Henry Hudson et al.

Pablito/and Henry Hudson .pdf, Pablo there is pregnant. When I saw the (only?) picture of Henry Hudson it reminded me of Velasquez’ Pablo painting. Alot of guys had to do that in the past centuries as the Autists had discovered fertilizing disembodied ovaries and are obsessive-compulsive, etc. (And I think Hudson had been near that Mangazeya early on before he’d headed for the west.)

#195, Mangazeya

Mangazeya.pdf, try rotating this. More tomorrow, 12/15/16. Also check the East of the Sun book’s bad page copy, sent to the Universe Rescue.attempt gmail.

#193, Hudson Bay map/1632

New subject_ 1632.pdf

I’ve never taken seriously that people’d spent much time up there toward all this system-rigging but it’s starting to seem like they’d gone in through that Hudson Strait and spent alot of time working on how to sabotage everyone south of there, while busy killing for those warm coats, etc.