Rocky Horror Picture Show/Space

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Columbia – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Oberth’s Catechism for Space

I mean to cover how rockets were invented, then they went rockets to space,  and then also cover the topic-set of Space. Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun are the main people, then the Autists seem to have been represented mostly by Rudolf Nebel. Rockets and automobiles were invented off of the same uses for petroleum, is the big subject. That also ties into the “Jesus et al.” subject because over the centuries Jesus had also had to be the Romanian or Transylvanian Vlad Dracula, and from all that horror the mess left behind became the Romanian petroleum fields that supplied a great part of the “petroleum” muck to be gotten rid of.

I guess that’s connected to this business that I haven’t had any awareness of is that people seems to be sitting in what are called “wells” underground. I’m going to try to see how this works if you click this subject on in the menu, as before it was calling up just any file, which isn’t really better than the, Oops, that page seems to be missing. This is the first time I’m figuring out the pages/posts difference.

Verbiage from before:

#108, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oberth, Hermann, von Braun = I have to try to get the typing printed out, moved the pdf to the MENU.

Big “personal” tragedy that I wasn’t able to merely do the LOG OFF on 6/26/16, Sunday, and in my care that immediately goes to that the site is invadeable and unsecure and tamperable or worse anymore, that that’s the general modus operandi of this Armageddon-making exhibition behind my back all these years, to make wild claims to other people about what little me is doing and gathering crowds of unsuspecting normal people to get trapped in LURE-deathtraps, and the population is sneak-changed to all these Autists & buddies, which is more and more seeming to be narcotic-related cliques’ covering-up for the turning to people into petroleum. They’d changed the system on the fifteen-minute library computers and I’d walked into an odd set-up and lost track of the time while trying to quick-do a menu-file on the “Brain-blob/s” problem of how I’ve long-figured the global-“magic” system gets done and I’ll try to get back to that but I’d also like to start a new blog-/website that’s URL starts with UniverseRescue-attempt; or whatever, that this is a little ambiguous since I’m just more and more personally desperate for assistance, which is part of the way the LURE works, as with my big irresponsible error in putting that flyer-distribution information down on facebook and twitter and it’s only a nearby to this day shelter big-deal downtown location place I’d not want to get anyone LURED to. I have to sign off.

Oberth_ Herman_ von Braun_ RHPS.pdf

6/29/16 continued now. With the Rocky Horror Picture Show ritual-allegory of Dr. Frank N. Furter’s representing rocket scientist Hermann Oberth’s teaching Wernher von Braun how to get the Autist-and-Neanderthal captors to space, and the radio tower’s representing oil derricks, like the Eifel Tower does too I figure finally, the butler Riff-Raff seems to me to represent (Giovanni) Bicci de Medici who I figure had started this mass-reproduction of people by disembodied ovaries and thence into the de Medici fortune and maybe the whole banking industry.  Possibly the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’s (now Rockefeller University in NYC,) laboratory worker Oswald Avery who’d mass-reproduced these “pneumococci” uncountably that had led to the 1918 Spanish influenza and all the flus and what I call “slug-pneumonia” that I’ve had here more than 70 times in the past 10 years, 11, and seems to be used in these LURES they do off of me all the time that lead to turning people into petroleum, which is all that “rocket science” mostly really was/is. It’d be nice if that actor-creator, Richard O’Brien or Sal Piro whose book I got this illustration from would make an effort to contact me because I’m just being figuratively torn to shreds out here and can hardly get anything done toward this sole Universe-rescue attempt by anybody, because the situation’s so covered up. – 30 –

6/30/18, curious if Timothy Leary could have had any connection to that, gonna make me a man, business. Allen Ginsberg had started his I’m God business while visiting Leary’s house near his job at Harvard, so I’m wondering if Leary hadn’t been life-groomed for a role for when the space riches had come in which of course they hadn’t materialized after all.