p.154, Donatella Alvarez

Page 154. This will be a little bit difficult for me and I likely won’t be able to get it down okay today but want to make a note to come back to this. On page 154 the lady that is found in a coma the next day says to the protagonist (who’s roaming under the influence of the MDT) that, Time… for “you it is in a straight line. You look back at the past and can disregard it if you so wish. You look towards the future… and, if you so wish, can choose it to be a better future. You can choose to become perfect…. For us in Mexico… the past and the present and the future… they co-exist.”

What I’m going to try to do is explain that that is because of the nature of the Autism, that one feels (mostly me going to Sean Barron’s descriptions, mentioned in the Autism section,) isolated into a shell that keeps other people seeming outside of one’s reality. Thereby parents and children don’t have the same sort of a person-ness to an Autist as only they feel for their own selves, parents and children are just the same as the other “others.” I’m linking that to describe the Donatella Alvarez character’s statements to that that co-existing past, present and future feeling comes from feeling like the only person that the Autism has as its main symptom or trait. I got that link last night. I haven’t been able to figure this odd comment but last night I was “talk-thinking” to myself about that “free will” issue that the Autists will keep till Earth’s dying moment in trying to get rid of their infestation of themselves within the planet, etc., that they, in the core of the brain, feel that they had the right to cross Beringia, as the first “original sin” sort of a way we got into where we are today, etc., that that was their free will and what are we otherwise except as pets for “God” to “play” with and do whatever to, etc. Last night I was thinking that there’s also Respect for elders, besides the big deal, of course, about our free will, that the original trekkers were simply being horrible to force their way despite all nature’s intangible-only efforts to keep the new-walking people back from trying to reach the sun itself, etc., that while free will is important for us to have so is respect for elders and then it hit me that they don’t really have elders or young ones that they have responsibility not to bring into danger like that, as they’d developed the developmental disability from getting caught in the then Arctic snows while crossing Beringia into this “New World” the way prematurely, and they wound up with this feeling of everything being combined into their one and only selves and that seems to fit the lady’s description. In a by the way, as long as the subject’s come up, I’m really thinking that the underworld had been hoping to make a sequel to this “Limitless” novel that would include the readers’ learning that that hotel scene had been a hoax for the starting up of the international trouble that would lead the MDT-believers into the attack that seems to perhaps have been being started at the end of the novel.

Also the mention of the “dark, earthy” pools that were her eyes could even be a reference to the petroleum political issue that is actually attached to the whole serotonin situation, that the victims’ brains are generally not there when the bodies are decomposing I’d guess. I’m so disorganized that I don’t even recall if it’s on the footer here that that tank above the central figure’s head is probably meant to be reference to the Rockefellers oil business, that that would be a decomposing/refining tank that “people at the crossroads” inadvertantly walk into and become say home heating oil. Also dark eyes are about the same as the black hair “sign and symptom” of the Autism I’m trying to get across is the only real problem but works in conjunction then with the serotonin-dependence and that those addicts will do anything to get to the brains they can get high off of, the Autism having led to their misled defenders who became those serotonin-addicts, so that the “earthy pools” are really like a bad sign, eyes and hair had been meant to evolve to lighter and lighter as we achieve other types of human qualities, not murky, maybe from a long time underground instead of out in the fresh air. — Maybe our eyes were evolved to reflect the water and-or sky that we’d evolved with in our environment, is what I’d meant. It’s really difficult to type while the sabotage is always sitting all over “mind reading” my hologrammed or whatever skull, brain, the way they can “see” every nano-anything; you’d think they’d be “normal” by now, for fear of using any of the words they twist to their brain-eating purposes.