letter to WES

on the letterhead with map on left and list on right, but I’ve, maybe the pdf to it is somewhere and i haven’t typed it before,

13 May 2016

Dear Washington Ethical Society,

I’m alone with the whole Ethical situation and am coincidentally trying to move to Shepherd Park and have no safe way that people could send donations for assisting me. WES could have 15% of income if you could read 3 files on my blog-/website and let me post your address for accepting checks and money orders:


I’m completely legitimate about everything I say and do. The 3 files to read from the Menu are:

1- Warnings

2- Science Fiction

3- Good Morning America

Also I got hit by a car in Kensington in November and if you could assist me with the mailing address you cold have 15% of any recompense from that too. My voicemail and email don’t seem to be privacy-secure or reliable but I’ll try to call WES next Wednesday/ Thursday afternoon on this. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay