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Allen Ginsberg, 24 November 1079, at a book-signing at the Atheneumboekhandel (a bookstore) in Amsterdam, courtesy of Creative Commons from Dijk, Hans van / Anefo – [1] Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989 bekijk toegang Bestanddeelnummer 930-5558 Photographs by Hans van Dijk

This is going to go on and on alot I guess as it seems to be the big “Armageddon” problem for me and thence the world I guess, that poet Ginsberg seems to have been a major “Armageddon” industry operative and somehow got to specifically this situation and it’s relentless on me. I’m really the most-tortured person that’s ever lived but it isn’t visible and it isn’t provable and they’re relentless at it. I think there’s a correlation amongst the alleged suicide of his former girlfriend Elise Cowen and then the Kitty Genovese murder scandal and then the car-hit to me in that they were likely all “double” modus operandi, as I saw a couple of pictures yesterday of a girl that looked like Ms. Cowen but had some different name in one picture and was unidentified in another, and with Ms. Genovese there was a girlfriend of that NY Times editor A.M. Rosenthal named Kathrine (sp.) Balfour that looked like she might have been Ms. Genovese afterward in disguise or they were spawn-sisters or some such, and then when I was hit by the car I finally got a copy of the police report indicating that someone with my name had been hit a block from where I was hit and she was also taken to Suburban Hospital and then there’s some oddity in the few pages of paperwork I’ve only been able to get so far indicating some sort of a “switcheroo” going on shortly before I was awakened in ICU, etc., that it seems all the same modus operandi of two bodies for one crime each, 3 incidents of that, one with Ginsberg, and Lenny Bruce used to go through that area where Ms. Genovese had (allegedly her) been killed, and then I’ve got all kinds of the stereotypes all over my business. In fact there’s some new horror-element I just learned about: I got a notice that I have a follower of this blogsite and I looked up their blogsite, (delighted to have anyone reading this stuff but I’m looking for just a few actually mature-thinking people, not more “LURE-bums” living off of me,) and there was an odd-looking photo of a female on their home screen and then I saw a few minutes of a morning news show the other day and a lady who looked like her was on it so I looked that lady up on the search-engine and it she looks like both the lady in that odd photo but also like a blonde version of the brown-haired lady who’d been the state prosecutor in this hoax car-hit horror done to me, who’d said that I’m the victim when I’d introduced myself to her, and it’s like “they” go by pre-figured scripts in place of real life and it’s the world-situation, the planet hostage to this system that goes by that and I’m here and it’s looking like Allen Ginsberg was a major operative in this global-system set up and, similar to the whole “book of Revelation” thesis I’m trying to explain all the time, I feel that you can look at that book of Revelation writing and see, nearly self-evident or more, that there’s something really wrong with the author, and then I suppose now I’ll have to point out the same about Mr. Ginsberg’s, “Wait Till I’m Dead,” him passing in 1997 allegedly, body of work, both on and off paper, what it was/is all about. He’d written to the White House I think in April 1995 to say that his doctor said he only had about six months to live, in case they wanted to give him an award before he passed, and that was back when this was all Armageddon “Show or ‘Program'” all over me and I guess it was part and parcel with the whole operation, carrying out those Revelation threats like by whatever means necessary. In 2008 I’d come to think that Ginsberg and that portrait, “Man In Oriental Costume” it’s called nowadays at the National Gallery of Art here, had originated as the “hairy” Ainu people on Japan but then the terminology is bad because before the Ainu there was supposedly a culture called “Jomon” that’s only known by a little pottery-making. But nobody’s ever heard of the Jomon and it comes to mind to use the term “Ainu” much more easily as I’m only here alone without anyone to firm any of this down with or by. I suspect that the later type of people that I call the “Babar” boys, that they were then the “Ainu” people, the Jomon and then the Ainu cultures respectively, as I’d mis-brought it up for the first time on this blogsite recently, offhandedly referring to Ginsberg’s type as being from the “hairy” Ainu people perhaps, which, after all these years, is really still seeming likely as there’s this difficulty in getting through to anyone as this Armageddon rolls along and I think it’s because they’d been evolved on an island and that makes for a smaller-thinking mind, they just want, like the Autists I theorize had developed by prematrure entry into the New World, arriving battered from the trip they shouldn’t have made across Beringia, then those met up with the island-evolved people and went into this bizarre planet-ownership industry, but why do they persist, is how I’d gotten back to that perhaps the partners had island-evolved. After I’d gotten that thought in 2008 and tried bringing a letter to the Anthropology Dept. at George Washington University and then mailing alot to Georgetown University about it I’d found 2 new photos of the Ainu people that looked so much like the “Ginsberg/ — “Turk” is the original name for the NGA portrait but I have to sign off now, — I’d found supporting evidence pieces so good that I worried they were planted for me to find and keep persisting with an incorrect thought but I don’t think it’s incorrect, etc., I’ll sign back on, I hope, etc.

