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(8/6/16)  It’s my impression that the “magic” emanates from prisoner-people, the Jesus father and son type I guess, who’ve wound up doing this “magic” that runs the Autists’ global-system by being literally disembodied brains, the most distressing part of all this reality I’d guess it that is true and they’re prisoner way under the other side of the world. I’ve figured this since 1998 and haven’t seen anything to make me feel that this might be incorrect so I’ve been trying to get this mentioned, is how I’d missed that Log-off time set-up, trying to write-explain that this is likely how all the system is directed and how awful this is for those people, and I’ve made no progress on anything toward trying to get them safely out of this yet.

— 20 May 2017, I thought there were 2 of these here, this one and the one I thought I’d lost but had found and added to this one. — This now isn’t specifically about my postulated “Brain-blob human/s,” but is about this LURE such as is going on all around me in general all these years and this weekend for a specific example, that what these “brain damaged brain eating strains of people all around me” generally do is work to get the pigeon-people they’re trying to LURE to a safe death-area is they want your brain to be nice and “juicy” so they do sex shows especially, they want you to relax and the more feel-good you are when they suddenly decapitate you then they get your brain and wring it out to get the liquid and your feel-good becomes their hallucinogen-trip, like lSD that’s for a real good mood trip for the user, not the rush of speed or other kinds of hallucinogenic drug uses but so they enjoy themselves like they’d worked you up to feel real good like, and that’s what these bums are pulling all around me. (Also jogging is stimulating for the brain, people seeming to get sent out to jog around up here just for that real purpose, ulterior motive.) What they’re doing is reprising this main favorite thing they do of this fiction-relationship competition between me and a “Julie-whore,” any beautiful blonde or whatever and generally the smiling type of a female and they do a competition against completely oblivious me out here all these years, like since back in 1993 or 1992 even that I’d never guessed about was going on till maybe 2004 or later. That’s connected to this bizarre and barely-speakable of trick theme this “Armageddon Program” was set up with that I’d never guessed about, that underground they, all these years and maybe back to 1979 or 1980, invite people to watch along of me out here as though I’m trying to “save” what they twist into meaning is just themselves, the “world” they think of themselves as being and all these years they’ve been doing this bizarre convoluted con artist act to holocaust normal people off of my oblivious self because some clown had used that phrase back in 1979, the whole things a scam maybe from Scientology or Satanism or Catholicism or just bumsinism, Autists and their brain-eating “LSD” friends doing it en masse off of me all these years. I caught on a little in 2004 but they just go back and forth over me like a subway train, like a car-hit but with a back and forth constantly subway train riding all over on top of me because I’m all alone all the time with no witnesses and this mass-proliferated fraud-family. Then I’d gotten tricked out to Maryland and was 60 and real sickly and figured I’m dying and the planet’s going to this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and I thought of this real Universe Rescue-attempt blogsite and it seems they’ve stolen the blogsite because nobody’s ever contacted me in all this time and the years since 2005 that I’ve been writing these letters-for-assistance, so today it’s especially upsetting to see that they’re doing this “Julie-whore is better than you, better than you, better than you” same theme as from all those “save” years behind my back but they’re doing it now off of this Universe Rescue real attempt I’m trying to do. Like this now for instance is garbage-writing, nothing productive, just complaining and worrying and protesting instead of any forward-moving productive work, they’re skewing all my time increasingly into, and it’s horrifying that these animals are doing this “Armageddon Program” under me where they’re competing me trying to reach someone about this throwing away of the planet for eternity to a hoochy-coochy party they always always do, like every weekend nearly in these shelters the “regulars” all do that for LURE-work all these years, and now I’m being trailed to the library and like engulf-incorporated into that in place of anything real. And they’re only conning suckers to feel real party so that the brain juices get relaxed and pouring around in the head so that they can be wrung into collector bottles for sales distribution and such.

