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0011, a.k.a. post #251, claim #, previously sent to a science group, American Association of Anatomists, from summary attempt for CSSP, words to be added as i go along.

#251, Claim #2566036, (previously sent to a science group: AAA (American Association of Anatomists,( – my summary attempt for CSSP, words to be added as I go along.) — print out this text but the pdf was transferred to Catogory- Science group letters

Mr. Andress, please be careful not to forward this material around. I’ll try to send an update soon but this is all I have for right now. I hope the pdf comes through okay and partial explications for the pages are below. Technical problems caused the insurance-part to get lost but I’m hoping you’d have someone interested in getting this made nice for the P&G company or some such, like looking at it in honor or acknowledgment of this Earth Day toward that purpose. I can’t explain right now because I’m on borrowed equipment. Please don’t forward the material. This is what I’d sent a science group last month but I don’t ever have contact with any “real” person, etc. for my difficulty-set. This partial-pdf is below this paragraph. Sincerely, K. Foshay — AAA- I sent you an email over the weekend but instead of “collected papers” I should have typed “selected letters” where I’m sure some nice volume could be made from the 12+ feet of them they have at Smith College, mostly from (Florence) Sabin to her sister Mary in Denver, said to have been daily. (Now I’m thinking that maybe her 1921-22 trip for the opening of the Rockefeller’s Peking Union Medical College might be a nice start, since it’d take me so long to select from the so many. 4/20/17) I’m still working on this description of what’s in the pdf but my personal situation is really the worst in the world and it”s getting particularly bad so I feel forced to try to get anyone to assist me. I hope I did send you that pdf cartoon that symbolizes what it’s like to bring my requests to the underneath-us, that this is all material I don’t like to let get around out of context, please let only someone mature see this material. I notice you’ve got the science editors there, and also I mention that going over whet the system did with Sabin’s work could get the elementary biology things back into reality-level, sort of real “Universe Rescue” attempt I’m trying to be real about buy I’m kept all covered-up about by this “Armageddon Program” exhibition on unworkable-with parasitism for nature-creation, etc. This is my only chance to try to send this before the weekend so try to overlook all the gaps in all these subjects. I’ll be trying to upgrade this write-up but mostly the system just keeps me in this “gutter-circus” abuse of all my time.

CSSP, summary part 1.pdf, page 1 is the circa 1933 photo of Sabin and her staff at the RIMR. When I saw the picture and the expression on her face I’d immediately thought that she was my “egg-mother,” biological ovae I’d come from, me inheriting that same feeling as she was expressing and I don’t think anyone but me could read her letters to her sister with any interest or understanding like I would love to get up there to the library at Smith College to try to do, right away because I’m getting old and everything’s unhealthy and horrible out here for me, etc., thinking it could do some Earth-good because otherwise this sneaky system that we’re in is really going to break this planet before they’d quit parasiting, they simply have some prehistoric-descended mere developmental disability that modern people could get straightened out but we live in their faked-up world right now, plus they’re getting their “Armageddon” done off of poor teeny little old Kathy Foshay’s being lifetime-plagued and possibly it really is a continuation of the lifetime-plague on Sabin. On page 5 below I put a picture of Edwin Drake, the petroleum-father, and he and the Sabin males look so similarly that they were likely some family together somehow, all then in Vermont together, so that I’ve got her Drake-looking Sabin family and then I’ve got modern-similar as with the “Man In Oriental Costume” on that same page and now I just found this “Everyday Man” 26-foot statue down here outside the Natl. Portrait Gallery, e.g. There was also some similar connection between Q. Victoria and Louis Napoleon, Napoleon III I think he was but he was one of these generational-slave #2 types, the Jesus father and son types I’ve been phrasing this “type” of human, etc.