I’m back, recalling to quick-add that what I’m trying to get across is that I am pursued by this type like Florence Sabin was pursued by the Edwin Drake type of this type, and then on back with our ancestors, same set up, to when our ovaries were first stolen for “growing” people and dividing the grown products into categories for survival or for food-use and how this system works and that their thinking is off and heading us to total planet extinction, so let Kathy take a step back and look into the past, especially now my specific example of Florence Sabin because since I did get a few copies of her handwritten letters I can see that she is one of my ancestors, mother or grandmother or greatgrandmother-ova to me, we’re so similar, let me go over her letters and what was going on back then and the petroleum business that Edwin Drake was involved with and unravel to ease our way out of this wrongheaded world-takeover thinking, that the planet was meant to be grown off of and branched off out from, not nailed down to belong to whoever these groups are that do this Armageddoning to me and did WWI and II and all the wars. Florence and her ancestors for instance came from the “Briseis” character of that account of the Trojan “war,” that it opens with 2 girls being stolen by the invaders and the other one got away because her parent was able to ransom her but Briseis remained a prisoner and I think that that’s likely more or less where me and my victimization had come from and that the “war” was really the invasion by these people with the New World-developed Autism, and then they’d acquired friend-groups to return and attack the “Trojans” with. In fact one of Florence’s letters mentioned that she’d started reading a book on Alcibiades that someone had recommended and Alcibiades, from the Plato stories and whatever other histories, was one of the biggest of the Autist types, and let me read what she says about the book and read it for myself and explain the Autism situation that was going on back then, the invasion of those New World “Myrmidons,” as they’re mentioned in Homer’s “Iliad.”

I have to go do some other types of things besides this what I call “forced-complaint-writing,” that I get invisibly tortured so that I have to complain about it and that gives the system/Ginsberg type the “show” fodder that’s behind the Armageddon putsching by these people whose space race proved to have been out of sync with reality and they refuse to acknowledge to that. Ginsberg’s father Louis was likely one of the “high-functioning” Autist types like Lenny Bruce and his brother was a space lawyer and then there was a character around me all last year that looked like his stepmother, that there’s alot of Ginsberg on me based I guess alot on this Bathgate Avenue Market in the Bronx old business, which file has some difficulty with the line-width that I’ll try to do something about now, but this complaint-writing is what most of this Armageddon Show gimmicks off of, that and this killing me that their “Julie” -type of strangers are all preferred over myself and my type and all the aborto-people made off of the ovae stolen from me and however all this people-growing deadend is living off of, when, also you notice there’s all this with the dinosaur expert that looks like Ginsberg-type, and the same with the Exoplanet expert, 2 of the most important fields to what I’m talking about have experts that look like Allen Ginsberg, and then in 2015 I saw that the dinosaur expert has been identity-replaced by some guy who’d married a student, and all goings-on like in circles around tiny me to keep this false Armageddon obsessive system going, etc.

