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My point is that I think it’s the Battle of Angara, not the Battle of Anghiari, the Angara being the river that goes from Lake Baikal to the Yenesei River that then goes to the Arctic sea, which particular sea I’m not poisitive of because also I suppose that the system had later found the Ob River to be a better route to the Arctic sea/s for their routing.



While da Vinci was making this piece I just read, behind him they, through Machiavelli, had Michelangelo working on a similar war-depiction piece, which I’d never heard of and will try to go find a copyright-okay copy of, the Battle of Cascina.

check Ankara for cliffs.

Enterobacter aierogenes finding .pdf,

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I don’t know why I can’ti break up these image numbers to separate them from this link to Wikipedia on the Boston Fore River area, that that’s what Watson’s business was, the Fore River Ship and Engine Building company, and it is like the four rivers from the book of Revelation too, which I’d have to look up that exact verse too as I live like an animal in a washing machine to try to reach any assistance with all this. Image #20170704 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Weymouthrivermap.png#/media/File:Weymouthrivermap.pnghttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WeymouthForeRiver2007-09-01.JPG#/media/File:WeymouthForeRiver2007-09-01.JPG

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25 May, and I just sent a picture of Alexander Graham Bell but that didn’t reach here. I must have mistyped it (sp.) because it’d reached the email I’d also sent so I sent that now. This is a little bit complicated, and it’s connected maybe also to the Albert Hofmann, that this enterobacter is like always on my mind because I’m pretty sure it’s one of the curses on me
and then I happened across this picture of Hofmann when I went to send the Phineas Gage and it’s a different than usual picture of Hofmann and maybe he looks like the guy I think had put the enterobacter onto me as a big curse for this “Armageddon-making Program.” —  The pdf seldom comes out when I “reply” it from the email. I’ll get a better picture of him tomorrow from some of the kiddie books they have at the other library that I can get to easily. There are a # of different topics with Bell. I think he was a PP Rubens-offsprung descendant and maybe connected also to Theodore Herzl, I’m not yet that familiar with him but guess he’s like Rubens in what I perceive as having been a “championing” of the Autists because the Autism-psychopathy is “invisible” and it’s inscrutable how they’re such good con artists, so that as prisoners and believing that the Autists had somehow been wronged by “the others” people, especially Rubens, went overboard in making the way for the Autists and I suspect Bell came from that mentality, and then he’d lived here in Washington. One of those Cultural Tourism DC signboards has a picture of Bell and in that photo I recognize the Rubens resemblance so he’s been on my list of subjects to get around to but then also I’m pretty sure he was involved with the Northampton, Mass., where I want to go visit Smith right there, School for the Hearing Impaired, and that’s like a close neighbor to Smith College that I’d learned about from looking into that Clark School from some of the peculiar goings-on up in Massachusetts. Here at the shelter they’ve got what I call the/a “deaf-girl act” that hogs the bathroom mirror most mornings so that people like me can’t reach it to wash our hands after the toilet and that’s how then that “slug-pneumonia” and such illnesses start spreading around, but mostly she’d caused me a big problems by grabbing me from behind one day and starting this “grunting” act that she does which I’ve seen her on and off for alot of years now and I know she knows better, and deaf people don’t grab you from behind and yell into your back, they walk around to your face to get your attention so I knew she was just trying to cause trouble on purpose and there was alot of trouble for me considering that I do everything I can to try to stay out of any difficulties because of this real-life end of the planet that like sits on top of me, like grabbing me from behind and screaming into my back to try to cause the Armageddon, for the brain-damage that had brought such as the deafness problem into the world, is the umbrella problem for all our difficulties more or only slightly less, brought all the illnesses and social problems. For these reasons I’ve had this Clark School on my mind so now I’m going to try to pin down about Bell’s role there and here, maybe — send them a copy of this blogsite, too, because they’re like right next door to Smith. What do I think “the boys” were doing living right next to an all-girls school. Dig. And “magic.” The “magic” is what I think the “Bell” or closely-related Drake type was doing to Florence Sabin, honing their “magic show” skills that they have on me now off of her and she was right there next to that school for the deaf, so it’s all closely-connected.

