Hallucino-system ………….

9/25/26/17 cell phone message: I hope this doesn’t send accidentally, before I finish it later tonight, that I couldn’t get to a library today and when I have to hold all of this “stuff” in my head alone like this it gets overloaded, all the different subjects, things to look up about, to do and to add to here, plus about the invisible-warfare ‘tricks” nonstop to me alone out here. Relentless remorseless monsters…. I got the sample of Florence Sabin”s letters to her sister the other day and they more or less confirm my thinking and now I’m curious to find out about her biographer… if she had had black hair/ or was an ovae-seller with an antipathy for the victim-types in this ” invisible warfare” these freaks are doing all over me so bad I couldn’t get to a library or a post office today, owing 2 dollars on the letters probably because of this “program’s” interference into anything I even think of. I don’t know how I could survive these horror-holes and if

— then it sent off and I’ll include the rest of it at the end but i have to hold this stuff in mind so want to unload this example that just happened now, that I have all these “logistical difficulties” that nobody could guess at and I’m trying to buy one postage stamp asap and then the cellphone had de-charged while I was doing that so I had/have re-charging it to do also and I’m trying to figure out which of the reachable library branches i could bring this “Armageddon Program” to today where I could also buy a stamp but then do this clean-up work start with the Media Library to this blogsite that I have to have the cellphone camera charged-up for, etc., all this personal-level “stuff” floating around as i try to figure how to survive till i can get that first ss check intact like i still am and i figured a way to do those things and was outside the shelter waiting for the shuttle-bus/van this morning and realized that there was some “hallucino-trick” played onto the money I’m going to buy the stamp with, was going to buy the stamp with, and nobody would believe that this c***-nonsense is what “our” global-system is based on, that it’s all based on absolutely nothing and I’m alone with the whole thing as it’s steadily destroying the “world,” reality, the future, everything. It takes alot of these itsy-bitsy words to describe any of these system-things for myself, and i am not story-telling time, get off of me any voyeurs. In fact now that I’ve at least gotten this “example” I call it of what the system is like started I might save this and o do some other small things and get back to this because i am carrying the whole ignoramus system, the make a sneak “show” underworld out of anything i do as though it’s a big deal but the joke is that they’re just gathering “suckers” that they whoosh into being gasoline materiel after the decapitation for the brain-eating that keeps their hallucinating-selves going, brain-smoking, brain-running.

— They disappeared the rest of that message I’d written last night, full of about all this … Due to these “games” and “tricks” that the system has been sneak-doing this Armageddon making through me off of, I owe the people at Smith College two dollars for the sample of Florence Sabin’s letters and, it’s like near-suicidal for me to actually send two out of my last/only $5 on account of some other type of the longtime tricks, where a couple of weeks ago I’d spotted this guy I’d borrowed five dollars from before all the hospitalizations or whatever in that time period., i do not know what these people areound me now are ever doing, while I’m trying to type or do anything. I don’t know how long it will take me to be able to get this b.s. explained-out but the point is that the global-system and all this system of systems is really only based on brain damage, so it’s important that i try to explain this latest trick these parasites are running off of me. I’d borrowed five dollars when i was at like a nadir, a nadir or nadirs. I’d have to describe the background, that the guy’s been around on this armageddon making program since probably 2005-maybe 2006, and I’d done all I could to ignore him because he seems like one of these “undergrounders” to me back then, though now i realize that i guess everyone is in some sort of an “underground-well” or what, but he seemed to me to be like a body-snatcher, always parked outside the women’s shelter in a van that i later learned is nicknamed a “hoover/Hoover” -type of a vehicle, a plain white bus-van, there are/were alot of them and they have that nickname from way back. Every night the guy seemed to be outside this John L. Young shelter for homeless women on the side of the main 2nd and D shelter here and it seemed like the oddest “Armageddon Show” I called it back then -type girls were always going to the guy for cigarettes or small loans and the place was just an “emergency” and transients’ shelter, a couple of days or months and you find somewhere else to go but I was stranded there from 2005-15 and toward the end in 2014 or so it was a horrifying winter and I’d gotten this “holiday-season gift” of a one-hundred dollar money order from the fraud-parent and I couldn’t cash it anywhere because my DMV ID-card had long expired and nobody would cash those money orders for me anymore. That brings up a side-story about the Babars that is connected to all this hallucino-describing I’m trying to do, that this is like a nonexistent global-system of systems we’re in.

