Minneapolis Foshay Tower

#206, Minneapolis, Foshay Tower, August 1929+, the third building from the left, lit up “Foshay” name:

Foshay Tower- watch out!.pdf,

Wilbur B. Foshay photo – Maybe he looks like Prince Stanislaus Radziwill? JFK’s brother-in-law.

#201, 1929 Minneapolis’ Wilbur Foshay,  no relation, but noticing now that maybe he looks like JFK’s brother-in-law through Jacqueline’s sister Lee Bouvier Radziwill — I moved this up to the post #206 with the Foshay Tower little picture, pdf

#200, Neanderthal illustration

from Bjorn Kurten’s “How to Deep-Freeze a Mammoth.pdf

 I had to finally go looking to see how bad this scandal was and it’s difficult to figure but probably way worse than anything I can think of.  I think the next pdf or so is a picture of the guy named Foshay who’d built this and then there was the stock market crash and then he’d gone to Leavenworth for mail fraud and got out and went to Colorado and I’d worry what that was really about as it was around the same time period that Florence Sabin had gone and wound up travelling all over Colorado promoting “public health” but I suspect she was actually my ancestor, there are alot of parallels, especially with being made a laughingstock-fool of the world out of by this “magic show” underworld underground business that’s going to wind up breaking the planet, etc., etc. A relative, fraud-relative, had told me that this Foshay in Minneapolis had sold office space and then absconded with the money, but it’s likely more complicated than that, and it’s just all bad whatever the specific details and is connected to all this fraud “Armageddon” horror business the underworld’s been doing off of me nearly all my life, but the picture is pretty, and the Tower is small compared to the buildings nowadays but was the skyline there for a long time.. I don’t know if it was on the opening to the Mary Tyler Moore 1960s TV show. Bob Dylan is said to have started a semester of college in Minneapolis but dropped out, searching for Woody Guthrie then, and was sure to have gone through Chicago then on the way to NY, but I”m pretty sure he must have met Albert Grossman there and I suspect that Grossman is the petroleum-LURE key from the “shell” company, that’s attached then also to this old “Ghent Altarpiece” that alot of this Armageddon-Bible business all comes to us down from; very small world they’ve turned this into, really, calling it like a 3rd-rate planet only during the 1950s when the Plan was to run us from Mars. (kfoshay)