The Missing Dinosaurs…

The Missing Dinosaurs that Real-God had Put Here for Us

— I’m putting this here so maybe I could work on it better knowing there’s a set aside copy.

 (7 July 2018) I’m trying to point out that the book on Dinosaurs seems to me to be referencing the “Ghent Altarpiece” by the rock wall and now I notice these that look like bone-fragments the same way the archaeologist has his foot on a shipment of dinosaur bones, where I have the impression the red-cloaked “St. Christopher” sometimes he’s called, seems to be walking over a buried large skull, between his legs, in the detail from the Ghent Altarpiece that I usually use for pointing out the Pill-grim boy. The pieces seem to be coming together to where the Pill-grim boy seems also to be “the E Pluribus Unum” boy, male. These“bums” have had me so bummed-out that I haven’t been able to stand to hear either the word man or father, that all I know are these LURE-bums who are mockery of those words. I’m trying to open this file mainly to try to replicate the paragraph or bring those subjects back together again that they’d chewed up and lost for me the other day when I realized this is a “Shahan-base” of some sort that I’m in, that the Borgia pope Alexander VI had made that 1492 bull dividing the just-found New World between Spain and Portugal and that Portugal had moved over to what’s now Turkey during the circa 1570 Joseph Nasi time and become more or less the whole Middle East business, and that when Magellan had showed that the world is round they’d made the circa 1523 Treaty of Zaragoza/Saragossa dividing Asia between their 2 powers also, and obviously these guys haven’t changed much at all and that’s what’s running the global-system, the 1492 agreement between or amongst themselves and also I’ve got a file under Stereotypes trying to explain that they’d “stolen” the Vatican; maybe to them a deal is a deal, but I’m saying that 49 years ago the moon-landing showed that their beliefs have maybe not any connection to reality, and for 25 years like this I’ve been repeating that the system has to get re-assessed in view of all the research findings everyone had worked so hard in the 20th century to come up with, and the main research finding is that you can’t harvest the stars as though they’re gems like diamonds, and the moon is only a boring type of rock, etc. This didactic tone doesn’t set well but they garbaged the way I had put it the other day and it’s alot of things to try to keep in mind and pull together and get down okay. The other thing is that not only are they sneaky and secretive about everything but, like in the case with the book cover above, they’re preventing reality from being allowed by infiltrating and then dominating the key fields like, what happened to the dinosaurs? Their little “Kai”! friends had killed the baby-eggs so that no more dinosaurs grew. Instead of allowing that simple fact to be dealt with and thereby moved on from in our evolution they’re just, as, sitting on the truth and trick-beating up everybody that’s “normal,” that’s not in their book of life of themselves. I’ll try to find better way of presenting this same material, that’s less-offensive to the “macho” Autists.

7/9/18, Monday: I put together one of the 2015 car-hit tricks: When I got the quick look at the medical record this past January I noticed a mention that I’d been moved to a different room just before I was woken/woke in the intensive care unit and now I noticed mention that there were alot of police going to the room next door the next day or day after, as one of the nurses had later remarked on how young they’d seemed. I guess now that they were told that that was Kathy Foshay over in the room I’d actually been in for the week of unconsciousness, but that brings me to how I’d somehow gotten all beat up plus then this horror-subject of that it seems they made “educational videos” or films of my privates, like for new foreign medical personnel, the place being right next door to the national institute of well-being, so to try to describe, which reminds me that I’d worked a day there once, kitchen help, and the boss looked like one of the doctors I’d worked for, that I see “bio-descendents of those guys alot in these places. There were 8 of them that took turns working in an E.R. — etc… but I can only recall seven of their names and faces so far.

“God” and later “Christ” of the Ghent Altarpiece, center inside detail.

7/10, Tuesday; I’m trying to find a picture of the Ghent Altarpiece’s “God” character, that the system still goes by that! and they do look alot like this guy above (no pun here ever unless mentioned,) and Allen Ginsberg etc.

quit doing this “magic” removing my breathing air “bell jar” phony “magic” trick they learned to do because of the serotonin-addiction, that they could see the letters from speech and other phenomenon that come from the “LSD/serotonin” -using that is unnatural, etc. Stabbing women to open our bellies to take our ovaries was unnatural also, to stab into other people isn’t and wasn’t normal. Many of the Autists have therefore gone into becoming surgeons and such, been channeled toward doing the stabbing legally.