The part about this enterobacter aerogenes and its related staph. aureus is that I’d begged and begged for sputum collections to try to figure out what this foul curse I’ve got is from. I was only able to get those 56 pages of my 11 weeks of the chart at the hospital and there was only that one mention of the enterobacter and I’m guessing that that’s what my problem is called. They had me on antibiotics for some infection for a long time but those are the only papers I got, from the nursing home I’d gone to after there I was able to get those few luckily, so I’d guess that that staph infection was cleared up but that this enterobacter was only slightly deterred by all my time in those places. What it is is it started in October 2009 and I connected it to the September 2009 visits to that local clinic for homeless people at that big 2nd and D Streets, NW shelter, that it was some sort of a side effect from antibiotics or what that that doctor had given me in September that in October I’d started waking up with a real foul taste in my mouth, but it’s never gone away so I finally figured that it was a curse from that doctor’s fulfilling it for someone that’s real high in the religious hierarchy hereabouts, that those people like this “Armageddon Program” way of LURING people to disappearance and so had the doctor switched around to one that would set this curse that I would wake up with an “s***mouth” so that I’d be real negative and then the Armageddon gimmick that the holocausting gets blamed on me for being bad, that say I wake up foul-mouthed and cursing people to death as I’m barraged with all these sneaky underworld-directed tricks that everyone does a little each of more or less, so this is still going on, all my days I wake up spitting and spitting and wiping this foul liquid-horror out of my mouth, etc. The subject came up when Cincinnati Insurance was asking for medical paperwork on me and this is my favorite piece of medical paperwork because it’s the only one that indicates that something is wrong with my sputum, in all these years I haven’t been able to get any assistance with getting rid of this, like it doesn’t exist. I think underworld “nurses” come around and spoon that crap into my “hologram image body” and it gets into me that way, around 4 a.m. every day it seems like someone does a round and spoons that into me in fulfillment of a prescription from that weirdo “Dr. Presents!” his phony name was pronounced like, there being 2 different guys that played that role, 1 young guy that looked like say the guy from the 1926 rocket club, Johannes Winkler, cute young normal-looking guy, then the next time I went there the guy was about 50 years old and said he was the same guy. I think I’d disagreed a little with what was prescribed and then he’d had some retribution sneak-taken out on me, some little foreign stereotype-girl beating me all around the head whenever she saw me, and the following month there was this foul terrible stuff every morning, is why I’d sent this, that I was going to try to describe to Cincinnati this horror that I wake up into and then walk through all these inter-connected different curses till I sleep again then wake up with this foul-business and into the curses for the day each day pattern all these years. When I saw the picture of Hofmann, where next I have to check if he even was a doctor, he didn’t have to be as a lab worker, this different picture perhaps looks like the particular religious guy that I suspect that weird doctor had been sent to see me because of, because this is such a lucrative “Program” to use me for getting rid of the nice normal people. — No, I guess they don’t look enough alike. Big eyebrows on Hofmann.