I have to stick this “The Skipper, the Professor, and Gilligan” photo here for a bit, since it is connected to the 1960s and that my guess is that Ginsberg’s type is the same as is represented allegorically by the Professor in this “sitcom:”

I don’t know what will happen when I go to crop this picture, but I’d like for one copy to stay big like that and I think that what happens is that when it goes off of here and is re-sent from the file then maybe it’s just regular-sized again, but this is a pivotal subject so I’d like to both keep it big but crop it also, so we’ll see. I’m going to practice on this “Aldous Huxley-type” Cultural Tourism DC picture I’d just sent to here too, where we don’t “need” that to be a big-sized photo, in fact it’s a little controversial because it’s a “dyed-color” version of a Huxley offspring-descendant, I have got them all over me in this narcotics-Armageddon, which is what I should maybe start referring to all this global-b.s. as, just the “brain eaters” in varying “cultural costumes,” etc., big hoax-trick on the normal people. Here at Bathgate Market in the Bronx these shop-people largely seem to have come up from the Lower East Side, which really means that they came up, when the subway lines, elevateds, were built, came up from underneath the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the side right across to Brooklyn. So obviously they’re these “generational-slave #2/Merchant of Venice” types, then up to the Bronx and these fraud-family people got like nabbed into this Armageddon Plan that the Lower East Side underworld-slaves were in, with me as a surviving remnant but not due to any “strategy” but because the whole book of Revelations/Armageddon/global-system narcotics is so against the natural course of life-nature that there are bound to be some glitches in getting the world-takeover Plan through and I just happen to still have survived, but I’m kept inundated by garbage all over me all my life, that that’s how they’ve been taking over the whole world, just garbaging everywhere. I’m going to try to go see how this looks but I noticed something about that “Montreal Connection” Claude Dubois character and I also have to get signed-out of this blogsite and try to look up and learn things about Dubois, because I noticed that that’s likely to somehow be him in this picture from a 2005 memoir by a famous female writer, that maybe they’re partners in this brain-serum distributing world-takeover, so before I can mention this to anyone, and there’s nobody in Washington who’ll listen to me because it’s really owned from the “Columbian” South American underworld of drug-afficianado-traffickers, and so there isn’t anyone to try to get assistance for me from but I’d still have to try to verify some of this before wish-mentioning it anywhere in hope that someone’d realize that this is how that Bible-threat is being done. I’m nearly sure that they’d stolen the original “Bible” papers or what it was written on and that you don’t get any real good from stolen goods is how we’re going to be being extincted for not getting all this rectified, straightened out. — It couldn’t possibly be Dubois/and the other person, some other combination but not exactly that specific one, Dubois, Claude born around 1936 I was finally able to look up and probably way too old to have been able to be partnered with the female, and probably was really in jail when the photo was taken. There’s hardly anything on him, like the name of the jail, but it was up in Canada. The only jail, besides the one that the night-shelter is next to, that I know anything about is that that Auburn, NY, built 1825 jail seems to have been a “fort” that the Autists used for doing this Plan by, up on the north end of that Finger Lake called maybe Cahuenga, probably I don’t recall the name correctly, it isn’t Cayuga. At the south end is Moravia where John D. Rockefeller was born in 1839. The whole area was developed by the Autists’ sneaking in through the St. Lawrence Seaway and into the Great Lakes, from over the top of Europe as they’d taken Siberian rivers to the Arrctic seas and then over and into the St. Lawrence and established as “Native American Indians” all over the place, then built that prison so they’d be safe from their victims, so that the whole prison system, like the Autists’ American churches seem to have mostly branched out from this one here from 1794, seem to me to have branched out from Auburn Prison, which then got connected to the new-built Sing-Sing a few years later, via that Erie Canal to the Hudson digging. When they say that someone went to prison, to the Autists and their partners those’re practically like hotels where they can be safe away from the normals and they know how to get to the underworld from inside those. But I’m mistaken to jump to the conclusion probably and it’s definitely unprovable, so far, in that there isn’t enough information available for little me to be able to go by. It’s seeming like everybody got brought into this secret narcotic-culture and they’ve been disappearing anybody who isn’t into it and anyone I try to reach likes the narcotic as opposed to this awful world-system living without getting high or having any fun or anything, so nobody wants to hear about not having the narcotic that isn’t provable, and — back to the media file. I’ve got all kinds of things to do there, and pdfs to try to send so I can toss the papers so that I’m at least ready if I find a bed anywhere else that I could go to to get out of this “Armageddon Program” that’s all, unprovable, all over me every moment. dubois?