I feel like I have to hurry because of all the odds and ends I’ve only got about 2 hours for now and I have to look for a picture of Kai from ancient Egypt, that he’s like the St/e. Foy and the boy in the “Carfagni” example photo I put below this post, and that should get straightened out tonight also but I likely won’t have the time.

my point is that the system had substituted people for the missing food because of the “accidental” extincting of the dinosaurs that the later stabbers had perpetrated but in the 20th century everybody had been busy researching and it’s nearly obvious that the dinosaurs had become extinct because their eggs somehow hadn’t hatched and instead of re-assessing the system-people are sitting on all the information and forcing their own Autists’ system onto the whole planet and everyone, and then it just goes on and on with description of that. I don’t know how they can get high (or whatever their terminology is, like, they don’t believe serotonin or other brain chemicals are addictive because the physical pull to do more isn’t there, but their system-beliefs only exist when they are under the influence and if they don’t have it reality is there,) realize all the damages perpetrated* and yet still the system is like fighting little me’s ability to do this blog or write letters or anything except be a ghost-prisoner for their torture-punishment “magic” show displays and lie-stories about me.

quit doing this “magic” removing my breathing air “bell jar” phony “magic” trick they learned to do because of the serotonin-addiction, that they could see the letters from speech and other phenomenon that come from the “LSD/serotonin” -using that is unnatural, etc. Stabbing women to open our bellies to take our ovaries was unnatural also, to stab into other people isn’t and wasn’t normal. Many of the Autists have therefore gone into becoming surgeons and such, been channeled toward doing the stabbing legally.

* … Except that they have some sort of a great “not getting caught”-at-anything obsession, like with the “Omerta” law for organized crime except that that’s likely a “rule” that the system had given to the organized-crime types.

** I’m trying to add a copy of the letter I’d written to Workman Publishing about using that book cover because I’m invisibly-tortured for 2 decades and more by that “Allen Ginsberg-type” stereotype of people and it isn’t about copyright it’s about crime, my trying to use some of these “controversial copyright issue” materials, that they’re all the only evidences I’ve got that these bums are taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Similarly I keep trying to get the time to look into what Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur might have really been doing, that maybe they’re this same stereotype. It’s really bad. One of them had raped me in (July 16-ish) 1983 and it might have been the same “Howie” -named one that had used a girl to play tricks on me in high school the decade before that, and these things are all over me since 1998 and every morning prodding me awake for this invisible-torture horror, and worse in that in this new room I’m renting they’ve been surrounding me with these fraud-family mass-reproduction monstrosities until I’m nauseous from that sight of the fraud-parent face all the time lately and doing that prodding me awake into this torture life, excitedly waiting to get on with their sneak-LURE off of me. Today it was so bad that it could be twisted into seeming that the Allen Ginsberg-type would be “welcome” compared to that other horror, which is absurd, all of them not only strangers but products or slaves owned by who knows who. It seems that ovae were taken so young from me that the females that I recognize as looking “like me” might not have the slightest idea that there’s any such connection between us. Etc. (11/3/18.)

May 20, 2018

Ms. Carolan

I’m the most unfortunate person that’s ever lived because the system’s been sneak-using me for what I realize is going to end in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and in researching this I’ve found it to largely come from the stereotyped group that looks like this specific () author, most of them seeming to be writers and alot of them from the Bronx like I’d been from.

I’ve been putting material on a (free) blog, that I have got to do something about this stereotype and to use this book cover photo would seem most simple but of course I don’t want any legal or other difficulties.

(page 2) I’ve been being sneak-tortured by this stereotype for 20 invisible-torture years, not realizing they’re actively planeticidists until recently, that I’m only a microcosm-example, and back to high school and maybe 1962.

