The Japanese and the Jews


ny times dot com slash 1971/07/30/archives/a-book-on-jews-stirs-japanese dot html


washington post dot com slash archive/entertainment/books/1995/02/19/reflections-and-distortions/d73bf1e5-9fea-4a7e-8f0b-5f0f96d1b5ba/?noredirect=on

Many years later Shichihei Yamamoto, 1921-1991, a famous Japanese novelist and intellectual admitted that he had written The Japanese and the Jews, … the publisher… David Goodman and Masanori Miyazawa’s new book, Jews in the Japanese Mind, the authors accuse Yamamoto of usurping Jewish identity “to affirm Japanese uniqueness.

Yamamoto’s attempt to exonerate Japan’s war guilt by claiming that, like the Jews, the Japanese have suffered immensely, from natural catastrophes such as typhoons and earthquakes and as the only victims of nuclear holocausts,

Japanese propensity to see themselves as victims.

check this, not time to read it r now: photo

commons dot wikimedia dot org/wiki/File:Yamamoto_Shichihei dot jpg


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