page 2-  is this new realization that this “fraud-family” I’d been raised by had lived on Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx till 1939 and had likely owed the butcher a little money and wound up being plagued forever-excuse off of that, really, is how I’ve wound up in this situation, born 1955 at the hospital next to the RIMR and then up to that “French Connection” location in the Bronx. When I came (back) to Washington in 2005 I owed the cafe around the corner first 6 cents and then another 30 or 36 cents and a whirlwind pushed the fact out of my mind and I never got back and the guy moved and now he’s moved again, up to Bethesda where then I was in the hospital for 11 weeks because of the car-hit. The guy by the way looks like the Jack Parsons-type, like Parsons from the founding of the rocket fuel Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CalTech, sort of a cult-figure for rocket science aficiandos, and like Hank/Henry Daly that the main police station here was named after, and like, of course, Hermann Oberth, who’d likely bio-parented them and’d been descended from the #2 gen-slaves from the “Ghent Altarpiece” days, everything always “It’s a Small World After All”  -mentality connected.

page 3- This is 26 feet tall outside the Portrait Gallery at 7th and G Streets, NW, here, me just seeing it recently. Jonathan Borofsky’s the sculpter. It’s of the same “Cor-Ten Steel” that the CHICAGO PICASSO is made from, that latter’s looking to me like what had happened in Prehistory when the errantly-trekking to find the source of the sun’s trip as it seems to “rise” up off of the ground way far away somewhere had wound up collapsing into dinosaurs’ nests in North America I figure, where they rested and got fed the dinosaurs’ babies’ food which was mashed flowers and toads and mushroom types of mouth-fed stuff like burds do with worms to their newborns but there’d been hallucinogens evolving here, not in the Old World so much but here, where the dinosaurs were learning how to fly, and these humans landed into the nests and got “dependent” on the hallucinogens, there being some big deal that hallucinogens aren’t addictive so the users aren’t addicts, but their whole system is dependent on the hallucinogens, the state of mind that the hallucinogens give, and without that high the state doesn’t exist anymore, and we’re going to be left not only extinct but also leaving Earth as swirling garbage like that “Asteroid Belt” was probably a planet that’d gotten broken, perhaps in being used for tilting Earth so the lost little buggers could get enough sun to be able to stay alive. But their damages incurred by the trip are everywhere. — I think Borofsky calls these “Everyman” or Everyday Man, and they’re numbered, this one’s being 3277541. -It, he, has pins in his top of his head, about 12 of hem, like needles sticking in I’d guess, representing some way there seems to be for getting brain fluid out for narcotics uses for the Autists.

page 4- That’s St. Acasio but I can’t find that name listed anywhere else yet, found it in that Smithsonian Folk Lure Festival annual booklet for back when Stewart Udall’s wife had worked on that and I was trying to research him, !, and then there’s the usual “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait (at the National Gallery of Art on Constitution and 6th, NW, but it was, all, donated by Andrew Mellon, 1934, to Washington and Mellon is in this gen-slave #2 type group and this winds up seeming “French Connection”-connected: His son-in-law was Harry Anslinger, the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics at the time of the French Connection business, and in that same time period Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy had JFK build a house, “Wexford” next-door to Andrew Mellon’s son Paul and Paul’s wife “Bunny” Mellon. This gets involved and it was all while the Autist-system believed that they’d soon be owning the riches of space, it was all pre-July 1969 moon-landing and physically seeing and touching that there aren’t any big riches for mortals out there. The other picture might even have been the excuse for getting me car-hit possibly; it’s a close-up of the portrait and it had slipped out of my papers while I was talking with one of these of the many “plants” all around me and only because I’m nervous of plant-types around me when I’d seen anything slip out of my papers to be exposed to a plant’s eyes I’d quick-tucked it back in and the movement could be percepted as being surreptitious but the girl had been given many pages of this writing I do and wasn’t interested but shouldn’t have thought anything odd of the picture, just of how quickly I’d swept it back into my pile, and then I’ve been putting together that weird bit about that I’d woken up in ICU with the staff in that scene about the TV-news story that I’d jotted a little about here about two months ago. Now I’m commenting next to that picture,  “Care-worn eyes or comfortably-profiteering? expression, but you can see right below there…

