Nicolas Rolin, 1376 Autun-1462

on the painting, hotel d’ieu, Beaune, it says in the lower-right corner:

Nicolaus Rolin



Nosocomii Belnensis


Sub Eugeniu +. 1443

Obit 1461

— everything in all caps. This photo is public domain but it seems to me as though that when people give these things to creative commons there’s the previso that you credit them by name and it worries me that there’s some “catch” to the name that goes with the good photo, this one being one of the Daniel names and the last name is peculiar in conjunction with all the spooky stuff about this guy.

I’m copying this in full because it’s translated from French and I might not be able to find it again:

Nicolas Rolin or Rollin ( Autun , around 1376 –), Lord of Authumes , of Aymeries to Raismes ( 1406 – 1457 ), of Rugny , 20 th Viscount of Chalons ( 1444 – 1462 ), is a major political figure in Burgundy and France in the xv th  century. He is Chancellor of Philip the Good , Duke of Burgundy , for forty years. He is known to be the founder, with his wife Guigone de Salins , of the Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune .

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Born around 1376 in a bourgeois family from Autun , he is the son of Jean III Rolin (… -1391), lord of La Motte-Beauchamp who married in 1372 A (i) Jugnot (or Jugnet; between 1398 and 1401), daughter of Henri Jugnot and Yolande Chandelier. A grandfather had married a rich heiress: Guillemette d’Arnay who brought into the family patrimony Rolin the stronghold of Gamay , near Beaune . He has a brother, Jean IV Rolin.

Having become a widow, her mother, Aimée, marries in second marriage Perrenet the Mairet, bourgeois of Beaune. The latter has two daughters of a first bed, who will marry the two Rolin brothers: Jeannette Le Mairet marries Jean IV Rolin and Marie Le Mairet (around 1398 and before 1405) the wife, him, Nicolas Rolin.

Widowed and childless, he married Marie des Landes in 1407, a marriage that favored his entry into the Parisianbourgeoisie . From this marriage are born four children, the first in 1408: Jean V Rolin (1408-1483, bishop of Chalon and Autun, abbot of St. Martin d’Autun, cardinal  : hence natural posterity).

At that date he is already the advocate of the Duke of Burgundy in the Parliament of Paris . The following year sees the birth of Philippotte (1409-1484, wife in 1423 William of Oiselet). In August 1411 Guillaume was born (1411-1488, his principal heir in Burgundy, hence the posterity of Marie de Lévis-Couzan below), and in 1413 Nicolas (1413-v. 1450).

Engraving done at the beginning of the xix th  century.

In 1419, the war broke out between Philip the Good , whose father John the Fearless had just been murdered at the bridge of Montereau , and Charles VI . Gui V Damascus – Couzan († 1423, son of Hugh V, maternal uncle of Mary above, the daughter of Chancellor) followed the Dolphin camp, which earned him the confiscation of all his possessions in Burgundy and Charolaisat benefit of Nicolas Rolin (see below the protest raised by the brother-in-law of Guy, Eustache de Lévis , husband of his sister Alix and father of Marie the daughter-in-law of the chancellor).

In 1422, Nicolas Rolin was named Chancellor of Philip the Good , Duke of Burgundy, who made him knight the following year. He succeeds the bishop of Tournai , Jean de Thoisy .

It was around this time that he acquired the lordship of Authumes and in 1423 seigniories of Chasseu , by purchase to Jeanne de Longwy (daughter of Mathieu II Longwy and wife of Marshal Claude de Chastellux ) and Monetoy Epinac , acquired from Pierre de B (e) auffremont (Pierre will become the father-in-law of Jacques Rolin, grandson of the chancellor by his father Antoine Rolin below and husband of Jeanne de Bauffremont, the daughter of Pierre) . He then bought the seigneuries of Aymeries and Raismes (between 1406-1457), lands belonging to René d’Anjouin Hainaut 1 . He is very close to Jean sans Peur , who is the godfather of his first son. Widowed for the second time, he married for the third time onGuigone of Salins . Coming from the nobility of France , Guigone was born in Beaune in 1403 and served as maid of honor to the Duchess of Burgundy. She gives him three children: Louise (wife of Jean V de Châteauvillain ); Claudine Note 1  ; and Antoine (born in 1424, heir to Hennuyers’ property, Marshal of Hainault, vidame of Chalons  , posterity of his wife Marie d’Ailly, daughter of Raoul III of Ailly, vidame d’Amiens , sister of Jean II d’Ailly (also vidame d’Amiens, husband of Yolande, natural daughter of duke Philippe le Bon ), and Jacqueline d’Ailly wife of Jean Comte de Nevers) . Guigone died in Beaune on December 24, 1470.

Around 1430, Chancellor Rolin acquired the land of Savoisy from Pierre de Bauffremont. He is the soul and one of the pillars of the Treaty of Arras (1435), which marks the reconciliation between the King of France Charles VII and the Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good. This treaty stipulated that all confiscated property should be returned to their rightful owners, but by exception in favor of Nicolas Rolin negotiator of the treaty, it was orally agreed that it would retain those which had been given to him. Eustache de Levis brought the case to justice, but Rolin, a skilful negotiator, succeeded in producing documents issued in council, and then closed letters ordering the authorities to defend his case. Eustache de Lévis, husband of Alix de Damas-Couzan (see above), only recovered his lordship of Bragny by accepting the offer of Nicolas Rolin, namely to marry his son Guillaume Rolin to Marie de Lévis, the daughter of Eustache. Marriage which took place on2 .