30 May, that big “Apocalypse Now” fire engine scene on Friday night/Saturday morning had some atmosphere like there was a connection of protest to this about the high religious figure, but I think that that was secondary to the “show” as though it’s okay for those “Thundervilles” to “communicate” out to me from whatever this underworld is, that phony trick scene part of the whole thing, whereas at the time I’d kept noticing the theme of this foul taste in my mouth situation, as though we were woken up at one a.m. so I’d notice that there already was some of that and it therefore isn’t some 3-4 a.m. dosage that has been being perpetrated, but some other “reason” for that, and all I could figure is that it’d be that those odious (to me) Thundervilles are underground watching my hologram-prisoned image, “magic” image, and as the sign of their proximity that foul taste goes into my mouth. I think that because there’s some on and off long-time theme of air going into my intestines while I’m trying to read in that now-closed library, spates of it that I figure come from some stereotype’s being nearby that knows how to do that particular trick of putting air bubbles into an image as they’re watching it or some such, so that perhaps that foul saliva or sputum has some similar sort of a connection, being the point of that exercise to wake me to notices that at 1 a.m. there was already that as though it just comes from my own self naturally which I don’t think so because it’s onset was sudden in October 2009. It’s very disgusting to wake up like this every day and that seems to be the point of its happening to me. But my point was trying to communicate what this torture is like as first there’s that and then there was this girl whose bed I’m now in, that that was the 2 types of horror both together every morning as soon as I gained consciousness, but the one problem isn’t there now, though there’s still some connection to the larger Armageddon-making Program, etc.// 3 June 2017, surprise surprise for me, I found a picture of Alexander Graham Bell’s partner Thomas Watson where he looks like the same type as that “Dr. Presents!” that had preceeded/preceded the foul “thick spit” and phlegm horror problem I’ve got, with that silver hair that is a stereotype around all these difficulties I’ve got, that I pre-cringe any time I see one of them like that headed toward my direction anymore. Nobody ever says or does anything but they’re obviously out on the street because they’re doing some sort of a “curse” onto me or my day, and it turns out they’re mass-reproduced off of the Watson type, which likely’d come from the Alexander von Humboldt who’s real important to all this too main type of a type, but this silver-haired ones are a big difficulty for me and that’s where they come from, from Bell’s partner. I’ll try to get a pdf or something on here tomorrow, have to go get an illustration from that kiddie book on Bell because of this sudden realization now that I’m trying to use a “Smartphone” because of that Jury Duty that I really really need the pay from, so I’d gotten a Lifeline and now it’s just tricks galore with the thing even way more obviously than with these computers.// 6/12/17, Monday, one other possiblity’s occurred to me, that I got cursed with this because many of the industry-made foods we eat come from “transformed” toilet-matter. I get this idea from that Theodore Herzl had written a play, circa 1900, which’s title I can’t find anywhere yet but had read around 2009. Oecomenius or some such I think was the title and a main character’s name, about some “god” maybe named that, like an old Greek god, someone who’d found out about something that he felt would save humanity, some fabulous great secret new discovery, and I guessed it was turning the chemical structure of toilet into the chemical structure for bread. I also was looking into Herzl’s anything because I guessed that he and very young Adolf Hitler were “partners,” like a 16-year old orphaned Adolf alone in Vienna (or a little younger, and getting picked up as a partner by Herzl, toward all this Armageddon, making the world nice and safe for the likes of sensitive people….. I’ll try to look for this play again. They didn’t have too open a relationship or there’d be more “clues” about it but all I could find, Herzl allegedly passing in 1904 was that Hitler had had a bugaboo about bearded men watching him when he turned around sometimes, guys he couldn’t actually make contact with, but Herzl’s “magician” type was using Adolf in the LURE -gimmick way to disappear unsuspecting LURED people, come look at the sensitive young guy we’re watching from the underworld, then you get jumped from behind while you’re voyeuring on someone the same way that’s generally done with this type of the invisible torture off of and onto me, same sneaky scam. Hitler used to go to Vienna whenever he could starting around age 13 when his mother was in a hospital there or to that effect time-wise, and I guess that Herzl, supporting the Autists and their general Armageddon, had latched onto the boy. There’s also that that “prehistoric Venus” little sculpture was found in Hitler’s town of Linz, the Willendorf Venus, and that’s like a symbol for my type, a fat little blind and maybe deaf little “sex object.” Then it’s rigged that the script claims that I’m jealous of a female that looks like the Venus figurine called the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, and the other figurines are for like the various stereotyped types of females.//When this “foul taste” in my mouth in the mornings started in Oct. 2009 I had been on a diet of just stuff I can get from a drug store, the CVS stores around here were nearly my only diet and on food stamps you only have six dollars a day for food so I was getting alot of potato chip types of foods to last me the whole day and it’s possible that the process alot of the cheap foods I eat comes from that “scientific miracle” alluded to in the obscure now Herzl play, as a 3rd possibility for how this horror is possible, that I’m being retributed for eating things nobody knows are made like that.

13 July, I just added the (4) picture-repeats of Thomas A. Watson, Bell’s partner, that the doctor “Prezant!” that had preceded this horrible foul-mouth every morning had looked like a slightly larger-boned or heavier type like Mr. Watson, whose name is the same as the IBM-founding family father’s, though I’d have to check the other’s middle initial/name.

— Also I think the system does this to force-keep my teeth looking yellow, that as I sleep this saliva is just sitting in my mouth and I wake up and try to keep spitting it all out; it’s really a horror and since it started all of a sudden I figure it’s a system-done thing, an underworld “trick.” I found a little note from the time it started, and it was connected to this book I’d come across on Cane Toads, that that was about the title of the book, a juvenile or teen-level book about them in Australia and there was a picture of a user and his doctor at the back and I’d made a letter about this Armageddon/Revelation problem of mine that highlighted that the Revelation author/s looked something like the user and when I brought it to the clinic they’d given me a doctor who, the note mentions, looked similar to that new, “Dr. Presanz!” like “Presents!” the Armageddon Program “entertainment” off of insulting me maration that this “Program” does. Then this foul gunk in my mouth as I sleep started and, shudder, shudder, the main distraction from the Armageddon-Revelation world-takeover is this science fiction-horror subject of this fraud-parent as in the French Connection photo I always use since I found it in 2014, the figure #6 on the far-right in that photo, and that person had always had dark yellow teeth, so I suspect that doing this horror to me is artificially-done by the underworld for the purpose of lying that that type of person has all these legal rights over me, as the system-types have seemed to always go by that they can do whatever they want because that “t***” in 1989 had put that wrongful label of the “schiz*” onto my record, like an alibi for this underworld actually pulling off their book of Revelation sneak-way of taking over Earth, that any complaint I make they just sneer that I’m crazy, ignore me, and I’m just a ghost-prisoner (8/3/17 and hoping for rescue by the age-62 Social Security payments in time before these monsters do do me in.)