In this photo the wall behind the figure is reference to their circa 1432 “Ghent Altarpiece” days. Then tying up the bones is a scary reference, and his foot is like how they keep my head squashed down with all this world’s worst torture of these many years. I have to get all this material onto the blog because it sounds so unbelievable.

In this (real) Universe Rescue situation my 2 main points are that the dinosaurs meant for our food had been extincted by prehistoric egg-smashing by a partner-group of theirs, and that Creation had made many, many planets for the human race to grow out onto, but this stereotype sits on both those fields and any normal researchers find themselves sabotaged, tied up like that pile of bones and sat on. I have to start somewhere in trying to get this underworld global-system to get off of me and then the rest of the world. I have a whole series of “You Were Wrong, Merchant of Venice” type discussions for this type to cease these “Limitless” hallucinogen-enabled belief-sets they’ve got onto everyone else but I’ve  just been as an ignored and covered up about ghost-prisoner, now getting a little social security relief.

Please see if you or someone with your group could quietly and responsibly look into my material and assist me to offset any legal problems with them. I’ll send a copy of anything I do if I can’t wait to hear back on using this photo to your info@…. Sincerely, K. Foshay (homeless) text 202 459-8618 (voicemail okay) (don’t try this unless you’re a big anonymous-type organization, please.)

Incl: 1- their Permission Request form (I’ll look for the copy of this for fixing this better.)

other-use the picture ()


any other im()portant: I lost the name* of the photographer: K. Ellingsen?

2- I’d fold it like this example of the black and white copy

3- on the French Connection enlargement: from Little, Brown’s 1969 “The French Connection” by Robin Moore: #6 isn’t “N.Y. narcotics agent Ben Fitzgerald,” it’s my “fraud-parent.” I’d recognized those suitcases from when I was 6 years old. There’s really brain-serum (“Limitless”) trafficking going on.

*As I was trying to assemble and take the various papers to the nearby library for photocopying one of the “ambushes” got pulled and the papers somehow didn’t arrive back to the rest of them, in the motel room last May, with me anymore, where I’d had scratched notes on the photo credit and the cover art credit that I hadn’t transcribed from my handwriting yet.



21 July 2018, I’d found a copy of the re-created missing Judges panel from the Ghent Altarpiece and was looking at it, still am, and I have to clean up this file. – WARNING-Please read the LURE …

1/20/18, LURE real real horror; Dec. 23, Things are really bad. 16 Dec., I’m calling the Ainu-Babar robot-types the “hallucino-boys” anymore.

— the system changed my 7/20/18 to that 1/20/18…. (I moved the inhaler to the bottom of this page for the time being.) 7/23, have to start a new post/file called “Scatology” at the bottom of here now… *

File:Ghent Altarpiece E - Just Judges (original painting).jpg

Black and white photograph of the missing original ‘Just Judges’ panel, (stolen 10 April 1934,) from the Ghent Altarpiece E, photograph by Max Friedländer (1867-1958;) in the collection of the Netherlands Institue for Art History (RKD), 1432, oil on panel , 61″ x 25″, then the color is the current Just Judges (145 × 51 cm) by Jef Van der Veken,
Public Domain through Wikipedia/Creative Commons:


I found this through, copyright Peter Crawford for text so I didn’t take any;

The panel was replaced in 1945 by a copy made by Belgian copyist Jef Van der Veken. Van der Veken used a two centuries old closet shelf as the painting panel. He made the copy of the missing painting on the basis of a copy that Michiel Coxie (1499-1592) had produced in the mid-sixteenth century for Philip II of Spain and was kept at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. In order to harmonize his copy with the appearance of the other panels of the Ghent Altarpiece, Van der Veken applied a layer of wax to create a similar patina. Van der Veken subtly indicated that his work was a copy by giving one of the horsemen the facial features of the then Belgian king Leopold III.[7]

It is in Saint Bavo Cathedral Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q938154Sint-Baafskathedraal, first est. 942, Ghent, Belgium. Saint Bavo Cathedral

