4/5/16 miscellaneous

Gonxha = Rosebud

p2 of the scanned letter 1/2-replaced now with phone number

(4/5) I can’t afford anymore paper/stamps right now. I put this letter onto the blog-/website


with your name as the title: Judge Morrissey please.

It’s a “pdf format” where you “click on” the little underlined part and the archived pages pop out. The letter to you is 10+ pages, 2 of them to follow here to fill out the use of the stamp’s 1 ounce, and then there’s a 35-page letter I’d written to Secret Service just before I found the fraud-parent in the “French Connection” book’s photo, and then there’s a file I’m trying to ull together for DCHA so I could get a place to live, but in 2007 they got one of these mass-reproductions from the “French Connection Foshay” pseudo-family as the DC Housing Authority’s director and that’s likely why my being on the waiting list for public housing has been ignored, but none of the reality of this “growing” people from unnaturally cut-out ovaries is acknowledged so I have no one to explain these things to. I was forced “welfare office” -forced to spend my 1 day a week out at the “welfare office” trying to get my Medicaid normal renewal done and it wound up ambiguous. I can’t stay like this, please help me, but I’ve been begging that since 2007.