yoke/Genghis Khan


I finally got the 3 pictures in a row but lost their captions. I really think that Jules White and his Three Stooges had some lot to do with this difficulty-set that I’m under and I’ve been looking for this picture-set but I have to do the copyright permissions on everything despite that about nothing that I do is anything but within the Fair Use provisions of copyright. In fact I’ve a similar set on the whole legal system that is also “controversial” since we’re in Sesame Streetlandia; “Romper Room” I always call it but few people recognize the name of that old show I’d been watching during the “French Connection” time period. I’ve been trying to do this explanation that the legal system largely comes from an historical character named Theodocius II, and I have an image I might be able to go find but then there’s a little that I haven’t gotten into here yet and getting these teeny pieces together is difficult. It looks like his form of the Autism is such that it’s about the same as the “classic Autism” of the straight, black hair, where Theodocius’ line has curly hair but the Autism seems about the same to me. Theodocius was behind getting all the law-rules together and put into code books for both the west around Italy and the east around Constantinople, now Turkey, the two empires together he and his royal family had straddled and they sort of became that “Amerika” writer Franz Kafka and Stanley W. Finch from here who more or less had started the bureau of investigation and then I saw a You Tube video yesterday where some similar descendant had done a “mass-self-reproduction” spoof based on singing, with all 50 of his selves, the theme song from the “Home Alone” film only I hadn’t heard the intro and thought it was many guys who looked nearly alike, like the old Devo group in wigs except many more of themselves. And then I’m wondering if maybe he hadn’t come from Allen Ginsberg’s friend Peter Orlovsky’s brother Julius, like the prototype for that “Rain Man” film around 1980, and to gather all these little pieces of information from about the Great Schism or what Theodocius II was in down to Julius and the connection between their mass-reproductions and the mass-reproductions of this “fraud-family” that I’ve got all my life of having been going on behind my back, like the 2 groups and many others all come from the same big manufacturing company, gathering all these tidbits together when I really want to be doing Prehistory to get us out of this instead of me into libel difficulties, is really difficult, and similar to this with Dr. Grandin, very. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far previously and I have to try to go check on Mynes now:

This subject is rough but important, where Dr. Grandin is the most-famous slaughterhouse designer and probably the most famous Autist/e also, and I couldn’t get these little pictures sent the way I’d wanted but this is …

— they’re doing extreme tampering with this file now, and I’ll have to try to get this straightened out also while really trying to do some keyboarding on the car-hit all these days….

… likely better since her close-up is out of its context, and her mother is a big Autism advocate, and I have to be ever so careful with everything, but the system’s largely been built-up the same as the Stooges’ career-set and the other day I was finally able to find the copies of the 2 photos together to compare Mr. Fine and Dr. Temple’s images and I really believe that she’d likely “come from” not only him but maybe also Mrs. Fine. Then I have a photo with their daughter where maybe she’d grown up to be the mother of now a famous actress. Most of the famous people have some odd “Brave New World” bio-connections like this so I try to stay to the Prehistory but the anonymous invisible-torturers are drowning me out and to death and this with the possible “come from” business with the internationally-famous Dr. Grandin’s coming only from the Brooklyn-to-Hollywood mostly Three Stooges is important. There’s also a famous writer that seems from Moe Howard and is heavily in this narcotics-trafficking situation, and Curly has probably got “offspring-descendants” like everywhere and around me, and there’s a girl I think “came from” Shemp’s lineage right near me, and looking at them they likely came from this “Vatican stealing” group’s leader that became or usurped the Julius II pope role, seems to be the major “player” lineage in this Armageddon business. I’ll see if I can find a copy of that picture and somewhere I once got a slaughterhouse-design example photo:

One of Dr. Grandin’s slaughterhouse designs.

Trio from the medieval “King Rene’s Book of Love” by Rene I d’Anjou, more or less.

King Rene’s Book of Love, difficult bottom copy but with some of the text:

I think I’d found this pdf from somewhere on the web after I’d lost all my notes and copies in 2015 and I think the bookseller’s group is called O. Pacht, Oscar or Otto. Wikipedia has likely got some of that book but I haven’t had time to check for it yet. The 3 are Rene d’Anjou and a figurative “Love” character giving Rene’s heart to the page in all white, with the little flame-design around the skirt. This is about where the global-system Autists had been starting their world-takeover from, and the same trio below but more in real life now than semi-fiction:leo x et al 2 = art book description of this Raphael, Leo X and the Two Cardinals, and the pdf = Leo X and the Two Cardinalsleo x et al = art book copyright page cit.I think these were a prototype for the 3 Stooges with their main director just offstage somewhere, probably Jules White.