I just recalled 3 curse situations I’ve had, the main one having to do with I’d been taken to visit Ireland for 2 summers around 1968 and there might be “connections” then to this publication about the “smart pills” and my trying to explain they come from people who’ve been brain-eating since prehistory-times, etc. Then another curse is that I’d been set up, as this “Bathgate Avenue Market/Watergate” curse-set has like lived on me all my life, when I’d joined the Army, a set where a pharmacy tech had shame-cursed me in front of maybe 100 co-workers at a Halloween party for the Baumholder, W. Germany medical clinic I’d been assigned to work at, in 1975 that had happened and I realize now that it’s connected to all this “Armageddon” real-life planet takeover by “brain-eating/Limitless-” -people with prehistoric-descended disabilities (that are taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and doing so off of living off of me.)

The 3rd curse or curse-set I’m realizing is implicated by all this is from this odd bicycle-delivery and copy machine-running job I’d worked through 2001, they’d sent me to make deliveries to and from the (Sam) Rayburn Building at the Capitol that involved this complicated-seeming copyright “CARP” business. I’ll have to look up CARP to see what it stood for, copyright act on rights protection or some such, plus they seem to have simultaneously been doing the big one on music there at the same time maybe, is what I’ve found when I try to look this thing up. Rayburn was one of the (many) people who might have been descended from the ovae of Ms. Charlotte Baldwin-Allen of Houston, where I am now.

The Irish curse is big and complicated, that I can only guess at the multi-facets, have to use pen and paper even to figure out which years I was there and how old at the time, by going by what grades I was in in school.

12 to 13 yo = 1968, 7th grade to 8th grade

13 to 14 yo = 1969, 8th grade to 9th grade

Now they’ve brought some obnoxious monster “donated” by the fraud-parent to chase me out of this library seat.