11/17/18, a Saturday

WARNING, 11/17/18, a Saturday

These LURE monsters are killing me, have me running around looking for a safe library to go to and the only 2 near the usual branch library were both closed till 1pm today, wasting half my day and my head so full of all these odds and ends that go to how these bums are doing the coming TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, like it’s a joke-gimmick for themselves they get excited when I have to type about this sort of crap they do to and off of me, and I can’t keep up with all the details of what I’m trying to do in my real life and with this blog. I’m really trying to get free time to look up about the T’ang to Sung/Song dynasties and that transitional period, that that’s when I figure the Autists had “discovered” the Jomon on Japan, but there are also those peninsulas around there too, deep ones that a group might have gotten isolated into like on Japan, that I haven’t looked into more than figuring, assuming, that they’d been developed later. — I’d better do something as a barrier between me and that Huxley picture; in fact that was where I’d left off, looking for a “Brave New World” illustration to underscore but there was alot more that Huxley had done and his first published novel was called “Chrome Yellow” and I’m sure it has to do with this “thing” of the system’s dyeing the misappropriated ovaries. I think he was in the Mojave near the “sound barrier” -breaking, was involved in that, and then he’d done that “Ape and Essence” novel that I also haven’t read. I haven’t read much of his work because when I’d looked into it I’d found something in his/the “Themes and Variations” that I’d figured was more like a dictation from the system that he’d typed down for the system, right near the end about the planet’s big monuments like the pyramids and Great Wall. Then with that is/was his write-up on “Maine de Biran” and I’m sure that that’s about “mainlining” brain. I couldn’t get into the “Ape and Essence” and just came away with the feeling that as long as there are people there is prey for themselves to still be able to get high off of and they don’t care what world wars wind up leaving the planet like, would be content to just sit under some overpass staying high. Today is real bad and these libraries are all going to be closed for 4 solid days with me with nothing to do except ride around on the buses for something usefully filling in the time by, and I haven’t heard anything on the Florence Sabin letters I’m trying to get another line of system-extinction making explication going on. The letters, receiving them by pdf, actually had quit in May and it’d seemed like an accident and I was getting ready to go to see them for myself and it took me the longest time to do that and then I’d wound up in Denver and it wasn’t until mid-October I was settled down again enough to be able to write for more copies of the letters and I sent 2 emails last week and haven’t heard back yet and my life is so bad that if I mention it maybe they’ll be on the cellphone on Monday, maybe Tuesday, as that seems to happen all the time, like lighting a cigarette and the bus shows up small phenomenon. (I quit smoking in 2003 because the slug-pneumonia attacks well might have killed me otherwise, that something’d had to go. Once I quit the sight of them became horrible, I cringe if I see a young person smoking.) Now a reminder that the new-emergency subject now is Disinformation, that I’d read something horrific on Wm. Casey and that subject and that time-period was all involved with this “French Connection” parasitism that comes out of the Bronx, etc., that now I feel like I have to put my other areas of this, and today I’m supposed to prepare a letter for the post office now I can try to re-piece myself back together after this horror of feeling like a hunted person for all the LURE parasites, the brain-eaters, that this new business with Casey and “disinformation” seems to be a big part of all this extinction-direction. Not only might Casey actually be, with growth hormones or just a bingo-ball genetics fluke or what, be from those staircase-beings as a self-mass-reproducing team against the planet under the “magic/intelligence” of that King Casimir Jomon type, but also I’m trying to compare to see if he and Warren Buffett don’t be kin, sic., that it’s difficult for me to handle all these different subjects and then I’m always being brain- and otherwise tortured while I type or breathe or do anything. I had the “Ginsberg-(expleted)-stench” doing the Jurassic Park-yelling to the sound of motor vehicles type of the invisible-torture shouting at me to hurry up yesterday when I was doing nothing but just standing there waiting for a bus after I couldn’t get the Casey biography downtown, just standing there waiting for a bus when the library closed and this monster-moron noise shouting at me to hurry up, like jumping up and down on me and shouting that like it’d done all those years in Washington, that and the “yammer-torture” of some sort of a synthesizer onto my brain of making quick-paced nothingness noises that are just horrible and nothing to do with reality, just to cause me personal hysteria feelings is the standard operating “intelligence” procedure all these years, and I’m feeling all “corralled-in” as they move in for their “brain-eating rights off of the planet” off of this “Armageddon Program” to me. Usually I’m taken up with thoughts about whatever aspect of this all that I’m looking into but they’ve been wrecking me so bad with that unnatural cold “spate” of about a week and all the disruption to me trying to work on the blog while I have this opportunity of not being in one of their hospitals, and I really don’t want this Casey interference but the system has it connected to the new mailing address I’m trying to explain about before I could post it as these monsters close-in on me a little more each day way that they modus operandi. Casey looks ordinary-enough, as does that “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait, that you wouldn’t think anything too heinous would they be perpetrating. The stereotype was often around in the library in Washington but might be there regardless of me and my business I’d always figured and then toward the end had started thinking he was a deviant who showed up especially for the pornography that the monsters all do off of me, but then now there was this peculiar scene with one that looks like a “Casey-stereotype” at the mailroom and was busy reading and then I came across this bizarre statement about disinformation that he likely had made back in the 1980s as all that similarly-stenchy Iran-Contra business and etc. were all going on, I guess as this what I’m saying is that when the system saw it was wrong (sic) about the nature of outer space all it did was go into hiding and confusing and violence, didn’t reassess itself at all and — to me amazingly they still seem to have not any itsy-bitsy leeway for reconsideration than back then then in the 1980s when Casey is said to have said something to the effect that everything must become disinformation, some words to that effect that I’d have to look back up. When I read about that statement I’d also run into a photo of him from after WW!! and he looked odd to me, a little like this photo I’ll try to find a copy of here now… 

