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I’ve been on antidepressants for, what, about a year now, and I suppose I feel as if I’m pretty qualified to tell what they’re like. They’re fine, really, but they’re fine in the same way that, say, living on another planet that was warm and comfortable and had food and fresh water would be fine: It would be fine but it wouldn’t be good old Earth, obviously. I haven’t been on Earth now for almost a year, because I wasn’t doing very well on Earth. I’ve been doing somewhat better here where I am now, on the planet Trillaphon, which I suppose is good news for everyone involved.

Antidepressants were prescribed for me by a very nice doctor named Dr. Kablumbus at a hospital to which I was sent ever so briefly following a really highly ridiculous incident involving electrical appliances in the bathtub about which I really don’t wish to say a whole lot. I had to go to the hospital for physical care and treatment after this very silly incident, and then two days later I was moved to another floor of the hospital, a higher, whiter floor, where Dr. Kalumbus and his colleagues were. There was a certain amount of consideration given to the possibility of my undergoing E.C.T., which is short for Electro-Convulsive Therapy, but E.C.T. wipes out bits of your memory sometimes — little details like your name and where you live, etc. — and it’s also in other respects just a thoroughly scary thing, and we — my parents and I — decided against it. New Hampshire, which is the state where I live, has a law that says E.C.T. cannot be administered without the patient’s knowledge and consent. I regard this as an extremely good law. So antidepressants were prescribed for me instead by Dr. Kalumbus, who can be said really to have had only my best interests at heart.

If someone tells about a trip he’s taken, you expect at least some explanation of why he left on the trip in the first place. With this in mind perhaps I’ll tell some things about why things weren’t too good for me on Earth for quite a while. It was extremely weird, but, three years ago, when I was a senior in high school, I began to suffer from what I guess now was a hallucination. I thought that a huge wound, a really huge and deep wound, had opened on my face, on my cheek near my nose … that the skin had just split open like old fruit, that blood was seeping out, all dark and shiny, that veins and bits of yellow cheek-flesh and red-gray muscle were plainly visible, even bright flashes of bone, in there. Whenever I’d look in the mirror, there it would be, that wound, and I could feel the twitch of the exposed muscle and the heat of the blood on my cheek, all the time. But when I’d say to a doctor, “Hey, look at this open wound on my face, I’d better go to the hospital,” they’d sayd, “Well, hey, there’s no wound on your face. Are your eyes OK?” And yet whenever I’d look in the mirror, there it would be, and I could always feel the heat of the blood on my cheek, and when I’d feel with my hand my fingers would sink in there really deep —


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I might — if there aren’t any legal difficulties, — have to try to see if I can type this, in order to better be able to get it read. It seems extremely important and to the “all this” that I’m talking about, (trying to talk about.) — I’ll go ahead and mention it here in general that I’m basically unsure of anything except whatever I’m specifically trying to do and so I don’t feel “100%” sure that he actually had done that, in 2008 and the main reason I feel that maybe it’s one of the hoaxes or tricks that the system plays on us is that there’s a huge allure that comes from the film-making industry that seems to have become like an attachment to novel-writing, that that’s the big question with each completed novel, if the film rights for it have been purchased. I only just learned about this guy and had read an interview with him mentioning that his book couldn’t get a film made of itself, like, unless they gave out catheters when you bought a ticket, but then his publishing party was only 2 blocks from where then “Limitless'” Eddie Spinola had lived and I don’t see how he could have missed “The Dark Fields'” being published, — someone might even had sent him the galleys for it like I’d read he’d gotten for some other first novel, for giving reactions that might be used as quote-blurbs. Therearound, my thought is that conceivably, this political party of the Limitless!-believers, the serotonin-dependents, the “brain-eaters” like that do this Armageddon-torture off of me, directing things instead of being “normal,” might have given the guy the concept to underworld-work on the filming of the smaller, compact-sized novel, and since I think that that’s some valid possibility I don’t dwell on that Wallace had actually done that, thing off of the Bad Thing, but typing this packed 6 pages might help me to better understand all this whatever he was talking about/going through, and then maybe it would be easier to be “critiqued.”


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He was born in Ithaca, New York, on February 21, 1962. His father, James, was a graduate student in philosophy at Cornell, from a family of professionals. David’s mother, Sally Foster, came from a more rural background, with family in Maine and New Brunswick, her father a potato farmer. Her grandfather was a Baptist minister who taught her to read with the Bible. She had gotten a scholarship to a boarding school and from there gone to Mount Holyoke College to study English. She became the student body president and the first member of her family to get a bachelor’s degree.

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read that when I get a chance. I don’t yet even know when he’d passed, it’s like a “new big thing” to my “head-set” of all this crap-torture being done to me that now I’m finding myself maybe near-obsessed with trying to learn about and figure out about this what I can only wind up figuring is a murder by this type of the crap on the head or god help me, I can never be sure if anything i hear anymore is true, that it’s unlikely but maybe he’s one of the jest-ers, going underground via a phonied-up passing or, why someone like him would deprive — when did that school term start, before or after that september 12, that he’d done that in the context of, etc. — It was 2008!! and I’m just learning about any of that now and it’s as though it’s some “life and death big deal” now at this late way later time. Why did he do that, what drove him to such, etc., taking up lots of this horror-devestated little time I’m alone with, everything delaying me getting anything done and now the torture has me semi- or fully dreaming about what had happened to this guy and it was more than 10 years ago already, like it was more recent than that. Now i have to look up about Pomona state college and all kinds of things that don’t have anything to do with this. i’d thought maybe they were driving him nuts via that “Limitless” book’s being like some competition against attention to Infinite Jest. And where can I find a copy of the last thing he’d written, and what about the suicide note, who was that addressed to, etc.

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father’s James; madame psychosis= mary karr, syracuse

at amherst he was in the glee club with prince albert of monaco, his sister saying he had a real good singing voice. and a voice she could still hear in her head; pri interview 2009 i guess.

Sept. 17, 2011, Richard Wallace passed in Troy, NY, an obituary that day, dfw’s uncle, photo incl.

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