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I have to add to this file yet:   food stamp office.pdf, 5 July 2017

Dear Food Stamp Office,

Please see the pdf where I’d spent all of June working on that I might get called for Jury Duty service, June 16-30 I was scheduled but didn’t get called and for the weeks before that I was busy trying to do everything to get ready for being able to be there ready at 8 a.m.

I didn’t receive any notification by mail again and I don’t know if you send the appt. notices anymore even, and I was preoccupied with being able to make that $47 a day if called for a trial but somehow wasn’t. I hope I’ll be able to get this re-certification done. The other 2 pages are typical summaries of my situation that I’d brought to your office in 2014. I tried to bring an update each re-certification of what I’d been doing the past 6 months. I hope someone by you will be able to look into this blogsite about those 2 specific situations, my personal set and the larger global-system difficulty-set. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

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