Jan van Eyck  (circa 1390, Maaseik, –1441, Bruges) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q102272 q:en:Jan van Eyck Jan van Eyck Flemish painter, draughtsman and manuscript illuminator, worked: The Hague (1422), Bruges (1425), Lille (1425–1428), Bruges (1431–1441) 

I’m thinking ee Cummings had come from that line maybe, van Eyck and maybe the Just Judges were his bio-offspring descendants. I can barely get a look at the difference right behind that first rider on the write horse yet, it looks like the one dark with ermine character was completely changed to another of that thin type, (like Arnolfini too.) Maybe the dark one, a “Jomon,” looked too much like Casimir the Great III of Krakow that there’d be recognition. It’s too dark for me to even try to get a good look at it, this being the first copy of the stolen one that I’ve found. The whole bottom panel is missing to the Ghent Altarpiece, that I think they call the Predella, and in an example of another predella it was a realistic image of what goes on underground so the Ghent’s likely was like that also. I’m thinking those Just Judges might be what van Eyck had “grown” from his “seed,” ejaculate, and that maybe ee Cummings was a modern example, but the “Just” part of it likely means that they were “juiced,” high, on the serotonin which in those days and until recent times, under the influence and then in the community of people who believe they were “LIMITLESSLY” superior to people who didn’t get high, then in cummings’ time there was the belief that the stars might be harvestable, Mars be a place to take over and live and rule the earth from.

I didn’t get much done today because of all these changes the “Armageddon Program” has occur onto me, like that the “Man In Oriental Costume” -type gives the directions for whatever goes on around me and now this with the not-any-warning change the medicine blows my plans, the route that my mind was on is gone this way to that now I have to worry that the “MIOC’s” directing this toward me becoming too ill too soon again, etc., and all kinds of teeny logistic details I’ve generally always got, but having to think about it had me notice that that the behind-my-reality’s scenes’ direction seemed to subtly get switched from that “Allen Ginsberg” -type back to the usual MIOC affect over my skull (like in the Florence Sabin example I’ll try to find and put up closer to the top of here again, that MIOC portrait over the book cover with that “blob” like a hoverer over her head, of course it’s a cell as she’d done cell studies, etc.,) that’s I guess a regular stereotype that there may have been alot of them as strangers that the system uses some program of that stereotype’s affect as watching/spying, figuring out how to sabotage me, that this has been a number of the situations like with the car-hit way to get rid of me and then this is a big one too with all those same “Shahan” -types all involved here. I mean that maybe it was figured that I’d get “done in” back in Springfield or if not there then by this place but I work so hard to survive that then they bring this main director-type back in and the “act” changes, and maybe with the new stereotyped stranger they figure a way to “set” me is to do this unanticipated change in this respiratory treatment, which is ludicrous because it’s mostly all just the underworld trying to get rid of people in different and therefore inconspicuous ways, that this “can’t breathe” thing they, under the directors of this Armageddoning it is anymore, that they’d actually accomplished it off of me these past 25 years, this can’t breathe thing is just another trick type like all the “visions and voices” that’d gone on for I can’t guess how long they’ve been trying to drive people to suicide by this “laugh” that they pull off onto the “others.” So whether I’d be able to cope with this reversal nearly of the situation as it had been during the Care Plan meeting when nothing was said about this but I can’t complain because I’ve still got the nebulizer machine that gets used, and I want to experiment with using plain water in place of the respiratory medicine anyway but the catch is that in the meantime I don’t ever know what the system-bums might be planning to do, they spring on people as a regular modus operandi, surprise-yank you to death, etc., so I’ve got to try to keep all the bases of my situation contingency-covered and that has messed up this blog’s progress as usual, that the disorganization is all over me, (as usual.) That one last extra complaint cost me recalling the other thing I’d wanted to mention before giving up for the evening. Maybe it should be that the “Babar-Ainu” stereotype was also the Mani of the Manichaeans. I’d really thought Mani had been an Autist but these “Babar-Ainus” I think are just a front-cover to keep the Autists inconspicuous as being responsible for that the global-system was made for themselves. That recalls that I’d like to put a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home” onto here and while I was looking into how I could do that easily I’d noticed that Ms. Grossman might have been from the line of people like the Autist “Dagobert” from that Rubens set of painting on St. Bavo, the Coronation of St. Bavo and similar titles the same set goes by, I think there are 4 pieces altogether, 3 in one set and then a final big painting made to fill the order, but the boy on the horse strikes me as being the whole problem and somehow I’d picked up thinking about that from something in the reading about the work that went into the photograph, by Daniel Kramer — who looked like a van Eyck or Cummings type, and all those little details in the cover also had me noticed that it was alot about the underworld ejaculate problem, the way Dylan has his hands if you look close, but I might have been looking at one of the 10 shots that hadn’t gotten picked for being the cover. I figure it was an intention for “Bringing it all back home” to Beringia. The way Kramer did that circular blurring makes it look like looking down from above the North Pole maybe. Then they have the then-recent cover article on Lyndon Johnson with that pamphlet where to me I figure it looks like a rocket and LBJ was alot behind all that space business, and he does really, considering the centuries of variations in generations, he does look like the donor of the Ghent Altarpiece, the donor who’d commissioned the work. Joos Vyd sometimes the variant spelling is spelled, that that’s about the easiest one to look up, Wikipedia likely has some article on him.

