the missing dinosaurs

Under The Picasso banner, Daley Plaza 50 W. WashingtonChicago PicassoThis 50-foot 1967 sculpture by Pablo Picasso is important to what I’m trying to get across; the top picture is from the City of site and these 2 are from the National Archives’ “ site. I’m trying to find only public domain-type pictures because I can’t afford anything and I haven’t any idea if what’s on the Pinterest site is or isn’t public domain, it keeps popping up when I ask the search engine for public domain images and there are alot of good ones of this, “the Picasso” the untitled work is called. My interpretation is that it’s a manifestation from an Autist subconscious and it shows what I’m saying is like “the unlivable crime” that lurks in the Autist subconscious that their brains can’t live with their brains’ having back-ancestrally having committed, of killing the dinosaur babies by breaking the eggs in jealous/over-zealous competition for the hallucinogen-laced mash the adults brought back to the nest for the hatchlings and young, and there were the erroneously-trekked and trek-battered humans then as camped-out in the nests and they got high off of the baby food and didn’t want to leave the nests, and went as to war against the adult dinosaurs for the growing discomfort of having them sitting in the nests waiting to be mouth-fed, like baby birds are mouth-fed, and breaking the baby-eggs so they the humans could have all the mash. — Before it was unveiled in 1967 maybe it looked like the “Puff the Magic Dragon” sailing ship as it was being unveiled.Chicago Picasso Covered

Greg Constantine’s but I have to send for a copyright permission, using this as an example with the other views, this from his Picasso in Chicago. it occurs tt the system might have told its “dragons in the basement” extortion story to some, about this cor-ten subconscious dinosaur.

PrJFK, Huxley, Lewis, Between Heaven and Hell cover, the Picasso cartoon by Greg Constantine, Picasso in Chicago This “Every Man With a Briefcase,” 26′-tall statue installed outside the 7th and G Streets, NW National Portrait Gallery copy is here because it’s made of the same Core-Ten Steel material as the untitled “the Picasso” 1967 statue in Chicago, and my point is that it’s the same system behind the 2 pieces. The Picasso must have been a “ritual” that negated by replacement “making up for” the extinction of the dinosaurs. These “rituals” that the hallucino-system goes by are hardly describable without you sounding nuts as you try to describe them. The template for them I guess is that “Eat this bread, it’s my body; Drink this wine, it’s my blood,” one. I have only barely figured that one out in recent years but we hear that stuff all the time and get told that we’ll understand things when we grow up and really there isn’t any truth behind any of these things, it’s just this accident in early times that hasn’t gotten straightened out yet, they developed brain damage from being “disobedient” to nature’s “signs” not to keep trying to walk north and east. The regular credits for the Every Man #such-and-such statue is in the “You Were Wrong” Merchant file just below here a bit, that they’re by artist Joseph Borofsky, installed here last fall, the #322**** is; (I’m just “rushed” off my feet, — see, I was trying to go do some other things before this got verbose because I just recalled the latest ritual I’ve just been realizing about, and I don’t like to keep “secrets,” don’t like any of this system business, don’t want to be arguing with invisible armies of brain-damaged people, — how do I get out of this? is always my main thought, as they’re closing-in real bad. Here it comes: the latest one I’ve just realized about is this docu-film titled The Banshee Chapter, some peculiar little film I saw a bit of that grazes on the hallucino/dinosaur problem issue-set so that I’ve been trying to learn what the film is, hoping to be able to trace it and I just got to it yesterday and have to go see if there’s such thing as an Atticus University now because from the small bit that I’d only seen I couldn’t tell if it was a documentary or a film. Thomas Blackburn was likely symbolic for the late Sidney Gottlieb, a lookalike of which has just done a walkby wearing a bunch of tatooes, as some “sign” to me to leave it alone probably. Then I, like the early trekkers, “play stupid” and just keep looking up about things anyway.

#124, Botany – 1st they extincted the normal drug-plants .pdf They seem to have damaged the botany all around the world that the subject is really made difficult to learn anything about, it purposely obfuscated. That Linnean I think it’s spelled maybe, business I couldn’t figure out why everything’s so complicated and I suspect that it’s to cover-up that they’ve been tearing-up the flora, besides also that they want to keep everything just to themselves. The botany makes the air. Those plants take in nitrogen and release oxygen is how it goes?



I’ll be throwing what little I’ve got onto here for trying to get started on. The art-piece in Chicago called “the Picasso” is useful to what I’m trying to describe and can be viewed (I’d read but not actually been to check-see,) at, Under the,

jack horner dinosaur subject2

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jack horner dinosaur subject

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JFK, Huxley, Lewis, Between Heaven and Hell cover, the Picasso cartoon and Ann Wroe’s Lives, Lies

This came out bad because I was more new with this technology. There’s only the second page that has any connections to dinosaurs but it’s one of my favorites only this is a cartoon I haven’t yet gotten or done a permission to be able to use yet. I lost all my research materials in 2014 and I couldn’t get another picture of this statue by Picasso and so here’s a cartoon of it from this book on the second page here, by Greg Constantine. Picasso, Pablo Picasso, had made a fifty-foot tall cor-ten they call that same material that’s used for the Hasidic-looking “Everyman}” by Joseph Borofsky 26′ statue now at 7th and G Streets, NW, here, that doesn’t have a title, only I call it a dinosaur because when I look at it that that’s what I see, the inner-brain guilt still buried in the Autists and brought out by this circa 1964 huge work in Daley Plaza, Chicago. Check their I think is the last part, it is really good, like a subconscious representation of the egg-smashing. have to sign off

— This went to some letter to probably the Dr. Delaney at GWUH and I have to work on the different parts of it yet:

The first thing I’d found on the Autist-hallucinogen connection was the early work by one of your lab doctors here, now retired probably, Dr. Mary Coleman. Then she went into 5HT research and production and her early work got buried. 5HT is like a synthetic-serotonin brain chemical and there’s a connection between high or low levels and the Autism, but all the Autism research petered off into mixing it up with the “Past Lives Captivity Trauma.”

There are 3 pieces of artwork I’ve noticed that connect dinosaurs and Autism:

1- the untitled 50-foot statue by Picasso in Chicago’s Daley Center,

2- An altar painting in North Capitol’s St. Aloysius Church,

3- an outdoor mural at 713 S Street, NW, near Howard. This one has a depiction like Johns Hopkins hospital’s Dr. BC in it. (I think he has the Autism mixed with Neanderthal similar to the type I have problem with.)

When the people with the Autism went to the Old World they didn’t have their hallucinogens available and this decapitation-for-hallucinogens began, leaving the bodies for muck.

(that might have been page 18 of the GWUH file/letter.)


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