25 aug 2016 transunion

25 August, 2016

Dear TransUnion,

I just got turned down for a (voucher-sponsored) apartment rental and have to find out why and get it fixed but i do not have funds for servie charges of any kind. i probably sent you a page like this with a description of my Armageddon/TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION set of difficulties last year when I was turned down for PayPal account-opening, but i hadn’t known to givve you the previous addresses. I was at 425 2nd Street, NW

Washington, DC 20001 from 2005-15

but that shelter also goes, went, by 119 D Street, NW, WDC 20001. (same place.)

I was briefly then at 1022 51st Street., NE, wdc 20019

and 2800 Otis Street, NE, WDS 20018

before and after the brief Maryland address of 4015 Plyers Mill Road

Kensington, MD 20895,

as on the report you sent me last year.

I think the problem would be with that my Medicaid renewal form for 2013-14 wasn’t received after i’d mailed it in Dec. 2013, then as out of nowhere excuses for calling ambulances and hospitalizing me started and i received alot of bills but have been homeless and unemployed and now transient here and there and always broke even for postage money so that that Medicaid problem and whatever else might be on files anywhere hasn’t been able to be straightened out yet. This is a temporary day-shelter only address too:

Kathleen Foshay

bwc 1333 etc 20005 — can i find out what yu told wc smith co?

kathyfoshay2@gmail.com seems an insecure account so i opened UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com recently, but have never limited computer access, just once in awhile usually.

I’d just started a blogsite last year but twisting my words toinnocent strangers and intercepting their responses has been a main Armageddon-strategy so I can’t give it out too easily. Let me hear from you. kathleen j. foshay