The Messages get here more easily than the gmail and I’m delayed for getting that old police report off the front screen, sent it for the car-hit category. I read that this guy had worked with AG Bell but I can’t find the quote now. The 2 stereotypes seem to do most of this “Armageddon-making Program” off of me. i’m thinking Berliner might come from Mary Foote Henderson, a senator’s wife…

Retract that, my finger hit the wrong cell phone key! Mary was born 1842 here, Emile 1851 way over in Germany, I’m just having a lousy week. My latest thing is learning about this, passed in 1951 Henrietta Lacks business, because a line of the (stolen) cells was named after Florence Sabin so it popped up by the search engine and the book was there when i located Rain Kaufman ‘s, the boy on the Son Rise book cover. The Lacks business I suspect is way worse than it appears, and seems linked to this same Armageddon modus operandi. I’m so bad off I’m wondering maybe most of her genes might’ve come from a slave named Emily Saunders Plummer, d. 1876, just because the system’s so sneaky and “It’s a Small World After All” like that.

August 24, 2017, Thursday, they are demolishing me, for little but their usual Wednesday night LURE, just tore me to nothing for that plus “they” seem on a rage because tourist season is going to be over soon. There isn’t any explanation for all this invisible-torture to little me. Especially on Wednesday evenings when I get out to that night-shelter the partner that looks like this joins the “Merchant of Venice” -type in using all those shelter-girls for doing a LURE that then I get molest-invisibly-woken in the middle of the night so that I’m always angry and horrified and swearing, same pattern virtually since 2005 but the Wednesday part of it is new to this location out there, that place, etc. “The inferno-shelter.” It was awful, all rituals, behavior-hints leading up to the middle of the night waking and waking me over and over, but it’s what they’ve always done, the LURE works off of anger, and underworld they do anger primarily after gathering “pigeon” -people but also it works alot by torturing me till I get angry in any sort of the annoying ways they gnaw at me till that happens, so then I did today and it’s so hopeless for me. I don’t really know what this picture of Mary Foote Henderson is about because she doesn’t look like that in the Wikipedia photo but I only get a minute to look up this or that, and she’s definitely not Berliner’s mother like had been my first thought. I was just doing this on the cell phone with no idea that a bunch of before-bed rituals were going to be sprung. I could be left completely out of it like I truly only am but the anonymous LURE-runners can’t seem to stand to leave me out of their murder-tricks. It’s really scary. When one of the regular LURE-girls came back and started doing its regular pattern I’d looked up and said that they must have had a big LURE night, and that maybe she leaves before the people are killed but that I get blamed for the anger behind the kills, words to that effect, and you never know when these “orc-people” are going to get “the authorities” to ambulance-abduct one to disappearance, I only live in fear, as all this is always unprovable, but they don’t have to include me in and I’m always so busy, like with this latest Henrietta Lacks business I just learned about, that it’s leading to the Rothschilds and Napoleon’s Josephine and that King Charles I of England and his wife Henrietta Maria, that Maryland was named for, that those crazy Autists from 400 years ago have underworld-made descendants all over the place and it seems that Henrietta Lacks business was a purposely-done curse against the U.S. in 1951, when the Autists assumed they’d be ruling the planet from Mars or if worse came to worse (sic) from the moon, if need be only, instead of their most-preferred Mars choice to live/rule from.

Peter Paul Rubens‘s copy of The Battle of Anghiari. Purportedly, from left to right are Francesco PiccininoNiccolò PiccininoLudovico TrevisanGiovanni Antonio Del Balzo Orsini.

My point is that I think it’s the Battle of Angara, not the Battle of Anghiari, the Angara being the river that goes from Lake Baikal to the Yenesei River that then goes to the Arctic sea, which particular sea I’m not poisitive of because also I suppose that the system had later found the Ob River to be a better route to the Arctic sea/s for their routing.

While da Vinci was making this piece I just read, behind him they, through Machiavelli, had Michelangelo working on a similar war-depiction piece, which I’d never heard of and will try to go find a copyright-okay copy of, the Battle of Cascina.



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7/4, now they “chewed up” and garbaged the mona lisa and mary foote Henderson.