Jimmy Carter 1924-

Rbt Scheer, from the Bronx, b. 1936, did the 51 minutes Playboy interview pubd Nov. 1, 1976

Sept 23 1976 nyt article on it, 9 pages, speaking of his own fallibility and used tt as an example of tt

scheer brought up carter’s friendship with hunter thompson

those who see some mystery about someone of my background elected president

capricorn records in macon, otis redding, long list, allman bros. dicky betts

scheer says there’s been some evidence tt johnson and nixon had gone a bit crazy in the white house

alistair cooke bbc, cooke america, ends saying growing feeling we don’t know who jimmy carter is or what he is up to.




You’d have to click-onto this capital letter to see the newspaper story:






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