I couldn’t cash the money order for the one hundred dollars anywhere and finally I’d kept seeing this guy selling umbrellas on rainy days by one of the Metro stations and I asked him if he could assist me with getting it cashed for some percentage or ten or twenty dollars or what and maybe the amount was too large that he didn’t want to get involved but i didn’t have anything else, like two cents to my name sort of the situation i’ve always generally been in in this situation and while i was trying to negotiate with him about how i could get anything from the money order into my pocket to be able to live through that winter-time off of i’d wound up borrowing five dollars, no umbrella. I think that’s how it’d started is that maybe i could buy an umbrella off of the money order and get the rest back in like installments or what to just get it cashed in any way plus i’d really, and still do, have use for an umbrella for keeping the rain off of the papers i’m always carrying, etc., and now the cell phone too, and i found where they’re for sale for only one dollar for instance but can’t even afford that right now because after i’d borrowed the five dollars then i’d wound up in the hospital with the money order still uncashed, that this is a whole “story” -part in itself that I’m trying to get to also, fill-in about what these “offspring-descendants” of that fraud-parent were/are doing with their underworld-connectedness to me out here, they do these “contract/shadow” -world type work sabotages or operations, on anyone but specializing in me or my type, and I’d gotten really sick and had to go to a hospital, winding up being taken by police to one on the fraud-parent’s birthday, in 2015. Aside, then when I’d gotten back to WDC in 2016 I had seen like a lookalike-impostoring of the guy I owe the five dollars to, a trick the system played on me to where it’d taken me by surprise to see the white and a seemalike-figure driving it and I’d had a small feeling of regret due to this brokeness that i have and paying back the five dollars unexpectedly like that sort of made my stomach queasy for a moment and the van drove off but it wasn’t the same guy anyway but the system on me doesn’t care what the reality is, that they were only fabricating a scenario and my stomach-queasiness and actually paying back the money in real life are 2 different things, just because i’d felt a moment of regret about the unexpected opportunity by seeing the guy, aren’t the same thing in any way, but the system goes by all this make-believe’s being ranked over reality. Then I really did see the guy sitting in that van about 2-1/2 weeks ago outside this new place they’re using as a women’s shelter downtown, and because i’d seen him and therefore might get the chance to pay this back at any time now i’d gotten one of my two last 2 five dollar bills and put it in my little wallet-thing for in case I see him again and now I have this situation where whenever I get onto the shuttle-bus to go to the shelter in the evenings, at four p.m. it picks the group up from 14th street and then sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t stop at the downtown women’s shelter where i’d seen the guy in his van the couple of weeks ago, so there’s this new thing that when I’m on the shuttle bus and it looks like it might be stopping at the downtown shelter i have to get the five dollars ready so i could jump off the bus real quick and run to give it back to the guy after these years and then run back onto the bus without it’s being a spectacle preferably. That’s led to something I noticed yesterday where I located the five dollar bill and put my finger on it to grab it in case i see the guy but i noticed that then my finger just seemed to want to stay in contact with the bill, just sitting there with my finger right on it for the second time that i’ve noticed this little oddity, all this tension, and it’s like fingering that that bill belongs to the guy i noticed this morning as i was outside the night-shelter that i’ve been at waiting for the shuttle bus, still trying to figure how i’m going to best get my little list of things done today and i noticed that i’d be buying the postage stamp with the five dollars that i’d had this odd contact with while looking around for the guy and his van, that it’s as though the bill was earmarked for that particular paying-back a loan but i’d be using his bill to buy the stamp and then from the change sending the two dollars to the Smith library people.

That never sounds like anything but it’s how this system works. That bill was earmarked to give to the guy as a loan-payback and i took his money to buy the stamp to the Smith ladies so that it’s the beginning of what i call a “hallucino-string,” from that person up to Smith, and then if I go up to Smith that person is already being installed from that his five dollars was used for buying the stamp for the letter to that place.