page 5- that Edwin Drake, the father of petroleum (in the U.S., Pennsylvania’s Titusville Oil Region,) has the same type of eye-look, that they’re likely close-related, and then again there’s that portrait that I use as my example-description of where this “Armageddon Program” seems to come from in general, but that I think it’s done by them as being “magiician-” slaves, etc., and then the “St. Christopher” of the 1432 “Ghent Altarpiece” where I figure that that little boy behind him is from the Autists’ group and is misleading the captives, and they’re on their way out to the cliffs of Spain, Santiago de Compostela, as the main destination there, most likely going through Conques, France, where that Sainte Foy business comes from, which even hooks into the Scientology aspect of this, as L. Ron Hubbard’s “Doomed Planet” cover looks like a grown-bigger Saint/e Foy, holding those vials of the drug, which thinking about it might be like those meters the Dianetics uses. The “Doomed Planet” cover is safely still up on this Menu here I’m pretty sure, but I have to print it out in color and then do enlargements of just that one corner to use it as an illustration here. And also there’s the whole “Shell Oil” aspect as the scallop-shell from being a souvenir/sign of the pilgrimage out to La Finestre, Santiago de Compostela, became that logo. Also “The Birth of Venus” painting is likely connected to that logo.

page 6- about the Rockefeller-money hayday here, then to Jan. 1978 when I’d moved to San Francisco after the Army and there was the assassination of the Mayor George Moscone with Harvey Milk, councilmember and someone else getting killed in that rage-rampage, and immediately after that big Guyana Jonestown Massacre of the religious sect from San Francisco.  Pastor Jim Jones.

page 7- the regular 1962 “French Connection” photo I’d found in the 1969 Robin Moore book by that name only in 2014 but luckily or I’d never have guessed about all this “clear” brain-serum narcotic global- real economy. Also, WWI had been started by a member of then’s “Black Hand Society” and I suspect it’s the same “conspiracy” of “magicians” that are really the generational-slaves stuck with all this prison-Earth horror.

page 8- putting the pages like this it seems easier to see that that might really be Lenny Bruce there with that fraud-parent. Bruce had just gotten out of that first First Amendment problem I think, been acquitted. I’m trying to keep track of his Carnegie Hall dates, figuring if he was doing “devil’s deals” in rewards for things like taking this fraud-photograph as though he was Tony Fuca like the fraud-parent is posed as though being the agent Ben Fitzgerald. Then there are very-framed pictures of generational-slave #2 types behind that little photo of Bruce’s friend Berton. Then that word-quote attributed to Bruce I like but couldn’t find it;  t’s attributed to his daughter Kitty’s book on him, more like a big magazine, and I looked but couldn’t find the words anywhere in the little time I’d had with it. “…I am one of the huge cornerstones in the second tower of Babel that we of Satan’s growing army are building” and so was/is my fraud-parent! Underneath the Bronx there this whole “hip-hop” generation was invented, etc., and that’s how things have gotten so way off that they can’t be seen, that this thing is so vast and permeated now. Then they landed a camera on the moon in June 1966, able to see that it’s barren there, and Bruce “o.d’d.” two months later allegedly as all the Autists and friends started covering up for that their underground-takeover was based on the false belief that they’d have riches galore, which comes up in that Tiffany’s picture, page after next.

page 9- That probably is really Tony Fuca and doesn’t look the same as in the photo the fraud-parent is in.

page 10- the Tiffany’s break-in, 1958. So far I think it was a ritual for breaking through the sound barrier/ozone layer and grabbing those star-diamonds. Then Patsy Fuca (first in the line-up above,) robbed Cartier’s in 1961 I think it was, but it’s a strange little story, real peculiar, with one of the guy’s dying the next year in the Bronx, where he’d lived on Bainbridge Avenue, with some odd and misspelled name, Kingdom Norman maybe. And Tish (Letitia) Baldrige left working for Tiffany’s then to go be on Mrs. Kennedy’s staff in the White House, and I’m realizing now that Mrs. Kennedy was REAL peculiar, like more of a “black-haired Autist-family” person that Mrs. JFK, that she was probably extremely annoyed at his interest in blonde-haired women like Monroe and Mary Pinchot Meyer, and it’s possible that as an Autist you don’t even have to do any curses or anything but just think to yourself that you’re unhappy about someone’s behavior and wish they weren’t around anymore and the “magicians,” generational-slaves, might overhear and start acting on fulfilling your wish.  Back in that time period “LSD” wasn’t illegal and lots of rich people were given free samples as the system thought they’d soon be owning space and there was nothing wrong with “eating brains” or the serum from them, etc. Then I’d just looked up images of the late Elizabeth Edwards and she looks, born 1949, like she might could have come from Ms. Onassis’ ovae. I’d known a girl that Ms. Edwards reminded me of, so the girl might have been from in there somewhere maybe, is how I’d noticed Edwards only after she’d passed, in 2010, but Mr. Edwards is like a huge Autist real figurehead to all this. In 1999 I think, they’d installed a huge overhead wall-sculpture at the Basilica, “Universal Call to Holiness,” were “the Virgin Mary” looks like him and so does also on the tympanum at Conques, France where that St. Foy is/was.

