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8 September 2017, Dear Ms. Nutter, I haven’t, as usual, received any communications from anyone, including to the note below here, all these notes I’ve sent, as my situation is the worst ever, and worse than I could describe, trying to keep it quiet, adult-level and mature, but for real-life intents and purposes it seems the planet was really taken over by brain-damaged people’s global-system, and I don’t know how I could get to read Dr. Sabin’s papers in any semblance of viable real-life, the circus living off of me all these years as the sneak-Armageddon as described in that long-ago written book of Revelation, etc. So sorry to bother you but I don’t have contact with anyone on any adult-human-level ever and it’s difficult to be all “invisibly” entrapped without any outlet like this. I write letters for assistance all the time and don’t get replies and see this going one big nowhere for me getting up to see about Dr. Sabin’s. I read that the letters are now at the Young Library. I have to ask if I could get some scanned to me because it’s so obvious that the “rigging” for the global-system here and also where you are, in Massachusetts all over the place I’d guess, comes from the same source. like with John Winthrop Sr. and then Jr., for instance, and Edwin Drake running all around setting this up later, and Sabin’s family likely connected to Drake. I can’t send a dollar unless I’m sure I’m actually contacting someone because all my communication-attempts (and life) just seem to be thrown away and I live in this “Armageddon-making vacuum,” waiting to get my first social security check (age 62 now) and the system just does all horrors over anything I try to do, de-frauds me continuously, so that I have no hope of not having any difficulties in simply receiving it, and I don’t have any anything else except this little blogsite-attempt, that people can’t reply to me through, so I’m going to try sending this and later today try sending a cell phone “message” that I don’t even know how that works yet in terms of getting a reply from but if you can, please do so. If I continue to feel real desperate for a human-contact-adult-level I might then try to send some email that obviously those can be used for sending back a reply, if I don’t hear back from any message, not to try to take up your time but everybody is living in a system that’s going to evenutally extinct everyone and so it’s not like my business is trivial and I can’t just sit here in this vacuum so I send out these letters since 2005 and get not any answers and I’d really love to read Sabin’s letters. For all I really know about her she might have been given a dependence for this brain-serum-as-narcotic also, without realizing that it’s this big industry, etc. If you can’t reply at least it helps me to type about some of this. I’m afraid to say “thanks” all the time because it’s connected then to that other major of the petroleum “difficulty” in all this system. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

26 August 2017, Dear Ms. Hague, I’d written and you’d responded about Sabin’s 1933 letters to Mary and now I’m writing just to remind you of my interest and ask that if I sent you one dollar could you send me a couple of page samples. Offhand, I think you’d written that there were about 150 pages to Mary that year and I didn’t want to write back to ask what the total of letter-pages for that year were, but if there’s time maybe you could let me hear back by an email that I’ll send you later this week, like on Wednesday so maybe it would give me something to think about over the weekend if I hear back from you. I’m sending this “blogmail” now so you could see how my, real, Universe Rescue-attempt is only shaping up so far, hoping I could find someone interested in the subject because as it is this system is really taking us to extinction due to covered-up about old Prehistory accident-set brain-damage, that they take out largely on me, for getting their Autists’ world-takeover Plan accomplished, no kidding.

Now I’d just learned about this cell-industry thing* about “Henrietta Lacks,” a real big book in these libraries that I only learned about because one of the lines of the purloined cells was named for Sabin, HeLa S3, and it popped up by the search engine and I checked the book for mention of Sabin but there isn’t any but this is an enormous example of how this ritualizing system is really bringing us to extinction, that I’m alone with trying to explain. I applied for age-62 social security and expect the first check in late October and I just want to see what Sabin’s letters are like but there isn’t anyone interested in my situation let alone her old stuff no matter what I could do with it, finding a way to support myself while trying to explain what her situation was like, as I’m pretty sure she’d been practice for all this “invisible-warfare” then onto myself. I’ll send a regular email by a new account I got to go with the “smartphone” that has this useful little camera in it to ask if you could arrange to do that if I could send a dollar for 2 or 3 photocopies. Below is the previous stuff. I hope you know how to get a copy of the whole blogsite by clicking-onto my name instead of the Read more highlighted sign and will look at the Emily Saunders Plummer first file right now that’s how I’m trying to get into this about the Henrietta Lacks business. Her real name was Loretta Pleasant. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay. (*big scandal, and that’s only the tip of one of the icebergs.)

Tracy Kidder, Truck Full of Money cover (#12316) — I’d made a pdf of the Kidder book cover because I think it was a “ritual trick” against my being able to prosper any, that the system works in these bizarre ways, as with this whole new “Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” new cell scam I just learned about, that the system works that way.

21 June 2017

Dear Smith College Library,

I lost the email I’d gotten in response to my question about Florence Sabin’s papers, the name of the lady who’d responded, maybe six months ago. I hadn’t mentioned that I’m more or less the most unfortunate person ever born. Now I noticed that you’re having some sort of a building renovation and that makes me nervous because with my difficulty-set such work always seems to get started and causes additional difficulties in some way or others. There’s a pretty long letter on the MENU along with this letter to you but to “Forbes Library-people” that I guess sums up my situation to this point. I thought I’d try sending this back to the lady who’d responded earlier so someone could get an idea of this situation of my trying to read Sabin’s letters because I feel there might be great benefit for the human race if I could get up there to do so, really really, but I have the most unbelievable situation. Right now I’ve gotten this new cell phone “smartphone” and I’m additionally learning all kinds of things about the connection-set between computers and the decomposing-people-into-petroleum industry and I’m totally alone. I’m so desperate over this Sabin’s-papers might yield alot situation that maybe someone by you or Forbes could scan-mail me some samples. I’m particularly interested in 1933 I think it was when she was working on that biography of Dr. Mall, which wasn’t a good book but I suspect she was under presaging of all the difficulties I’ve wound up with and those would account for the blah book, that Dr. Flexner was sabotaging her or some such. Please try to get a look at the range of subjects I’m dealing with. I just made a small Table of Contents also listed in the top of the blogsite’s MENU section but my photography isn’t good yet, just new with the whole new kind of a telephone, and learning about Alexander Graham Bell’s doings which appear to me to have led right into this computer-age, that it’s an outgrowth of his work but it’s linked to all the world’s difficulties, which I feel sure are leading the future to TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION for no reason except unacknowledged prehistoric-aged accident-set that we could get straightened out while we’re still intact. I’m looking for anyone to work with or partner with me on this Universe Rescue-attempt but I can’t stress the dangers strongly enough, that these are really what it says in the title here that I’ve just added the word brain to because I’m really totally alone yet have all kinds of “profiteers” that more or less ride on this “Armageddon Program” for making the Armageddon-threat/promises come true and the prehistoric-aged accident-set led the descendants to somehow believe it’s okay to force-breed and to turn people to petroleum and we could get this straightened out if someone could assist me but the system makes like a game or a sport out of foiling and thwarting me, and I think Dr. Sabin was really a predecessor of mine at being a victim like this so I’m super-desirous of seeing her letters, which might not even be anything like I’m picturing. Please see the Forbes Library letter I’ve been sending to their employees, also on the upper MENU here. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay