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It seems possible that that Bauhaus group might have set up Mies underneath Chicago as a/the Christ in Majesty full-time “donator” of ejaculations…. It’s then possible that my first “real” boyfriend, in 1969, might have been a product from Autist Alpha and Omega Mies…. Then what would have happened after July 1969. Mies would have been 79 or 83 years old by then. Maybe that 1962 French Connection’s Jacques Anglevin and Van Johnson were from him. Alan Ladd — Troy Donahue seems unlikely but this is a new subject-set for me. My “boyfriend” really might have been from Mies. I’m thinking about the basilica’s 1959 altar painting-display, have to wait to get to a computer to look it up, my PDF in the scanned media somewhere. I know it doesn’t look like Mies but it might be the same concept-set, the holy of holies, etc.3/3, sun., 3am, I wish you were dead whoever you are doing this to me. Get off of me and my private parts.


ceremony in the Élysée Palace. It was around this time that he, with the aid of Monsignor Bruno Heim, formed his coat of arms with a lion of Saint Mark on a white ground. Auriol also awarded Roncalli three months later with the award of Commander of the Legion of Honour.

Roncalli decided to live on the second

His coronation took place on 4 November 1958, on the feast of Saint Charles Borromeo, and it occurred on the central loggia of the Vatican. He was crowned with the 1877 Palatine Tiara. His coronation ran for the traditional five hours.

In John XXIII’s first consistory on 15 December of that same year, Montini was created a cardinal and would become John XXIII’s successor in 1963, taking the name of Paul VI.

Following his election the new pope told the tale of how in his first weeks he was walking when he heard a woman exclaim in a loud voice: “My God, he’s so fat!” The new pope casually remarked: “Madame, the holy conclave isn’t exactly a beauty contest!”[51]

Visits around RomeEdit

how New York’s Francis Cardinal Spellman, in the waning days of that campaign, spent the Sunday before the election riding in an open car along Fifth Avenue with the Republican candidate, Vice President Richard M. Nixon (an act which especially earned the ire of the family patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy, who ha

Baptist periodical during the 1960 campaign. Under the caption “Big John and Little John,” it showed Pope John XXIII sitting on his throne with his hand on John F. Kennedy’s head, bidding him to “be sure to do what Poppa tells you.” And there was another one, showing Pope John, with suitcases and trunks at the ready, prepared to move into the White House. When he learned about that particular cartoon, Pope John—with a wink and a laugh—remarked to a visiting American that he “could never rule a country with a language as difficult as yours.”

acquainted with members of the Kennedy family, going back to 1939, when, as a member of the Vatican Secretariat of State, he had met them when they attended the coronation of Pope Pius XII in 1939. At that time, Joseph P. Kennedy was FDR’s ambassador to Great Britain, and was regarded as a prominent American Catholic.

papacies, Roncalli and Montini, in addition to being churchmen, were also friends of similar mindsets. However, they were not the same in dispositions; while Roncalli was open, friendly and expansive, Montini was shy, reserved and somewhat cautious, leading Cardinal Roncalli to remark that there was something of a “Hamleto” about his friend. (Before he died, Pope John showed his regard for his friend and fellow churchman; he let it be known—in so many words—that he favored his friend to be his successor.)

A Delicate Encounter

Fate intervened; it was to be Pope Paul, and not Pope John, who was to meet with President Kennedy in a historic audience. Thus the moment came, amid the crush of photographers and members of the press: the pope and president shook hands. Obviously pleased and delighted, Paul VI, the new pope, resplendent in his red mozzetta and stole, offered his hand to the president of the United States, dressed in an everyday blue business suit and tie. President John F. Kennedy, realizing the import of this moment, gave a slight nod of his head in the pontiff’s direction and they both shook hands, solemnly. Both men knew how important this was officially; they both knew how special this was emotionally. They both knew how much the late Pope John wanted to meet the American president, especially after having met in audience the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, only just the year before. (The audience was conducted in English; since Pope Paul VI was fluent in the language, no interpreter was necessary; accompanying the president at this audience were his sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, the chief of protocol Angier Biddle Duke, presidential speechwriter and aide Theodore Sorensen, press secretary Pierre Salinger and the two members of JFK’s “Irish mafia,” David F. Powers and Kenneth P. O’Donnell.)

Incidentally, the informal, low-key and unofficial nature of this audience between JFK and Pope Paul brought some criticism from America’s editors at the time, when it was publicly announced as being “private” and not an official state visit with all of the paraphernalia that such an event entailed. In an editorial afterwards, the belief was put forth that it was nothing short of disgraceful that the head of the most powerful nation on earth would behave—and be received—in such an understated manner. Little did the editors—or anyone else know or realize—that perhaps the pragmatist president and the diplomatic pope might have wanted it that way.

After President Kennedy had met with Pope Paul VI and solemnly shook hands with him, he then went to visit the North American College, where selected seminarians from various dioceses throughout the United States lived while studying for the priesthood. It was there that JFK met Cardinal Cushing, his fellow Bostonian and accomplice in all things Boston-Irish. Given their long-standing friendship, only Cardinal Cushing could get away with what he did when he met the President of the United States, once he saw him: he gave his friend, the president, a bear hug and a friendly left jab and right hook to the ribs. And in his usual gruff and cheerful style, Cardinal Cushing—who happened to be the only American cardinal left in Rome following the ceremonies for Pope Paul’s coronation—met him with a sunny, “Hiya, Jack!” and remarked that he, Cardinal Cushing, was the “only true Democrat” who remained to greet him, while the “rest of them were all Republicans!” But then, the moment became serious.

In a quiet manner, the cardinal spoke to the president: “Jack, too bad you couldn’t get here before Pope John died. You two would have hit it off fine.” He remarked that Pope John had long awaited his chance to meet with President Kennedy, and had planned to eagerly present him with a gift: a signed copy of his encyclical, Pacem in Terris, which the President was known to have admired and which had dovetailed with his own address, A Strategy of Peace, which he had delivered at commencement exercises at American University in Washington, D.C., earlier that June. “And here it is,” said the cardinal, “one of the only three signed copies

time Jan. 1963 cover story on john xxiii, …
himself embarrassed at being addressed as “Holiness” or “Holy Father.” and admitted that he could not get used to thinking of himself in the plural. “Don’t interrupt me—I mean us!” he once joked. He even granted a papal audience to a traveling circus, and fondly patted a lion cub named Dolly. “You must behave here,” ordered John. “We are used only to the calm lion of St. Mark.”

relationship will it have with Christ? Harvard Astronomer Harlow Shapley believes that in the universe there are at least 100 million earthlike planets suitable for life. Christian the ologians—who hold that Christ came only to redeem man on earth—have already begun to grapple with this problem, but Philosopher Adler feels that they have not fully grasped its import. “What Christianity needs today,” he says, “is a theology of outer space.”

But materialism is at least as old as the Biblical dance around the golden calf, and more and more theologians believe that the way to combat it is to “consecrate” it.


Pope John XXIII offered to mediate between US President John F. Kennedyand Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. Both men applauded the pope for his deep commitment to peace. Khrushchev would later send a message via Norman Cousins and the letter expressed his best wishes for the pontiff’s ailing health. John XXIII personally typed and sent a message back to him, thanking him for his letter. Cousins, meanwhile, travelled to New York City and ensured that John would become Timemagazine’sMan of the Year‘. John XXIII became the first Pope to receive the title, followed by John Paul II in 1994 and Francis in 2013.

On 10 February 1963, John XXIII

It was all the same to him: everyone was a child of God. For as he often said, we humans are all the same, we all have eyes and ears and noses (even though his may have been larger than everyone else’s). He often told the story of how, early in

…Turkish. (And when, a little later on, in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, he would tell his “go-between” in his communications with Kennedy and Khruschev, the author and journalist Norman Cousins, how important it was for young people to learn the “noble” Russian language in the critical years of the nuclear age and how unfortunate it was for him [Pope

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