letter to Northampton, Grove

91 Grove Street, Northampton, MA 01060 (sent in a 2-p condensed version, mailed 8/12/17, sat., from: Kathy Foshay, the “Not a safe “show” underworld or overworld location address

Dear Homeless Shelter, I’m the most unfortunate person and there’s something at Smith’s library that I feel might be vitally important to all so I’m trying to get there but haven’t any money, but I’m eligible for regular soc security next week, 62 years old, and hope to be able to take the 1st check and run up to Northampton fro it but then will have nowhere to sleep and be likely to be trying to get into your place.

I’m trying to get all of my situation onto a blogsite: http://www.


Anyone could have 10% of its future-income for assisting me to survive but the whole system despises and sabotages anything little me tries to do so please be careful.

I can’t stand cold weather anymore and will have to hurry and try to get back down south before it starts if I can get there at all this year.

The lady whose papers I want to get there to read,Florence Sabin, 1871-1954, seems to me to have been a fore-runner for all this system-despisement that I’ve then had an I think much could be learned from my interpretations of her letters, nearly daily, to her teacher-sister out in Denver.

The front page of my blogsite might seem a little shocking but it’s simply our world-situation, condensed to:

UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.com: Brain-damaged brain-eating brain-invaders are forcing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION – Read the MENU’s Warning:

and then the Warning file tries to explain that it’s simply my bad luck that the system uses me for fulfilling those book of Revelation “Armageddon” threat-promises, but I’ve also got a secondary difficulty of having been raised as part of a bizarre “fraud-family” whose reproductive matters have been being used to “grow” maybe some countless number of people, with alot of “Neanderthal” criminal-insanity all over the place now.

Both the #1 and this #2 difficulty use me as a LURE for tricking normal people to what I phrase as being “disappearance” and this has been going on like back to 1962 and that “French Connection” narcotics scam that the 1970 film was based on. I’m trying to organize all this material onto the blogsite.

Because of this LURE I can’t find any safe address by which potential donors could reach me, system “goons” intercept anything that might assist me so that I’m kept destitute. Any safe address-use could have 10% of income too.

I’d gotten hit by a car in 2015 and contacted by an insurance company and that gave me the idea to use the money to see Sabin’s papers at Smith but the whole car-hit was a big fat hoax on me so now I can only hope the social security works the way it was supposed to, but even then it will only be a small amount because I’d only had low-paying jobs; a nurses’s aide mostly.

It isn’t real safe to try to contact me, just please see if anyone could world on any aspect of this Shareware-style blogsite with me for when/if I get to your place, likely mostly in immediate search for a bed then. I managed to send an email to Hampton Homeless but I didn’t hear bck and keep losing my papers, misplacing them, with the Northampton information on them. Then I thought I had an envelope for this but didn’t and it took some time to find these little notecards, 6 for a dollar, for being able to send this. I’ve sent emails of the blogsite to Forbes library but haven’t heard back, – it’s part of this “LURE” abuse that I never really hear anything from anyone. I always only hope for no trouble, but that’s like a jinx-phrase, they’ve really got the language botched-up! Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, no real address, no safe address here