’s a book on that Charles Carroll of Carrollton (Maryland) that alludes to that Joseph Smith’s father had been an overseer on the Carroll plantation and had headed up to their New York Lake Ontario-area new propert; I guess it was in Rochester, they’d had people go up and purchase some, a group of 3 that isn’t too difficult to recall. Charles Carroll is a super-Autist big deal for how we’d gotten into this situation, and (allegedly) cousin to John Carroll the big Archbishop who’d set up everyeverything, working out of Baltimore or prisoner to the system there. The biography on Charles Carroll alluded to that Joseph Smith Sr. from their plantation had then parented the Joseph Smith, which would seem like he was descended from the Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and I’d figure that he might have come from the Charles Borromeo saint and/or E.I. DuPont, of the French Revolution and dynamite manufacture nearby here. It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all. I’ll have to sign off now. I didn’t go out yesterday because when this “Armageddon Program” had begun one of the comments was that ugly people should stay home to not bother anybody and I figured yesterday was a good day to try not to bother anybody, I stayed indoors just not to bother the general populace because pretty much all I do is argue for the parasitism to get off of me and complain about what an ugly world it is that the system has built.