Pacelli, Eugenio, d. 1958 or ’59

above is by me and I’ll fill in the details as I find my notes, mosaic from the lower level of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Michigan Avenue, NE, in Washington, DC, depicting Pope Pius XII dedicating approx. 1943-44 to Mary, as the Marion Year, I think it says under the “Immaculate Heart” above that the date was Oct. 31, 1943 but I always have a difficult time pinning that down.

Here him young (Eugenio Pacelli, 1876-1958,) and with his predecessor Pius XI. I think he looks like WWI’s big League of Nations peace advocate Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924):

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Español: Pio XI junto a su sucesor, Eugenio Pacelli (Futuro Pio XII)
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While I was looking for a PD image of Allen Ginsberg, (below,) as being what I figure is a stereotype from the old “Jomon” Prehistory people, I ran across photos of friends of his who look like “Pacelli,” the Pope Pius XII, 1939-58, and it’s set off this whole impossible business of trying to figure out about all these popes again, from Pacelli to his successor John XXIII and John’s successor Paul VI, who’d passed in 1978, that “Year of the 3 Popes” when Paul and then John Paul I had passed and John Paul II was then pope for a long time, 26 or so years. In fact, then there was “Ratzinger,” Benedict XVI; I’d looked at him before to see if he might look like that “doctor” who’d put that life-wrecking untrue label of having a psychiatric problem onto me so that none of my writing about the Autism and TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION gets any notice all these years, and I think I’ll take another look into images of Benedict XVI to see if he did/does look like that Carfagni guy. — I’d have to look for youth pictures, that the guy was dark-haired and “Ratzinger” hasn’t been in a long time. On the subject, it’s occurred to me that maybe the current pope looks alot like the early Autism expert Leo Kanner. — Looking into Pius XII now that I see that friends of Ginsberg look like Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, it’s all about Munich and Berlin, like he was there for the set up to WWII, where there was a core of rocket-believers in and then out of Berlin to Chicago and various places here, that were behind the getting into space belief that they’d become rich. Ginsberg’s brother was a space lawyer, legal business about how space would be divvied up and such I guess, and I’d found the poem, Poem Rocket, and some he’d written to Jack Kerouac about the space venture in the Fred D. Kaplan book about 1959: the year everything changed or some such is the title, and there’s a little more but it seems like system-people’s papers get system-people to make sure not any secret material gets out to the general public, the papers get sanitized, it seems, and so I’d been having trouble finding material on space-beliefs from Allen Ginsberg’s very voluminous production. I’m using this photo of the mosaic with Pius XII kneeling before Mary because of the background of stars, and maybe the shatter motif references the getting through the “glass ceiling” that had been holding the rockets back, till Chuck Yeager drove one through in Oct. 1947, “broke the sound barrier” that I think is really the ozone seal. I figure “real-God” has been working like crazy to try to patch and hold it together….

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