7/23/18, Monday, the animals are already “acting up,” showing off their power over me, the “thrash and bash” all the time. This isn’t good for my blog, to have this “Jew” I always call this “Man In Oriental Costume”-type, like the picture with Sabin I’d made that’s below here somewhere, and they always ruin anything I try to do and this right now is likely to just get worse till they show power by not letting me sign off of here even, just leave the screen frozen with their not working signs, the brain eaters, “magicians” from centuries of LSD-type highs. Obviously they aren’t intelligent but they’re showing power like this all of the time and I’m just a wreck, as before reaching Florida, — they’re even doing the LURE with digging up people of the stereotypes of the people who’d worked in the library I’d used from 2005-15 and then 2016 till they closed it down for 3 years in March 2017. I don’t know if they’ve dredged those stereotypes just to make me paranoid or if they’re really doing anything with them but it isn’t any good whatever they’re doing, 25 years of s***-throwup, 24/7 nonstop s***-throwup. Now I’d sent the copies of the panel that had allegedly been stolen and I haven’t had a chance to look up to see who’d painted the replacement that was then installed in 1945, or to do anything else, but it’s occurred to me that the guy with the ermine might be looking at or working on/with (now they’re doing a weather-powershow over me, loud rain and wind,) the smaller-seeming guy in front of him and then it occurred to me that that’d be like my “suspectation” of what Theodore Herzl was doing with little Hitler, doing this “invisible voyeurism” and manipulating the boy’s life toward the system-people’s desired end, this world-takeover they’ve been lifetime-using me toward then and I looked up images of the 2 and it’s possible they’re the same stereotypes. To confuse hallucino-disentangling further though I’d checked one of the other Ghent Altarpiece figures, the green-robed black-bearded one in the lower front of the main panel, the panel with the lamb being being bled, and it looks I think maybe identical to this one that had been erased/painted over, so I’ll still try to mull and figure this.

I’d sent the above in case my editing ruined the photo for future use, by cropping it, and just to show that with that zoom enlargement too, that’s that “cookies” sign that this terminal always has when I call up my blog and I don’t want those “cookies.” The system-people don’t know how to do anything but prey on other people and that’s the real reason for the cookie-invention, the rest just being rationalizing likely-sounding cover up excuses for inventing those things that follow to see where a visitor to your site then goes or whatever else, because they only invented a site as a trap and instead of being busy, thinking real people they’re just waiting for people to “fall for” looking at their site and when they don’t get money from that they’ll follow your real life till they get something.