The computer, the underground, is going parasitic-wild and I can’t do a few simple real-life things so these “staircase-beings’ offspring-descendant mass-manufactureds from King Casimir III the Great, the Babars also coming from there I’m starting to figure, that they’re part of the staircase-being orcs, they’re going hog-wild messing up the keystrokes I’m trying to do as I’d sent some other pieces as long as I’d had to figure out something when I couldn’t find this little photo of A.M. Rosenberg of the Kitty Genovese scandal and had had to use the gmail to get this photo to here, as the photo I’d seen of circa-1950 Wm. J. Casey the other day had looked a little like this to me, a larger size but still odd and it’s led me to trying to look into youth pictures of Casey, since they’ve had lookalikes of him around me for years and then last week, and then yesterday too there was one as though sort of a joke because I was trying to get that little Persico biography of him. Now I have to try to straighten out this wreck these Babar-bums mostly doing it are making. It’s like this location is so bad-off, any of the places are, that when I go around they all get parasitically excited up by whatever system-crap they’re told about that it’s okay to invisibly-torture me, I’m nothing but garbage anyway, then they show pornography and later on they sneak-lock everybody up for gasoline purposes, rocket-fuel, that I’m figuring that that’s why the system’s allowing the free enterprise rockets nowadays, because each human that gets killed for the system-purposes leaves behind a head and the brain goes toward keeping the system high.

(While trying to work on the “Limitless” file notes again:) — Right as I pack up last weekend’s attempt to warn any readers (local?) the system is doing one of its real creepy tricks, they have this regular-character horror orc that does an underworld gospel-style musicale contribution to the Armageddon LURE all these years. I think the stereotype comes from Mahalia Jackson and virtually nobody is aware that she’d sung that “Messiah” opera or whatever role just before she became famous and right around the time that maybe she’d traded her ovaries for that fame, except that the fraud-parent had had a copy of the recording, so now I’m sitting in a library and I hear that distinctive voice act-yammering across the room from most of my horror-years in the Washington DC homeless shelter with this Armageddon Program killing me and not any ability to guess what the brain-eaters’ secret holocaust has done to other people, the population of the U.S., over those many years, about 2005-2015 mostly. 11/20, a Tuesday before the Thursday “holiday.”

11/21/18, Wednesday, I don’t know how I’ll get through 4 days without being able to work on this or being able to search-engine about anything, like this new Benedict XIV from Bologna subject, and I didn’t get any of the Florence Sabin materials I’d written for last month, the underworld just running every moment of my life for their LURE. If you could look up this “Altai” novel, which I can’t yet, and read the parts about “Yossef” Nasi, and realize that he’s championing what were/are really people with Autism-psychopathy brain damage and put it together with this Armageddon off of myself and the different words we’ve got that have that “NAS-” beginning, like the whole Nazi party too, all those things were invented by this Nasi-type. Theodore Herzl must have been one of his “offspring-descendant” incarnations, having, I believe from my years of looking into all the subjects I can, a bizarre-ill little mind-affair with young Adolf, — like in that Ghent Altarpiece missing/stolen “Just Judges” panel I figure Herzl and Hitler must have been like that with Herzl grooming young Hitler because this Nasi-type were just island people who’d gotten all led astray that the “other” people were mean to the Autists for not any good reason and that’s way diametrical to reality, where everyone’s been suffering increasingly from the little invaders for thousands of years. I’m really supposed to be learning to put on this blog how the Jomon had probably been the Sung/Song dynasty and they’d calmed down the T’anger Autists’ dynasty, but that’s going to be difficult to show and I’m always trapped in this gutter-level (invisible and unprovable) torture, etc., going to check that this didn’t run over too long on the footer. — And I could have spent time straightening out this footer today but instead I’d just had a typical LURE-atmosphere bad day and also wasted time trying to get those Breda illustrations through and then those’ll likely “appear” some time over the 4 day and mess up whatever else I was trying to do with how the front page falls just before that “Older Posts” button. “They’re” going to turn this off in a few minutes, always turn the terminal I’m working at off about 10 minutes before everyone else as they micro-manage my life just as badly here…