#25 out of order now, 4/11/16

4/11/16, to judge morrissey, gift of peace temporary address, their upstairs phone is”, for a message to me plese, please get me out of this LURE-trap situation

citation #

Judge Morrissey,

Please help me.

ThisCatholic Charities was started by these “underground” Autist and Neanderthal types here, and I have no resources for explaining back in the 1930s to you right now as everything is tearing me up, the “Armageddon-making show” done by harassing specifically me. My cell phone recharger is missing so my phone doesn’t work and I’ve received no regular or e-mail. Please get me someprotective custody till i can get this blog-/website to get donations to me. Kathy foshay

on the Baychester map of this copy of the PayPal letter from Suburban” Judge Morrissey, This was probably a big LURE route to this circa 1965 (fast food) franchise, hamburgers

(hand-drawn map of Baychester Project/s area, Bronx, where I’d lived from 1963-73. That’s the late (d. 2001 I think,) Massoud and his friend Kahlil Masoud I think is the spelling, in Afghanistan.)