WordPress, this is the opposite of what I’m trying to do:

WordPress, this is the opposite of what I’m trying to do:

(About the “cookies,” and then I’m having to store things down at the bottom till I get a chance to get caught up “with all this:”) 

“We also process information about visitors to our users’ websites, on behalf of our users and in accordance with our user agreements. Please note that our processing of that information on behalf of our users for their websites isn’t covered by this Privacy Policy. We encourage our users to post a privacy policy that accurately describes their practices on data collection, use, and sharing of personal information. If you’d like, you can also read more about the data we collect on behalf of our users in our Privacy Notice.”

— I’ve been trying to get this “cookies” business off since I first noticed it in July and this is the first chance I’ve had to try to look into what this is. I want anyone who reads my material to be able to do so without being spied on,  please, not any 1984 “Big Brother” dystopia-reality at least just here with what I’ve been trying to explain for 25 years to the “secret” underworld, that this parasitism is forcing the Earth to have to be discarded, nature can’t create into this sadistic parasitism system, etc., and these “cookies” seem to have been thought up by those who have the Autism developmental disability and just sit and watch for chances to eat and live off of other people, that that’s what the “cookies” really are for, for hunting humans in place of proactively doing anything, etc. I’m all by myself always trying to explain all these simple things. I don’t know when and where these cookies came from. When I’d once tried to look up how to write a regular letter about this site to WordPress all I got was a map showing some building/s behind a Safeway that I used to shop in. I’ll try to get into more of this in attempt to describe this ARPANET that’s mentioned in this “Limitless” novel, but the whole system comes from catering to developmentally disabled people and nothing being done about getting out of this developmental disability. My description is, They hang, they stare, they suck, they chew, and they crawl all over you! — who on earth would want that, nature can’t evolve life to just get sadistically sucked-onto to death all the time, and all nature can do is wait till the parasites finish sucking the world to death and that’s what they’re doing, 24/7 everywhere. I don’t know where these “cookies” came from but I do know how they’d come to be and it’s for heading to extinction in place of getting out of the disability of this “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with the dependence on the hallucinogens, etc. — Now I’m being typically unprovably-tortured and didn’t get to sign out over some glitch and I always have to worry that there’s tampering going on, that that just happened at about 3:40 and I got back to the computer by 3:50 and had to sign back in, they always worry me that these atrocities made from the fraud-family are tampering with my life and the blog here and there are all kinds of other similar parasites involved. Nobody has ever discussed anything about this blog with me, I just work on it in a vacuum and am only trying to make it presentable right now for officials and medical-type people, then looking for some (I’m afraid to use the word “legitimate” because of some trick played on me once,) real-life assistance with any of this trying to survive to be able to reach responsibly-behaving adults, etc., i.e., they’re making me ill with one of the fraud-parent type faces like the system usually does in this public situation I’m generally always in, etc., that the system is terrorizing me with the tricks as though mass-reproduced psychopaths is some trivial matter. Or “aborto-people” either, pseudo-people, or other terminologies, unnaturally-“made” or couterfeit-people, either.

from November 8th, have to store it here for now:

I just found these in a pdf in the background media, had thought I’d lost the page when I’d found it just before leaving, you know where. In fact I’d also only just finally learned that the LOC has the NY Daily News, I’d thought I’d checked on that early on and they didn’t, and I’d barely had a chance to fit in looking to see if there was anything on that (alleged) Elise Cowen’s jumping to death from a window not too far away right after the Bronx French Connection bust, pictured there. I’ll try to read the little article tonight. In that pose it looks like Lenny Bruce. I have to try to see if there’s anything on the photographer. Mr. Grosso seems to be a popular writer nowadays but I’d only learned that around that time also, haven’t had a chance to try to look any of them up yet.

November 10, 2018, testing things: 20181 This is just today I got from a library —  1101237  (Young subject _— this is an older pdf I can’t go over right now.)  It’s really bad, 11/10/18, Saturday, and in fact the commas aren’t working on this keyboard, or the periods so that typing will be difficult. Everything is stenched by this LURE off of me, this being the weekend of the “holiday” for the system of Veteran’s Day I guess, the libraries’ being closed Monday being my only indication of that. It was so LURE-suspicion arousing that I couldn’t go to the little branch library because it’s like the system is building some industrial slaughterhouse a little more each day, the way they do, around me and I thought, without anywhere yet I could figure that wouldn’t be too bad, that I could compensate/console myself with going to the downtown central library because I’d just found out yesterday that not only do they have Sean Barron’s Autism memoir but they have it in the Closed Stacks and that meant that it was likely the one with the authors’ picture, and, all my research paperwork being lost to myself when those, these, hospitalizations had started being sprung on me in April (March technically) 2014, when I last year found the photo of Phineas Gage I’d wanted to compare it to Sean’s author’s photo and there aren’t copies of this, — the LOC usually has their own generic-type covers they put on the books instead of the original covers and photos so it’s been a long time without this standard photo of Mr. Barron, who’s got the best book I’d come across, nothing to compare to it hardly and I’d looked at about everything by 2008. But, the weather here is unnatural now and they’re doing a whole emergency-spurt that this will continue through and over next Tuesday, that it’s seeming near-freezing here in Houston, and on the way here it occurred to me that this is obviously system-work and it seems to me that the system is pulling this unnatural horror because they’re pushing to get this LURE and industrial-corral or what they’re building under around wherever I am, (that they do construction of some sort or another anywhere I go all these years,) approved of by making it so cost that all the “voters” agree that sacrificing the torture to nobody (contagious slut) me in exchange for the heating fuel as well as the “food” of the slaughterhouse and, wink, wink, the invisible “MDT/brain-chemicals fluid harvesting,” is worth it, that it’s been freezing cold nearly and then it warmed up to 85 degrees just the few normal days ago and all of a sudden yesterday it became horrible, and that was in conjunction with this thing about the new mailing address I might be able to use and of course with that I have affiliation with having to use the VA services, having been in the service way back in the early seventies when there weren’t that many females in yet, that I’d had to make a trip to the VA hospital yesterday and I’m afraid that this “Allen Ginsberg/Tsiolkovsky-” -invisible-torture to myself has been licking its chops with desire to get to the VA “well” for “fueling” this underworld-system global-system with its phony self. Everything is horror all around anything about me. I don’t like to come to this nice in terms of all these good normal research books they have here library but I’m here now and there isn’t any other library open tomorrow that, much as I don’t like to, I always have to weight what’s best for trying to damage-control all this real Armageddon the bums have lifetime been using me for, increasingly.

