And one last picture from my visit last year, though this could have been carved at an point throughout the room’s history – a gaming board carved into a windowsill which I found to be incredibly interesting. I have no idea how the game was played but it certainly looks interesting!
Random gaming board in the Borgia Apartments (Picture by me)
(i just got an email yesterday, 12/2/17, that Ms. Morris said it was okay to use this, but then I just lost her reply with all this messing around, that she’d said to credit her when using a link or whatnot that I don’t follow that and I’m not ready to use this yet so much but I personally want to be able to recollect the looks of this thing; from
anthony of burgundy.pdf  anthony of burgundy1anthony of burgundy2 — I can’t check any of the pdfs at this particular terminal.

File:Gibran Khalil Gibran.jpgKahlil Gibran, 1883, Lebanon, -1931, NY; PD because of its age, from Wikimedia Commons.  An odd thought about Gibran occurred but I can’t back it up with anything yet, probably won’t ever be able to.


A Day of Warning, 11_7_Jomon-Frankenstein Culture We_re In _

Detail of poster with Allen Ginsberg from La Fabrika club in Prague by Martin Hassman 2008-04-3 used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons as per the licence agreement

It seems that Martin Hassman took the photo from a wall decoration in that club in Prague and Stephen posted a copy he’d found. I’m not sure how the copyright-use on anything goes, am just looking for a generic picture of ginsberg for my real business of figuring he’s alot at the bottom of this torture-set to me and thence on onto the planet, because, that’s how the “LSD-Autists” were, the Autists believing that using “LSD” which I believe is aka brain fluid-chemicals, makes them more intelligent and they should take over the earth but i’m saying that that heyday was fifty years ago disproven by the actual arrival in space of us Earthlings and all evidence shows that there isn’t anything to get rich off and that there is some sort of miscalculation going on and I’m saying that it’s all miscalculated because of the developmental (brain damage) disability of the Autism. Still looking for something to post describing Ginsberg’s role in all that and the “French Connection” part of it but I also suspect that his part was largely cleaned- and covered-up after the beliefs hadn’t “panned out” from the space findings, but I have to move along with trying to find a social security bank for me before the “Autists et al” demolish-finish me.


Please see post #290, Pearl and Lou, for explication about the Autism here!

img 20170622 161801

French Connection as bd card

img 20170623 165527

1925 photo said to be of Rama VI, Vajiravudh

I’m trying to show this brain-narcotic trafficking and how I’d gotten stuck at the bottom of it in 1962, pulling these pieces together little by little and getting them closer together with my lack of technology ability here. I can’t guess why I’m not encouraged to do more reading on this old-Siam business. Even Rockefeller might have come from eggs there, more or less, as this global-system’s been being set-up from the way back.

palmer cox

Related image

img 20170718 1557091

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6 September, 2017 20:28

#307, An Extra WARNING, really

This is more or less what people have gone through in broaching the underworld with the concept of getting some assistance to me. 



Donald Ewen Cameron c.1967

Early years[edit]

Gottlieb, the son of Hungarian Jewish immigrant parents, was born in the Bronx as Joseph Scheider in 1918. He received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A stutterer from childhood, Gottlieb also earned a master’s degree in speech therapy. He had a club foot, which kept him out of service in World War II, but did not prevent his pursuit of folk dancing, a lifelong passion.[1]