p. 158, Jay Gould

Financier Jay Gould (1936-1892.)

https://archive.org/details/historyofdelawar00goul/page/n7 — I’ll have to “straighten out” because I’m afraid to use the drug-lingo of “fix,” this photo said to be the rich Jay Gould, mentioned on page 158 of “Limitless,” the protagonist thinking he might be a spiritual descendant of Gould or what, but today I’d “somehow,” through the various invisible-tortures, forgotten my cellphone for making this public domain photo into a regular size for this blog. This image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ggbain.03807, restored by Adam Cuerden of the Bain News Service as publisher, found through Wikipedia; This media file is in the public domain in the United States. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1923. My point is that I’d went and looked up this book Gould’s said to have written in 1856 but now I look up the person it’s dedicated to and as though that’s his obituary just before the end, Judge Amasa J. Parker, but he hadn’t passed till 1890 and I can neither figure this out nor look into it right now but the book is peculiar and so is that whole “western New York” area around the Great and the Finger Lakes as being how I believe the system had sneaked over and infiltrated the Americas from the northeast on down then, but then today in this photo of Gould I notice maybe a resemblance to “the father of petroleum” Edwin Drake, and looking it up now they were both born in that general area, Drake in Greenville, Greene County and Gould in Roxbury in Delaware County, about which he’d written this odd book, “History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New York,” that I’d been able to look at a copy of here in a library yesterday, — and then the system did a barrage of horror-“tricks” that messed me up real bad, by the way, nothing to do with anything I’m doing except their/its Armageddon global-system way of taking over the earth. The father of the petroleum industry had once opened up, I think it’s title was or is, the Vermont Historical Association, where a group of about 12 had held a meeting in Rutland and formally formed the Historical Society or what and then never had another meeting, but that makes me notice the connection of the odd history work by the 2. I’ll probably be working this up more because especially Drake is an important way we got into this extinction-bound situation. https://archive.org/stream/historyofdelawar00goul#page/n7/mode/2up — Jay Gould had written this peculiar book (allegedly) when he was 20 years old, “History of Delaware County and Border War of New York” that I was able to go look at yesterday and there are so many oddities it’s bringing up that I think I should mention it in case there are any responsibly-thinking adults that might be allowed to look at my blog and live unmolested. He was probably from the type of Petroleum-father Edwin Drake but also the way the book is dedicated brings to mind other people in that upstate NY area, like Joseph Henry of the Smithsonian, T.H. Huxley and I don’t know who all else. Even Stephen A. Douglas maybe. I might have to go back to get a copy of the frontispiece or maybe this link here will work and then I could refer to it to try to figure if there are links between the guy pictured and Joseph Henry because one of Henry’s first jobs was as a surveyor somewhere in that general area over to where Erie, PA is, and then from their the oil fields around Drake’s Titusville discovery aren’t far from there; what’d happened to either the area’s unsuspecting normal residents, displaced from their invaded homes by the “exponentially limitless”-believing brain-eaters back then of maybe they’d cleared it from the “plantations” of the Autists over from Siberia and then down the St. Lawrence River and into everywhere in the northeast here and beyond then. https://archive.org/stream/historyofdelawar00goul#page/n7/mode/2up — I found an article well-disputing one of Gould’s pieces, on Timothy Murphy, 1751-1818 but I’m not of course sure if the author would care if there’s a link to him from this blog and I don’t ever much know what anyone is REALLY about so I’m leery of linking to other people’s material, but he casts such good doubt, saying that we tend to believe that anything we read is true, and that’s my thought about this Drake-Gould historian business, that likely that whole area was rampaged by the system and the histories, like with the “Revolution” seem more and more like made-up cover-up for what the system had really been doing, rampaging everyone. They did a barrage on me yesterday that’s made today’s work-effort disorganized and lousy instead of credible, etc.