1931 Good Housekeeping series

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January – Jane Addams

February – Ernestine Schumann-Heink

March – Mary E. Woolley


April – Helen Keller

May – Grace Abbott

June – Florence Rena Sabin

July – Grace Coolidge

August – Martha Berry

September – Willa Cather

October – Carrie Chapman Catt

November – Minnie Maddern Fiske

December – Cecilia Beaux



I’m getting all caught up and time wasting with this about the 1931 Good Housekeeping Leon Gordon portraits. It’s a really bad subject. Plus then it seems mixed up with the Baltimore Garrett family’s backing a Russian artist named Leon Bakst who’d then passed in 1924, so that I’m thinking that this “Leon Gordon” Russian transplant painter might have been one of Bakst’s “secret offspring-descendants,” but it’s just a wild goosechase trying to find examples from that 1931 set.

Really I’m thinking that Sabin had been disappeared and replaced by an “understudy” character and it’s all a big cover-up and then with the same in Denver with her sister Mary that would have had to have been with. Last night I found some APS letters where Sabin had mentioned Cecilia Payne and Harlow Shapley in about April 1932, but that summer is when Adelaide Ames had “drowned” which I figure was getting her out of the space-quest riches picture, now finding that Sabin was in some contact with some Harvard “feminist” or another at that time too.