This relates to the “Brain-blob/s” under Siber-Mongolia prisoners in that I guess that the direction for all this comes from there, from themselves, — but I’m the stupid crosseyed character, always keep in mind, — I assume there are good reasons for things and there likely aren’t, as I’ve said with that there aren’t for that fraud-parent, there aren’t for that San Francisco-Clown that had conned me with this Armageddon-act and I’m just by myself with this railroad program always being done since 1992, 1979 and back to 1964 and that French Connection photo was back in 1962 and I’d been tricked into playing with those suitcases before they were used for the heroin-storage. Instead of any productive work’s getting done they’ve turned my hour or computer time into just this useless moaning and groaning to myself based on — oh no there’s more to the horror-morning and mornings here that I’d had, but this isn’t an appropriate place. Maybe I’ll try unloading into the summary file, now that I can’t find the menu-reorganizing way I was going to try to get done today, etc.

— This new picture over the file isn’t the one I’m looking for but it’s the same “generational-slave #2”  type of people that I assume are slaves forced to do everything for the captors of their type of people, so I’ll leave it for now, trying to get fifteen cents to add the other brain-blobs file into this one soon.

8/16/17, I’m guessing all along that it’s this type of people in that picture that’d accidentally gotten to the head of this file, and now it’s down in the footer-menu also as a quick way to get here. I can’t know how correct my guess might happen to be, many years of this torture yet it was one of the earliest things I’d figured about how all this “global-magic-system” had been accomplished, this problem with someone’s having had to actually try to be a disembodied-brain functioning how to direct this system, but not for their own takeover, is the point I’m stuck at now, of who on earth would be so relentlessly stuck on this world-takeover that there can’t be a little leeway within which I could operate, function. It’s a terrible thing to call up this subject of brain-“blobs” and see these people’s faces but they are the type of people I’d felt all along had had to go to this extreme. I think they’d gone there to the Netherlands by leaving out from the system base-camp under Siber-Mongolia, to the Arctic seas and around to the north top of Europe, that I’m saying that the people pictured there I don’t think were natives, I think they were “invaders” as the system has always worked more by being invasive than simply migrating for normal reasons, that these guys had left from some underworld prison base-camp on instructions to forge a way for the total takeover of everywhere for whoever is holding everyone prisoner in this “pyramid” -structure of the few at the top holding some and that some holding more and on down to people like me and then beneath here. This is how I figure-guessed out that the “magic” is enabled, by a type of people who had reduced themselves to being nothing but the brain itself, directing the directions that then come down to being this what I call the “Armageddon Show/Program” off of little me. I figure they’re generational-prisoners from back to 700 A.D. and around the time of that Song or Sung dynasty in China, that the Autists had gone from T’ang(er) way of life to Song because these prisoners had been found and taken and had taught the Autists how to sing and feel better and things had improved except I guess the Autists had already been hallucinogen-dependent and invaded over to the Old World from the New they didn’t have their hallucinogenic plants anymore and took to using people’s brains as substitute, and over the centuries all the plants have been ravaged to extinction. For nearly 20 years I’ve been trying to figure how to get assistance toward getting these (assumed) “brain blob people” safely out of that/this imprisonment, but, I don’t know, the way I’m tortured invisibly it really looks like I’m going to be done in without anything’s being accomplished. Also there’s the point I’m trying to get across, which is mostly why this painting-image has stuck, that those said “magicians” only come from the likes of people like Suzy Welch of that “Judgment Call” 1992 fiction book I think is allegory for this disaster we’re really in, that it’s like letting Ms. Welch run the global-system, leaving it up to her. Or to Allen Ginsberg.

From a couple of years ago Robert Gates leading

guys in Afghanistan. I guess he was still Secretary of Defense, I barely recall how I’d found the picture or when he’d been switched to some new “SecDef.” He’d started in 2007 and this “show” started a new viciousness, with racism, at the same time, me always trying to keep that out of my business, that it’s a major system-scam only. My point in keeping the picture is that it looks to me like Gates leading guys into the system-trap area. I might even be carrying that on me right now and it’s just so disorganized and awful that I can never pause to check anything, but getting it into this file finally is like some small accomplishment, then to go back and look when and where I’d gotten it from, what that little caption says.