That sounds like gibberish, all the time when I try to describe this Armageddon-program business but that is how this system works, on those hallucino-strings, the entire system and all of this that they do to me. It’s difficult but I wanted to get it noted because none of these things is memorable, they are all like water under the bridge, just nothing ever happened. Tonight I’ll go and get the un-earmarked five dollars and use that one for buying the stamp, but in the meantime it threw my day all messed up and it’s unprovable and unexplainable, you’d just have to know about the system to be able to believe that there’s anything “earmarked” about the five dollar bill, but that’s why there’s this little phenomenon of my not feeling like taking my finger from being directly on the bill, unusual for me, and I’m used to so many years of this “hallucino-Merchant” that I was able to recognize this this morning, that if i go to smith i’m really going to unawaredly be bringing that part of this armageddon “program” invisible-to-me along with me, merely over that finger on the bill in case i saw him and i’d likely only seen him the two and a half weeks ago because the “Merchant” directing this nonstop invisible torture to myself is putting that type of a person into place for when/if i did have to go to that particular unfortunate place, that this c*** goes everywhere/anywhere I go. Then they seem to have disappeared the whole recent thing i’d hunt and pecked on the cellphone last night that they’re doing to me and that i’ve been further realizing about all this system set-up, that’s supposed to get included here. — but my main point is that i’m trying to pay back the two dollars to smith now and i can’t because i’m delayed and i can’t explain these things. if it goes unmentioned and the system gets a chance i’d never be able to pay them back the two dollars and i’d never be able to get anymore of the letters and i’d never be able to get out of the gutter with all this either. The word “incineration” is coming up all the time anymore, that these are hospital incineration necessities all living all off of me. They don’t understand English or human and they’re invisible except to each other and thereby just getting away with stealing the  whole planet and murdering biology down to nothing left by these bizarre means. Then I’ve got some new thing i’m just noticing about that maybe the Merchant comes from that blond satyr-character in that Pallas Chasing the Vices painting in the Louvre by Mantegna, thinking that maybe the Aldous Huxley-type comes from an offshoot of the Merchant that that depicts.

hallucino-system page, the white van guy seemed to be allowed because he was a friend of the main shelter-worker and together they were like tipoo tip (the slaver) and his Zanzibar banker-friend. if in retrospect it’s noticed that there was a great kill and replace holocaust here circa 2005-10 it might have largely been that duo’s work and hence my nadir to ask for assistance with the money-order cashing, and then the underworld ‘shadow” monsters like or from the fraud-parent did “tricks’ that caused me to gain 25 lbs. of water weight that got me hospitalized and gone for a year and now a year from that I saw the guy and have to try to pay back the loan because it IS the Merchant of Venice a entrapment is can regardless of real life baselessness, that that’s how they work and they:re really going to stay high on their butts playing ” magic” murder-slaughter till the earth’s reduced to smithereens. then I’m trying to learn about this biographer of Florence Sabin, pubd 1959, and suspect it was a sneaky sabotage-job, like on me, by the cannibalism-industry. the lady was owner with her husband of a sanitorium/asylum and were some sort of neighbors. it’s possible her sister was more a “donation” from Brigham young, like a fraud-sister, and it’s likely more convoluted than that, the “magic” alot connected to the work of Edwin drake of the oil industry. I’ll try to send this now, right after some mad art lab piece I’d found on Sabin, and I found something from the library of congress but it has such a disclaimer on sharing that I’m afraid to send it, a book about the obscure Melungeon people, that they’re from Portuguese background — me trying now to figure where in Appalachia they lived but I don’t think the cell phone will show me a map. -30-

Add- about The Torture Papers, hallucino-substitute for mine’s being disappeared.

A Truck Full of Money.pdf, example of “rituals” the system uses against my having my own life.

I’ll put the full St. George and the Dragon soon but quickly the point is that the animals were just standing there and the Autists imagine that they’re vicious because the Autists’ descended-brains came with paranoia from guilt-complexes that go back to the errant crossing of Beringia against nature’s attempts to prevent them from doing so and then of course breaking all those eggs and killing the defenseless dinosaur newborns and young, so that those “dragons” were likely more like that peacock there in ferocity, just the visions of the Autists are full of the hallucinating-syndrome.