Michael Rockefeller’s 1961 disappearance = French Connection ritual also

(the graphic didn’t arrive:) : “Unity in diversity”[1]
Anthem: O Arise, All You Sons [2]

Location of Papua New Guinea (green)
and largest city
Port Moresby
The map image didn’t make it, maybe I could fill it in later, that in this particular one New Guinea looked like the two sides, left and right, of our brains. Twenty-three year old Michael disappeared on Nov. 19, 1961; he’d been there on some anthropology-connected project and went back to NY in September and back to New Guinea in November, the search given up in December. In the “French Connection” scam the bust was made in Brooklyn in January and a month’s stakeout in the Bronx till that Feb. 27, 1962 bust that I was indirectly involved into, leaving me alone with the global “narcotic” brain-eating system’s taking us to extinction, etc., problem-set. This has alot of the system’s “earmarks” is maybe the word, about it, a large-scale ritual toward their/its Armageddon. Possibly a big motive was to keep Michael’s father Gov. (Nelson) Rockefeller’s regular narcotics agents out of getting too involved in the Bronx stakeout, keep them away from interfering with the ritual-prepared set, and Michael’s 2 visits compare to the 2 locations of the Fuca family, and there’d been a sniper-murder and 2 break-ins then that I recall at the building I was in not too far from the 1171 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, address of Tony Fuca.


short version, https://binged.it/2meQhr2

(building I’d lived in during 1960-63 and in the background the big building is the school I’d gone to but in Fall 1963 they had me bused to a school I still don’t know where it was, from that P.S. 66 to -121, but then we moved in November and I went to P.S. 111. There weren’t any streets to cross from that 1500 Longfellow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10460 to that P.S. 66 I’d been in from kindergarten to 2nd grade, then to the 2 other schools for 3rd grade.) I took this from the “About” file to show what the area looks like nowadays. I think the school was built in 1924 and the little set of the 3 matching apartment buildings, 2 shown there, about 1932, but the point is that it’s nearly in the central Bronx and high-paid narcotics agents wouldn’t want to get ambushed there. I recall the buildings steps as being more, my only recollection of them being from the day the boy was sniped right in front of them and I’d looked behind me when I heard someone gasp or yell and just recall them different-looking than in this photo. I’d tried to get a similar photo off the cellphone a few months ago and the “deus ex machina” had caused the image-shot to get lost.

Michael’s twin sister wrote a book not too long ago, Mary R. Morgan, When Grief Calls Forth the Healing.

All I can figure is that about the Netherlands’ wanting to control the island as perhaps being the “magic,” that the Hague isn’t far from Ghent and the system’s had a stronghold there and were involved with New Guinea alot. Without any real evidence I think their oil company had gotten property in the Bronx by the 1930s and that that’s related to all this “magic” that’s “Armageddon Program” all over me and runs the global-system, etc.