page 11- is Mrs. Fuca and Robin Moore pictured working on her “Mafia Wife” book. I’ve got some excerpt up here in this blogsite somewhere still I hope, of her reaction to spending a typical “Xmas” at the Fuca’s relatives’. I have to try to figure out the location because it’s in the Lower East Side and that’s where the Jews that opened that Bathgate Avenue Market in the Bronx had come from, and locating that area more specifically could be a big help in getting all this straightened out. “The whole cannibalism-system.” Yeah. But of course then they never be quiet about how necessary meat is but they never mention that in their brain somewhere is inherited-guilt from the ancestors’ having (maliciously) accidentally extincted the dinosaurs by smashing their babies’ eggs so there wouldn’t be competition for the food-mash, all hallucinogens mixed in it so the dinosaurs could learn to fly, transporting us easily through the ozone layer “sound barrier” and on. Mrs. Fuca and Mr. Moore are hugely important for the reason that I’m starting to think they might be a type of people made from “donations” from Dr. Rene Dubos of the RIMR and then his own Environmental Center, up by Tiffany’s owner in Garrison and over on the Connecticut border. I’m held up waiting to try to find that group picture in Avery’s lab for getting the name of Dubos’ partner, as they both might have been super-mass-reproduced for this. I noticed this because there’s an odd stereotype that seems connected to this “Armageddon Program/Show” that’s similar maybe to Mrs. Fuca, might have come from someone like her and they might have come from Rene for the purpose of molding a stereotype from him but they have, it seems, some bizarre total disregard for normal-world, like holocausting people is some natural everyday or okay thing, so I’m thinking that Rene might have been molded from the “Jesus type,” that my findings on David the Psalmist had led to, to be used to these things, as it’s just getting worse and worse with realizing how this Autism won’t let go nearly 50 years after they saw that there’s nothing in space for mortals, they just blithely go along anyhow and then this with the “Dianetics,” there’s this whole “Mission Earth: Doomed Planet” last of the ten-book series where it seems like Hubbard’s group might have gone into this thing where they HAVE TO get off of Earth because it’s (now) so messed up and so that’s justifying nevertheless continuing with this turning people into petroleum-oil, for fueling the futile Mars-type ventures. There isn’t any outer space for those psychopaths. They killed all what was evolving way back long ago, and it isn’t for mortals anyway. Etc.

page 12- Robin Moore (not his regular name, but he’d passed in 2005 or 2009 and I can’t recall it right now,) had previously, 1968 I think, written that “Green Berets” book where John Wayne was in the film and I haven’t located a copy of it yet but the way things seem to have been I’d guess that it was more about cleaning-up after the clearing of all the normal natives from Asia that was what was really going on, where the Siam Chakri set had been doing the big work in their area and other “royalty” doing wherever they were and that was largely done but there probably wasn’t anything but the Autists’ takeover that was why anyone was over there about the Green Berets business, etc.

page 13- that’s me standing there in a “trick”-taken photo, trying to teach that (passive-aggressive) little girl how to play checkers in some strange room I’d been directed to and a guy on a tour like for a newspaper asked if he could take a picture and I’d said yes but didn’t realize I was okaying a close-up, had thought that I’d just happen to be in one of the room with a bunch of kids in it. When this torture’d started and I had nothing to do and no money I’d found I could get old encyclopedia volumes for a quarter each so I’d broken them up into the separate articles and’d come across and recognized this one.

