from nyt obit, june 6 2018, (rbt d. mcfadden) Melvin Weinberg was born in the Bronx on Dec. 4, 1924, to Harry Weinberg and Helen (Jordon) Weinberg. He had two sisters, Marilyn and Sylvia. He attended P.S. 86, in the Kingsbridge Heights section (right near Lehman,)  but dropped out of Samuel Gompers Industrial High School for Boys, (#6 subway line, 145th area, 455 southern blvd.) now closed, in the Bronx in his first year.

J. Karl Stark, a laundry owner in Pittsburgh, lost $3,750 to Mr. Weinberg in 1976, but said it was almost — though not quite — a privilege to be taken by him. “Oh, he was good,” Mr. Stark told The Times. “It was worth the money to watch him. He was very smooth. A real con artist.”


ck tt david pickoff/ap photo when he arrived at federal court in brooklyn in 1980


trying to “research” this on weinberg and texas, with that lt. gov. ben barnes, this is his mother’s obit:  legacy dot com slash obituaries/statesman/obituary dot aspx?n=ina-b-barnes&pid=92546415

find a grave dot com slash memorial/28921437/ina-b_-barnes

.myplainview dot com/news/article/Mother-of-former-Texas-Lt-Gov-dies-8681311 dot php

i can’t find anything on her husband, d. 1986, dublin tx i think, running a nursing home together, him from humble oil earlier, or other son, living in alexandria, richard c.,  yet.

thrive global dot com/stories/tips-from-the-top-one-on-one-with-ben-barnes/

theeagle dot com/opinion/mcneely-ben-barnes-reveals-life-in-texas-politics/article_d03adb11-f091-50d6-a119-d9d5aae6e5bf dot html

legislative reference library on newspaper articles on barnes: lrl dot texas dot gov slash legeLeaders/members/clips dot cfm?from=ltgovernors&ltgovID=36&termID=1797&displayName=Ben%20F.%20Barnes

texas monthly dot com slash articles/ben-barnes-2/


— i think this with weinberg might be connected to barnes and frank sharp and “sharpstown” area of sw houston:

.texasmonthly dot com/the-daily-post/no-sharpstown-texas-did-not-fire-its-police-force-and-bring-about-a-huge-drop-in-crime/

en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Sharpstown,_Houston

en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Sharpstown_scandal

/en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Ben_Barnes_(politician) check resume on ben barnes group austin tx

check this on 1961 anti-porn: en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Perversion_for_Profit

this pittsburgh press newspaper wants you to sign in with an email address AND a password, which i can never figure how someone’s supposed to do that unless you have a “dummy” gmail account or what just for these log-in things, of which there are alot of them and i’ve been avoiding them but could really use this article, and i’ll put its url here till maybe someday i can figure out how this works: www . newspapers . com /newspage/146774509/ == and this equals the pittsburgh press, june 11, 1981, page 23, right in the middle of the page, and a photo of rosalynn carter above and to the right of weinberg’s photo. the top of the page has, Face It: your lifestyle, personality show, and then the whole page is like that, hallucino ideas of reference to the “lethal cartridge’s” pornography off of me, in that rosalynn’s said to have/have had a weak eye, that the system always had this “tearing at the fabric of the people of this country” uppermost in its system-takeover mentality, that’s always crawling all over me still now. I mean that they were “swirling” up a brewhaha, brouhaha, off of linking me to the carter administration’s “energy crisis” main theme i guess, the same way they had with the Abu Ghraib and me in Brooklyn, morph-swirling the 2 subjects/places together in their “magic” voyeurism. But I’m going to have to drop this subject for now because such references to mrs. carter are rare I’m sure, nothing i could find and in all this emergency always, today. then tomorrow i just found out i have to be here to return that philip johnson book, no renewals on inter-library loan books i guess


link to a John Good photograph: https ://images . app . goo . gl / CGUUS7XVNf RcmsFb9

check washington post 2013 reaction of john good to the film, american hustle

Permission (request) to use CBS Worldwide, Inc. photograph from 2003 book, “Con men: fascinating profiles of swindlers and rogues from the files of the most successful broadcast in television hitory,” Sixty minutes (sic) chassics, ed. Ian Jackman, page 94, photograph of Mel Weinberg, of that Abscam scandal, 1978-80, interviewed by Mike Wallace, (I didn’t get the date.) = 524 West 57th Street, NY NY 10019

Permission to use CBS Worldwide, Inc. photograph from 2003 book, “Con men: fascinating profiles of swindlers and rogues from the files of the most successful broadcast in television history,” Sixty minutes (sic) classics, ed. Ian Jackman, page 94, photograph of Mel Weinberg, of that Abscam scandal, 1978-80, interviewed by Mike Wallace, (I didn’t get the date.) I should use it for personal correspondence related to the scandal, and would like to use it on my blog also, but I don’t like to give out its address because of controversialities.

may this bring us most of all a good life, quote, jack anderson column: www . newspapers . com/clip/20525075/ham_sandwich/

