John Thompson Ford, April 16, 1829 Baltimore – March 14, 1894 Baltimore


 John T. Ford (1829-1894) theater manager in the XIXth century
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Ford was born in BaltimoreMaryland, and was the son of Elias and Anna (née Greanor) Ford. His ancestors were early Maryland settlers and some of them took part in the American Revolution. For a few years he attended public school in Baltimore and then became a clerk in his uncle’s tobacco factory in Richmond, Virginia. Not caring for this work, he became a bookseller.

Working as a bookseller in Richmond, Ford then wrote a farce dealing with contemporary life. The farce was entitled Richmond As It Is, and was produced by a minstrel company called the Nightingale Serenaders. This farce was fairly successful, and George Kunkel, the owner and manager of the Serenaders, offered Ford a position with the organization. He accepted, and for several seasons traveled as business manager of this company throughout the United States and Canada.

In early 1894, Ford’s health declined, his death at his Baltimore home of a heart attack during a bout of influenza came suddenly. He left a widow, Edith Branch Andrew Ford, who was the mother of eleven children. Ten of these were still living when he died: Charles, then manager of Ford’s Opera House; George, a treasurer; John Jr, an advertising agent; Harry; Mattie, an actor; James, and the unmarried daughters Lizzie, May, Lucy, and Saile. (Named after his father Elias, Saile is Elias in reverse) Two days after his death, a funeral was held at his house and officiated by two clergymen from the Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, and he was buried in Loudon Park Cemetery.[4]

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