page 14- then that’s where we’d moved to on Nov. 1, 1963 and I’d left for the Army Oct. 1973. Massoud and his friend Masood are like a couple of guys that had lived nearby with the one that looks like Massoud becoming my first boyfriend, toward the end of sixth grade I think that that was and it hadn’t last long probably. We had about nothing in common and I couldn’t figure out why he’d bothered “liking” me but it was all this ritual paradigm of just doing things because they have “magic” omen significances to the system “magicians,” like Massoud was of the generational-slave #2 type, killed around 2001 I think, where the 13-year old kid’s name was Cesar (or Caesar) Romero and it was significant for the Armageddon purpose of “siezing” Romeo-guys that liked anything about me, is the LURE-scam, from way back then. Any normal guys that get attracted to me get “shadowed” by the fraud-parent’s type and all these associated kin-types, has been the main gimmick, along with off of all the writing-for-help that I’ve done. I’m out of time for today now.

page 15- this is mostly a place-holder for that “leash” picture of Lynndie England on one end and the prisoner “Gus” on the other. That whole Abu Grahib scandal was one of these “ripple-effect” “magic”-tricks that go on all the time around me. Largely that “leash” or tie-down strap or whatever, as it really does have a purpose like I’ve used them for nurse’s aide work where it helps in moving a bedridden person to a chair and such but of course it goes around the arms and chest area and in the Abu Grahib case it’d slipped and that guy in this “pyramid” photo had given the one end to Pfc England and told her to hold it and took that picture, but for me it’s become this horror inability to walk, like a harness whereby I’m “invisibly” hauling this Armageddon Program around anywhere I try walking to, an enormous but not really real medical problem. There’s more to this too but I’ll try to get back to it. Most of those things on this menu here are subjects I’m meaning to get back to and fill in the gaps for too.

page 16- is similar with alot going on to it to get back to. It seems possible to me that Mr. Valenti might have “come from” that judge, Sarah T. Hughes, there in a brown sweater with multi-colored polka dots, and she might have come from Johannes Winkler of the VfR, the circa-1928 Rocket-makers group that more or less appears to have become the whole start of the way to the moon and whatever they’re doing nowadays. I’d guess that Winkler was a generational-slave #1 type, me saying #1 solely because I guess at that their slavery had actually pre-dated the next generational-slaves’ type. Then there’s the new thing of starting to realize that Mrs. Kennedy wasn’t as innocent as she’d appeared, me noticing lately that she’d had JFK buy property next to where Andrew Mellon’s son was living, and Andrew Mellon is where that “generational-slave #2” type’s “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait painting we’ve had here since 1934 had come from, which is what looks to me like what directs all the “Armageddon Program/Show” and that “French Connection” whole real nightmare on my life, about the brain-serum narcotic business or industry that it now is.

page 17- I think that that C.S. Lewis is from this “Vajiravudh” or very similar type that the fraud-parent had come from, but the main thing here is that Aldous Huxley and his writings are very important to all this that we’ve got now and also that the whole Huxley family is too.

page 18- that’s some approximation of this Bathgate Avenue Market-Bronx Zoo-area “fraud-family” I’d come from’s main “donors,” like some orc- or baboon- making industry the system’s been running off of them, creating like a false population out here mostly of a type that thinks that it’s inheriting this country or planet but would be “scripted” to be blown away, etc. Armageddon.

page 19- is more about that but all mixed into the Dept. of Justice, that the NY Murder Inc. group seem to have slid into that with the Vajiravudh-type/s, with the one looking like the fraud-parent but he said that that isn’t him so it probably really isn’t because I’ve seen someone or two people scooting around here who do seem to look exactly like that first figure of “Gerald Shur.” Then page 20 is missing because of all these everyday-type problems I have with technology.

page 22- is trying to point out how Mrs. Oswald is from that Vajiravudh. I’ve got the addresses where she’d lived in the Bronx with Lee (Harvey) around 1953 and will try to get them typed in. A.J. Liebling was the husband of that book’s author and was of that Vajiravudh or similar to Mrs. Oswald type and so was A.M. Rosenthal who’d then made that business with Ms. Kitty Genovese into the big news story, and that then had a longtime girlfriend, Katherine Balfour I think was the name, who looked just like Kitty Genovese, like she’d gone into an assumed name there.