It’s because of the 2 different developmental disabilities, the Prehistoric-descended Autism and its psychopathy and hallucinogen dependence/addiction and then that culture’s meeting the island-bound “Jomon” and the cultures forming this war against the rest of the world, along with another group or so of friends back then. It looks like this part of the Ghent Altarpiece had been changed after being stolen in 1934 and I was thinking that that’s the time Hitler had started running Germany and maybe the system didn’t want anyone recognizing the 2 figures and their juxtaposition, with the ermine-wearing one looking like the King Casimir III the Great figure in the circa 1870 painting by Leopold Loeffler, whose self-portrait, The Artist in His Studio, I’ll try to put a copy of in the Casimir III the Great file under the Types on this Navigation bar.  That crossed-out computer icon just came on when I tried to paste-in the link to it, it’s a humorous-type picture, but his Casimir and this guy in the ermine are about the same person, a close ancestor or descendant or brother-cousin or anything with this mass-reproduction that seems largely to have come from Casimir III. I have to turn this off because of the LURE’s abuse-use of using me as both an excuse to LURE people but then the scam is to turn angry because of what I do or write and “disappear” all the “pigeons” amongst the troupe they’ve got. But it’s a big deal for me to mention that, on that 5-1/4″ disk I’d sent the Clinton Administration in Jan. 1993, had been conned into it by this same methodology as I still have invisibly and unprovably all over me, I’d mentioned on there, because this “Armageddon Show” themes on that I’m tortured for having been jealous of their main LURE character, that if I was the jealous type I’d have been jealous of this girl in my 3rd grade and then through the 6th grade elementary school class, this big deal set up that that was that I just started now realizing about, and had sent that diagram of that area a few days ago to try to go over that time-period because I think they got this Mars-obsessed guy from the boy who’d sat behind me in that 3rd grade class when I was moved from the French Connection neighborhood to the north Bronx, but 2 days ago I was looking at the Isabella d’Este website and they have something about that some people think she was the model for the Mona Lisa painting and I don’t think she was but I noticed that Mona Lisa, I forget her alleged full name right now, that the little girl that the boy was moved next to and then I was mentioning to the White House that if I were the jealous type I’d have been jealous of her and I wasn’t and now I’m thinking that the girl was actually descended from Mona Lisa. Maybe it’s a heart-shaped face that they have. I’ve never looked at people as being “stereotyped” or anything, seldom noticed external things too much, but thinking it over both she and another figure and there are likely many many more I’d start being able to notice also appear to have “come from” Mona Lisa, I think she was that much of a “ringer” for that set up situation I’d been moved into, back in November 1963, on the 1st the whole apartment of stuff was moved without any mention or warning to me, just transplanted and went to that 3rd grade class and spent 10 years in the area and I think it was only the failed venture to find riches in Space that enabled me to get away from all that by joining the Army, etc. I’ve got a backlog of details I’m supposed to be working on and doing but this is what the bums have been doing with me all these years, a secret exhibition where — it’s so bad that I think that in a group-meeting the different kinds of bums agreed that they’d ritually transfer all their guilt-crimes onto me, the same way they claim that about that “Dec. 25th” birth, died for everyone’s sins, the same system’s going to claim that I cancelled-out their guilts, that it was “the stupid, crosseyed girl’s fault” that everyone and everything didn’t make it, because of errors I make they’d “disappeared” been going on all these years and now in this strange place in Massachusetts where important is this about that St. Lawrence River way the system infiltrated to take over North America, that it’s just north of here and is why Massachusetts is however it is under here, and then they’re going to claim that I have any effect on anyone else’s actions, etc. Beneath here is from a few days ago and then some new subject I have to get to, that dark figure with the #1 next to it painted in Casimir III’s Wawel Castle in old Krakow, painted by Jan Matejko, the friend who’d invited Loeffler to Krakow, and the way the #1 figure is holding his hands is the start of some of this “magic” that’s everywhere now, but I’d never enlarged the picture that much, to notice that maybe he looks like an Oliver Hardy type but maybe not then the type of people I was thinking the figure had “proliferated”….

detail from orig. Just Judges, G. Altrpc.

