Revelation/St/e. Foy

I really think that that Revelation book had come from the Conques, France, so-called Saint/e Foy model for that little gold statue so maybe the two subjects would get combined into here when/if i get better-organized.

June 2018- I got the URL for Conques’ tourist site on the St/e. Foy, but then the lady I’d gotten that from also has a bunch, 133 approx., of photos on the church and its architecture. I’m leery of architecture and not positive how to go get and add her 133 to the Treasury site but am working on that now. She’s Ms. MA Sullivan, Digital Imaging Project, Bluffton University in Indiana I think it is.

(11/1/17) I don’t know how I got into this “book of Revelation-script” that it seems to be situation, I suspect that they’d simply run out of other females who were of my general “stereotype,” like the Chapter 12, the sign and the woman with the sun, stars and moon, then all those peculiar other things it says, that I think they just ran out of because the girls had died off, other people to use for that script that I’m the one that made it to try to object in Washington, and I haven’t gotten anywhere, I’m totally ignored except for myself.

Somewhere I’ll try to recount the steps of the process that is the situation I’ve found myself in, that first there was this “Armageddon Show” business circa 1079 in San Francisco and then strange goings-on around Dec. 1983- Jan. 1983 that seem like background for then this’s starting in on me in Brooklyn and then Coney Island there in 1992 and this “Armageddon Show’s” starting on me on 15 February 1993, and it’s been nonstop since then but things aren’t relaxing for trying to sit back to recollect and recount, it’s just that the system has that writing and seems to make play-act scripts as though they’re real daily life and they’d stuck that onto me because they’re really fulfilling those world-takeover threats. There’s the bit about that boy to rule with an iron rod that’s real spooky, that twice the system had seemed to be trying to have me have that as a character for this, which is the same then as the similar “Brave New World” writing’s character of John, the savage son of the girl who’d gotten separated from civilization after an affair with the hatchery director, the people-hatching factory’s director, but I never had any offspring thank goodness for the whole world because the script on me doesn’t “make any sense” which are dangerous system-words too, without that main character to this, they’re just blasting me over the head all these years with being that part-role even though no baby had been born, I’d had one abortion and then either no insides after that or just good birth control pills, I can’t guess which and I haven’t any assistance with anything. I’m waiting to see about the “ss fund” and maybe there’ll then be some upgrade to all this.

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sainte foy

sainte foy

sainte foy sm collage

st/e. Foy sideways

The Treasure of St. Foy book cover

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#191, Saint/e Foy, sm. collage

Sainte Foy_ sm. collage.pdf

It came out a little crooked and I can’t re-do it right now. This is what I’d guess became of that Ghent Altarpiece little Pilgrim but even then it was likely a re-creation of a past time-period, repeating the past the Autists are always doing, repetition is part of the Autism, and being self-enclosed, so that I say it’s like repetitive selfishness. This Saint/e Foy is a major part of all this, I think it was the author behind this book of Revelation that’s got copies all over the world, that everyone was warned to watch out for, and I think it’s childhood Autism problem, along with all the backing that goes to Sainte Foy’s days, just got out of control that we could get straightened out. I think Aldous Huxley’s wife Maria, d. about 1955/58, was a descendant of Foy as well as her friend early screenwriter Anita Loos, and that in modern-day might be like that “Good morning, America”/or Washington character I’d made the small menu-file about. And also that it’s like the “Patroclos” character from Homer’s Iliad account, who I figure had faked his death in order to cause all that then warring. There’s more to this but at least I finally got it mentioned in all this.

#240, Sainte Foy

Sainte Foy .pdf, That’s an important picture inside that one of the many gems on the Sainte Foy statue. There isn’t really much material on Sainte Foy, it’s difficult to find and then doesn’t say much useful anyway, but this picture has like a 12-year old girl on a cross and the two other characters around her in a scene and it seems all tied to this torture and the “Revelation” author-threats situation.

Image close-ups from the tympanum on the outside of the big church at Conques., i’ll get the citation details into here as soon as I can, thinking the Revelation had come from here and then attracted the gospels and letters and then joined with the previously-gotten and expounded then upon material.



This goes with Horner’s pic.



File:Sie ist mir lieb, die werte Magd.jpg

Deutsch: Martin Luther: Sie ist mir lieb, die werte Magd, Edition WA 35 nach dem Erstdruck 1535
Source WA 35, S. 462+463
Public domain This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less.


This, above, is Rubens’ “The Reconciliation” of either Jacob and Esau or Louis and Mary, part of the Medici Cycle painted for Marie de Medici. I’m not sure why it’s here, have to clean up all this yet, 2 Feb. 2019.

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Peter Paul RubensQ30056074  wikidata:Q30056074
Peter Paul Rubens: Q30056074
Die Versöhnung (Skizze zum Medici-Zyklus)
Object type painting
Date 1622
Dimensions Height: 64.7 cm (25.4 in); Width: 49.4 cm (19.4 in)
Accession number


(above, Austrian monastery overhead portal statue, interesting.)


by Dominichino, c. 1620s,