Police report

7/9/18, Monday: I put together one of the 2015 car-hit tricks: When I got the quick look at the medical record this past January I noticed a mention that I’d been moved to a different room just before I was woken/woke in the intensive care unit and now I noticed mention that there were alot of police going to the room next door the next day or day after, as one of the nurses had later remarked on how young they’d seemed. I guess now that they were told that that was Kathy Foshay over in the room I’d actually been in for the week of unconsciousness, but that brings me to how I’d somehow gotten all beat up plus then this horror-subject of that it seems they made “educational videos” or films of my privates, like for new foreign medical personnel, the place being right next door to the national institute of well-being, so to try to describe, which reminds me that I’d worked a day there once, kitchen help, and the boss looked like one of the doctors I’d worked for, that I see “bio-descendents of those guys alot in these places. There were 8 of them that took turns working in an E.R. — etc… but I can only recall seven of their names and faces so far.

I’ll find and add the (5) police report pages to here. A main point is that from the time I received the copy of it, May 2017 I think it was offhand now, till now I’ve just been busy trying to keep going and haven’t had a chance to get back to any of this, didn’t write back to the guy at Cincinnati Insurance because the whole thing was obviously some hoax where they didn’t have anything to do with me out here anyway and I’ve just been busy ever since trying to find other ways of surviving since that expected settlement hadn’t materialized in any way shape or form, that the whole thing was a “joke” on me, etc. In fact, 2/5/2019 now, the system’s pulling some similar scam on me now.