800 page pdf: /www . ncjrs . gov/pdffiles1/Digitization/124269NCJRS . pdf

this is weniberg in front of the courthouse photo i’d like to get a copy of: /www . nj . com / inside-jersey /2013/11/jersey_hustle_the_real-life_story_of_abscam . html

. nytimes . com/2018/06/06/obituaries/mel-weinberg-dead-abscam-informant . html = ap david pickoff photo i’d like to get a permission on, ap dot org. pickoff passed in 1986.

http ://www . travelthruhistory . tv/about/ = good photo of him

note somewhere, when ford became president donald rumsfeld became his chief of staff and cheney was rumsfeld’s deputy.

www . fbi . gov /history/famous-cases/abscam

www . nytimes . com/1982/07/25/magazine/at-the-heart-of-the-abscam-debate . html

// fbi studies . com /2015/03/05/from-the-grapevine-abscam/ = photo of rchd farhat

//cdn . ymaws . com/socxfbi . site-ym . com/resource/resmgr/HIstory_Committee_Articles/AbscamJanFeb2015 . pdf == 3pgs, photo john good, think it’s written by him too, served 1957-86 — here’s his obit with close-up: www . nytimes . com/ 2016/10/19/nyregion/john-good-dead . html , and the wpost: washingtonpost . com/national/john-good-fbi-agent-who-orchestrated-abscam-sting-in-late-70s-dies-at-80/2016/10/20/0fdb1682-962b-11e6-bc79-af1cd3d2984b_story . html?utm_term=.dd13b9317bcd

newsday . com /long-island/obituaries/john-f-good-of-Island-Park-dies-headed-fbi-s-abscam-team -1.12401347

en . wikipedia . org/wiki/John_F._Good == he was from pelham bay.

www . scmp . com /news/world/united-states-canada/article/ 2038985/john-good-fbi-agent-whose-famous-sting-inspired

good’s father was henry, had been assigned to guard david greenglass = 1953 rosenberg executions then = newsday article was recent photo of mr. good

says rbt w. greene had worked for newsday, washingtonpost dot com slash national/john-good-fbi-agent-who-orchestrated-abscam-sting-in-late-70s-dies-at-80/2016/10/20/0fdb1682-962b-11e6-bc79-af1cd3d2984b_story dot html?noredirect=on

John Francis Good was born in the Bronx on June 17, 1936. He received a sociology degree from Fordham University in 1958 and served in the Navy before joining the FBI. The bureau posted him to Manhattan, among other field offices, before stationing him in Hauppauge, N.Y., where he retired in 1986. He later founded a firm of private investigators, Lawn Mullen & Good.

Newsday, (said he had a brother kevin of dallas, tt tt’s the slim thought’d been looking for. )cwlaw dot com slash attorneys-kevin-good == conner & winters, est. 1933 tulsa

hidden camera credit says charles tasnadi/ap

aljeezra says he was transferred from nyc to babylon to see if he could develop any major cases at tt sleepy office, in 1977, — this is good background detail, weinberg was in a pittsburgh jail for a fake investment company and agreed to cooperate again as an informer and then to that they got stolen certificates of deposit from chemical bank, — this with good getting weinberg to work with an agent named jack mccarthy — and tt went so well tt good asked for 30000 to expand this new partnership , scam, and weinberg came up with abdul enterprises.

amoroso was also from the bronx

lebanese agent richard farhart

check neil welch, head of the manhattan office, wanted good to talk to reporter leslie maitland, maybe the nyt

/larouchepub . com/ eiw/public/1981/eirv08n40-19811013/eirv08n40-19811013_058-senator_williams_sues_abscammers . pdf

www . newsadvance . com/news/local/piney-river-hustle-local-site-played-role-in-scandal-popularized/article_66a4275a-808b-11e3-9d1e-001a4bcf6878 . html

Original file ‎(1,400 × 1,227 pixels, file size: 312 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)


Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents


English: Individuals caught on tape in the FBI’s ABSCAM investigation. U.S. Representative Michael Myers, second from left, holds an envelope containing $50,000 that he just received from undercover FBI Agent Anthony Amoroso, left. Also shown in the photo are Angelo Errichetti, second from right, and convicted con man Mel Weinberg.
Source https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/abscam
Author FBI


Public domain
This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government as part of that person’s official duties under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US CodeNote: This only applies to original works of the Federal Government and not to the work of any individual U.S. stateterritory, commonwealth, county, municipality, or any other subdivision. This template also does not apply to postage stamp designs published by the United States Postal Servicesince 1978. (See § 313.6(C)(1) of Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices). It also does not apply to certain US coins; see The US Mint Terms of Use.
Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg

jennifer lawrence portrayed weinberg’s wife (marie?) and amy adams portrayed i guess lady diane = “lady” evelyn knight

www . post-gazette . com/ae/movies/2013/12/20/Hustle-rooted-in-Pittsburgh-fraud/stories/201312190262 = Dec. 19 2013 article by pittsburgh pg, barbara vancheri; said god decided him to become a con man = bvancheri at post-gazette dot com.


