#15 but it says only back 6 on it, is out of order

— I mean especially the cia but didn’t want to say that on the first page, that the cia must have let that 1962 “French Connection” and the fraud-parent’s underground career go on or those never would have happened and that’s because the cia was invented for the Autist-boys, to try to damage-control the psychopathy, as the same pattern with all the “surgeons” and etc. The legal field too, everything has been lavished to try to damage-control the decaptiating Autists, to no avail.

— I can’t just leave here and ask the ladies to keep my papers because this difficulty breathing-shortness of breath i’ve got is avtually the underground torture of myself. They won’t let me walk or work at a job or to anything outside of going to libraries. i really should be given some sort of government amnesty to be ablet to look up subjects and just type-up what i can try to explain, but these psychopaths have made it the murderers’ world now.

The disgusting part about the Stormville-type insane girl here is this “domestic” theme, with all these girls that look like they came from reproductive matter stolen from me by “routine” medial procedures, God help me, that there’s a nation of these mutant-Stormville tpes and all thse females i’m seeing here and lately and it seems