I’m trying to describe that this “Prehistoric Venus figurine” (more like voodoo dolls I suspect they really are,) represented Queen Victoria of England, (1819-1901,) and then Florence Sabin’s and therefore my own “type” or stereotype of the system-“grown” people as slave-products. This figurine was “discovered” by house-builders or some such while Adolf Hitler was growing up nearby and he might have seen it on display then, this being part of the “magic” around himself as an Autist boy, guiding them toward their world-takeover that Victoria then Florence and now me have been being used toward. I think it’s actually a red hamburger-like color, on display in Vienna, near Hitler’s hometown of Linz in Austria. My main point is that that cap or hair over her eyes has got her blind, she’s being robbed blind all the time, as the people are disappearing around us all the time. Also her private parts are unusually distinct in this figurine. I’ll be trying to describe how this has come down from the nearby Trojan “war” area of what’s now Turkey, just down the Danube River and across the Black Sea from Vienna, in the file on Victoria under the “Types” category on the main menu, the Stereotypes section.

File:Venus von Willendorf anagoria.JPG

… the cataclysm time, with the Siberian avalanches that buried the mammoths; I think that that, the planet’s whole shifting in order either to try to save the lives of the lost group from freezing into death or to try to warm them up to get out of the Arctic so that they’d quit the sadistic cannibalism, had caused havoc with other groups of early people, driving a set indoors that now I’m calling the “Neanderthals” that had met up with the Autists later and causing this other, the Jomon, group to be isolated off on an island/s, that both those groups and the Autists were cut off from the “mainstream” of humans developing in warm climates. Two or all 3 of these proposed groups became hostile at nature for causing them to live in cold weather, that now using people, humans, for heat is rationalized by their descendants as being fair in exchange for their ancestors’ having suffered in the cold, and the “Moloch” underworldest types are likely waiting for the earth to be cleared of us others before they can have some nice normal climate for their own selves also. (Maybe Don’s Maps and nobody else would care to be involved with any of my speculations, so I do try not to bother anyone but I’m also trying to prevent their WWIII/Armageddon now so I have to mention these aspects.) (Jomon pottery/Venus Dolni Vestonice’s cord marks)

Dolni Vestonice VenusDolni Vestonice VenusDolni Vestonice VenusDolni Vestonice Venus

Věstonická Venus at MaMammoth Hunters exhibition at the National Museum in Prague. Photo: Petr Novák, Wikipedia, Guidance: Danny B. Permission: As they reached the Summit, he said: “Thou shall take this Snapshot and use it according to the Code of License, and let your people flourish all around the world.’ They brought the Snapshot to their homes and there was much rejoicing. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.– This is from Donsmaps.com. I bring it up because my thinking on the Jomon is influenced by that I’d read that this Venus has rope/cord marks. I think that that might be how that deep indentation at the top of her/its legs was made, maybe. Way back then, me without internet anything, only old books, the info on the Jomon was limited to mention and maybe illustration of cord- or rope-made design motif on limited pottery examples. I go looking now and the examples are real fancy and there isn’t any mention of cord-marks on this first kiln-fired pottery example, allegedly from way back long ago, 26,000 b.c. or some such, but I’ve started to think it’s from crude slightly-pre-Armageddon-threat examples, of how to catch women, and notice of course, at this late date one could notice that that big crack over her right hip is more likely to represent or be a “fetish” for getting hold of the ovary/-ies under that area. Here Don wrote:

It should be noted that the figure has four holes in the top of the head. These were presumably to hold something, possibly herbs or flowers.   Dolni Vestonice Venus top of head

The top of the head of the Dolni Vestonice venus.

(The holes are relatively shallow, and were put in, obviously, at the time of manufacture, before firing in the kiln. They may have been meant to secure something like pitch or resin or birch bark glue, so that other objects could be stuck to the head of the figurine, such as herbs or flowers, or perhaps to keep an item of headwear in place, a hat or a wig – Don ) Photo: http://www.britishmuseum.org/images/v2/homepage-carousel/ice-age-art.jpg

It’s my concept that the Jomon/then-“Khazars” had made that for like a hunting-help gift “fetish” for their Autist friend/s, with a fingerprint on the back of the figurine that’s said to be from a small person but I figure it’s a small-sized Autist’s. And that those holes on the top of the head might be for some “magic” purpose of manipulating her arms and legs while watching her through some new-fangled crystal ball-making attempt or some such, as the developmentally disabled peoples were finding their own ways of learning how to hunt both for food and for that delight of togetherness. Then it gets to the 20th century where little Willendorf-type me is “invisibly/unprovably” accused to being jealous of the Dolni Vestonice type of ladies, women, and I’m just noticing today that I’d looked up the “ultra orthodox” type-figurehead in a library book and they/he really do/does look like the then-later “Ainu” type, like from the cover of that book I’ll be trying to get a copy of, that “People From the Sky; Ainu tales from northern Japan,” 1974 book by Frances Carpenter and illustrated by Betty Fraser, that the type like the guy on the cover of that I nickname “the Destroyer,” that all my things seem to fall apart if I happen to notice someone that looks like that’s being around me, and now today I found this book on that figurehead and he even seems to have been a whole stereotype, as this “invisible warfare” has long been going on.

T’ang, 618-907 ce

(“five dynasties and ten kingdoms period)

Song began 960 A.D.

11/8, i got the b of a acct opened at least. tomorrow i have to try to do something about some horrible medical-trick the system scam-runs on me. i keep forgetting to mention about peter/pyotr deriabin, that he was a defector — in fact i did put one of his bookcovers that’s a problem connected to my invisible-torture, up here once and will have to look at it but have only got a few minutes now and am feeling inhibited because yesterday i began to see the big connection from the (anonymous, unknown before but yesterday i read that they’ve got some whole specific dna-tracked medical syndrome somehow,) Jomon people to everything; very very similar to my feeling of inhibition right now, but I should leave this library now anyway because today’s like the first cold day out here and it’s “insane,” the system, its obsession with weather. i guess it comes from their being longlost in cold weather with those 3 various groups.