page 23-  this is a big deal that would take more than a minute or two, and

page 24- is just to show how difficult it is to recognize the same “stereotype” if they’re just “diversified” into a slightly darker skin-shade color, that you don’t recognize the same face as it has a darker dye-coloration, even though they’re the same and you know the face well, it just looks all unrecognizable then.

page 25- is a light-shaded example of the fraud-parent’s “offspring-descendants” I’ve been calling this “everyday phenomenon” of this bizarre world-way we live in of the mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries people, etc.

page 26- is just to point out at any chance this massive Siam problem. I have no idea about the other countries but clearly “the King and I” were clearing the natives in that area and replacing them with system-made people, population.

page 27- Chulalongkorn and Nicholas II of Russia and Aldous and Leonard Huxley’s father Leonard Huxley look to all be from old Peter Paul Rubens’ line, with Chulalongkorn as the father of Siamese photography as an example of how much work has gone into this turning the world around but I’m trying to explain that that was under the misled misconception that there was no Autism involved, that the Autism is “invisible” and those generational-slave #2 captives like Rubens, and Capt. John Smith who’d found this Potomac area here same thing, had had no much choice but to believe whatever the Autist-psychopath decapitators felt like saying, and we’re still in that position of that going along with the captors, while, assumably, hoping that buidling all these schools and hospitals would eventually get the captors to normalize but that has not happened and we’ve still got the problems, but, Chulalongkorn was one of history’s main workers for the Autist captors, and his wife has got some descendants around me nowadays, in that fraud-family and out to everywhere.

page 28- this is real important to be filled in but I have to get some mature adult to speak with about it, can’t just blab and blab to myself here about real things. It’s sort of connected to about Oswald in the Bronx too, for the small-world Plan. Then Bleuler is there only about being from that type of person.

page 29-33 is the usual August 2016 summary to Maryland write-up I try to use to describe all this by; adding page 34 to the back of one of those letters as nothing’s been done.

page 35-37 are about this big “Shahan” stereotype difficulty I’ve got, seeing one just yesterday morning and then a horror afternoon happened, that seeing one is just before real bad things happen, like the car-hit. That little “anger-management” cartoon seems a coincidence so I’d added it recently but today realize that it’s an illustration of what’s been going on here all these years as I’ve been writing these- type letters since 2005 plus some at the beginning of the millennium also, and now it’s also becoming “clear” to me that this is all connected to my 1978 experiences, which were all this same French Connection/Armageddon whole lifetime business all behind my back using me for their LUREs of the innocent and normal humans. Etc.

page 38- is the 3/17/14 flyer-write-up I’d made and then, a Shahan and some wacko forced-ambulance trip to Howard University Hospital because of a dead louse/lice allegedly on my shirt one morning, and then it’s been all these ill-health curses since then too, as it became increasingly clear, that in 1794 John Carroll had helped set up this Autist, Carroll being a slave, and they just started digging all under here ever since and that’s this Armageddon all over me this millennium as though it’s okay for the “big boys” and the hidden Autists-enclave to use my life this way, etc. Time’s up again and I’ll try to sign back on to finish this part up, etc.

page 39- John Carroll, 1735-1815, Archbishop of Baltimore and probably progenerator of Obadiah B. Brown and many others and later L. Ron Hubbard, all “religious workers” slave to the Autists and Autists-system. In September-October 2014 I’d suddenly noticed former-Mayor Marion Barry here through books on other subjects that led me to reading on him and I noticed that he was likely also one of John Carroll’s descendants, and he died in November. It seems like that’s related to this sudden noticing of him, comparing him to Socrates in that Somebody has to stay with these Autist-pyromaniac kids, they can’t just be left to be roaming and setting house fires, and the like.

page 40- I don’t know how I left off the attribution: the photos are from US Magazine, November 7, 2016, page 40. I’d noticed the page because of a magazine cover at a supermarket around that time period where the actor is starting to perhaps evolve to the looks of a character in this that’s like the “Doomed Planet” by L. Ron Hubbard human figure in the chair-throne, holding like the 2 vials of the St/e. Foy figure that I think the book of Revelation had started from, then gathering the gospel-author works and letters and the whole thing into this Bible, etc. But I do try to keep track of all the copyright business. There’s always some fair use of materials in the regular books and so probably also the magazines, and in my case this has always all been all super-life and death emergency business problem I’m alone with that I’m pretty sure that about anything I do is within the fair use parameters, etc. It’s a whole subject into itself but I was suprised that the US Magazine and date attribution wasn’t here, and also the leader of the group looks alot like Luther’s friend Philip Melanchthon, and then there’s all kinds of other inter-connections with the religions-business and as I’m realizing about this 1978 set up difficulty into all this too.