In 1444, he acquired the seigneurie in life from Lens – Herchies on Corneille de Grave, and between that date and 1462 , he still acquired the lands of Rugny . He will become vidame of Chalons , Great Hereditary Huntsman of Hainaut .

From an affair with Alix, he will have Antoine and Margueritte; another affair with a lady Loyse born Girard, legitimated in 1440 by Duke Philippe-le-Bon, and Louis said the Bastard Aymeries, legitimated in November 1449 by King Charles VII; from Dame Marguerite he will have a son: Antoine; finally according to Jules Chifflet, another son, of an unknown: Rene, who will give the branch of Aymeries .

He died in 1462, aged 85 years. On the site of his birthplace is the museum of the city of Autun called Rolin museum .

The patron edit change the code ]

Nicolas Rolin, bottom left of the stained glass window, chapel of the Hospices de Beaune.

The founder of Hospices de Beaune edit change the code ]

He is the founder, with his wife Guigone de Salins , of the Hospices de Beaune , in 1443. He creates in 1452 a new religious order: The hospital sisters of Beaune. He is the one who commissioned the Polyptych of the Last Judgment to the Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden , for the hospices. He commissioned a portrait: The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin to Jan van Eyck . He also founded the chapel of the convent of Célestins d’Avignon with his son who will have an affair with one of the nuns and give him a child, Jean VI Rollin. In the collegiate church of Autun, he erects Notre-Dame du Châtel with a chapter of eleven canons.

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Extract text founder of the Hospices de Beaune by Nicolas Rolin change change the code ]

“I, Nicolas Rolin, knight, citizen of Autun, lord of Authume and Chancellor of Burgundy, on this Sunday, the 4th of August, in the year of Lord 1443 … in the interest of my hello, eager to exchange for heavenly goods, temporal goods … I found, and irrevocably endow in the city of Beaune, a hospital for the poor sick, with a chapel, in honor of God and his glorious mother … “

Coat of Arms edit change the code ]

Coat of arms Blazon  :

“Champ d’Azur with three golden keys, two in chief one in peak”
Motto  : Deum Time (“Fear God”)

Possessions edit change the code ]

The division of property of Nicolas Rolin, between his four heirs, namely: his widow Guigone and his three sons, is the subject of an agreement occurred on , mentioning 22 castles and 5 strongholds in Burgundy, as well as many seigniories. Including homes owned and resold, we arrive at sixty fortresses, including thirty located in Burgundy.

Non-exhaustive list of possessions held in own name or in fee of Nicolas Rolin:

Guigone de Salins
Collateral heirs
Acquisitions by confiscation

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Iconography change change the code ]

(non-exhaustive list)

The Virgin to the Chancellor Rolin of Jan van Eyck, around 1435, for the church Notre-Dame d’Autun.


  • Eugène Nesle (1822-1871), lithograph, portrait of Nicolas Rolin after Jan van Eyck.
  • Henri Bouchard (1875-1960), Nicolas Rolin , bronze statuette (HB 84.276), 1925, Dijon Museum of Fine Arts (H 72 Inv 48-54); bronze at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers , 1917, H 72, Inv. 730, plaster, dim. 75 x 25 x 17  cm signed on terrace on the right, Musée Bouchard acquired 1984, (HB 84.276).
  • Henri Bouchard, Guigone of Salins , 1912, identical bronze to the Museum of Fine Arts of Dijon , Inv. 48-34, plaster cast Hospices de Beaune  ; sun: H: 75  cm x W: 32  cm x D: 30, inv. Bouchard Museum (HB 84.237).
  • Henri Bouchard, medallion of Nicolas Rolin and Guigone de Salins (obverse) , 1919, edition in 1972, original plaster (HB 84211), bronze medal (D5 HB 84533), medal lead (D5.1.HB 841005), molding plaster (HB84.217-HB 85.012), posthumous cast iron (HB 84.622-HB 86.0009-HB 86.010), Bouchard Museum , proofs at the Musée d’Orsay & Beaune Museum of Fine Arts , sun: diameter: 32, signed in lower left.
  • Henri Bouchard, Nicolas Rolin and Guigone of Salins , statues, Court of the founders, Hospices of Beaune , execution 1911-1914, setting up: 1921 & 1923, cut stone, sun: H: 250  cm XL: 111  cm XP: 81 , 5  cm , name of the characters on the base and signature of the artist plus sculpture mask of Nicolas Rolin, 1912, Bouchard Museum (HB 84309), Plaster Salon 1912 (HB 84.015), Sun: H: 34 x 23 x P: 20  cm .
  • 1943: a stamp of 4 francs 6 , is issued. He represents Nicolas Rolin and Guignone de Salins after the painting by Roger de la Pasture and the porch of the Hôtel-Dieu. He benefited from an early sale onin Beaune. It bears the o  YT 583 7 . The drawing and engraving are from the painter Henry Cheffer(1880121957), its dimensions are: 36 x 21.45  mm , it has 13 teeth and it is printed in rotary soft-copy. Withdrawn from the sale

Personal object edit change the code ]

  • Bible of Nicolas Rolin, preserved in the Municipal Museum of Autun (Ms 275 f 3v, depot of the bishopric)

Notes and references edit change the code ]

Notes edit change the code ]

  1.  Female first wife of Jacques, Count Montbel and Entremonts, and, second, of Antoine de La Palud, knight; † 1512.

References edit change the code ]

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