more pdfs-practice

I somehow got most but not all of these files into this one file and onto the USB, which has loads of room, 6 out of its 7 gigabytes still left on it somehow. The thing to remember with getting the files off the USB is that, “The trick is to double-click.”

I’m not sure how or why that works but it does. You get the computer to get the directory and you just double-click on that file and it springs up and like out of nowhere, — I know, then a warning screen came up saying that do I trust because the file wants to access to, that’s how then it had gone, so I said to Allow the access and then there was the content on a blank otherwise search-engine screen. That means that I just have to check these files against what’s on the USB file’s same list except that in the previous move of changing the print function to making pdf function instead I’d neglected to clear that “cookies” sign. I did see somewhere that you could get rid of the cookies. However then I’ve got the post office as a cookie, like overseers maybe those cookie-holders are or whatnot and i don’t necessarily want to disable those, just spy-hacker types like the fraud-parent things might be and the nutsy Babars and Jomon/Ainu etces. Maybe I don’t have to worry about the cookies but at the bottom of every page the cookies banner sign blocks off one or two files that therefore didn’t get “safely” stored away anywhere so I can delete them from the media file here, freeing up lots of space.

sept 2017 jpttoes31, sabin misc. 1p

check pearl, pottsville or pittston

august 2017 jottoes20check for ludwig of bavaria and then delete

august 2017 jottoes19- not on pdf

august 2017 jottoes18– not on pdf

july 2017 illegible jotto notes19 not on pdf

july 2017 illegible jotto notes10 aspnote

july 2017 illegible jotto notes9otelia cromwell note

suburban etc2 ck rpt 46 p

suburban etc., Practical joke on me to have the scanner on 2-sided= 92p

suburban hospital after visit summary part 1 16p aftervisit summary

8217 pdf, 1p, 8/2/17, Wed.

letters25 ck trusted health- not on pdf

letters5, stormville


space notes misc

“Raw Pearl” notes

4p Raw Pearl notes

space notes2, blow and go

space notes1= adelaide ames

1space notes= tsc lowe

oil notes

washington dc ck gw sttd as columbian college rpt

you werewrong

you were wrong

medhprr6, the house i live in note

medhprr5, david leave the lord alone

medhprr, dr bao address

medhorr18, 12/14/15 jfk letter

medhorr11, crrc note


medhorr7, kvfd

med horr6, FC regular pic.

medical horror notes3, 1p, gw=columbian college

medical horror notes2, 2014 same survey processing page

bell ag millard c 2011, summer 1880 bell one a ten thousand dollar science volta? prize that napoleon had started early in the century, 1 p. from a biog.


old letter autists

carfagni and ck carfagni= tt page




hospaftermathconttoo2, chinese laundry

myhorrors3, april 1 2015- not on pdf

hosphorrornptesnow4, 11/8/15

duplicates1, 2 gerald shur= not on pdf

duplicates, 40p the 2 tiffany’s, tt father rock

persico autist 1825

operation paperclip charles l stewart

hosp. note on the JFK

only hospital notes dec 2015

kathleen j foshay resume


20160412112921600, somehow this is an okay copy of the gwuh with the p. 26




gwuh, 61p, includes kensington somehow

76 misc car-hit pages, crooked (oo1.pdf), bottom is April 5, 2016 plus letters, dcha