= https://images . app . goo . gl/SMgKGVMQPcTtanbf7

Frances Tarlton Farenthold, tx politician, 1926 – 2016, excerpt from her papers’ biog: With the emergence of the Sharpstown stock fraud scandal, in which Houston banker Frank Sharp was accused of bribing lawmakers in 1971, Farenthold joined other representatives, named by their opposition as the “Dirty Thirty.” The group proposed a resolution for an investigation into the roles played by Texas House Speaker Gus Mutscher and other legislators in the scandal and into the history of the bills Sharp was accused of promoting through bribery. Although the bill did not succeed and redistricting eliminated Farenthold’s district, Mutscher was found guilty of his involvement in the scandal, and Gov. Smith’s and Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes’ political careers were essentially ended by the scandal.

2013 photo of weinberg in this uk review: www . telegraph . co . uk /culture/film/10513778/American-Hustle-the-man-behind-the-scam . html == here also, a close-up: /www . usatoday . com /story/life/movies/2014/02/05/american-hustle-inspiration/5240835/

218 page pdf: https ://ethics . house . gov/sites/ethics.house.gov/files/Hrpt96-1537pt2 . pdf

this is complex, archive dot org’s files. It seems like it’s all on citizens’ reactions with the citizen’s name marked out, censored. Ten pdfs to it altogether: archive . org/details/ABSCAM

/fbiretired . com/agent/fuller-myron/

here it says fuller had worked abscam with fellow agent john hauss: .stitcher . com / podcast /jerri-williams/fbi-retired-case-file-review/e/episode-052-myron-fuller-the-original-abscam-con-men-and-48958853 == similar write-up: /jerriwilliams . com/myron-fuller-the-original-abscam-con-men-and-mob-guys/

@ mr fuller 171

something i won’t be able to find again, a book review by agent thomas j. baker on david howard’s Chasing Phil: the adventures of 2 undercover agents… , a recent book. in the amazon review he mentions having known fuller and mccarthy, them going down to alabama on a different of the same sort as abscam. (found a photo of david howard and maybe he looks like agent fuller.)

/prezi . com/h8k74_hotgin/the-abscam-investigation/

big photo of fuller with weinberg: . linkedin . com/ pulse/fbi-icon-has-passed-myron-fuller-cfe-fso

march 31, 1981 mccarthy testified but there’s nearly nothing on this guy, maybe because weinberg hadn’t liked him, but he’d still been partner with fuller afterward.

** https ://www . washingtonpost . com/ archive/politics/1979/04/11/top-fbi-aide-adams-quits-unexpectedly-accepts-texas-post/03b2429a-9287-4477-8934-2e937c65ea2a/

https :// millercenter . org/the-presidency/presidential-oral-histories/william-h-webster-oral-history-fbi-director-director

/lawdigitalcommons dot bc dot edu slash cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www dot google dot com/&httpsredir=1&article=1761&context=bclr

that cbs sixty minutes con man book then had a chapter on joe meltzer that i didn’t get but today was thinking maybe he lks like that abraham zapruder, which probably he doesn’t, but i’m seeing that he was somehow connected with the abscam business, this being an april 1982 short ap article on that:

cdnc dot ucr dot edu/?a=d&d=DS19820403 dot 2.237&e=——-en–20–1–txt-txIN——–1

says he was from coral springs and moved to boca raton maybe in 1985

casetext dot com slash case/hughes-v-united-states-26

check Palmscam operation: reagan library dot gov slash sites / default/files/digitallibrary/smof/counsel/roberts/box-001/40-485-6908381-001-001-2017 dot pdf

says meltzer had a brooklyn accent: sandiegoreader dot com slash news/1982/aug/19/cover-this-man-would-like-some-answers/# == this is wild about the illegal abscam-connected meltzer bs and etc. Toward the end i guess it explains that meltzer’s scams had him in trouble so he’d volunteered to be an informant, knew of a political corruption and they added him to the abscam abdul enterprises to accommodate him.

I’d have to micro-check the dates on this but perhaps this guy’s blaming the feds caused the abscam whole thing to get backed off of, which maybe had gotten it backed off of me somewhat….

check, client sam maturo, planning a film called beyond the black hole — occupied usa dot wordpress dot com/2011/11/17/in-philly-drinks-with-the-one-percent/

== I think Sam Maturo’d just passed earlier this year, and I ran into a post about running into him in philadelphia so I wanted to try to reach that post author and he’s doing this climate mobilization dot org, him being from portland maine and founding it with some female that i guess i’ll have to look up next, and when i reach their contact information they’re somehow contacted through an address on 9th street in brooklyn == unlikely to be legitimate and right off i figure that the system has “captured” and surrounded the normal guy so that other normal people can’t get in touch with him. let me find out who the girl is as there’s a wikipedia article on the group.

.nytimes dot com slash 1982/07/25/magazine/at-the-heart-of-the-abscam-debate dot html == leslie maitland at gmail dot com was that reporter, is in bethesda nowadays

cointelpro == 1956-1971

washingtonpost dot com slash archive/opinions/1982/09/19/are-scams-and-stings-out-of-control/fb7f0240-5b17-45b4-944b-22d30a1abb7e/

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