I found this through, copyright Peter Crawford for any text so I didn’t take any. I thought it was a self-portrait because I’d first found it in a book next to a doodle he’d allegedly made of a teacher but another site says it was done by a schoolmate of his when he was about 16, Hitler was. Casimir and Herzl and the Man In Oriental Costume example of this “Armageddon Program’s” director-impression I’ve had since about 1998 are all like the general description of the undepicted Joseph Nasi character (1521-1577 or -79, assuming he was really real,) the only description of him being that he was a tall man with a large black beard or a few words to that effect, so I don’t know if I should get an example of Casimir that I can’t crop because I can’t use the cellphone because of the battery because I don’t know what’s going to be happening onto me, have to be cautious all the time and the system has messed up this work to where all the subjects are jumbled together again so that the only things that are clear are the negative parts like the s***-throwup standard description of this Armageddon Show/Program/-making, or Armageddoning that I’m calling it now because they’ve actually accomplished the world takeover off of these last 25 years off of me, they’ve been so successful, but it’s just a bunch of garbage put together by brain-eating developmentally disabled deviants or “perverts” or that r-word that they despise. They don’t like, the Autists don’t, with me using the “There’s a Boy In Here” memoir, 1992, by Sean Barron and Judy Barron his female-parent, and it’s near the end of the approx. 224 or 262 pages, where he describes or states that he doesn’t like the epithet-insults of weird, moron or retarded, so I try never to use those words but the latter has been here all the time for this “Armageddon” problem of mine and came up again yesterday or the day before, that of all the word-possibilities that’s the main one for my “vulgar” or plebian only use of the description, like instead of just stupid or any of the similar words they’ve invented or taken and twisted into the double-meanings so that they can’t be used without some potential retribution. If I ever get to a table I could do this at without this invisible “entertainment” for slaughterhouse-purposes I wouldn’t have all this ill-seeming jumble that I can’t show to anyone for purposes of supporting my real real-Universe real-rescue attempt.

In 1934 the panel might could have been removed because Hitler might visit it and recognize himself and the image of that older guy looking at the side of his head, that that’s how the underworld seems to work this “mind-reading.” Only once somewhere in the biographies I’d come across that Hitler’d had some obsession with thinking he’d spotted someone like the description of (Joseph) Nasi, a tall man with a bushy black beard that seemed to be following or spying on him. There’s some chance that they’d met as the train went through Hitler’s town of Linz with Herzl on it frequently, and I think Herzl had faked his death in order to work this Armageddon business from the underworld. And he’d done alot of writing and I’d read a play I can’t trace the title of anymore, that he’d written where it seemed like the main role was written for a youth like young Adolf, the name being forgotten but was something like Oecomius, young god Oecomius trying to explain to the established gods about the new miracle-formula or some such that could solve problems for everyone, but there wasn’t more in the English version I’d read and I don’t recall if they mentioned that it was a formula for making bread flour as though from nothing except that I suspect it was reordering the molecules to turn latrine-leftovers from the gunpowder processing into flour. The young god was trying to figure how to get the older ones to try out the new idea or some such. The title of the play I think was the same as the boy’s name. So instead of straightening out this mess I’d started with the system has thrash and bashed my time around to where I’m just back to doing the same jumbled-up “complaint writing.” I was supposed to get that red inhaler off the front page as being “too controversial” and the difficulties didn’t quit so I just have loose papers full of subjects I’m trying to work on that got backlogged during all this power over whether I can work on the blog and I don’t know when the machine will quit working again. The system seems to be freezing the screen so that I’ll have nothing to do except go back to the room where they’ve got the oxygen-machine making ungodly garbage-noises as a sneaky form of the invisible-torture. Here though I’ve got a portable canister of the “gas,” that it’s more of a gas-industry sales helper than a real health thing, to use the power and “magic” from the accumulated centuries of the brain-eating “limitless” self-intelligencizing the types have been doing, thinking up ways to make the money they’ve invented so they don’t have to do anything the way normal people only boringly do everything. That brings up that a main point is that the system broke the natural order of “things,” of life, living, evolvement, cultural development, where a female has a baby and watches it and notices what is good and what isn’t for the baby and growing child and she tells the ones with the muscles what is good and not good for the little one and the muscled-type males make what is good and get rid of what is not good and since we don’t have a natural order we’ve got things that start with the bugs that are all over the place like flies and ants maybe, things from the bottom on up that shouldn’t be there and take the place of things that would have been good for developing people. There isn’t anything that isn’t affected by this sneak way of fertilizing disembodied ovaries and raising people en masse as stereotypes with hidden business to be kept secret, not any normal chemistry going on anywhere, just the pollutions.