page 41- as long as Dianetics is coming up I should mention that I suspect that that Mormon Temple at Nauvoo (gone now) I think might have been where Ronald Reagan’s ancestors had built and been living when this roaming Joseph Smith et al. came around and did the things they do to take over places. He might have been tolerated because of this “Line of Demarcation” clause that the natives of a place shouldn’t be murdered but allowed to live still.

page 42- is right in the World Book Encyclopedia; John Carroll’s type as Dr. Pinel, and in that painting I think it’s him trying to prevent the Autists from taking the old guy to the kitchen for being dinner and drugs.

page 43- that there’s a whole world of goings-on that turned this situation into this TPE that I’m always trying to get assistance toward averting, with the Autists oblivious to anything but their own desires.

page 44- example of Autists, and I have to sign off again.

(L. Ron Hubbard was some “offspring-descendant” of this same John Carroll Archbishop of Baltimore who’d been the main slave-worker captive in setting up the whole “Roman” church system here, the Catholic business, and Hubbard was just doing a continuation of that but it’s all then modernly-linked to the rocket fuel petroleum-horror, oil-from humans horror industry. Poor little me. Additionally I’m so full of all this horror all by myself that I’d snapped at some staff-person that she’s a drug addict, is why she really does some little ritually-annoying thing when I just happen to be there, so now all the drug-lovers are also like in a union against me in addition to the usual union-work working against me in these places all the “Armageddon Program” time, exerting a little extra effort to make things difficult for me.)


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#253, addendum to Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 9 p.

9 pages.pdf, starting with the same Sabin picture. I forgot to mention that Q. Victoria was plagued by Louis Napoleon and Sabin was plagued by Adolf Meyer and then it’s likely that I was under-plagued by a psychologist that was heir to Meyer, who might still be alive, out in the San Francisco area, who was a society-president for at least some while or a year, the American Psychological Association I think is its title, me bringing 4 letters over to them here by Union Station in 2008. Then there was something else I didn’t get a chance to mention, sending 2 emails to a place Sabin used to work with, 1924! We can look back in retrospect at those days’ “tricks” better than we can see the ones newly being perpetrated.

#252, part2, Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 31 p., transferred to the Category- Science group letters

part2 .pdf, this is what went wrong yesterday, no puns per the first illustration, that part 2 was supposed to just be in one long file but someone had changed the settings on the public equipment and now it’s a disaster but the main point is the last page of the whole thing, where I’d just gotten this email from the “car-hit” insurance company, and, recall that somewhere in the Matthew gospel it’s said that in those days people won’t have ears to hear or eyes to see, and here I’ve spent the past year writing all about this situation of mine to this insurance guy and he sends me this and it’s a joke because that character he’s saying is the only way they’ll deal with me IS (underline or italic there,) one of these many “Armageddon Program” planted characters that are all around me, that that is just going in a go-nowhere good circle, staying with the “program” of the Armageddon, as stated at the back of that bible, etc. and etc. So this is a real big difficulty for me in what I can do about this now and before I could try to send this latest attempt to communicate with a human somewhere I’d had to get that letter printed in order to add it, and then sending the whole package of the 80 pages was impossible and now it’s like all broken-up garbage for this long weekend, weekend regular, where I’m stranded at that (possibly the real) Inferno-location and never know what is going to happen to me next, every day about the same for 23 years like this. But, of course, do not be LURED to try to find me as that’s the main gimmick to that whole “Armageddon” world-takeover and now I’m realizing that things that’d happened to me back in 1979 in San Francisco probably involved that Dianetics/Scientology group, religion, where L. Ron Hubbard was little different from his ancestor the U.S. founder of Catholicism, John Carroll, d. 1815 and he was probably just a stuck-prisoner like I am, Hubbard’s life probably a copy of that pattern, have to go now. 30