Oswald in the Bronx/Tiffany’s

 Oswald in the Bronx c. 1953

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School, 2125 Watson Avenue for 3 weeks, to 9/26/52

JHS 117, 1865 Morris Avenue, 5th grade, 9/30/52-1/6/53

(illeg) 1953 JHS 44, Columbus Avenue and 76th Street, Manh., NYC Youth House for Boys, 6 weeks

**-5 Sheridan Avnue, 1 room basement, (Lerners job for Mrs. Oswald, /Martin’s Deot Store? in Brooklyn I think)

*8?25 E. 179th street

1825 Prospect Avenue (9/24/53 again.

The 179th St. is the one that might be near me at then later P.S. 66, and I think I found the attribution maybe with, page 328, 973.922 F1322 call number/ and, Four Days in November, 2003, if that was the same book. It’d had a cute little picture of him too. Looked a little like George Bush-44 maybe as a 13-year old.

(check that I’ve still got some semi-legible address for a Teasdale Place?

that I can type here but there isn’t time right now anyway because this “Armageddon Show” invisible-torture is killing me. I never have anyone I can discuss any of this with but they’ve been doing this crap all day and now I’d gotten moved along off of the computer and noticed a book on hip-hop, which originated in the Bronx but God help, the fraud-parent is lots involved in that subject because one of the Queens boys in a particular group is some one of the “offspring-descendants” or test-tube baby combo-bombos or whatever of this horror-science fiction bigwig character and I’m always covered by these unspeaking walkby creepy “offspring-descendants” and they’re having some “hayday”(sic) as with any “holiday” over this Valentine’s theme and because I was reading about that hip-hop personage the bizarre noise these “New Jerusalem” buildings’ HVAC systems or whatever can make, the building noises, these buildings sound like they’re rockets going to take off and they’re doing that so bad in this library that I had to quit reading the material and I got back to this.

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