(Previous:) I use Wikipedia so much and there are other places this should-mention could get put but I’ll try to jot about it now, that the “Show” has been nonstop invisibly-torturing me for 25 years and in 1995 I’d gotten a room in a welfare hotel and started buying loose encyclopedia volumes for a quarter from a thrift shop (St. Vincent de Paul,) and then I combined the articles on some historical figure or another from the different encyclopedias so that I’d wind up with slightly different facts and illustrations, a better-rounded idea of the different subjects and I had a whole file cabinet from the five and a half years of just being stuck staying in the welfare hotel alone like that and it seems pretty obvious to me that while supervising the torture over me the system had taken that idea and put it to use for themselves. Maybe I should move that photo of the big combined-building (from 4th and L) up to here since there’s a little similarity that similarly the system had amused itself during the boring supervision over my tiny business of being in these shelters, the one that was in the lot in front of the big building, by thinking up this weird-seeming ritual:

(from April and then May and now still trying to describe how it worked:)

I’ve been trying to get that RITUAL-patterns message-set through and think it will go when/if I get to a regular library-use time so I haven’t tried to retype it and it just preys on my mind that it’s undone yet. Now it’s me that’s trapped in a pattern I can’t get out of, the one of 2005-15 where I’m obsessed with looking up just a little more library-type material (research and work are words the invisible-torture keeps me afraid of using,) and all my days are taken into that with this torture like riding my head as usual, everything the same “Armageddon Program” patterns and unprovable and worsening, etc. And I see that there’s only a huge-huge trap-trick ahead of me and don’t have anyone to ventilate about it to, to do with the international or global “narcotic” trafficking, the “French Connection,” aspect of all this, the whole planeticide. I have to (“try to,” mimicking my teeny self,) print out a copy of that permission form below here, (the one to Workman Pubs.) for an image of what it’s like with “this thing on my head.” The building photo (the ritual behind it) is an example of what the system does outside while sitting on me.

7/15/18, I finally got a chance to look up the cellphone-Messages I’d sent trying to quick-describe this little business and they’ve expired and are gone so I’ll have to sit and gather my recollections in order to try to explain why this big picture is here, the different parts.

Hardly any of those big buildings had been there in 2001. In the parking lot in from of that big building, in that little triangular area, there’d been 8 trailers used for a women’s shelter and there was always talk about getting affordable housing built for everyone. Then the system built 3 brick attached houses, looked like 3 families could live in them and I couldn’t figure why that little for such a good-seeming location, only 3 units. I hadn’t been in the area in years so I thought to check see what it looked like now with all the nearby construction and it was that main big building and it’s really several different apartment or condominiums side by side on the street to enter into. I realized that the small-seeming construction work was a ritual for making this “sandwich-style” architecture, and that’s what the torture did with its time while monitoring and sabotaging my life, that they always do things while supervising this “Armageddon Show.” There’s a whole aspect that there was also then a guard-shack there that’d seemed pretty active in letting people into the back of the 3 new houses, so I figure that the system was somehow just digging and designing-up some whole big new underworld-area that was connected to the new supermarket a block in the other direction that was connected to “traditional” underground-areas further on its other side, etc. It’s really pretty sad, that the new architecture reminds me of egg cartons, just stacked up places for people to wait till it’s there turn is always the feeling. That’s alot like the “Mani,” the Manichaean belief-set maybe. The Jomon would have trained the earlier-Ainu that I think Mani and the Babar-types had come from to also believe they were LIMITLESSLY brilliant and better off to just stay high and stay underground and not worry about what the boring drudge-morons thought. And with Mani there’s the big “light” and “dark” dichotomy very clearly, the thinking that one side was good and the other kind evil. He was Persian and so was the cat Dylan was holding on the album cover. (Time to give up for the day again.)