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that want the brain “juice” for getting and staying high off of and this insane stormville-type girl just keeps chasing me from one area to another like an unprovable vivious underground-murder sport because a normal person has nothing in common with these “happy cannibals” they did these “catholic cd” tactics to me since 2005 just right here and then shipped me out to disappear in maryland and, again, — i would sound “crazy” trying to explain that accident”

It was actually the 2nd time i was hit by a car after that 11/4/15, Wed., topiary and gravedigging it was by the way ritual, but i didn’t make any note i can find yet as to when the 1st accident was so just forget it rather than trying to explain it with no evidence. i think i’d made a note on it but i haven’t been able to read through my email file to see if it’s in there somehwhere. on the 19th Nov. though it was just a simple street-crossing where the car simply didn’t instead of routinely making the stop before the turn and then for me plainly crossing right there, but, compared to the unprovable previous car-hit that had also been an ambulance pick-up, god help me for the unprovableness,


the hit on the 19th was like an unexpectedly-light tap and i fell and felt okay when the ambulance arrived and i hadn’t wanted them to take my purse from my shoulder but they insisted and put me in i guess and the next thing i knew it was 11/26/15 and there was a big TV news-story about a massacring couple in San Bernardino and the OCU room was full of people watching tat as they woke me up and i was in so much pain that i cold only be grateful that i didn’t feel brain-damaged.

How did i get from the light tap on the 19th to the 26th with what felt like and likely was a “cracked skull” — not to ask the dreaded “rhetorical questions” because i’m afraid those are connected to the undergroun’s murder racket so i try to avoid those and words like “need” and “common sense,” am just all alone with this “Armageddon Show” not only the last 2-1/2 decades but now I

ve learned aobut this fraud-parent. And that seems connected to the “cracked skull” in that that seems to be what he’d — careful for the libel and slander but it seems the fraud-parent’s modus operandi — looking for brains. when i realized people, the Autists, do that, in 2006, i’d connected right away

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that being high like that explained why he’d always seemed so distant, was busy and satisfied being high, and, god help me is all i can ever think and i really despise doing this repetition of things i already know and these would have to be hand-copied for me to have a copy and it’s always the same pattern that there are no responses to my letter-writing and i’m always broke and totally alone, — but then, while alone i’m always brain-tortured for this unprovable “Armageddon-making Show.”

For (From?) 2006-2014 I’d written this fraud-parent about all of these “10,000 details” that go into this planet-breaking Autists’ system. My prolem is that i’d run out of money in 2007 and had started becoming dependent on the 2 $100 gift checks the mr and mrs sent me every year, him always doing all the finances and she a battered person with no choice about her situation, and then there started being $50 extra gifts and i couldn’t get any sort of witness protection or any other form of help and i think-suspect that that’s because i’m used as a front for this Armageddon-

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making where the “shadow” underground spies on who i’m writing to and goes and abuses that group or individual one after the other as there isn’t ever anything i can do except write letters and hope and pray for a response from any human but the underground has gotten to them before i can, me unaware of this “nation” of these “stormville” mutants like 2 of the females here and i never know what kinds of hybrids people are, but of course it’s all from disembodied ovaries, that these (we) are all like walking abortions, cut out of our parent unnaturally and force-grown.

In this “religious” place there’s now some other aspect that’s — the “Sacred Heart,” I’d just noticed something bizarre this morning but would hae to find more examples before mentioning this concept. There are just may details that i’m learning — but this “Stormville-type of insanity” -girl just again went into anti-American and anti-white people horror and that’s what the underground is doing with this “show” — Again, i was in washington for 2 years 2000-2002 and then new york city

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for 2-1/2 years i think to wear me out and better set-up washington for this sneak-takeover underground, then 2005-2016 with the world’s most-awful horror “show” going on for the 10 years and, on April 2nd of last year where April 2nd is the fraud-parent’s birthday, i’d been caused to become too ill to be able to walk anymore and in a disgusting trick-set i’d wound up in washington hospital center and that’s just a horrible place, and all this bad stuff has happened and i don’t know a single decent or “normal” person in the world.