SlideShare dot net by p. deRienzo, The Fabulous Fantastic Timeline of Hunts Point, Bronx —

I don’t understand how these other sites work in general, I just didn’t want to lose this material last night and sent it to here and now I think I saw a sign that it was “clipped” and so I want to get rid of the copy I’d sent last night but the Linked In signed me up and turned me down for membership so I couldn’t see this and I went back and tried it through a “Share” option and they sent this, which seems to be the material, by P. DeRienzo, I think is the spelling. Next I’ll have to get it off of the front page and put it in the Bronx file but here it is for now while I’m still trying to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I just looked into Trotsky’s 3 months in the Bronx in 1917, around the corner from where I’d lived and then up 2 blocks, and I have to check his associate Julius Martov, that I think the story was that he’d passed or disappeared in 1921, but maybe he’s where my “Armageddon director/s” had been emanated from, Martov, maybe going to Detroit first.

— While here I’m going to try to look at these downloads from another slide site, on this Signifying Rappers book:




that’s supposed to be a 1906 book, history of bronx borough city of ny, for the North Side News by Randall Comfort, ny hist. society, and chas. steuber and chas meyerhoff, w a frontispc of louis f. haffen, on the internet archive — it has nearly nothing about longfellow street or avenue to say.

ny times dot com slash 1987 slash 11 slash 10 slash nyregion slash after-exodus-hope-comes-to-a-south-bronx-block dot html = mentions trotsky’s row house rental at 1522 vyse; plus i created that log in to your account w the nyt, loginkathy at gmail dot com

— It’s confusing for me, having this Bronx file instead of one for an interested reader to this, but it’s looking as though maybe that Vyse mansion might have been around 167th St. I read that it was 93 acres and what I’m finding like this which could be way off, is that it was maybe 2 blocks from the 1171 Bryant Avenue of the French Connection, and then further north to my school and further to where Trotsky had rented, but it’s mentioned that Trotsky had given the address as 164th Street, and maybe there was something else there that he’d also been involved with.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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