11/27/18, already five pm, Tuesday. I saw the “Altai” book but it’s more like fiction about Joseph Nasi than where he’s incidental to the story so I’m not even sure the historian Cecil Roth hadn’t invented him let alone stories then spun off of that maybe. However, Wu Ming has/have another fiction story that’s similarly similar but closer to this other big subject of the Arctic route to the St. Lawrence River and then all infiltrated here as though “native Americans” or Indians or such stories. This one is, similarly, seems to be largely around the character Joseph Brant. What gets me about that is they mention the “original” Hiawatha, not the Longfellow version of some different person but there had been some Hiawatha but what “gets” me is that one’s friend called, excuse my mispelling the name but I always call his name Deganawiga, as though it really was/is “They-got-we-not-got,” They got why we not not? and thence to the attacks. There were likely people who’d already escaped from being chased off of European cliffs to manage to land here and start re-building lives for themselves and had built lives for themselves and then these Autist/Jomons got here and saw that and then shipped in all thee “fur-“-tilized ovae plantations of planted people, disembodied-ovaries fertilized by the Jomon/and Autists and raised as though natives, the novel seems to be about then that time period and into how come there was that 1776 “revolution” off of the infiltration through the St. Lawrence River, but I can’t do a whole lot of reading and all I could do was look at the copyrights on the 2 novels and I tried to make a copy of the one on this 2nd one because it’s title is a little difficult for me to be able to recall later, and I got a guest pass and am sitting down now to try to check the USB files before putting these other books back onto their shelves, see if the usb-copies had turned out, mostly because i can’t keep carrying so much paper it’s more convenient, not just that there doesn’t seem to be a charge for it, but I had as typical had some sort of a difficulty as a staff person had volunteered to assist me with that first usb-copy. Let me see if i can figure how to and get them called up to here now, the others being on this business i’d noticed about the Wesleyan Methodist history … I’d had to check those before leaving here, and the clerk I’d been annoyed with had gotten through to me on the steps for making the scanning work, but I’d reacted badly that he’d taken the usb out of the little socket, that I’d asked him not to touch it and I live in a world where that sort of thing is always happening to me and tried to explain that this is such a “rotten” world that that’s why I’m only copying the copyright page because the rotten world has so many restrictions that you can’t discuss a book, — it’s the same mentality as the “cookies,” too, the Autists and Jomon, the brain eaters, they just want to be fed to continue crawling on people like fungus and that’s how they’re taking the earth to having to be thrown away like an old-days’ mattress with bedbugs and no cure for them, and I’m so surrounded by these Autists and Jomon and then the Dr. Frankenstein’s “staircase-beings” they mass-reproduced along with themselves and the other brain eaters, my nerves are shot. I ought to try to get a library card as long as I’d come prepared to inquire about it in case the Nasi material might be a little difficult to find if it was scattered through the novel. He’d allegedly, from my recollection, started as Joao Miquez or maybe Miguez, think it’s Miquez, but, and especially with going over this “Limitless” novel and realizing it was published for the real-life propaganda of making believe that the Gants and the Gennady Russian loanshark — but I’m talking about what I figure the system might have had/might have in mind for a sequel, since it leaves so many loose ends and I’d read that somewhere too. “Limitless” is a mystery in who it was that’d made the phone call to him toward the end of the story, about page 314, and about the (alleged) murder. I’d think that in the sequel you’d learn that it was another interest-group that had staged that for the MDT-style sabotage for their own interests, etc. Yesterday I’d started getting a better look at that  “Man At the Crossroads” mural finally. What I’d thought were propellers, probably are symbolic of those but are also about light through glass, which I’m mentioning might be at the center of that “Surrender at (or of) Breda” old painting. Then the last thing yesterday I’d gotten to looking up “Gennady” and it goes back to a saint and patriarchs in Constantinople, and that’s where Nasi’d lived and in fact that’s pretty much what the Trojan “war” all was was right stealing there from the normal people, and today I’d been reminded that Nasi’s house, estate, palace, was called Belvedere; I think it was/is on Galata, directly across the Bosphorus from Istanbul/old Constantinople. I was lucky to have gotten there once on a leave from the army. I’d likely been cursed while there too by the way, get cursed all the time all my life, which is why getting annoyed at the guy for touching to take the usb out of the machine worries me, that these Nasi things “mindread,” hover over me virtually 24/7 all these Armageddon Show/Program/-making years. And one of the curses I’d probably picked up in Turkey was from a “demon-type” like in the Parnassus painting by that Mantegna, the little one in the red cloak,Parnassus “demon”

because it seems like maybe my “type” had invented the turbans they wear alot now’; from the outside of the Ghent Altarpiece.